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When he thought here, there was only two options before Yi Chenzi!

First, give up on invading the Bai Yue! Second, kill this kid and forever eliminate the lingering threat!

For the first choice, Yi Chenzi was unwilling to do it. He had lusted after the Lotus Flower Mountain for a while. Since the situation had arisen, regardless of the politics from his own country or from the alliance, they had all pushed this matter to the tip of the tide.

If he were the give up, for sure, he would lose face as the First Martial Saint. And all plans of the West Chu would become an empty promise. It was something that he never wanted to see.

Thus, he decided that despite his injuries, he needed to kill this kid to put an end to everything!

"Kid, I admit that it must not have been easy for you to gain such strength at this young age. However, if you think you can use it to blackmail my West Chu and change your country’s destiny, then you are totally mistaken!"

After he had finished, his expression turned cold and waved the chain blade into the air. Next, he slashed three times downwards in which the cold blade wave attack slashed towards Qin Wushuang.

Yi Chenzi had a clear idea. He wanted to use his hundred years of experience with the Upper Sky Qi to drag the enemy to death!

However, Qin Wushuang’s specialty was facing off against a continuous and long battle.

This battle between the two started from the afternoon and continued until nightfall…

Under the dusk, these two chased each other. One round after another, they fought to the dawn.

However, the battle remained in a stalemate as no one could beat the other or seize the upper hand. On the other hand, Qin Wushuang became calmer as the fight went on. He knew that Yi Chenzi’s attitude had started to change.

His threats had started to become effective.

The first rays of morning sun had arrived and the sun was rising!

West Chu’s fifty thousand soldiers strong advance army had already arrived below the pass. The group was ready to break through.

Currently, the general of the advancing army was looking around. Apparently, the scene before his eyes was different than what he had predicted. They had been promised that the Martial Saint of the West Chu would cover them and to break through the city and kill enemy’s leader.

However, the pass of the Bai Yue still remained standing and soldiers stood on the wall with clean armour and weapons. Apparently, they were prepared and waiting for a vicious battle.

"Could it be that the Martial Saint is not here yet?" That general whispered and looked at his two assistants doubtfully. Apparently, all of them never expected that the great Martial Saint would break his promise.

"General, perhaps, the Martial Saint is already here and concealing himself. We can give the order to attack the city. For sure, the Martial Saint will arrive later!"

"What? This pass is easy to defend and hard to attack. If we don’t have an Upper Sky Warrior to act as the vanguard and to kill their leader, their fighting spirit, it will be difficult to take it. We need to wait."

At this time, He Tianbao who was on top of the pass shouted: "Scoundrels of the West Chu, since you are here, why are you not coming forward? Ha ha, are you waiting for your Martial Saint? Let me tell you, that old guy Yi Chenzi was already killed by our Upper Sky warrior!"

Hearing his words, all soldiers of the West Chu’s advancing army looked at each other with dismay. Of course, they did not believe these words.

However, if the enemy knew about the First Martial Saint, then it meant the Martial Saint had been here. However, if he were here, how could the pass have remained untouched and the enemy was still showing off?

Could it be that the Martial Saint had come, but did not attack?

With this hesitation, a small crack emerged in everyone’s mind. To an army that was about to attack, this trace of doubt was deadly.

Taking down the pass needed a wave of determination to go forward.

After this hesitation, the momentum of the army continued to fall as the crack grew bigger.

"General, give the order! If we don’t attack, our fighting spirit will decline." One of the assistant general said anxiously.

"That’s right, even without the Upper Sky to clear the path, each of our soldiers can still fight. Why should we get scared of not been able to take down this little Heaven Cloud Pass?"

After a moment of silence, the general thought: "Without an Upper Sky, most likely we will sacrifice many lives to forcefully take down this pass. I had trained all these soldiers personally. I brought them here with this precious chance to fight. If we don’t use the opportunity to take down this Heaven Cloud Pass, where would the meritorious service come from, and how could we talk about promotion?"

Since the ancient times, a general built on his success through ten thousand bleaching bones!

Thinking here, the general pulled out his blade suddenly and shouted: "All soldiers prepare, we will take down the pass!"

After he sent out the order, the entire army moved.

Immediately, a group of archers stepped forward as the flag was waved. When the order was passed down, they would shoot tens of thousand of arrows toward the soldiers defending on the pass.

Next, they would carry forward the flying ladder for the pass.

The key trick to taking down the pass was that they must bring out their ladder fast and swift. The advancing army must not fear death and would go forward.

The battle of taking the pass required speed. The longer they dragged, it would greatly affect the fighting spirit of the side that was attacking.

Thus, after a round of fast shooting, the soldiers were about to build their flying ladder to prepare to break through.

The general waved the commanding flag and was about to shout: "Shoot!"

Suddenly, outside the pass, a wave of long and rolling whistle emerged. Like the moving thunder, this sound of whistle traveled quickly and surged with great power.

For a time, the sky and the earth seemed to have flipped sides as the wind, cloud changed color.

All the defending army on top of the Heaven Cloud Pass was filled with joy when they heard this long whistle. Naturally, they recognized that the sound of this person came from that mysterious Upper Sky warrior who fought against Yi Chenzi.

After disappearing for a night and appearing now, could it be that this mysterious Upper Sky warrior had truly killed Yi Chenzi?

