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Xia Feihong’s sword technique was named like a wave of wind and a breath of air. It emphasized on a combined attack of the sword intention. Once the user used it, each sword attack would float, roll continuously at a faster speed each time. Like the wind and the mist, as if it was the wind and the thunder, its variation of forms would catch people unprepared.

However, Qin Wushuang’s attacking pattern was neither tight nor slow. For a while, he would not send out the sword. When he did, he would hit the fatal points directly. Indeed, he had completely ruined his fast tempo.

To make an even more impolite example, it was as if someone had scared you when you were in the washroom. If it went on for two or three times, how could one unleash their personal desire smoothly with interruption?

Currently, Qin Wushuang did not appear in a battle. He seemed to be taking a leisurely walk outside his own yard. With his feet stepping through the , he showed carefree and calm attitude as if all of Xia Feihong’s effort had nothing to do with him.

Regardless of how he attacked and how much he tried to hit him, not only he could not touch the corner of his clothes, he could not even touch Qin Wushuang’s shadow.

And whenever Xia Feihong threw out three or four sword attacks, Qin Wushuang would appear as if he remembered something as he would pierce the sword at random. It was as if he had seen a piece of falling leaf while taking a walk at the backyard and used his hand to brush it away.

However, just this one sword had caught Xia Feihong’s fatal points before he could hit the climax of his moves. That form of unleashing one’s power to their fullest could never arrive.


Qin Wushuang raised his hand and sent out another sword attack. For this one, he had went around to Xia Feihong’s side and stabbed toward his ribs. Xia Feihong could almost vomit blood.

In the past few sword moves, he finally found a little bit feeling of joy. However, Qin Wushuang’s move had pierced all those thrills made up in his head like bubbles.

Inwardly, Xia Feihong was going crazy. Ever since he had stepped on the path of the martial arts, he had brushed away countless opponents and many elite warriors with his .

Although he had been defeated by stronger warriors, it was all because of the difference in levels.

For example, last year, he had lost to Wei Yi, the youngest disciple at the Stargaze Palace on the path to become one of the top sixteen.

At that time, he had nothing to say about the loss. Indeed, Wei Yi’s level had far surpassed his.

However, currently, he felt that Qin Wushuang’s stage was not much higher than his. Unexpectedly, he had learned these unknown and unpredictable sword moves. Each time, he had struck later and beat him to a discomfort.

From beginning to end, Qin Wushuang only made three moves. Yet, each of these three moves had made him battered and exhausted. All of his temperament and the prepared sword intentions had vanished without a trace by Qin Wushuang’s sword attacks.

Xia Feihong gave a long whistle and took two steps backwards. He squeeze his sword and said with resentment, "Qin Wushuang, what sort of evil tricks are you using? These are not the true sword."

 "What is the so-called true sword?" Qin Wushuang asked lightly.

 "When gentlemen fight with swords, they would fight with absolute fairness and compete for our strength. We are competing with the subtle sword intentions, the temperament of the dragon like moving sword, and your random sword techniques have shamed the reputation of all swordsman."

Indeed, Xia Feihong was going crazy.

Qin Wushuang sighed helplessly and said with a smile: "Xia Feihong, with your level, you dare to talk about sword intention? I’ve already said that there are no strong or weak sword moves, but there is a difference in levels. The so-called true swordsmanship are children’s play. The sword is a weapon and is used to kill people. For all scoundrels and true men, they would not get classified on their sword skills, but how they use it! If you cannot even see through my sword intentions and dare to talk about the profoundness of the sword, you are a truly arrogant man."

Immediately, Qin Wushuang put on a serious face and said solemnly: "Sure, if you want to battle with sword techniques. We can do that, and let’s see who deserves the name for drawing out the dragon temperament from the sword!"

As he finished, he shook his wrist and initiated the Spiritual Qi. Like the miserable cry from the long dragon and the cry of the phoenix to the sky, waves of sword chant emitted a sound that would take people’s soul as it rung out.

Qin Wushuang placed his Violet Sun Sword and gave a long whistle: "Xia Feihong, I will let you perform your full set of sword techniques. Let’s see which of our sword technique deserve the words of "Sword intentions"!"

When he finished speaking, Qin Wushuang urged his sword temperament to a radius of four hundred metres. He had completely covered Xia Feihong within this attacking range.

He was waiting to act after accumulating his power.

Qin Wushuang would not conduct a forceful attack as he was waiting for Xia Feihong.

Since Xia Feihong thought that his sword technique was profound and felt that he had the temperament of a dragon, then he would make him understand the power of the Lone Nine Sword. He would teach him the true King of the sword.

Once the was unleashed, it emitted strong power. Qin Wushuang only felt violent winds surging around him. The sword Qi went warping and wafting in all directions and blew the sands and stones up. Leaves fell from this strong wind.

Soon, the sword Qi with countless permutation moved to attack Qin Wushuang.

Xia Feihong was extremely proud. Since Qin Wushuang had bluffed and accepted his provocation, then how could it be possible for him to withdraw safely from this martial performance stage?

The sword technique had eighty-one moves for each sword move would create ten attacks. Ten sword moves would change into hundred of moves. It kept changing and more kept coming out.

