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The Martial Saint was ecstatic when the Purple Robe Great Honored Warrior entered the Upper Sky. For many years, his wish of finding an heir had finally been accomplished.

This person did not come from outside of the Martial Saint Mountain. In fact, he was his disciple and this fact had made him even more satisfied. After all, the Purple Robe Great Honored Warrior had always been his most valued person. He knew everything about him regarding personality and mental strength.

Besides the joy, he was somewhat envious. After all, he also saw the effectiveness from that Initial Stage Pill. After consuming it, the Purple Robe would surpass him, the former Martial Saint, in the path of Upper Sky!

This was individual fortune. Although the Martial Saint was envious, he was calm. At his stage, he had entered the Upper Sky over a few dozen years already, his inner strength was at a completely different stage than when he had entered the Upper Sky.

This Upper Sky Initial Stage Pill would only work for Pre-Sky Realm martial artists. It would be useless to him. After all, it was only a pill for Pre-Sky users to break through to the Upper Sky.

"Purple Robe, you need to train alone for half a month in the Martial Saint Palace. You need to merge with the effect from the pill and synchronise with the natural power. Then, you need to consolidate your Upper Sky stage," The Martial Saint ordered.

"The remaining three Great Honored Warriors needs to protect Purple Robe!"


"Senior Brother Qiu, what are your plans?" Qin Wushuang asked.

"Marquis Wushuang, I plan to go to the border of the Great Surge Royal Territory and protect it. I need to prevent sneak attacks from the Great Wu and prepare for everything."

"You still have injuries, let me go for you." Qin Wushuang volunteered.

Martial Saint shook his head: "No, Marquis Wushuang. I have a much important task that I want you to do."

"A much more important task?"

"Yes. The Great Wu is located on the northeast battle line of the Bai Yue. It’s easy to defend and hard to take down. With me sitting there, we would not be scared even if the Martial Saint from the Great Wu were to come out himself! Now, what is more worrying is the northwest battle line. If the West Chu were to start an invasion out of resentment, the situation would be much tougher than the northeast side!"

Dwelling on the thought, Qin Wushuang nodded: "Martial Saint, you want me to stand guard over the Northwest!"

"That’s right! Regarding the exact procedures, you can make all the decisions. I believe that with you going there, the tiny people from the West Chu would get intimidated and would not dare to attack!"

Fired-up, Qin Wushuang promised: "Ok, I will go to the Northwest and meet with those tigers and wolves from the West Chu!"

At the West Chu, within the Palace guard, people had gathered.

Mi Zhongye’s subordinates had already returned to the imperial capital of the West Chu. They were reporting the details to their Emperor, Mi Zhongheng.

Emperor Mi angrily swore with an ashen face: "Rubbish, a bunch of shameless people! Your Marquis got kidnapped, and you guys did not chase after the enemy. Yet, you dared to escape back to West Chu! You must know that, subordinates die if masters get shamed!"

"Your majesty, that person was powerful. I suspect that he is in the Upper Sky. When the Left and Right Protectors charged forward, he killed them in one move. He even grabbed hold of the Marquis in one move. We wanted to save him, but we were powerless!"

"Upper Sky?" Emperor Mi revealed a suspicious expression, "When did the Bai Yue get a second Upper Sky user?"

"Your majesty, truly, we don’t know about it. However, that person moved like a ghost. With great momentum, his roar sounded like the spring thunder. Just when we were feeling dizzy and uncomfortable, he’d already seized the Marquis by his hand. When we regained clarity, that person had already disappeared without a trace."

Of course, these subordinates held nothing back as they described the tremendous power of the enemy as they wanted to escape death.

"Those Left and Right Protectors were disciples that had studied with the Second Martial Saint. They were the warriors at the peak of the Pre-Sky Realm. Someone killed them in one move? Could this person truly be an Upper Sky?" Emperor Mi said thoughtfully.

"Your majesty, if that person was not in the Upper Sky, how could he have been so terrifying? The Bai Yue country is damnable. They hid their strength and pretended to be a pig to eat the tiger!"

"Shut up! Even if he was an Upper Sky, as the subordinates of the Marquis, you should die for your masters. How dare you abandon your master?"

"Your majesty…"

"If my Royal Brother manages to come back, you will all be spared. If he does not, you guys will be buried with him! Without mercy!" Furious, Emperor Mi shouted: "Come! Take these cowards and watch them strictly. If anyone tries to escape, kill without mercy!"


