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Of course, Yan Feng was feeling incredible at this moment. He was not stupid. As he glanced at the two struggling Advanced disciples and looked at Qin Wushuang’s being at a state of easy, he knew something was going on. For a time, he felt thankful and would did not dare to show his joy. He could only continue to act drenched in sweat.

After a while, the other two remaining Upper Sky could no longer hold on and ran towards the outside staggeringly. This way, with one at the front and one at the back, Qin Wushuang and Yan Feng had become a unique scenery.

Yan Feng knew that he could not stay anymore, or else he would get exposed. Immediately, he also pretended to not be able to endure physical strength and moved to the outside of the circle. As soon as he got outside of the pillars, he lay on his stomach and breathed in large gulps of air. To the outsiders, he had appeared extremely exhausted.

The examiner outside the exam ground looked at the hour glass and looked at Qin Wushuang who was inside the pillars. Per the rules, when all the grains of sand had drained from the hour glass, he would receive a perfect score.

And now, not much sand was left in the hourglass.

Currently, those Advanced disciples outside had all sat down to adjust their breathing and to reduce the impact they had received from the Spiritual formation. They needed to meditate to prevent internal injuries.

A portion of Advanced disciples who had not received huge impact stood on the side and looked at Qin Wushuang with astonishment. They were looking at him as if he were a monster and were speechless at Qin Wushuang’s crazy performance.

Even those Advanced Upper Sky disciples who wanted to compete with Qin Wushuang could not help to sigh with exclamation inwardly. When encountering such devilish figure, it was their luck, or bad omen?

Inwardly, each one of them were feeling lament as "why is he better than them".

Without blinking his eyes, the examiner stared at the hour glass. Finally, the last grain of sand had fell. That examiner let go of a sigh and felt somewhat excited inwardly. Another perfect score for him.

Historically, during the Advanced disciple’s exam, there would be someone to get perfect score in the first three categories for every three or five years. However, almost all of them could not stay until the last minute when they entered this Spiritual formation.

And this Qin Wushuang had succeeded. He had successfully caught up to Wei Yi’s record from sixteen years ago.

That examiner felt somewhat embarrassed when he saw Qin Wushuang still appeared to be enjoying it. Per the rules, when all the sand had fell from the hour glass, it marked the end of this exam.

However, this Qin Wushuang still appeared at ease. He could not help in wanting to know to what extent would this Qin Wushuang hold on.

Only, the exam time were limited and he could not allow Qin Wushuang to waste everyone’s time. Thus, he had no choice but to remind him: "Disciple, you already got a perfect score. You can come out now since the exam time had ended."

Hearing this call, Qin Wushuang could not help to feel somewhat at a loss. He had to go out now?

Since the rules was like this, he would not destroy it. Only, he had to stand up with an expression that was reluctant to part from it and walked to the outside. His relaxed expression made him to have just taken a nap.

Each of those Advanced disciples were speechless to the extreme.

Everyone else could not resist against this Spiritual Qi. On the contrary, when time had reached the limit, he still appeared as having a lingering expression. Those Advanced disciples who struggled in there could not help to feel somewhat imbalanced.

 "Perfect score, ha ha, another perfect score!" Senior Brother Ke from the line of the Second Palace master walked over with a greeting, "Qin, you are so good. It would be difficult for you not to get first place in this Advanced disciple exam!"

 "Ha ha, no wonder you are the disciples selected by the teacher personally. Qin, my surname is Ke, and I also study with the Second Palace Master. Nice to meet you."

Last time, this Senior Brother Ke had already talked with Qin Wushuang. This time, seeing Qin Wushuang showing such extraordinary strength, of course he would go up to greet him to create momentum and for the line of the Second Palace Master.

Although he had entered the sect early, but he would not dare to call himself as Senior Brother before Qin Wushuang. Only, he called him respectfully as "Senior Brother".

In fact, the reality was exactly as Brother Ke had said. Qin Wushuang had got perfect scores for four rounds of exams. This result had far surpassed others.

He had created more than eighty points of difference to the person at second place.

Without a doubt, he would get first place for sure. Now, everyone’s only question was whether Qin Wushuang could reach the record from sixteen years ago and become another Advanced disciple who had achieved perfect scores for six exams!

In the end, almost all figures like this would become the supporting pillar for the Stargaze Palace.

Wei Yi was one of the example, and almost all generations before Wei Yi had been like this. Those who were able to get perfect scores on all six rounds, almost of them had a place of position at the Palace.

And that Yan Feng, due to his outstanding performance from this round, his ranking had also rise from fiftieth to thirty.

Although he still could not acquire the identity as a Core disciple with this grade, but among the ranking of the Advanced disciples, the higher the ranking, the more attention your teacher would give to you. It would be a virtuous cycle.

