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How could this person be ordinary when Yi Chenzi spoke with such a respectful tone? The two Martial Saints thought back to how this man had talked how he had fought with Yi Chenzi. Indeed, he was not lying. And when they heard Yi Chenzi calling this person "Marquis Wushuang," they were even more shocked.

In the past few months, the name of Qin Wushuang had received increased recognition. Everyone knew that the Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace had taken him in as a direct disciple and he was the reason that the Bai Yue had been allowed to become an Upper Subordinate Country.

Even people from the faraway Great Jin Country had heard about it. Only, the Stargaze Palace had suppressed the news of how Qin Wushuang had become an Upper Sky.

 "Brother Yi Chenzi." The two Martial Saints from the Great Jin all called out to greet him.

 "You two came faster than me," Yi Chenzi spoke to them.

That yellow robed Martial Saints sighed: "It was useless despite coming here early. It is embarrassing to say but we could not stop this young man from doing whatever he wanted. However, I am sure you will do something."

A trace of crafty intention flashed through the brows of the other black robed Martial Saint from the Great Jin Country. Suddenly, he said: "Yi Chenzi, this young man had bragged that he had fought with you once. He forced your West Chu army to retreat from the Purple Flame Territory. The two of us thought that he was only bluffing and we did not believe him. Now, since you are here, you can expose his lies."

It had been alright when Yi Chenzi did not hear these words. Once he heard it, he could not help but feel somewhat frustrated inwardly. He thought that these two did not understand the situation. He didn’t know whether they were pretending to be stupid or were stupid. As the saying goes, one doesn’t expose the shortcomings when swearing at each other and one doesn’t hit the face during the fight. However, these two guys mentioned the pot that doesn’t boil.

To Yi Chenzi, that fight at the Heaven Cloud Pass which was at the border of the Purple Flame Territory was something he would rather never think about again. It was an embarrassment that he did not want to get mentioned. Although he did not lose to Qin Wushuang, he did compromise in the end. He had no choice but to compromise with a young man.

Before Qin Wushuang’s Great Luo’s National Scholar Commanding plate, he had no choice but to withdraw the army.

This time, he also planned to not use force. Instead, he chose to use words to negotiate the matter.

Hearing the words from that black robed Martial Saint, Yi Chenzi sighed: "This kid did not lie. Outside the Heaven Cloud Pass, it is true that I could not win against him. For that fight, we reached a draw."

Qin Wushuang only sneered and did not speak a word. He wanted to see the kind of attitude that Yi Chenzi would have today. Hearing the words from Yi Chenzi, he was impressed by his honesty.

At least, this so-called First Martial Saint of all the Subordinate Countries did not try to cover up his own faults or redress the win and loss of that fight. This sort of temperament was much higher than the two Martial Saints from the Great Jin.

He could clearly feel that those two from the Great Jin had exchanged looks from their eyes.

 "Marquis Wushuang, I came here for two reasons. Firstly, I would like to apologize for what had happened last time. Secondly, I hope we can reach a compromise. The Great Wu has already paid a huge price after starting the war with your Country. Even if they were to have thirty years, it would be hard for them to recover. And since the Bai Yue Country has a genius like you, I am afraid it would become one of the top countries among all Subordinate Countries. For sure, the Great Wu would not have the power to form threats. From my perspective, as long as you are willing to let them go this time and ask them to cut away their land and offer yearly sacrifices to compensate your country’s losses, it would not be a problem to them. Why not stop now?"

 "You want me to stop?" Qin Wushuang asked with a solid tone.

Yi Chenzi sighed: "I am only trying to ask for the Great Wu. Of course, you still hold the final decision."

After Qin Wushuang had gone around killing in the Great Wu, this country had lost most of their elite warriors or talents. Indeed, they had lost their power of vitality. In the next few dozen years, they would have no power to threaten the Bai Yue.

These were all facts. And indeed, Qin Wushuang had divulged a great amount of his anger. However, he still had some remnants of anger not unleashed. And these remnants of anger did not just come from the Great Wu.

After a moment of thinking, a cruel smile emerged from the corner of his mouth. He said coldly: "Yi Chenzi, it’s possible for me to stop. I have three conditions! Are you interested in hearing it?"

When Yi Chenzi saw him open his mouth to talk about conditions, he said: "Please tell us."

Qin Wushuang glanced at those two from the Great Jin from the sideways. He saw those two show an uneasy expression as they said: "This matter does not concern my Great Jin. If you are willing to make peace, we will act as witnesses. As for the conditions, of course we have no objection."

 "Good." Qin Wushuang nodded.

 "The first condition, the Great Wu must cut away a Territory as compensation for the Bai Yue. In the next thirty years, the Great Wu must offer tributes each year. As for the exact amount of tributes, the Emperor of the Bai Yue will decide this."

To Yi Chenzi and the others, this condition was not a problem. After all, people of the Great Wu would meet this condition to pay their tributes, they would not feel sorry about it.

 "Of course, the first condition should be like this. I could agree to you on behalf of the Great Wu."

Qin Wushuang sneered. Of course, he expected that the other party had no reason to be against this first condition. However, the second condition would be much difficult to fulfill.

