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Chapter 193: Killing at the Flying Cloud Camp

Outside the Flying Cloud Camp, accompanied by the chilly wind, all the grass and trees started to wither. Yellow leaves covered the floor.

Qin Wushuang appeared alone and arrived outside of the Flying Cloud Camp. However, he noticed the Martial Saint’s head and body hanging on the walls that had been separated. The eyes on the head opened widely as if he was still watching his homeland with deep fondness.

Instantly, Qin Wushuang’s body felt shocked as if a whip had hit him.

 "Indeed, it is what had happened." Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt as if he were about to go mad. He only felt a wave of anger accumulate in his chest seeking escape.


Qin Wushuang let out a miserable cry to the sky. As soon as he let out this cry, it darkened the sky on top of the entire Flying Cloud Camp as if a wave of black clouds were towering on top of it.

All people inside the Flying Cloud felt a great shock. The normal soldiers went limp and coughed out blood greatly.

Some people even started to bleed from the seven apertures of their heads and fell dead .

 "Qi Shengnan!" With astonishing fury, Qin Wushuang roared, "I know you are at this Flying Cloud Camp, come out!"

Come out, come out…

This sound wave formed waves of air flow and spread directly to the top of the Flying Cloud Camp.

It caused another wave of surging Qi and blood. Those defending soldiers inside the Flying Cloud only felt the sky darken. On the verge of collapse, the blood vessels from their entire bodies seemed to want to explode.

Suddenly, Qi Shengnan who was at the camp had a drastic change of expression.

Since the first roar from Qin Wushuang, he predicted a tremendous wave of danger directed toward him.

Indeed, the person who had come had demanded his appearance!

 "Qi Shengnan, if you want to be an ostrich, I will let you! Today, I will bathe your Great Wu in blood as a sacrifice to the soul of Senior Brother Qiu in the heavens!"

As soon as his words had dropped, Qin Wushuang roared again and his body glided upwards like a flying bird. He swept with the soft whip and a half-moon ring washed away.


This attack had directly exploded on the wall of the Camp. Instantly, it swept away all the soldiers on the top. The bones of the ones who were hit was shattered and they died instantly.

 "Those who invade my Bai Yue, die!"

Like a ferocious lion, Qin Wushuang scrambled into the herd of sheep. Each time he waved the long whip, large groups of soldiers of the Great Wu would die by his hand as if he were cutting away garlic chives.


The waves of the Spiritual Qi raged and caused tremendous damage. Next, two waves of Spiritual Qi flew away again. It’s momentum directly swept away hundreds of soldiers who tried to rush forward.


Their waists was broken into halves! More than one hundred Great Wu soldiers had instantly become two hundred halved corpses. The flow of blood filled the ground.

Like a killing god, Qin Wushuang kept sending out his power with a dark expression. He stood on top of the Camp and watched those thousand of soldiers with a pair of cold eyes. Each of them had an ashen face as they kept retreating. Not one of them dared to rush forward.

He was too powerful. He was an existence that they were powerless against.

He was an existence in which all courage and hot blood would stand useless. If they rushed forward, only death awaits them! They may save their lives if they escaped.

Qin Wushuang waved the long whip and collected the corpse of Qiu Lingde on top of the Camp. He spoke with a tone that was filled with darkness, sadness and coldness: "Martial Saint, your spirit is not far away, watch me take revenge for you! Today, I will not give up until I’ve killed all the leaders of the Great Wu!"


Qin Wushuang glared and murderous intent increased madly from his eyes. He waved again with the snake shaped soft whip and emerged a frightful explosive sound.

The body of the whip carried a wave of marvelous light as if it were a beast that had been given consciousness. It breathed in strong Upper Sky presence and once again, it started to wreak havoc among the crowd.

Currently, he only had one idea. He wanted to kill all these murderers and robbers of the Great Wu that had come to rob and invade the Bai Yue.

 "Qi Shengnan!" While Qin Wushuang killed, he sneered, "You claim to be the Martial Saint of the Great Wu. Don’t you feel ashamed watching your soldiers dying for you as you remain hiding in your shell?"

 "You claim to be an Upper Sky elite warrior, and you don’t have the courage to show your face? You, how could you be eligible to be a Martial Saint? What right do you have to protect them?"

Qin Wushuang roared madly and waved the long whip. Everywhere he went, corpses piled up in mountains and blood flowed like a river.

Currently, his hatred could not be described by any words.

It wasn’t because Qi Shengnan didn’t want to come out. Since the beginning, Qin Wushuang had taken the upper hand regarding temperament. And now, Qin Wushuang’s temperament had increased even more and suppressed his.

In an Upper Sky battle, if the enemy suppressed the temperament of the other, the battle’s outcome would be predictable.

Of course, Qin Wushuang knew where this Qi Shengnan was hiding. He did not go after him directly. Instead, he was using such a vicious method to force him to come out.

It was an extremely ruthless psychological battle. The more you did not want to come out, the more fear you had. You would not even come out even when I kill your people, how strong would this fear be?

The longer this situation went on, the more unfavorable it would be to Qi Shengnan.

Qi Shengnan had a prediction. The Upper Sky user that had come this time would be even stronger than Qiu Lingde.