The fifth round of exam was the easiest and the most straightforward exam among all the other exams. It would test on your strength level.

This pass would be a dividing point that would brush off a large group of people.

Firstly, those non-Upper Sky Advanced disciples would receive very little scores on this exam.

And those Upper Sky Advanced disciples would also need to get tested on their potential in the Upper Sky Realm, the thickness in their Spiritual Qi and the current stage of the Spiritual Martial Force.

Although this exam appeared straightforward, it was subtle. Even the Upper Sky disicples would have large gaps in terms of scoring.

The fifth round of exam could be said as card shuffling. Different from previous exams, the Upper Sky would get put into one group and the Pre-Sky people in another group.

This way, it was clear to see how many Upper Sky were among the Advanced disciples.

As Yan Feng had said, there were close to thirty Upper Sky users among the Advanced disciples.

One must say that indeed, the Stargaze Palace was the number one powerhouse in the Great Luo Empire.

In the younger generation of disciples alone, there were hundreds of Upper Sky users. Just this achievement alone could suppress all the Subordinate countries.

The Great Luo Empire only had a few dozen of Subordinate Countries. After averaging out, each Subordinate country would have less than one Upper Sky Martial Saint.

It was not strange that within the Great Luo Empire, all the powerhouses, regardless of the official or the civilian organization would reveal extreme admiration whenever one mentioned the Stargaze Palace. It was an existence of a huge monster.

For this round of exam, they were grouped in order of the exam result from the previous one. The better your result, the later you would go. Thus, naturally, Qin Wushuang would go at last.

And he was extremely happy about it.

Earlier while he was inside that Spiritual formation, he had absorbed a lot of Qi. A portion of it was still swimming within his sea of Spiritual Qi and did not get merged completely.

He would use this time to merge these Spiritual Qi and continue to accumulate the process to strengthen his power.

Qin Wushuang believe that with this speed, he would not be too far from the Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force.

Qin Wushuang felt it was a harvest after the absorption of the Spiritual Qi from the formation circle.

The Spiritual Martial Force was a stage to accumulate Spiritual Qi and a stage to strengthen the naked body. Initially, with the normal speed, one would not be able to break through from the Initial Stage at the Spiritual Martial Force to the Middle Stage. Even for Wei Yi, the head Senior Brother who had the natural Spiritual Roots had taken twenty years to advance from Initial Stage to the Middle stage.

Who was Wei Yi? Among the young generation at the Stargaze, he was famous known as the number one figure to have the most potential and talent. He was treated as the future leader of the Stargaze Palace and had been nutured as the heir.

Regardless of which benefits, he would receive it as the priority. In fact, he had been known as the son of the god with all the love to him. Even such figure who had enjoyed all the exceptional advantages had taken twenty years to advance.

Reasonably, for sure Qin Wushuang would walk a long way to break through. Even Tan Zhongchi had not expected to break through to the Middle stage of the Spiritual Martial Force in a short time.

However, Qin Wushuang had a prediction. With the existence of the , he would have a better chance to dash through the Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force.

Initially, he would have needed to absorb Spiritual Qi continuously to break into the Middle Stage. His body also needed to strengthen, or else when the body could not have withstood the power of the Spiritual Qi, the Qi would engulf the body and one would become possessed to die.

However, after this time of training, Qin Wushuang found out surprisingly that when he absorbed the Qi, his body did not have any strange reactions.

Initially, when the Spiritual Qi entered the body, it would create some impact to the muslces and the veins.

However, his body seemed peaceful and at ease. It was as if the body was a vast sea that absorbed trickles of slender flow without any pressure or any discomfort.

Qin Wushuang felt somewhat surprised. Could it be that his body could ignore the impact of the Spiritual Qi?

He was being cautious and after verification each time, he made sure that absorbing the Qi would not pose any threat to his body. Then, he felt reassured.

 "Perhaps, that experience I had at the cave beneath the Great Cang Montain was somewhat special. Some mysterious power should have transformed my body. Or else, how could my body not experiencing any form of discomfort when absorbing the Qi?"

For the training at the Spiritual Martial Force, regardless of the Initial Stage or the Perfect Stage, each absorption of the Qi would be hammering the body into shape.

Thus, the training in the Spiritual Martial Force was a communication process between the body and the nature. It was also a double process to practice the Qi and the body.

Most likely, the five Palace Masters would become dumbstruck when they learned that Qin Wushuang experienced no pressure when absorbing the Qi! It had completely gotton off track of the common sense in the Spiritual Martial Force!

 "It seemed that as I had expected, many secrets were hidden beneath the Great Cang Mountain. Only me who had went to the mountain and treated it as my mother could experience its mysterious. For sure, I must go explore that cave sometime…"

While Qin Wushuang merged his Spiritual Qi, he thought about it silently.

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