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Chapter 190: A Bloodbath
Finally, the last grain of sand had drifted away from the hourglass.
It was past 7 AM!
Once again, the one-eyed general waved his blade and shouted: "Prepare, attack!"
The bugle horn sounded to attack and like the surging tide, the attacking army from the Great Wu rushed toward the Hidden Tiger Camp. In a moment, they arrived right before its walls.
Accompanied by a group of assistants, the one-eyed General stood at the very front. He raised his blade and shouted: "Cowards of the Bai Yue, if you understand your situation, then admit defeat and get out of the camp. Or else, once we break through it, we will kill every single one of you."
Immediately, waves of curses sounded out from the top of the camp. The leader of the camp swore: "Little kids of the Great Wu, you are speaking delirious nonsense. Today, each one of you will die if you dare to come!"
The one-eyed General sneered: "Then let’s see who suffers a more miserable death! Archers, shoot!"
Three thousand archers formed into a shooting formation. At once, ten thousand arrows immediately flew toward the Hidden Tiger Camp. This rain of arrows was used to cover the assaulters.
Although the destructive power of the arrows was powerful, it would not be possible to create a large number of casualties from a far distance! However, it would be effective to cover the assault team.
Immediately, the people on the top of the Hidden Tiger Camp lifted up their rattan shields to stop this howling wind and torrential rain of arrows.
On the Great Wu side, a group of thousands of the assaulters quickly grabbed their flying hooks and rushed toward the direction of the camp.
These assaulters had gone through strict training. Each one of them were elite warriors with supreme techniques. They waved their arms and already sent the flying hook up to a firm place. Nimble as the monkey, all of them started climbing up.
Immediately following them, the second group of assaulters carried the flying ladder and arrived. This flying ladder would be built for the main advancing army.
After all, not everyone could use the method of the flying hooks. This flying ladder was the main climbing tool to take down the camp.
On top of the Hidden Tiger Camp, the soldiers were defending against rounds of arrows and were organizing to counterattack.
Instantly, rolling stones and giant logs dropped down like a flying waterfall. To those climbing assaulters, these rolling stones and giant logs would cause deathly harm.
Initially, the defense of the Hidden Tiger Camp was stereoscopic.
About five miles radius, they had set up a wide alert circle before the camp. Only, after yesterday's clash, the Great Wu had broken through all defensive measures.
All the trenches were filled in and all the traps were tread through.
Thus, when they initiated the attack today, they were facing the flat road and the camp directly.
The battle drum sounded and yells of ‘kill’ surged to the sky.

Although the armies were still engaged in defense and attack mode, they had not yet entered into a melee. Yet, the situation was already intensified.
From the top of the camp, giant rocks, logs, boiling water and arrows dropped like waves of locust. Each round could remove two or three hundred assaulters from the Great Wu.
Only, the assault team from the Great Wu followed in one group after another. Under the cover of the arrows, more assault troops approached the wall of the camp.
Although it was morning, it was dusky between the sky and the earth as if a layer of shadow lay over this killing scene.
Waves and waves of attack echoed around the Hidden Tiger Camp like the surging tide.
Although the defense of the camp was not well fortified, it did caused a lot of suffering to the assault team from the Grea

t Wu. After this wave of attack, the Great Wu had more than two thousand people injured or died. However, they still could not climb up to the fortress.
Despite this fact, the situation on top of the Hidden Tiger Camp was not looking good either. Under the concentrated arrow fire, they also had a few hundred injured. Although those assault troops could not break through the defense, most of them did climb up. Even though they had died, they also killed many Bai Yue soldiers and created some openings.
Thus, from the surface, the Great Wu may appear to have the disadvantage. However, the real trouble lay on the side of the Hidden Tiger Camp. After all, people of the Great Wu only used light siege weapons such as flying hooks and ladders. The bigger siege weapons were becoming restless as they wanted to use it to break in in one go.
After the waving of the flag, a fully armed car charged from the back line. From left and right, this car had four giant wheels. A group of soldiers pushed it to charge towards the camp.
This giant object had six floors. Each floor had equipped with different types of heavy weapons such as long spears, strong crossbows and rock throwers.
And among each layer, many elite warriors that excelled at breaking the fortress concealed in there.
All four sides of this car had armour and revealed little cracks. Although the speed was not fast, it carried tremendous destructive power. It not only could use its own weight and thickness to destroy the wall, it could also use the height to stand on equal with the top of the Hidden Tiger Camp.
This way, it could reduce the pressure for other assaulters and defend those that used flying hooks and ladders.
When people on top of the Hidden Tiger Camp saw this giant object, all of them became fully alert. One of the assistant said: "General, this car will cause great destruction and it’s fully equipped. Only fire attacks will work!"
"Yes, prepare fire for the crossbows and shoot the car!"
To deal with the gigantic car, only the fire arrow from the heavy crossbow could break through the armour and create damage to the body of the car. Normal arrows would be ineffective.
Two hundred strong crossbow users assembled immediately.
Dancing like a fire dragon and flying like the locust, fire arrows kept shooting forward and hit that giant car.
Unexpectedly, the car of the Great Wu used extremely hard materials for its armor. Despite the power from the fire arrows, they could not penetrate through the armour of this car!
"Ha ha!" That one-eyed general laughed proudly when he saw this situation, "You want to use such powerless arrows to break our car, in your dreams!"
"Second wave of assaulters, prepare!"
This group of assaulters was used to break through the wall.
Once the car approached the wall, it would destroy the wall. And since a large group of attackers also stayed hidden inside the car, they would form two sides attack to the camp.
Once this group of assaulters charged, they would have less pressure and greater chance to climb on top of the wall.
Three thousand powerful assault troops followed the car and rushed toward the wall.
Boom boom boom!
Strong clashing sounds kept emerging. Already, that giant car had rushed to the root of the wall and caused a strong collision.
Those hidden assaulters from the inside of the car also climbed up to the head of the wall. They kept throwing their long spears and arrows.
"This is the moment to break through the Hidden Tiger Camp! Brothers, kill! Kill one, get hundreds of silver coins. Kill the enemy general, you will get a reward of thousands of gold coins. If you kill the main general, you’ll be awarded with tens of thousands of gold coins!"
The main general of the Great Wu laughed hysterically. He waved the flag and the main force pushed forward. They would wait for that car to break through the camp door, and would rush like the surging tide to kill.