During yesterday’s battle, he immediately probed out that Qiu Lingde had unhealed injuries. How could he let go of this opportunity? Of course, he used all his strength and killed Qiu Lingde with his blade.

And today, he felt a wave of completely different Upper Sky intention from this person. If he were to say that the Upper Sky presence of Qiu Lingde was in a declining state, then this person’s Upper Sky Qi felt like the morning sun. His presence exuded vitality and extreme potential.

Vividly, this form of vital life power made Qi Shengnan fearful.

If he had a choice, he would turn around and never face this person. However, the current situation would not allow him to make such a choice.

If he turned to leave, the army of the Great Wu would collapse instantly. This war would also become impoverished on all sides. For sure, the Great Wu would become the biggest laughingstock within the Great Luo Empire.

The joke of how the Martial Saint ran away before the battle, people would laugh at it for days.

When he thought here, Qi Shengnan let out a light whistle and walked out from the camp.

"Who are you that dares to play around here?" With one sharp rebuke, Qi Shengnan arrived at the top of the camp and shouted, "Stop!"

 "Stop?" Qin Wushuang did not even look at Qi Shengnan. He was enjoying the killing momentum as he held the snake shaped soft whip in his left hand and the Violet Sun Sword in his right hand. Each time he moved, he would cause countless deaths. Under the whip and the sword, thousands of corpses already lay still on top of this pass.

 "Qi Shengnan, you’ve finally stopped being an ostrich?" Finally, Qin Wushuang slightly raised the whip and stopped killing. He looked at him from afar and spoke with a tone that carried sheer murderous intent.

 "Kid, you are from the Bai Yue?" As Qi Shengnan watched this miserable scene, the anger kept sprouting out from his chest. He only wanted to squeeze Qin Wushuang to death.

 "Stop with the nonsense, Qi Shengnan, did you kill Senior Brother QIu?" A wave of rich hatred gushed out from Qin Wushuang’s eyes.

 "Ha ha ha, Qiu Lingde did not master his skills and it’s not a shame to die. I did indeed cut down his dog head! Kid, state your name. Under my blade, I don’t kill nameless ghosts!"

Qi Shengnan spoke with an exaggerated tone to provoke Qin Wushuang intentionally. It was an attack to the mind and of course, he wanted to cause him to become restless.

 "Old man, since you’ve asked me, I will tell you. My surname is Qin, and my name is Qin Wushuang! Today, if I let you get out of here unharmed, I vow to never to be a man again!"

After he had finished, he shook the snake shaped soft whip and straightened it into a long spear. He aimed it forward toward Qi Shengnan’s body.

Qi Shengnan did not dare to act sluggish. In a flash, a battle blade in the color of blood red appeared in his hand. The blade showed sheer light and he used it to slash forward.

Qin Wushuang yelled and moved quickly with his arm to pierce the air a dozen times. Each time, it formed a bright light that went to penetrate towards the fatal parts of Qi Shengnan’s body.

On the surface, it appeared as a contest for speed. In fact, this wave of flash unleashed by Qin Wushuang was a super method as he poured his Qi into the long whip. He had merged the essence of the inside. He used the snake shaped whip to shoot out sword Qi to accumulate the Qi into powerful layers.

Lights flashed from Qi Shengnan’s sword as he kept lashing out blade lights to cover all the fatal points on his body. He did not dare to act sluggishly and he moved with caution with each time. Apparently, he also understood the power of the enemy.

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang’s body charged forward and he pulled out the Violet Sun Sword with his left hand. With one slash, another sword Qi went out and cut a dozen of soldiers to the left into halves.

The unexpected power unleashed had caused another dozen lives to be lost.

 "Qi Sheng, aren’t you the Martial Saint of the Great Wu? I am killing your people right in front of you, what can you do about it?"

Qin Wushuang laughed madly. Then, he would go from left and right. Regardless of how much those soldiers of the Great Wu tried to evade, they could never escape Qin Wushuang’s ghost like figure.

Each time he dropped, a group of soldiers from the Great Wu would lose their lives.

Qi Shengnan showed an ashen face. He knew that if they were to compete on speed, he was powerless to stop this person. Since he could not match him on speed, it would be impossible to stop him from killing his subordinates.

 "Kid!" Fire seemed to gush out from Qi Shengnan’s eyes. He rolled the battle blade from his hand and changed to attack Qin Wushuang straightforwardly.

These blade attacks appeared as if one was attacking from anger. In fact, it had secret techniques. It was Qi Shengnan’s most proud Upper Sky blade technique. He could use the light of the blade to change the moving direction of the airflow. As a result, the blade light would form a tricky pattern and force the enemy to make wrong prediction and harm him.

With a sneer, Qin Wushuang swept three times with the long whip in his hand. Instantly, it formed three circles and covered his entire body. Next, the body did not go backwards but went forward towards Qi Shengnan.

He put back the Violet Sun Sword to his back and pointed with finger. Chu!

The bitter sword Qi gushed out directly towards Qi Shengnan’s chest.

Since they were fighting closely and Qin Wushuang leashed this move at a fast speed, Qi Shengnan had no way to evade it.


Directly, the sword Qi from the Young Shang sword had hit the target!

Qi Shengnan did not even have the time to react and only felt pain strike his chest. Instantly, a wave of despair emerged in his heart—Not good!

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