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Immediately, the two Martial Saints from the Great Jin changed their expression at the same time. They did not expect that under the suppression from the two of them, this Qin Wushuang did not put them in his eyes at all.

Being the Martial Saint of their country, they were worshiped by tens of thousands of people. Among the Upper Subordinate Countries, regardless of where they went, they were treated with extreme respect.

However, today, they suffered a belly full of anger from this young man of the Bai Yue.

If this could be tolerated, what else could not? It seemed that a lesson needed to be taught to this Bai Yue. Or else, they would not know their place and would not even put the Great Jin in their eyes!

The Great Jin was the oldest Upper Subordinate Country. With the West Chu and the Ba Shu, it had always been one of the top three. In the Great Luo Empire, this country held a high authority.

In the perspective of the Great Jin, the Bai Yue was only a second-rate character among the Middle Ranking Subordinate Countries. They did not even cared about it. This time, although they were somewhat surprised when the Bai Yue rose up to become an Upper Subordinate Country suddenly, they still felt that it was by luck.

And today, the Bai Yue Country that they had never gave much thought about had shown such outstanding actions. Not only had they killed the Great Wu soldiers to the point that they had escaped for their lives, this young man had even killed the Emperor and their Martial Saint.

Now, he even ignored the Martial Saints from the Great Jin when they had come to resolve this dispute. Clearly, he was not putting them in his eyes.

How could they not be furious when they faced such an arrogant young man? Both of them looked at each other and trailed after him. Apparently, they were planning to use force to keep him.

Qin Wushuang knew that these two Martial Saints was following him. Yet, he did not care. Since you guys want to follow me, then let me see what amazing moves you have.

He did not even fear the so-called number one Martial Saint of all Subordinate Countries, Yi Chenzi. Regardless of how strong these Martial Saints from the Great Jin may be, could they be stronger than Yi Chenzi?

Immediately, he had some ideas. He decided to have a contest of speed with these two Martial Saints from the Great Jin. He would play some hide and seek, and trick them a bit. It would be best to let them know that the Bai Yue Country had talents and was not easy to bully.

If one did not hit these tiger and wolf like powerhouses, it would not be easy for them to remember.

With this idea, Qin Wushuang was no longer in a rush. He circled around the imperial capital of the Great Wu and started a contest of speed and endurance.

While they competed on speed, Qin Wushuang did not stay unoccupied. Whenever he passed by the Royal mansions of the Royal families or Wealthy powerhouses of the Great Wu, he would go and take a stroll.

After this stroll, unavoidably, a few elite warriors lost their lives.

Qin Wushuang knew that these aristocrats were the elite people in the Great Wu. Many army generals who had invaded the Bai Yue came from these Wealthy aristocrat mansions.

It was not injustice to kill them.

He must kill to the extent that the entire population of the Great Wu would prostrate themselves with fear whenever the Bai Yue country was mentioned. It must reach the extent that the Great Wu would not recover for a few dozen of years.

It was Qin Wushuang’s tyrannical counterattack against invaders and showed his forceful attitude.

Those who mock my country’s pride, those who invade my country’s border, you may be far, but I must kill you!

Only such thunderous method could intimidate all sides. Only this way, he would make those great countries who glared like a tiger watching his prey to understand that the Bai Yue was not a sick cat and easy to bully.

When you bullied the Bai Yue, you must pay a severe price. The Great Wu was the living example.

After a day and a night of chasing, the two Martial Saints of the Great Wu were utterly discomfited. It was not because they did not use their power, or use their brain, but regardless of how much they thought and methods they used, they still could not stop Qin Wushuang. They were incapable of preventing him from killing people and to stop him.

From time to time, Qin Wushuang would play and mock them. He waited for their arrival intentionally and moved casually. Then, he would mock them and move to the next stop.

It was equivalent to hitting their face. The more the two Martial Saints of the Great Wu chased him, the more they felt they were losing face. After all, they had been Upper Sky warriors for more a few dozen years. Yet, they could not take care a young man who had just entered the Uppe Sky. He was doing whatever he wanted. One could imagine the depressing emotions they were feeling.

For quite a few times, they wanted to give up. They thought it was a matter that only concerned the Great Wu, why would they waste their energy on it? However, the pride and the desire to win as a strong elite warrior could not make them to lose face by giving up.

They braced themselves and kept chasing.

After another night, Qin Wushuang still seemed full of vitality. He just walked out from a Feudal Lords home and laughed with ridicule while turning his head back: "You two, you should be tired after a day and night of chasing, right? Ha ha, are you interested in competing again. We will start from this place and see who arrives first at the imperial capital of the Great Jin?"

That yellow robed Martial Saint sighed: "Young man, who are you exactly? Within the Bai Yue Country, it is impossible for a powerful young warrior like you to exist!"

 "Mister, if you have to ask this question, then you are at a disadvantage. Don’t ask where I am from. If you knew, then you would become burdened and would not use your power to your fullest potential." From Qin Wushuang tone, it was full of ridicule.

"Humph, why not tell me how much background you’ve got. Although my Great Jin is not a vast country, we still have this much capability!"

