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Finally, feeling the bitterness, Yi Chenzi understood that Qin Wushuang’s anger was not only directed at the Great Wu. He was also planning to settle accounts after autumn with the West Chu.

To someone as sensitive as Yi Chenzi, he had quickly figured out the gains and losses within this matter. Earlier, outside of the Heaven and Cloud Pass, the West Chu and the Bai Yue did not engage in battle. Qin Wushuang was willing to negotiate because the situation at that time was unfavourable to the Bai Yue Country. At that time, the country was facing a war on two fronts and he had no choice but to compromise.

And currently, the warfront of the Great Wu had collapsed completely. The entire Great Wu could not threaten the Bai Yue at all. Thus, he had turned his attention toward the West Chu.

Most importantly, while at the Heaven and Cloud Pass, the Martial Saint of the Bai Yue had yet not died. Thus, at that time, Qin Wushuang’s anger was not as strong as it was now.

Afterwards, when Qiu Lingde, the Martial Saint of the Bai Yue, had gotten killed by the Martial Saint of the Great Wu, it had caused Qin Wushuang’s anger to rise to the peak.

In other words, the core of the problem lay in Qiu Lingde’s death.

Initially, the power of Qi Shengnan, Martial Saint of the Great Wu, was not enough to kill Qiu Lingde easily. In the end, the death of Qiu Lingde had cause and effects.

This cause and effects originated from the West Chu.

If the Second Martial of the West Chu had not gone to the Bai Yue and caused a situation in which neither side could win, Qiu Lingde would not have gotten injured.

Thus, after Qin Wushuang had unleashed his anger on the Great Wu, he would turn his attention to the West Chu.

Although Yi Chenzi did not want to face this fact, he had no choice.

When Qin Wushuang saw that he was showing an expression of hesitation, he did not force him. Only, he sneered: "Yi Chenzi, we stop here today. After I’ve finished the business with the Great Wu, I will pay a visit to your country. At that time, there will be some businesses to deal with. If you guys don’t handle it, I will take care of it myself!"

After he had finished, he jumped from the tip of the feet. In a flash, the body seemed to have disappeared into nowhere.

Yi Chenzi sighed and fell into silence. He had no energy left to be angry. Despite the fact that Qin Wushuang was being tyrannical or unreasonable, he knew that he had the skill to act the way he did!

To him, he had the title of the direct disciple to the Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace. He had entered the Upper Sky at such a young age. Just with these two facts, he had enough qualification to do whatever he wanted.

He could cause troubles by unleashing his full power. Even if it had reached an unresolvable state, the Second Palace Master would be able to resolve anything when he stepped out.

On the other hand, the West Chu, Ba Shu and the Great Jin had none of these advantages.

This was the difference. They could not afford to get involved in this quarrel and did not have the capital to waste on it.

Suddenly, that peasant looking Third Martial Saint spoke: "First Martial Saint, indeed, the power of this kid is extraordinary."

 "Third, what do you think we should do?" Yi Chenzi felt extremely troubled by this matter.

The Third Martial Saint said seriously: "We need to make the smartest choice while putting our country’s benefit as a priority."

 "How to choose?" Yi Chenzi asked while feeling emotionally moved.

 "Answer his condition." The Third Martial Saint shook his head helplessly.

Yi Chenzi smiled bitterly: "We could barely agree to the second condition. After all, wearing a set of mourning clothes to mourn a Martial Saint is not a disrespectful thing. However, the crucial point was that Qin Wushuang had mentioned three conditions. The second condition was already that demanding. I don’t even need to imagine the third condition…"

 "Despite the harshness, we must hear him out. First Martial Saint, this kid took care of businesses swiftly and without hesitation. If he said that he would pay a visit to the West Chu, for sure he will keep his words. With his power, I am afraid it would be difficult to stop him from killing people at the West Chu."

Yi Chenzi nodded helplessly: "That’s right. If I have a choice, I would not want to offend this kid. Only, I guessed that for sure, the third condition is related to the Second Martial Saint…"

"What?" The Third Martial Saint was stunned.

 "If I didn’t guess wrong, for sure, his third condition would be to take the life of the Second Martial Saint. Although he had not killed Qiu Lingde, he was partially at fault with his death. The cause and effects he meant most likely referred to this matter."

Yi Chenzi spoke with a desolate and helpless tone. If Qin Wushuang wanted to make a move, it would not be difficult for him to kill him unless the Second Martial Saint did not leave Yi Chenzi’s side.

 "First Martial Saint… If that’s the case, this matter would become complicated. It seems we must use the network we have in the Stargaze Palace."

Yi Chenzi nodded: "I am afraid that’s the only way. Let’s go back now and ignore the matter of the Great Wu. We must send a letter to the Stargaze Palace as soon as possible. Hopefully, those Core disciples could voice their words at the Stargaze!"

Compared to the Great Jin, the West Chu had much more achievement. Three of the Core disciples at the Stargaze Palace came from the West Chu.

Among these three Core disciples, the two of them studied under the Fifth Palace Master. They held a somewhat respectful status. Although they were not the strongest disciples under the Palace Master, they were at least, direct line disciples. If they could ask the Fifth Palace Master to step out to mediate, perhaps, something would happen to this matter.

