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Although Zhao Muzhi had the appearance as a weak scholar, regardless of his mindset or methods, it was completely different from his weak appearance.

While standing on the martial arts stage, he appeared confident and at ease. A trace of playful smile hung on the corner of his mouth as if he carried a few unruly intentions.

This Zhao Muzhi could not palace first among the younger generation with his strength, but he had always been one of the top three candidate.

However, in terms of elegance and attractions to the female disciples, even Wei Yi, the head Senior Brother had to step down gracefully. That was because Zhao Muzhi had a special form of temperament that the girls found attracting.

That was showing off his cool!

When a man had such temperament, it felt as if they were asking to get beat. However, to girls, they could not help to get drawn to it. Thus, when Zhao Muzhi showed his expression, those female disciples that watched from the outside were almost all dumbstruck. They could not help to clap for him.

Qin Wushuang watched this scene with a smile. He must admit that this Senior Brother Zhao would surely have a future if he were to enter a beauty contest.

Only, they were on the martial arts stage. This had made Qin Wushuang to feel vomiting.

Qin Wushuang did not have any new breakthrough with the use of his snake-shaped soft whip. Initially, Zhao Muzhi had seen him using it at the gambling competition. Apparently, it was unnecessary for him to use it again.

This time, he decided to use sword. He would use the Violet Sun Sword to perform the technique. Through the use of the countless change within the Lone Nine sword, he would contend with Zhao Muzhi. Next, he would use the gaps to launch surprise attacks to Zhao Muzhi by the and the .

This was his strategy.

Suddenly, the smile that hung on Zhao Muzhi’s face become even more eerie. At this moment, one only see that Zhao Muzhi flicked his sleeve and strangely, a two-inch-long magistrate writing brush had appeared in his hands.

This magistrate writing brush had the width and the length as a normal long spear. The point of the brush was extremely sharp. Under the sunlight, it emerged waves of silver light that showed off somewhat alluringness.

Naturally, this weapon was not ordinary. Compared to sword or spears, it was rather strange. Qin Wushuang knew immediately that this person had more than he looks when he brought this pair of magistrate writing brushes.

With the magistrate brush at hand, Zhao Muzhi rushed forward as he stepped from his the tip of his feet. His speed was extremely fast as if a strange power had pulled him forward.

Swaying from left and right like the wind, he arrived before Qin Wushuang. He pointed and pierced with both his hands and sent out seven or eight moves through the magistrate writing brush. For each time, he aimed towards Qin Wushuang’s fatal points.

The moves of this magistrate brush were mostly used as piercing, poking and penetrating attacks. It showcased great destructive power. Through the tip of the magistrate brush, the power pierced the sky to tremble and to emerge a tearing sound.

When Qin Wushuang saw the attacking moves from this magistrate brush was extremely tricky, he used the Violet Sun Sword to protect his chest and did not mess up the footsteps. He evaded from left and right to eliminate this wave of attacks.

Suddenly, Zhao Muzhi’s shoulder trembled as his body sped up again to circle around Qin Wushuang. Accompanied by the speed of this circling, he did not stop to attack with the magistrate brush in his hand. With the same rhythm, from left and right, he kept piercing towards him like a row of shooting bullets.

Immediately, it seemed that Qin Wushuang was in the middle of a forest of spear and a rain of bullet. He could not let loose a move to attack Zhao Muzhi. Only, he stepped on the to stay in the defensive move. While he evaded, he observed Zhao Muzhi’s attacking pattern.

Indeed, this Zhao Muzhi was extraordinary. From his attack, he could not analyze what form of tempo he was most suitable. Was it fast, slow, or rush or unhurried?

However, Zhao Muzhi’s attack that did not have any pattern had destructive power that forced Qin Wushuang to make an all-out efforts.

He discovered that this Zhao Muzhi was using the method that he had used to deal with Hong Li. He took the initiative to attack and did not give the opponent any breath to relax.

Only, Qin Wushuang was completely different from Hong Li.

Hong Li was unable to counterattack and to relax for a moment because his motions had some fatal flaws. To Qin Wushuang, moving in a restricted space was his upper hand.

After taking a few rounds of attack from Zhao Muzhi, he already grasped some knowledge regarding the Spiritual Qi that shoot out from the magistrate brush.

Zhao Muzhi was using his attack to probe Qin Wushuang’s tempo. He used a messy rhythm to mess up Qin Wushunag’s tempo as he tried to win through this randomness.

He didn’t know that Qin Wushuang was also an elite warrior that excelled in fighting unpredictable fights.

These two went against each other. Regardless of how much Zhao Muzhi tried to attack, Qin Wushuang only carried a smile and appeared at ease. Yet, it seemed that he had rubbed oil on his feet in which he evaded from left and right to escape from Zhao Muzhi’s attack.

Since Zhao Muzhi was probing him, how come he wasn’t?

Qin Wushuang predicted that for sure, Zhao Muzhi had left some trump cards by attacking in this form. He must have planned to give the most fatal attack when Qin Wushuang was unprepared.

Thinking over, Qin Wushuang still felt that the problem should lay within Zhao Muzhi’s large sleeves. The hands that held the magistrate brush were completely hidden inside the sleeve. One could not understand what form of secrets he was hiding in there.

However, Qin Wushuang would not mind what he was hiding.

As long as he did not make a mistake on his "Immortal Virtuous Cloud Steps", with Zhao Muzhi’s equal stage, he would not create a life-threatening risks.

Qn Wushuang also felt that regarding the Spiritual Qi, Zhao Muzhi might be lesser than him. For this point, he had estimated from the pureness and the power from his Spiritual Qi attacks.

