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On top of the Heaven Cloud Pass, all defending armies raised their weapons and cheered for their hero, the victory of the Bai Yue.

"Marquis Wushuang, Marquis Wuhsuang! Yeah!"

"Marquis Wushuang, Marquis Wushuang!"

The defending army on top of the pass could not stop to wave the weapon and flags from their hands to pay respect to their hero. As Qin Wushuang watched all of this, he also felt emotionally moved inwardly.

In this world, one Upper Sky elite warrior could even decide the fate of the entire country and the destiny of its billions of people.

Qin Wushuang raised his arm and waved towards those defending army on the pass. He understood what these defending armies felt clearly. It was a genuine joy after the calamity in which people had received a new life.

When he returned to the pass, Qin Wushuang received multitudinous worship from people. He Tianbao had always admired strong and powerful people. At this time, he became even more excited to the extent in which he did not know what to say. So, he only proposed rounds of toast after another.

After a round of drinks, Qin Wushuang did not linger and said while holding the alcohol cup in hand: "Everyone, the war is in a critical situation. Although the crisis of the North-West calamity is solved, the West Chu should not be coming back to invade again. However, on the North East front line, the Great Wu still glared like a tiger while watching his prey. I must go there this instant. I only hope that in one day, I would have the chance to gather with you all again, yes?"

These iron-blooded soldiers were all mature people that understood the current difficult situation of the Bai Yue Country. Of course, they did not dare to keep Qin Wushuang as they raised their cups: "We would wish Marquis Wushuang success for you would lead the Great Surge Territory to smashed the invasion from the Great Wu!"

"Yes, yes!"

After drinking that toast, Qin Wushuang cupped his hand and walked out of the main camp casually.

Qin Wushuang also gained many experience after that battle with Yi Chenzi. Although in this battle, he could not beat Yi chenzi, but this so-called number one Martial Saint among all Subordinate Countries could not do anything to him either.

Through this battle, Qin Wushuang had gained much comprehension. Althouhg he had rushed here in a hurry; he did not stop the search to martial arts.

Along the way, he planned to merge the things he had learned through that battle.

On November 9th, at the North East front line of the Bai Yue country.

Battle activities bustled over here. Great armies from the Great WU had started vicious attacks towards the border of the Great Surge Royal Territory. With these two long time grudge enemies, soon the battle intensified when the two armies confronted with each other.

The one hundred thousand great forwarding army was responsible to break through the three-main fortress of the Great Surge Royal Territory.

And Qi Shengnan, the Martial Saint of the Great Wu led the army and request to battle with the Marital Saint of the Bai Yue Country, Qiu Lingde.

On November ninth, after tens and thousand of injuries and death, the forwarding army of the Great Wu had finally broke through the first fortress of the Great Surge Territory. It was a disastrous victory.

However, to the Bai Yue, they were put into a passive situation after losing their first fortress on the first battle.

Although the two remaining major fortresses was positioned at a horn angle and was easy to defend than attack, it did appeared that the Great Wu would still take it down despite the terrain.

Once they had broke through the three major fortresses, the two hundred thousand main force of the Great Wu would directly led the army down the south. They would take all states and cities in the Great Surge Territory and would severely threaten the survival of the Royal City.

Thus, the meaning of this battle was the same as the Purple Flame Territory in the North West. They must defend their three major fortresses. Once they defended it, the layers of defense behind them would become even more stabilized. If the enemies had charged through the three fortresses easily, it would be like a hot knife through the butter.

One could still take back the lost fortresses. However, it would be impossible to save the loss of the fighting spirits.

There was the so-called saying of how an army could be deprived of their commanding officer, yet a man could not be deprived of his will.

For this war between the two countries, it was one matter of being hot-blooded and patriotic to your country. When it reached to killing on the battlefields, the will of fighting spirit was a crucial part. Courage and hot blood alone could not solve all the problems.

Currently, the second fortress of the Bai Yue Country—Hidden Tiger Camp had already entered highly alert mode. On this day, although the Hidden Tiger Camp had received some impact, they were not the main place where the enemies charged. Thus, despite the vicious battles, they did not emerge substantial holes and held a stabilized situation.

Sitting cross-legged, the Martial Saint of the Bai Yue was mediating by himself in one of the tent.

Tomorrow at seven Am, he would go to the battle and fight with Qi Shengnan, Martial Saint of the Great Wu. This battle would be the determining factor to set the future of the two frontlines.

It would even decide the victory or failure between the war of the two countries.

Thus, either of them could afford to lose this battle.

Since the day he became an Upper Sky, to Qiu Lingde, it would be his toughest battle. Perhaps, the battle itself would not be the most arduous. However, the strategic meaning behind this battle had promoted this battle to be the most difficult.

At least, he could not afford to lose.

Once he lost, the front line of the Great Surge Territory would collapse. The failure of the Martial Saint of one country would become a disastrous event to break the fighing spirit of the soldiers. If he lost, most likely he would lose the future of the Bai Yue Country.

Qiu Lingde slowly breathed out and he could not get rid a wave of jittery.

He knew that such attitude would be dangerous and disadvantageous. However, as an Upper Sky warrior that had lived for hundred of years, still, he could not calm down.

It was not because he feared this battle, but because the injuries in his body did not heal one hundred percent. Last time, both the Second Martial Saint and him had suffered equivalent injuries after the battle. Although Qin Wushuang had helped him to heal faster, he still needed more time.