Before the sound of the whistle had dropped, two sound travelled through the forest rapidly. One after another they dropped below the pass.

"Martial Saint!" That general had recognized the person from behind. Revealing a head full of silver hair, he was Yi Chenzi, the First Martial Saint of the West Chu.

Yi Chenzi had a radiant expression. He waved his hand and stopped the general’s next movement and shouted: "Hold the attack!" Hearing the order from the Martial Saint, that general immediately put down the commanding flag and rushed the horse forward to pay respect: "It’s my honor to meet with you, Martial Saint."

"No need!" Yi Chenzi fixed his gaze on this Heaven Cloud Pass with a face full of fanaticism and eagerness. After the Heaven Cloud Pass, it was that Lotus Flower Mountain that he had longed for. As soon as the army broke through this pass, he would take the mountain as West Chu’s property.

However, this tough guy remained before him…

He slowly looked away and looked at the forwarding army. Then, he looked at Qin Wushuang and said coldly: "Kid, once I give the order, your Heaven Cloud Pass would not last three days!"

"Is that so? If I want, the head of the West Chu’s Emperor would also not stay there for three days!" Qin Wushuang answered him with equal sharpness.

Yi Chenzi spoke with an ashen face: "Then let’s see who cannot get through the three days!"

He waved his hand and said to that general: "Prepare immediately to take the pass! If we don’t take the pass, die!"


Qin Wushuang put on a faint smile. After a night of bitter battle, he could not kill Yi Chenzi. At the same time, Yi Chenzi could not do anything to him either.

Initially, he thought he could reduce the arrogance of this old man. Unexpectedly, this old man remained stubborn and unmoving!

At the moment, he did not fear. Suddenly, he put his hand into his chest and took out an object.

"Yi Chenzi, before you give the order to attack, take a look at this thing!"

It was an ancient commanding plate and four flamboyant words carved on their—National Scholar of Great Luo!

The National Scholar of Great Luo command plate?

The eyeballs of Yi Chenzi almost jumped out of his sockets!

Vividly, his chest seemed to have received a strong and powerful impact that hurt him!

Instantly, Yi Chenzi felt completely disheartened. He looked up to the Lotus Flower Mountain behind the Heaven Cloud Pass and unyielding and bitterness filled his hearts. All the ideas, all the ambitions had disappeared as bubbly foam…

The National Scholar Commanding plate! It commanded the Subordinate Country and one would not dare to resist!

What did this object represent? It meant that the person who was holding it stood on equal grounds as the Emperor of the Great Luo Empire. Even if he were to meet with the Emperor of Great Luo, he would not need to pay formalities! It meant that this person before him had close relationship with the Stargaze Palace and was one of the Core Disciples! It meant that whoever holds the command plate could do whatever he wanted when he went to any of the Subordinate Countries!

Such a figure had appeared at the Bai Yue Country! Yi Chenzi could not understand it. However, the reality forced him to make a smart choice.

He could ignore all elite warriors from the Bai Yue, ignore Qin Wushuang’s strength that was on par with him. However, he was not qualified to ignore this National Scholar Command plate!

Under the weight of the identity of the plate, how could he not bow his head?

He slowly turned around with a desolate expression as if he had aged hundreds of years. Next, he spoke with a bitter tone: "Pass my orders, retreat immediately!"


As soon as he said these two words, a wave of cheering emerged from the top of the Heaven Cloud Pass. On the contrary, the fifty thousand soldiers were dumbfounded!

How could this have happened? They were rubbing their fists and was ready to claim the first victory. How come, the Martial Saint had ordered them to retreat just moments after he’d called for them to break through the city?

Could it be, that command plate was this terrifying?

When Yi Chenzi saw the generals and all his assistants remained dumbfounded, he became even more furious and shouted: "Pass my order, withdrew immediately. All armies return to your territories! This is the end of this battle!"

After he said "the end of this battle", it was as if Yi Chenzi had become an empty person. He looked at Qin Wushuang dazed and asked bitterly: "Young man, I only have one question, who are you?"

"I am who I am, Qin Wushuang!"

"Qin Wushuang!" Yi Chenzi mused on this name, "Could it be the rumored Qin Wushuang that the Second Palace Master had taken in as a disciple?"

The news of how the Second Palace Master had taken Qin Wushuang spread vastly. However, rarely anyone knew that Qin Wushuang was an Upper Sky. When he thought here, Yi Chenzi immediately understood everything. With sullenness, he mused: "Since the ancient years, hero came from young man…Hero came from young man."

After he had finished, he cupped his hands and did not say another word. In a flash, his figure disappeared into the forest without a trace!

Qin Wushuang knew that Yi Chenzi’s actions was an admission of defeat. Immediately, he shouted: "Yi Chenzi has retreated, you lot are still waiting here, could you be wanting to eat breakfast?"

All the soldiers from the advancing army had become limp when they heard that this young man came from the Stargaze Palace. They just wanted to use all their strength to escape.

They waved the commanding flag and the army of the fifty thousand disappeared without a trace!

On the top of the pass, cheers emerged accompanied with endless joy.

Everything came unexpected! Initially, they had been ready to fight to death to protect this pass. Unexpectedly, a disaster had disappeared.

And the one who had put an end to this disaster was the legendary "Marquis Wushuang"!

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