 "Yes? Then when Yi Chenzi has arrived, he will tell you my identity naturally. It’s useless to talk more about it. You two, let me ask you one question, do you truly plan to get involved with this matter? If that’s the case, I will visit the imperial capital of the Great Jin." Qin Wushuang spoke with a threatening tone.

The expression of the yellow robed Martial Saint turned cold: "Young man, let me give you an advice, don’t be too arrogant. Young man, with such strength, it is a marvelous matter. However, within the Great Luo empire, you are not the only one that have such exception talent."

 "Of course I would not be the only one. I have seen many young man like this. Only, how would it relate to your Great Jin?" Qin Wushuang opposed the other with equal harshness.

 "You have seen a lot?" The expression from that yellow-robed Martial Saint changed, "Could it be, you also come from the Stargaze Palace?"

"Also come from the Stargaze Palace?" Qin Wushuang sneered, "What does your "also" represent? Could it be, you are also from the Stargaze Palace?"

Hearing the words from Qin Wushuang, the yellow robed Martial Saint’s heart sank. He realize that indeed, this young man was a disciple of the Stargaze Palace. Suddenly, he remembered about the rumour of how the Bai Yue rose up to become an Upper Subordinate Country.

Could it be that this young man was the final victor selected by the Palace Master from the martial arts student exam?

 "Young man, I wonder, is the Second Palace Master related to you in any way?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "No comment. Don’t think about my words. If you are interested, why not go find out from the Stargaze Palace yourself? If you don’t know the way, I can point it out for you."

The expression of the yellow-robed Martial Saint became even more ugly. The Martial Saint right next to him also showed a face full of alarm. Apparently, they were also fearful of disciples of the Stargaze Palace.

Hearing the tone of Qin Wushuang, they become even more suspicious of Qin Wushuang’s identity. If this person was the rumoured direct line disciple chosen by the Second Palace Master of Stargaze Palace, then they could not afford to provoke him.

Among hundreds of Core disciples within the Stargaze Palace, a little portion of them came from the few major Subordinate Countries. However, most of them were not in the top tier.

The Great Jin also had two Core Disciples in the Stargaze Palace. However, they were not in the top tier among the Core disciples. They did not have the competence to enter the top tier.

On the other hand, the direct disciple chosen by the Second Palace Master was a different matter. Apparently, that kind of disciple belonged to the tier that would become an heir. They would have a limitless future.

If they had offended him deeply, it would be possible for the Second Palace Master to step out with his overprotective personality.

When he thought here, that yellow robed Martial Saint began to feel a desire to retreat. Inwardly, he was feeling regretful, why bother? When the Great Wu made a rod for their own trouble and the Bai Yue had taught them a lesson, how was it related to the Great Jin?

Currently, it was impossible for them to stop halfway.

At this moment, Qin Wushuang moved the corner of his brow and looked coldly towards the east side. He said leisurely: "Another two has come. It seems that Yi Chenzi, the one you were expecting has arrived!"

 "Yi Chenzi?" Stunned, the yellow-robed Martial Saint immediately started to use his Upper Sky Qi to sense it. Initially, he could feel nothing.

After a moment, he felt some presence and it seemed that for sure, some Upper Sky warriors were rushing here.

If the Upper Sky Realm warriors did not initiate their Upper Sky presence intentionally, it would be difficult to feel the presence under normal circumstances. However, if someone had deliberately initiated the Upper Sky presence, he could feel it a hundred miles away.

This wave of Upper Sky presence was rushing here with a neither too fast or too slow speed.

Could it be that Yi Chenzi had arrived?

When he thought here, he looked at Qin Wushuang with a much more complicated look. Indeed, this young man was extraordinary. They only sensed this trace of Upper Sky Qi after using their whole power.

Apparently, this young man had already somewhat became aware of this fact. Just his sensitivity of the Upper Sky Qi, he had also surpassed them a lot. One could imagine the difference between the strength.

Truly, they had some suspicions: "Does this young man have Spiritual Roots? Or else, how could he achieved such a terrifying state at this young age?"

Qin Wushuang sneered and glanced around. Suddenly, he gave a long whistle: "Yi Chenzi, if you are here, why stay hiding. Come out."

From the east side, two figures dropped to the ground one after another. The person who was at the front had a head of silver hair. Indeed, he was the First Martial Saint, Yi Chenzi.

Behind Yi Chenzi, it was a middle aged man. He appeared to have an honest look and seemed an ordinary peasant without any of the temperament that an elite warrior would have.

However, if one to sense the presence carefully, they would discover that from this person, there was a wave of strong presence that one would not dare to ignore. It was a unique wave of presence belonging to the Upper Sky. The presence was conserved and once he were to release it, it would be the most powerful Upper Sky Qi.

When Yi Chenzi saw Qin Wushuang, inwardly, he felt somewhat embarrassed. However, he still showed a relaxed expression as he called: "Marquis Wushuang, this time, I did not come here as your enemy. Instead, I come in peace. I hope you will calm down and hear my words."

To Yi Chenzi, it was rare for him to speak with such a tactful tone. With Yi Chenzi’s prestige over the Subordinate Countries, basically, it was impossible for him to speak in such way.

Naturally, inwardly, the two Martial Saints were shocked by this scene.

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