Qin Wushuang only saw a wave of sword light before him. If he was only using his naked eyes. He could not distinguish which part was the person, and which part were the swords.

However, in an Upper Sky battle, how could one only rely on their eyes to observe the actions of the enemy?

Qin Wushuang ignored Xia Feihong’s changes. Like the sunshine penetrating through the dark mists, he moved the Violet Sun Sword from his hand at will like the moving cloud and water. He kept sending out moves at a rapid speed.

Since you want a battle of speed, then I will accompany you.

Ding dang, ding dang…

Each time, the crisp sounds of ringing metal, and the miserable Spiritual Qi clashing were like a musical note. It played an excellent musical piece to the ears while showing a marvelous sword battle.

For each sword attack Xia Feihong had used, he would form countless illusory sword Qi. However, Qin Wushuang was not fooled by those illusory sword Qi. He would know precisely the true sword and give a counterattack.

Thus, as they exchanged sword moves, Qin Wushuang would not give any extra sword attacks. Instantly, they had interchanged sixty-four sword moves.

At the same time, Xia Feihong was feeling scared the more he fought. Although he had eighty-one sword moves, he already sensed that Qin Wushuang’s methods were much stronger than what he had imagined.

Obviously, he had not feared him when he had used those informal sword attacks. He did not worry about confronting him head on, but because he did not want to compete on speed.

If he were to go faster, Qin Wushuang was able to strike at a later time and catch each of his sword moves. Despite being a beat late, the effect was the same. It was apparent that Qin Wushuang’s speed would not lose to him. Combined with shock and anger, Xia Feihong could no longer back out. Regardless, he must finish these eighty-one moves.

Now, Qin Wushuang had seen through that Xia Feihong had exhausted his limited abilities.

At the moment, he was not in a hurry to counterattack. Yet, he allowed Xia Feihong to increase his momentum, to urge his energy and Spiritual Qi. However, when an arrow was at the end of its flight, how could his temperament cut cross him?

When he had barely finished the eighty-one moves, Qin Wushuang gave a light whistle. Next, he extended the Violet Sun Sword forward. As he initiated the Spiritual Qi lightly, the sword had pierced toward Xia Feihong’s wrist.


Qin Wushuang touched it and left it there. He immediately withdrew his sword when the sword had touched his wrist. He would only make sure he could not hold his sword, and would not hurt his fatal points.

When Xia Feihong let go of the long sword, he looked at the red spot on his wrist. It had only damaged his skin, and did not injury his tendons. Dumbstruck, he was impressed and feeling thankful.

Under such quick speed, Qin Wushuang was able to withdraw and let go of his power at will. Just this level of control had surpassed him many time.

When people fought on this martial arts stage, severe injuries could happen at anytime. In the worst case, one would lose their lives. If Qin Wushuang had used his full power, most likely he could sever his wrist in one breath.

However, at such critical moment, the opponent had stopped before going too far. Not only had he not used his full power, he had controlled the power to the extreme. It was apparent that both his sword techniques and breadth of mind had reached a grandmaster level.

From denial to feeling impressed, to feeling respectful and in the end, he was extremely ashamed. He felt disgraced by his words a moment ago.

Sword of a true man? Temperament of the dragon?

Qin Wushuang had taught him and made him experienced what was the true art of the sword!

For all noble men and men of lower status, what distinguished them was not the sword techniques, but the breadth of mind!

These words remained within Xia Feihong’s mind. He gave a long sigh and said respectfully: "Brother Qin, I am impressed. Last year, I had nothing to say when I lost to Wei Yi. This year, I feel the same when I lost by your sword. In some other day, if I am able to achieve great accomplishment in the art of the sword, I will always remember your precious words. It was such good words of how "No strong or weak sword techniques, but a difference in levels." Indeed, I am no match for your level. I feel extremely ashamed."

Not only had Qin Wushuang won this battle, he had convinced the opponent to his heart’s content. He had won with the sword, but used morality to convince him. This battle had also allowed Qin Wushuang to build a good karma and established his reputation!

Indeed, the second round of competition was extremely marvelous. While Qin Wushuang and Xia Feihong fought with swords, it had satisfy the craving of those disciples that used the sword. They kept comparing their own flaws on the sword and learned a lot.

Some of the disciples even planned to ask Qin Wushuang for advice on some questions regarding the sword.

After all, although Qin Wushuang’s sword technique had conquered all the audience at the Stargaze Palace, his speech regarding the art of the sword had conquered all sword users.

No strong or weak sword techniques, but a difference in one’s level.

For either true men or men of lower status, their sword skill would not define them, but how they used it!

Such clear and penetrating sword insights!

Even those senior people were surprised inwardly when they heard Qin Wushuang’s insights on swordsmanship. Even Leng Qiuchi, the most prickly Fourth Palace Master was shocked.

 "For this kid, at such young age, how does he have the temperament of a grandmaster? Even Wei Yi, who has a slightly higher strength would not match him. Although Wei Yi is at a higher level, he had never spoken such clever insights…"

The Fourth Palace Master sighed inwardly and glanced at Tan Zhongchi, the Second Palace Master that sat on the side. For the first time, he felt jealous that Tan Zhongchi had taken in a good disciple.

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