 "The second condition, for the countries that invaded my Bai Yue, their Emperors must go to the Bai Yue to apologize. They must wear mourning clothes before the memorial tablet of my Martial Saint for ten days. The new Emperor of the Great Wu and the Emperor of the West Chu must go."

The expression of Yi Chenzi’s face changed slightly. He felt a little troubled by this condition. If this condition did not involve the West Chu, he would agree to it.

However, it required the Emperor of the West Chu to wear mourning clothes. It was a great blow to the pride of the West Chu. It would not be easy for him to agree to it.

 "Marquis Wushuang, although my West Chu had sent out troops, we did not get engage in any battles with your soldiers. For this condition, I am afraid that I cannot say yes."

Qin Wushuang scoffed lightly: "Initially, I didn’t expect you to agree to it easily. For this matter, it doesn't matter if you were to say yes. As for the consequences, it depends on me."

When he said here, Qin Wushuang’s tone suddenly turned cold: "Since we could not reach an agreement on the second condition. Then there is no need to speak of the third condition."

"Everyone, only mountains never meet. Let’s meet again. I only wanted to remind you all, the blood of my Martial Saint did not bleed for nothing. Anyone who got involved should not think that they can get away with it. For those who did not get involved with it but wanted to step in, they will also get charged with the same crime!"

Aggressiveness filled Qin Wushuang’s tone. It was as if these two Upper Sky Spiritual Martial warriors only appeared as little as a grain of sand in his eyes.

Inwardly, Yi Chenzi heart tightened. He could understand from the tone and the expression of Qin Wushuang that his anger could not be placated by a few words. When the anger concealed behind this tone and the explosion power accumulated behind this anger was released, it would release terrifying destructive power.

When the two Martial Saints from the Great Jin confirmed Qin Wushuang’s identities, they lost their arrogance from earlier. Instead, they started to calculate the gain and losses for the Great Jin.

For the matter of invading the Bai Yue, although the Great Jin was tempted by the Great Wu, they did not participate. In other words, they were outsiders.

If they were to get involved, wouldn’t it be bringing trouble to their own doors? If it was just any young Upper Sky from the Bai Yue, they could just kill him together.

However, this young man was not someone they could fight against. He was the direct line and the heir candidate to the Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace. Even if they just pulled out one leg hair form him, it would be more than enough to destroy their entire country.

Why would they bother to get involved with such a quarrel? On the surface, they seemed to say nothing. Inwardly, they were feeling the desire to back off from this quarrel. Finally, they decided to not get involved with this matter anymore.

As for how the Great Wu would suffer and how tyrannical the Bai Yue would become, they decided to close their doors and protect themselves.

Or else, if they provoked such an evil supernova, it would not work to their best benefits when they got involved.

Just when Qin Wushuang was about to disappear, that yellow-robed Martial Saint immediately said: "Marquis Wushuang, for this matter, the Great Jin has decided to back off. We will not get involved with anything that goes on here. The Great Wu once tempted the Great Jin to invade the Bai Yue Country, and we rejected them. For this matter, it has nothing to do with the Great Jin. Sinc Marquis Wushuang is unwilling to receive our mediation, then it would not be meaningful for us to stay any longer. We will return to our country now!"

Qin Wushuang sneered: "Before, didn’t you say that you were going to use the combined power of the three countries to punish the Bai Yue?"

That yellow-robed Martial Saint said with embarrassment: "It was only some words spoken in anger. Please don’t mind it, Marquis Wushuang. With your status and reputation, of course we would not do something that is beyond our power. We will take our leave now. Please understand."

This Martial Saint dressed in yellow robe reacted rather quickly. In such a short time, he made the smartest choice. He knew that they would not lose their face to show their weakness before someone like Qin Wushuang. However, if they were to act with arrogance, most likely the entire Great Jin would become involved with a quarrel in return.

When one showed some capitulation at the time, it could be traded for many years of peace.

Qin Wushuang said lightly: "If that’s the case, the Great Jin is planning to not get involved, right?"

Filled with extreme worry, Yi Chenzi knew Qin Wushuang was using the method to crack each one down. It was an obvious tactic, yet he could not do anything. He knew by watching the reaction from these two Great Jin Martial Saints. Everyone had been born with fear of the Stargaze Palace!"

 "We will not get involved at all. Please rest reassured, Marquis Wushuang."

After he had finished, these two cupped their hands in a salute and left without hesitation.

Yi Chenzi was also speechless when he saw the two from the Great Jin act with such reaction. He said with a desolate tone: "Marquis Wushuang, at such young age, you do use good tactics."

Qin Wushuang said with a cold tone: "Yi Chenzi, I will not stay here any longer. Right now, the two from the Ba Shu has not understood their situation. I need to advise them. If they don’t understand, then I must also help them to remember."

Yi Chenzi smiled bitterly. The two from the Ba Shu Country would be the exact same as the two from the Great Jin. When the two Martial Saints of the Great Jin had retreated, of course, they would not know how to grasp the situation with their sensibilities.

At this time, the Bai Yue was the most angry. Who wanted to face the anger of a disciple of the Stargaze Palace? Besides, this disciple was the direct disciple to the Second Palace Master!

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