And now, he could not even spare the time to heal. The crisis of the battle would not allow him to get healed completely.

He had rushed over from the imperial capital for he feared that border matters would not go well. As soon as he had arrived at the border, he received the written war challenge from the Martial Saint of the Great Wu, Qi Shengnan.

He asked him to meet on November tenth at seven am, they would fight to the end on the Reincarnation Mountain besides the border of the Great Surge Territory.

If it was before, Qiu Lingde would not fear this Qi Shengnan at all. Although this Qi Shengnan had understood more over the stages of the Upper Sky Realm, Qiu Lingde had his advantage regarding experiences.

However, this balance had emerged subtle changes due to his injuries.

Finally, Qiu Lingde controlled his emotions with great efforts and threw away all the unnecessary emotions. He had saw through everything and carried a courageous forward feeling to wait for this upcoming battle.

"The future of the Bai Yue would never be dark! There would be light. There is the already matured Marquis Wushuang, the Purple Robe who had entered the Upper Sky…Even if I were to lose this battle, Bai Yue would still have a bright tomorrow!"

When he thought here, Qiu Lingde suddenly stood up. He found paper and pens and wrote down a line of words on a paper. Then, he folded it and sealed it.

He called in a subordinate and ordered: "Take this letter to the general of the Hidden Tiger Camp. If Marquis Wushuang had come, give it to him."


After finishing all these tasks, Qiu Lingde no longer had any lingering and distractions. He entered the meditation mode and started to prepare for the final preparation for tomorrow’s battle.

When darkness passed away, the first rays of light had finally arrived.

Before the Hidden Tiger Camp, thirty thousand army had finished assembling. A one-eyed general fixed his solemn gazes over the tall Hidden Tiger Camp ten miles away from the camp.

It was his goal for today. He would claim a great victory if he were to take down this camp.

Regardless, he would not let go of this victory. This one-eyed general twitched the muscle on his face malevolently. Suddenly, he pulled the blade from his waist and slashed the air for a few times.

"By today’s dawn, we must take down the Hidden Tiger Camp!"

"Mighty General!"

The one eyed general licked his lips and smiled evilly: "Are all the assault team finished assembling?"

"General, we are done. All of the brothers are waiting to assault the Hidden Tiger Camp. Tonight, we looked forward to make camp over there!"

"Ok, pass my orders. After seven Am, we would make our way through! We will do everything to take down this Hidden Tiger Camp!" From the tone of the one-eyed general, there was a trace of determination.

This Hidden Tiger was the second fortress of the Great Surge Territory. Once they broke through it, they would have taken down two main fortress and would pose the most severe strike to the Bai Yue Country.

At this time, the one-eyed General only felt something flashed across his eyes and a figure wearing white stood before him. Showing extraordinary temperament, wasn’t this Qi Shengnan, the Martial Saint of the Great Wu?

"Martial Saint!"

"Yes, all ready?"

"Martial Saint, we are all ready. We would attack immediately once pass seven am!"

"Ok! If we take down the Hidden Tiger Camp, it would be all your credits." Like a cheetah, Qi Shengnan waved his hand and rushed forward into the far distance.

After a moment, Qi Shengnan had arrived outside of the Hidden Tiger Camp. He accumulated all the Upper Sky presence and hissed like the dragon: " Qiu Lingde, it’s time. Come out."

In the middle of the tent, Qiu Lingde suddenly opened his eyes. He stomp with his legs and flew out of the tent. On top of the tent, he glared at Qi Shengnan, who was showing off.

"Qi Shengnan, your Great Wu remained stubborn, and your retribution is right in front of you."

Qi Shengnan laughed: "Qiu Lingde, for a few dozen of years, besides of bluffing, when have you ever won over me? For today’s battle, regardless of who is strong or weak, we need come to a conclusion. See you at the Reincarnation Mountain!"

After he had finished, he did not linger and flashed to fly towards the Reincarnation Mountain behind him.

With a sneer, Qiu Lingde jumped down the tent and followed him like an arrow sprung from the bow.

For this battle, he had no escape routes. He would only fight to the death.

In the Hidden Tiger Camp, all defending armies were waiting. They held their weapons, wore the clear armours and arrows were organized to fire. Each of the hot-blooded men rubbed their firsts for they were prepared the camp to their death.

In the camp, one of the secretary was holding a giant burlap bag and pens while walking through the soldiers.

"Everyone, if you have anything to say, speak and the secretary would record it. Perhaps, after this battle, we would all shed our blood for the Hidden Tiger Camp. However, as man, we would splash our hot blood for the country at this crisis! Who amongst you, is scared to die?"

"Not fear death, we would die for the country!"

These soldiers all had a surge of the fighting spirits in which each of them clenched their fists and fixed their gazes towards the far distance with determination.

The soldiers who at their turn left the words from their hearts. They would leave it for their parents at home, or their wives and children, or for their brothers and sisters…

Each of them were impassioned and set a death goal inwardly.

Their bodies could die, but their fighting spirit would live forever.

To drive away the tiger and wolf like enemies, they would shed their blood over this Hidden Tiger Camp to protect their country. Their souls would remain alive, they would protect each inch of the land in the Bai Yue, to defend their homes…

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