Boom, boom.
Indeed, the power of the car was extraordinary. Each time it collided with the wall, the defending armies could feel a wave of strong trembling.
And those assaulters who emerged from the inside of the wall also went up the wall and started fist fights.
"Brothers, it’s time to die for our country. If you are a man, kill! Kill one of the brigands, you have earned it. If you kill two, we gained. Kill!"
"Kill all bastards from the Great Wu!"
The defensive line of the Bai Yue had broken down and revealed many openings. They could no longer form a stereoscopic defense line. However, each of these defending soldiers were also tiger and wolf like warriors for they did not fear death. Each of them stepped forward, drew out their weapons and started close-quarter fights with the assaulters who just rushed up.
Blood and meat became mutilated, remnants of the bodies flew around. In between each breath, a few dozen lives disappeared.
The attacking side only had one though. They wanted to take down the Hidden Tiger Camp and claim credit.
The defending side only had one thought. They will kill the enemies, regardless of the size! They would die for the Hidden Tiger Camp.
"General!" One of the assistant general from the Hidden Tiger slashed one of the assaulter away and approached the main general, "General, it’s not looking god. If this car kept clash, it would be extremely difficult for us to keep the door."
"Organize the elite warriors, and attack the car. We must destroy this giant!" With slashing and chopping, the main general had courageously killed several assaulters.
"Assistant General Liu, you will take hundreds of Stage Five Genuine Force Warriors to form a suicide squad to attack that car. I don’t care which method you use, you must destroy this damn car!"
"Yes!" That Assistant General Liu answered, "Warriors above Stage Five, come with me!"
When he waved his hand, a dozen of warriors above Stage Five followed Assistant General Liu.
Assistant General Liu yelled: "This pungent car is too powerful. We must destroy it to ensure our camp stays in one piece. You all, do you dare to follow me to attack?"
"We will follow you to death!"
"Ok, prepare yourself and let’s go!"
Under the leadership of Assistant General Liu, a dozen warriors in one row started rushing to the car like giant birds.
At this time, from the inside of the car, waves of arrows shot out from crossbows at a high speed.
Shua, shua, shua!
Without a chance to react, Assistant General Liu and the others who were hanging in midair were turned into porcupines. The strong power from the crossbow had pinned them to the wall!
The state of their bodies appeared devastated.
However, the warriors from the Bai Yue side did not fear. Each of them kept rushing forward and jumped down.
Only, the powerful cross from the inside of the car were pre-equipped machine operated crossbows. It displayed many times the power than the bows pulled by human arms.
Regardless of how much people charged over from the Bai Yue side, it appeared useless before this powerful crossbow.
They kept dashing forward, and kept getting pinned…
For a time, a crisis arose in the Hidden Tiger Camp. It seemed their defensive line was about to collapse.
"General, don’t go!" One of the warrior approached the main general and yelled anxiously.
The main general of the Hidden Tiger was a powerful warrior at Stage Nine of Genuine Force. He shouted: "You guys cover here, I am going with my man!"
Hu, hu, hu!
With the arrows keep shooting, the main general waved the long sword from his hand. Although he could stop the arrows, he could not find an opportunity to jump over.
Giving a long whistle, that main general looked back at the cruel killings on all corners of the wall with his tiger like eyes. Large groups of assaulters from the Great Wu had jumped on to the wall.
"Could it be, that my Hidden Tiger Camp will fall to the enemy?"
Despite feeling sadness inwardly, the main general roared: "Kill, for today’s matter, until death puts an end to us, we can only die for our country!"
Just when assaulters from the Great Wu kept rushing up to the city wall, a deep and rich long whistle emerged from the far distance. As if it were the wind and thunder, in the blink of an eye, this whistle had arrived within five miles.
"Evil thieves of the Great Wu, today, I will let you know that you will have no chance to return!"
This sound of ferocious shouting gave the feeling as if the invincible god had arrived. The power of the one roar had covered the tens of thousand of screams from the soldiers in the melee. Indeed, the wind and cloud had changed color where it would shake the five mountains into collapsing!

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