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang decided to take the risk out of desperation to probe him. He would intentionally give an opening to Zhao Muzhi and see what he would do next.

When he saw Qin Wushuang made an opening, immediately, he twitched the corner of his mouth and flicked both sleeves. That two-inch-long magistrate brushing pen straightened up and started to pierce towards Qin Wushuang at an extremely fast speed.

To attack at one part from two angles, it went to the fatal points on the left and right side of Qin Wushuang’s chests.

Indeed, this magistrate brush had hidden something. At the handle, it concealed a mechanism in which it could extend itself after pressing down. It would spring forward with both the attack power and the speed.

Apparently, Qin Wushuang had expected it. Like a slippery fish, he stepped with the tip of his feet and went underneath from the attack of that magistrate brush through bending his body. Next, he slipped outside the circle.

Then, he raised the Violet Sun Sword from his hand and went to pierce towards Zhao Muzhi’s neck.

This sword attack appeared unpredictable and messy. However, with surprise, Zhao Muzhi discovered that Qin Wushuang’s move had just attacked his blind spots and forced him to defend himself.

He stepped backwards with the tip of his feet and he kept threw attack with the magistrate brush like the darts. Appearing suddenly long and short, waves of Spiritual Qi attacks formed to charge towards Qin Wushuang in one breath.

Qin Wushuang smiled and felt incredibly joyous. On the appearance, Zhao Muzhi seemed to not suffer any loss. However, he was able to repay him with a sword attack.

Don’t underestimate this sword move. It was the first step for Qin Wushuang to control the rhythm.

The Lone Nine Sword technique emphasized on the formlessness sword intention. It would show nothing when the user did not attack. Once the user did, they would have grasp the upper hand and attack the user while feeling unprepared.

Since there was the first sword attack, there would be second, third…

Unknowingly, Qin Wushuang had grasped the rhythm of the entire battle at his hands.

While his right hand used the Violet Sun Sword, his left hand already started to form the sword gestures. He planned to use the quick attack from the as a sneak attack to Zhao Muzhi. It was time to let him feel the rain of bullet.

After another attack went at him, with a solemn face, Zhao Muzhi realized that he seemed to have not been able to mess up Qin Wushuang’s tempo. On the contrary, he fell into his tempo.

Everyone said that Qin Wushuang excelled at controlling rhythms. Indeed, they were right.

Inwardly, Zhao Muzhi was feeling somewhat frustrated. His trump cards were this pair of magistrate brushes. He still had another hidden move. Although he did not use it and hid in the sleeve, he could not find a chance to use it.

Amid this hesitation, suddenly, Qin Wushuang’s sword intentions seemed to have received a magical power as incomparable as the austere from before. The speed had increased suddenly.

Instantly, like the violet storm, the sword intention went to attack Zhao Muzhi to the face.

A snatched attack?

Instead of being angry, Zhao Muzhi was happy. He wanted to see such snatched attack. Regarding his speed and motions, among all the young disciples at the Stargaze Palace, he was one of the best.

Qin Wushuang’s sword intention filled the air and kept emerging miserable exploding sound.

Zhao Muzhi did not care for he only smiled. He waved a pair of magistrate brush into a tight net. Regardless of how Qin Wushuang attacked, he could not break through his attack circle as if the water could not get spilled.

Since he was unable to beat him, Qin Wushuang seemed to appear anxious as his sword attacks became even more faster.

Suddenly, Zhao Muzhi’s eyes lit up. Finally, after some observation, he discovered that for each time when Qin Wushuang unleashed the sword attack, his left hand would raise slightly. In Zhao Muzhi’s eyes, this subtle movement could not escape his sharp eyes.

 "This must be his bad habit from practicing the sword. When he raises the left hand slightly, his left rib side would show an opening. If I launch a sneak attack, for sure, I would have caught him unprepared."

When Zhao Muzhi thought here, immediately, he felt that he had the victory at his hand.

He rolled his sleeve slightly. In any moment, he would use another his trump card—the hidden nails to attack him.

For this hidden nail at the sleeve, Zhao Muzhi had used the black mysterious iron to create it. He hid them among the sleeves and would use the Spiritual Qi to drive them. Once he threw them out, the speed of these nails would caught people unprepared like the lightening slashing across the sky.

He didn’t know that when Qin Wushuang was giving forced attacks, he had paid attention to all Zhao Muzhi’s movements. And his so-called raising the left arm slightly was a fake move to lure the enemy.

Just when Zhao Muzhi rolled the sleeve and tried to shoot out the hidden nails, suddenly, Qin Wushuang changed his sword attacks. He raised the left hand, pointed with the tip of the fingers and shouted: "Catch my Middle Rushing finger sword!"


Instantly, the already accumulated Young Shang sword gushed out. Like a beast that had been suppressed for a long time, it broke through the rein and shoot towards Zhao Muzhi’s forehead.

Stunned, Zhao Muzhi immediately retreated.

How could Qin Wushuang allow him to retreat. From left and right, he had used two entirely different sword Qi. Without showing any roughness, like the flowing water, these two waves of Qi had bloced all the escape routes to Zhao Muzhi.

Astonished, Zhao Muzhi knew that both hands were controlled by the head. Could this Qin Wushuang had two brains for he was able to separate the two hands and use two different sword Qi attack?

He didn’t know that in his former world, Qin Wushuang had practiced many times for this ksill. He had practiced to have one hand drew the circle and the other hand drew the square. It was to do two things at once!

With the appearance of this marvelous martial arts techniques, even those Palace Maters were astonished. All of them emerged questions: "What is this? Second, did you teach him?"

Tan Zhongchi sighed: "I never heard about this method, how could I have teach him?"

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