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The Emperor of the Bai Yue had passed out several imperial edicts and ordered all the Royal Territories to prepare for battle. The atmosphere of the territories on the border immediately became tense.

The Purple Flame Royal Territory was the most critical area to prepare for. During these days, the wind was sighing and the crane was calling as if the rain and the wind would blow them away.

The news of how the West Chu had sent representatives to threaten the Emperor of the Bai Yue to parcel away the land, to rob the country of the mineral resources of the Lotus Flower Mountain had caused an uproar in the Purple Flame Territory. It had angered everyone in the territory. Indeed, this West Chu was shameless and wanted to loot a burning house.

Everyone from the Purple Flame Territory also learned the Royal family of the Bai Yue had firmly refused them and caused layers of conflicts. Most likely, the battle with the West Chu was unavoidable.

Of course, on this problem, the usually swift and fierce people of the Purple Flame Territory would not compromise. Everyone from the Purple Flame King to the normal peasants shared one goal and started to prepare for battle with fervor.

In the beginning of November, the cold wind was blowing. It had caused traces of coldness on the border. The Purple Flame Territory had changed to three patrol shifts per day, rather than the one per day from before.

Each time, they sent out scouts to observe situation on the border. Once they got hold of any movements, they would pass the information back to the Purple Flame Territory for the higher ups to make the decisions quickly.

On the border between the Purple Flame and the West Chu, a towering and continuous Lotus Flower Mountain lay in between. Because of this Mountain and its rich minerals, the West Chu had always desired it and harbored great ambition.

The great canyon at the Lotus Flower Mountain was the first juncture in which the Purple Flame Royal Territory had set up their front line. This juncture was extremely steep and easy to defend, rather than attack. With the natural formations of the mountain as defense, one man could hold the pass against ten thousand enemies by setting up a pass here.

Once the enemy had broken through the natural Lotus Flower Mountain fortress, then it would be a flat land that one could gallop across down the south. There was no more geological advantage to act as a buffer. Although the states of the territory had set up a close knit defense, it would be tough to resist against the strong offensive power from the West Chu.

Once they broke through, it would threaten the Purple Flame Royal City directly. The Royal City was an ancient city that had stood for thousands of years. They had a strong defense with a number of cities surrounding it.

However, if the general army of the West Chu arrived beneath the city gate, most likely any strong fortress would be at a disadvantage.

When military strategists fought with each other, they emphasized on a stereoscopic defense. When a lone city became surrounded, regardless of its impenetrable defenses, the only option was to delay the time of breach and to wait for the arrival of the assisting army.

They were afraid that the other party would use the Upper Sky warrior in the battle. In total, the West Chu had three Upper Sky elite warriors. If these three were to step out, it would be extremely tough to defend the pass at the Lotus Flower Mountain!

Everyone knew that regardless of the strength of the Pre-Sky Realm warriors, individuals had limited power when facing an army of thousands of soldiers. It would be difficult for them to determine the outcome of a battle.

And to Upper Sky warriors, it would be a completely different matter.

One Upper Sky warrior could do too many things that a Pre-Sky Realm warrior could not do.

Before an Upper Sky user, even a consolidated fortress would be useless. You could never stop an Upper Sky user from approaching and could not prevent them from assassinating the border leaders.

If an Upper Sky were to become part of the group to break and charge through enemy lines, they would wield tremendous killing power.

For a Pre-Sky Realm warrior, it would be impressive if you could kill a dozen people in one breath. However, an Upper Sky user could kill hundreds of people if using their full power.

Inside the home of the Purple Flame Royal family, the Purple Flame King and all his trusted aides were present. Each of them showed a serious face as they could already feel the change in atmosphere.

The murderous intent carried down from the North had become apparent.

Scouts also kept sending back news—

The West Chu had started to gather its army and horses…

The armies from the West Chu had started to head down south…

Three hundred thousand soldiers had gathered on the southern border of the West Chu…

These reports one after another all pointed towards one direction. The West Chu was preparing to send troops to the Bai Yue!

"Everyone, I’ve already sent six urgent letters requesting emergency aid to the imperial capital. I believe that the back up from the Emperor and from the other Royal Territories will come one after another. For this battle, it’s not just about our Purple Flame Territory’s survival, it will decide the fate of the Bai Yue! If we let the West Chu march down south, the Bai Yue Country will be swallowed by those powerhouses. I am afraid by that time; we would not even have a place of burial. For this battle, we need everyone to be courageous and fight to the death."

"We would follow the Marquis and defend against foreign enemies!"

"Since the Northwest line is this dire, I don’t think the East line will be any better. We only have one Martial Saint and he cannot protect both sides. I only hope that during this confrontation, the enemy does not send their Upper Sky warrior." One of the Elders said.

He knew that it was only a foolish hope. Since the West Chu was determined to win, of course they would send their Martial Saint. Once an Upper Sky Martial Saint joined the battle, the Purple Flame Territory would most likely become trapped.

On the day of November 8th, the three hundred thousand soldiers from the West Chu had already made it to the border between the two countries from three directions. The fifty thousand strong front line army had made camp about twenty miles away from the Lotus Flower Mountain Pass.

This pass of the Lotus Flower Grand Canyon was named the Heaven Cloud Pass. The leader that was stationed at this pass was the eldest son of the Purple Flame King, He Tianbao. And his two assistants were all elite warriors at the Stage Nine of the Genuine Force.