With no time to lose, these two immediately sent out letters requesting help from the Stargaze Palace.

Next, these two rushed to the West Chu quickly to prevent Qin Wushuang heading to the imperial capital along the way. Without them, for sure, the West Chu would come to the same miserable ending as the Great Wu.

When they thought about this point, these two could not help but tremble. They could not help but feel anxious when they remembered Qin Wushuang’s thunder-like moves and uncompromising attitude .

On the other hand, after Qin Wushuang had left, he rushed towards the outside of the imperial capital. He calculated that the Ba Shu Country was the furthest from the Great Wu. The two Martial Saints should be halfway and arriving close to the Great Wu.

He decided that he would take the initiative to stop them!

Qin Wushuang calculated the days and he found that today was already November 20th. Only eighteen days were left from the 8th day of December. If he factored in the travel time required to get back to the Stargaze Palace, he would only have a little more than ten days left.

He knew that he must take the initiative and be more direct, swift.

As he had predicted, the two Martial Saints from the Ba Shu country had arrived at the imperial capital of the Great Wu by nightfall. Only, they had not entered the city and was stopped by Qin Wushuang on the main road.

Qin Wushuang stood on the main road leisurely and blocked the path. He initiated the Upper Sky presence without holding back. He wanted to use this strong power to intimidate the other party.

Of course, the two Martial Saints from the Ba Shu were smart people. They knew something was wrong when they saw someone blocking the path. From a far distance, they felt Qin Wushuang’s strong Upper Sky presence and stopped to observe.

Remaining calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos, Qin Wushuang said leisurely: "You two appear travel worn, are you from the Ba Shu Country?"

Immediately, these two were shocked and at the same time, they were questioning: "Who is this person? How did he know that we came from the Ba Shu Country?"

Then, they thought about the help message from the Great Wu. One of the tall Martial Saint had no brows. He sized Qin Wushuang for a moment and asked: "Who are you, how do you know who we are?"

 "Not only do I know about you two, I also know that you guys have come to resolve the problem for the Great Wu, right?"

That Martial Saint without the brows frowned and looked at Qin Wushuang with surprise.

 "Are you that new Martial Saint from the Bai Yue?"

Qin Wushuang sneered: "Unfortunately, you two have come a bit late. Before you two, the two from the Great Jin had already arrived. Only, they left after I gave them some advice."

"For you two, whether you want to step up or leave like the Martial Saints of the Great Jin, one word of yours is enough!" Qin Wushuang raised his hand and threw his National Scholar Command Plate of the Great Luo Empire toward those two.

That Martial Saint without the brow caught it and looked at it. Instantly, his expression changed. The other short and smart looking Martial Saint also went over to look at it. Then, his expression also froze.

He raised his head to look at Qin Wushuang with surprise.

This was the National Scholar Command Plate from the Great Luo! This thing could not be fake!

 "The Great Luo National Scholar Command Plate?" That Martial Saint without the brow raised his head with surprise, "Do you own this Command Plate? I am afraid I must ask your name."

 "Qin Wushuang." Qin Wushuang did not speak any unnecessary words and stated his name.

He was in no mood to waste his time with these two from the Ba Shu. Efficiency would speed up the process. At the current stage, what Qin Wushuang valued the most was time. He could not afford to waste time.

 "Qin Wushuang?" That Martial Saint without the brow became stunned. Then, he remembered something, "Are you that rumored young talent that the Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace had taken in as disciple?"

 "You are fast with your information." Qin Wushuang answered with a sneer.

With these words, those two looked at each other and was inwardly shocked. They knew that the National Scholar Command Plate could not be fake. And this young man would not have been able to forge it with his power.

 "The two Martial Saints of the Great Jin has returned to their country?" That short and smart looking Martial Saint also asked.

 "Since the Great Jin did not get involved with the activities of invading the Bai Yue, they were unwilling to get dragged into this unnecessary business after calculating the pros and cons. It was a smart move to return to their country! I wonder, would you two want me to pay a visit to the imperial capital of the Ba Shu imperial capital, or do you choose to take your initiative to leave. Choose one. You two can decide immediately!"

Since these two were able to become the Martial Saint of a country, of course, they had their power and stronger judgment and temperament than normal people.

The two flexible Martial Saints of the Great Jin must have seen something was wrong when they retreated. Or else, being the Martial Saint of a country, they could not afford to lose their face after receiving such threatening words.

When they had withdrawn, for sure something more important than their pride had occurred.

Then, they looked at this Qin Wushuang. Indeed, his Upper Sky power had surpassed them. If they remained stubborn with their decision against such a figure, for sure, it would create no end of troubles.

The Martial Saint without the brow looked at the National Scholar Command Plate in his hand and threw it back suddenly. He said with a low and muffled voice: "Ok, since the Martial Saints of the Great Jin had withdrawn, the Ba Shu has no reason to fight to death for the Great Wu. Marquis Wushuang, we hope to see you again!"

If it was only Qin Wushuang alone, they would not have compromised easily. However, considering the iron rule of the Stargaze Palace, they did not even hesitate or weigh the options and decided to withdraw!

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