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Chapter 200: Crying to the Stargaze Palace for Help

Without any suspense and coincidences, these two Martial Saints were all old and sly foxes who had entered the Upper Sky Realm for more than a dozen years. Of course, they would not lack judgment.

Under such obvious situation, they made the smartest choice without any hesitation.

Only this way would they ensure that the Ba Shu country would not get involved in this quarrel. And it was the only way to keep the devil from the Stargaze Palace away.

The Great Wu had lost a huge amount of its vitality after Qin Wushuang had stirred the country from the inside and out. He has basically released all of his anger onto the Great Wu.

His next target was the—Second Martial Saint of the West Chu!

Although the West Chu did not get involved with any direct conflicts with the Bai Yue, they were after all, one of the murderers who had killed Senior Brother Qiu. Qin Wushuang could not find any reason to forgive the Second Martial Saint.

He would not kill anyone from the West Chu. However, he must kill the Second Martial Saint and kill that Mi Zhongye, the brother to the Emperor that he had been keeping as a prisoner at the Martial Saint Mountain!

These two should have never stepped onto the land of the Bai Yue. Although they did not carry out the actual invasion, they did came while carrying that intention.

Just with this point alone, these two must die!

It was the limit Qin Wushuang’s tolerance. If anyone from the West Chu were to stop him, he would not mind destroying them all. Even if Yi Chenzi, the First Martial Saint were to stop him, Qin Wushuang would contend with him to the end.

Even if he was unable to kill him now, he would return to do it after he had finished the end of the year exam at the Stargaze Palace! However, he would not give up until he had beaten the Second Martial Saint of the West Chu to death!

Right now, at the Stargaze Palace, many disciples had already returned to their teachers.

The Tiger Festival Palace that the Fifth Palace was overseeing was the last Palace of the five major Palaces in the Stargaze. It was hosted by Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master. Right now, a portion of his twelve Core disciples had returned to the Tiger Festival Palace.

In one of the secret chambers of the Tiger Festival Palace, one of the young men, dressed in obvious yellow Core disciple clothing was waiting. From his expression, he appeared to be waiting for someone.

After a while, another person walked out from the secret chamber. This person appeared to be a similar age, but showed a face full of competence. He asked when he saw that disciple in yellow clothing: "Junior Brother Gu, what business do you have for you to have come here in a rush?"

That Junior Brother Gu in yellow immediately said: "Senior Brother Lû, from the West Chu—the emergency secret letter has come. Please read it."

These two were all born from the West Chu and had always been the pride of their country. The entire West Chu had been proud to have three Core disciples at the Stargaze Palace.

Especially these two, as they were not only Core disciples, but direct disciples to the Palace Master. With this fact, the West Chu had greatly increased their prestige among the Subordinate Countries.

That Senior Brother Lû took the secret letter and glanced it over. His expression changed slightly: "Qin Wushuang?"

 "That’s right, Senior Brother Lû. You probably haven’t heard about it since you were training in isolation after returning. A few months ago, the Second Palace Master had picked Qin Wushuang as his direct disciple. He even got into a huge argument with the other Palace Masters for him. It seems he favours Qin Wushuang very much."

 "Wow!" That Senior Brother Lû shook his head and showed a face full of disdain, "This kid just entered the Stargaze Palace, but he has not engaged in honest

work. He returned to the Bai Yue to show off, is he trying to become an enemy of the West Chu?"

 "Senior Brother Lû, it seems that this Qin Wushuang was showing a clear attitude. He wants the West Chu to lower their head to him. For this matter, if me and you don’t step out, I am afraid the West Chu will fall deeply." That Junior Brother Gu spoke with a somewhat depressed tone.

A trace of coldness flashed across Senior Brother Lû’s eyes: "A disciple who had just entered is behaving so tyrannically. Doesn’t he know that we are Core disciples to the Fifth Palace Master?"

"I think he should know. It’s impossible for Yi Chenzi not to tell him. Senior Brother Lû, this Qin Wushuang has accomplished a lot at a young age. He is arrogant because the Second Palace Master loves him. He must not have put us in his eyes."

That Lû snorted: "This kid does know how to pick the time, the Laba festival is almost here and he went to cause trouble. Could it be, he does not want to participate the year end exam?"

 "Who knows what that kid is thinking? Senior Brother Lû, for this matter, we need to take it into our hands. Or else, if that kid killed a few of our Martial Saints, how could we still maintain our face? How could we stay at the Stargaze Palace in the future?"

Senior Brother Lû glared at him: "Then according to you, what should we do? If we returned to the West Chu at this critical time and delayed the Laba gathering, we would really fall into big trouble if we lose our Core disciple spots! The older that Yi Chenzi is getting, the more muddleheaded he has become. How could he not even take care of a young man?"

Don’t be fooled by these two’s young appearances. In fact, they were much older than they looked. Or else, they would not have become an Upper Sky. Thus, they did not speak with much respect when talking about Yi Chenzi.

"Senior Brother Lû, you have a stronger voice of opinion before the teacher. How about we go find him? Ask him to step out?"

This Junior Brother Gu was also a smart person. He knew it would not be enough to use their identities to fight against Qin Wushuang. After all, Qin Wushuang was the Second Palace Master’s most favourite person. Just in case they offended the overprotective Second Palace Master, even the Fifth Palace Master could not protect them.

Thus, for this matter, they could only ask their teacher to step out.

Senior Brother Lû nodded: "That’s the only way."

Due to the urgent nature of this matter, these two did not hesitate and went to pay a visit to their teacher at the main hall of the Tiger Festival Palace.

When Core disciples wanted to pay a visit to the Palace Master, they did not need to go through layers of announcements. They only needed to inform the door person and directly enter the place where the teacher was at.

When Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master heard that two Core disciples had asked to see him, he did not put on an arrogant attitude and let them come in directly.

 "It’s our honor to meet you." These two paid courtesy.

 "No need, the year end exam is soon. How did you guys prepare?"

 "Teacher, for sure, we will use all our efforts to not shame your reputation."

 "Ha ha, no need for that. You guys did not come here to speak rubbish, right? You are all old people at the Tiger Festival Palace, don’t play with me with these fake attitudes." This Fifth Palace Master had a friendly personality and had always been carefree with his disciples. Compared to the other Palace Masters, he had less attitude toward his disciples.

 "You are the most wise."

 "Yes, Little Gu, tell me, what’s going on?"

That Junior Brother Gu immediately said: "Teacher, it is this…"

Immediately, he narrated the grudge between the West Chu and the Bai Yue systematically in full detail. At last, he emphasized: "That Qin Wushuang did not relent after gaining much reason. Me and Senior Brother Lû are both born from the West Chu, we do not dare not to return to the country when there is a disaster. Please let us go."

Inwardly, that Lû stick up his thumb. Junior Brother Gu’s method of crying about difficulties was used well. He had molded him as a way of not to be shirking his duties without honor and acting like a patriot for the benefit of the nation. With the year-end exam so soon, how could their teacher let them return?

Since he would not let them return, then it would be difficult for the teacher to not step out.

In other ways, both him and Junior Brother Gu did not want to return to the West Chu now. However, they could not say it clearly and could only use this method to ask the Fifth Palace Master.

That Fifth Palace Master became silent for a while and shook his head: "Return to the West Chu? Don’t even think about it. With the year-end exam approaching soon, I will break anyone’s legs who dared to act sloppy. I will take care this little matter for you guys. Qin Wushuang, ha, this kid is Second Palace Master’s favourite. I don’t think it would be much use for you guys to go. Just in case you had offended them, it would not be good to Second Palace Master’s face."

He thought a bit more and added: "I also heard some news about this matter. Logically, the Great Wu and your West Chu is at a disadvantage. It’s not Qin Wushuang’s fault for going back to save his country from disaster. For this matter, I am afraid it won’t get resolved easily if the West Chu does not pay some price. It would have been easier if Qin Wushuang was not the disciple to the Second Palace Master. It’s troublesome since he is."

 "Please help us!"

 "Anyways, I am going to probe Second Palace Master’s attitude. You two focus on training. Whatever the case, I promise I will not let your West Chu suffer the same severe consequence as the Great Wu!"

It was the limit of what Tian Zhingxing could promise. More importantly, he also knew the personality of Tan Zhongchi, the Second Palace Master well. He knew that this was not an easy guy to negotiate with.

If it was his disciples that had bullied the others, then it may be easier to resolve this by putting in some good words.

If it was his disciples that had been bullied, then this famous overprotective figure was not easy to talk to. This time, the Bai Yue was the victim. Tian Zhixing did not have much assurance if he wanted to stop Qin Wushuang.

After sending away these two disciples, Tian Zhixing did not stop and walked quickly toward the Green Cloud Palace.

Now, Tan Zhongchi had just finished training. When he heard that Tian Zhixing was visiting, he did not put on any attitude and called him in. Then, they sat down according to host and guest relationship.

 "Second, the year-end exam is here soon. How are your disciples preparing?"

 "There are still a dozen days away from the Laba festival. Usually, I don’t let them come back until two days before the festival."

 "Eh…" Tian Zhixing stopped for a moment and did not know how to speak, "Second, that Qin Wushuang of yours, how is his training progress? After this year-end exam, it’s good that he will rightfully become a Core disciple."

It had been good if he had not mentioned this matter, Tan Zhonggchi could not help but feel angry. Initially, when Qin Wushuang had just entered the Stargaze, the first person that stood out to object when he requested to give Qin Wushuang the spot of a Core disciple was this Tian Zhixing.

Although this matter had happened a while ago and he did not mind it too much, but this Tian Zhixing had come to his Green Cloud Palace and mentioned this matter. It seemed that he had come here to mock him intentionally, how could he be happy?

He said coldly: "Fifth, are you here to mock me?"

 "I would not dare. Ha ha, don’t think too much. I voted against that matter not because I wanted to go against your wish, but I was unwilling to break the rules of our Stargaze Palace. I do have high expectations of that Qin Wushuang as well. Or else, I wouldn’t have fought with you for him."

Tian Zhixing knew Tan Zhongchi’s personality. When he had given great compliments, for sure, Tan Zhongchi’s anger would abate. Everyone loves compliments and Tan Zhongchi loved it also.

Indeed, Tan Zhongchi’s expression become softer: "It doesn’t matter whether you see good or bad in my disciples. For this year-end exam, for sure, Qin Wushuang will become a Core disciple. Just watch by opening your eyes wide."

 "Yes, yes." Tian Zhixing answered. Suddenly, he changed his tone, "Second, I heard this Qin Wushuang went back to the Bai Yue?"

Tan Zhongchi rolled his eyes: "I don’t interfere with his whereabouts. Naturally, he will make it back on the day of Laba festival. It’s too bad that he did not have a good life and was not able to enter the Virtuous Mountain Summit to train. If he did, I would not let him run around."

It was another hint. Apparently, he still felt somewhat troubled by the fact that Tian Zhixing was the first to vote against him.

 "Second, here, it’s only you and me. I will not talk in riddles. Recently, your disciple, Qin Wushuang is riding a rising tide. He even makes me feel somewhat troubled."

Tan Zhongchi revealed a joyful look: "is that so? What kind of business do you feel troubled about? Entertain me."

He did not even disguise his joy at the misfortune.

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