Inside the tent of the Heaven Cloud Pass, He Tianbao was gathering with his generals to discuss strategies.

Suddenly, a wave of rushed footsteps came from outside of the camp: "Call!"

"General, there is a sign of the enemy outside of the Pass!"

"Enemy?" He Tianbao was slightly surprised, "Weren’t the forward troops stationed twenty miles outside of the Pass? How come they’ve pushed themselves right before the entrance in an instant?"

"It’s not the forward enemy. There is only one enemy. It was an old man with silver hair and wearing foreign clothing. He seems extremely strange. Our captain shouted at him to get lost a few times, he just ignored us. The Captain at the Pass is suspicious that he is an enemy and ordered to shoot. Before the arrow had reached him, it turned by itself."

"What? The arrow turned by itself?" Indeed, He Tianbao was extremely shocked!

The expression of his two assistants who was standing next to him changed drastically. Their first thought was two words—Upper Sky!

Regardless of how muh one had practiced the Pre-Sky Realm martial arts, they would not be able to produce vital energy and force the arrows to turn. They could only use their Genuine Qi to sweep the arrows away.

It must be power of the Upper Sky that could make the arrows turn while remaining unmoving!

Could it be, the person that had come was an Upper Sky!

He Tianbao pulled out his most valued sword and slashed the long table before him into two pieces!

"Let’s go and look, let’s see what kind of evil spirit is there!"

He Tianbao had inherited his father’s style and appeared to be extremely courageous. Even though he had heard the words of ‘Upper Sky,’ he had no fear. He led a group of his assistants and headed toward the pass like a whirlwind.

Outside the pass, Yi chenzi, the First Martial Saint seemed to have completely merged with the current scenery. When one looked from afar, it was as if this person outside the pass was only a part of the scene in the vast land. He had merged with that sky, earth and all the vegetation. One could not sense any abnormalities.

When He Tianbao saw this stance, he shouted: "Who are you, state your name!"

Yi Chenzi raised his head and said: "Little kid, who are you to the Purple Flame King?"

"I am the eldest prince, He Tianbao to the Purple Flame King! Old man, acting suspiciously, who are you?"

Yi Chenzi sneered: "Go back and tell the Purple Flame King that he has until tonight to reconsider. He must either abandon the pass, or I will go take his head tomorrow. When the main army arrives, we won’t leave a single person alive!"

As soon as he had finished speaking, he suddenly jumped up with his two feet towards the pass through the air. Then, he flipped his sleeve and shot out a chain to He Tianbao.

This move was very sudden and caught people off guard. All the archers on the pass immediately shot out arrows. Those guards besides He Tianbao also took out their weapon and slashed towards that chain.

"Mantis trying to stop a chariot!" Yi Chenzi sneered lightly and swept with his sleeve. Instantly, he shook away all the weapons.

And his momentum of rising only received some obstruction.

He held that chain and continued to move forward. Like a poisonous viper, he was going to sieze He Tianbao.

Yi Chenzi’s had a clear idea. He was going to capture He Tianbao to use the opponent’s own method to gain retribution. Since the Bai Yue had captured the brother to the Emperor of West Chu, he was going take He Tianbao.

No sooner said than done, He Tianbao only felt something flashed before his eyes and that chain was already stroke out before his eyes. Inwardly, he knew it was bad and was about to give up.

Suddenly, a flash of white light shot before his eyes. Next, a long whip wrapped directly around that chain like a poisonous dragon.


With a muffled shout, Yi Chenzi who was about to drop on the Pass was one step away. He tread on air and had to evade the shadow of the whip. Like a giant eagle, his body dropped rapidly.

While he was dropping down, a long whistle emerged. When he landed on the ground, he looked up in astonishment and a face full of disbelief.

It was an elite Upper Sky warrior!

The one who had stopped him was an Upper Sky warrior!

Initially, he thought he would not fail this attack and he would capture He Tianbao. However, at such a crucial moment, an Upper Sky elite warrior had appeared out of nowhere.

What made him most terrifying was that during the short confrontation, he had deeply experienced the strength of the person. In fact, he was no less than the First Martial Saint who was known as the strongest in all the Great Luo Empire!

Who was he?

He looked over and a young man stood on top of the pass casually. The wind blew his long robe, he wrapped the long whip on his waist and fixed his gaze on Yi Chenzi calmly.

"You are the First Martial Saint of the West Chu, Yi Chenzi?"

Of course, this clear and bright person was Qin Wushuang who had travelled from quite a distance. His whip move had not only saved He Tianbao, it had also saved the almost non existent morale of the Purple Flame Territory

It was an Upper Sky warrior. Everyone realized that on their side, an Upper Sky who was capable of fighting on par with the enemy had also appeared.

Hearing the young man stating the name of the other party, he was the First Martial Saint of the West Chu! Immediately, He Tianbao also drew a breath of cold air. He secretly felt lucky as he had just escaped from a narrow death.

Yi Chenzi took in a deep breath and nodded: "Who are you? How are you related to the Bai Yue?"

All the soldiers on the pass also looked at Qin Wushuang uniformly. Apparently, they were also extremely curious about this question. In the Bai Yue Country, besides the Martial Saint, when had another Upper Sky warrior appeared?

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