Trembling in fear, each of these subordinates did not dare to utter a word. They could only pray silently inside their hearts for their Marquis to come back safely. Or else, they would die.

After giving the orders, Emperor Mi returned to the imperial study room and ordered: "Call the representative of the Great Wu! I want to see him."


In a moment, the regular diplomatic representative from the Great Wu was brought before the study room.

"It’s my pleasure to meet with you, your Majesty. I pray you will always have good health and peace in your land."

"No need, take a seat." Amid of his movements, Emperor of the West Chu had shown an apparent tyrannical temperament as an Emperor. He always conducted his business swiftly.

"Regarding the matter of the Great Wu forming a strategic alliance to invade with my West Chu, are you able to make the decision for your Emperor?"

"Your majesty, before my departure, I had already received the word of promise from my Emperor. He asked me to represent this matter entirely. I could make the decision of all big and small matters."

"Ok! You will reply to your Emperor that on the ninth day of November, we will send our troops and turn the Bai Yue into ashes together. After we succeed, I will take the Northwest, you take the Southwest. We will not disturb each other, how about it?"

"Your majesty, this way, you are agreeing to send the troops?"

"The ruler does not lie. I will write a letter and use the golden seal as a sign of promise. There will be no childish words!"

"Ok. Please give me a pencil and I will write the letter. On the day of November 9th, the two of our great armies will charge together from the south and step on the Bai Yue!"

Immediately, Emperor Mi wrote the letter with his imperial pen. He stamped it with the golden seal and handed it to the representative of the Great Wu.

After sending away the representative, Emperor Mi changed his dress and went out of the palace secretly. Before sending out the army, he must meet with a few important people.

Inside the Zhen Wu Holy Place of the West Chu, the Second Martial Saint had already returned to the mountain.

With the help from the First Martial Saint, his wounds were gradually healing. Now, he was reporting all the details to the First Martial Saint of what he had done at the Bai Yue.

The First Martial Saint had a tall and sturdy figure. He had a head of silver hair and appeared like a celestial being.

"First Martial Saint, I am useless since I could not kill that Martial Saint of the Bai Yue." Second Martial Saint sighed with shame, "I am sorry that I did not fulfill your task."

"Haha, it is on me for underestimating that one from the Bai Yue. There was a slight outlier to what I had predicted earlier. However, whether you kill him or not, the outcome is the same. Since the Martial Saint had fought with you and suffered the same injuries, he will not heal back in three or five months without an elite Upper Sky warrior helping him. In other words, this time, the Bai Yue has lost their leader."

"You are the most wise."

"Right, what happened to that Marquis Mi who had gone with you? How did that Emperor of the Bai Yue answer him?" The First Martial Saint asked again.

"When I reached the Bai Yue, I went straight to the Martial Saint Mountain. I left in a hurry after the battle with that guy. So, I did not acquire any information."

The First Martial Saint fell silent and nodded. Just as he was about to speak, a subordinate suddenly approached from outside, "Great Martial Saint, the Emperor from the West Chu is asking to see you."

"Call him in!"

Mi Zhongheng, the Emperor of the West Chu, stood respectfully before the Palace garbed in casual clothes. He did not dare to show any signs of impoliteness. Within the boundary of the West Chu, only the name of the Zhen Wu Holy Place could make him act with such caution.

"Your majesty, I feel most embarrassed for you to come over yourself, haha." Yi Chenzi, the First Martial Saint greeted him with a smile. Although he had spoken with a polite tone, Mi Zhongheng did not dare to put up on any attitude of an Emperor.

"I do not dare. Of course, I need to come here myself when meeting with the Martial Saints. First Martial Saint, has the Second Martial Saint returned?"

"He is already back and suffered the same injuries as that Martial Saint from the Bai Yue. Has your Royal Brother returned?"

"Martial Saint, that Bai Yue was indeed, vicious. They not only refused our friendly suggestion, they also killed many of our representatives and took my brother. They kept him as a hostage and it seems they would use him to blackmail my Royal family."

The expression of the First Martial Saint became slightly solemn: "The Emperor of the Bai Yue had dared to show such rebellious actions?"

"That’s right. That Emperor of the Bai Yue not only was unwilling to cut away the land, he also threatened to fight to the end. He would not hesitate to go to war with the West Chu."

The First Martial Saint frowned slightly: "Your Royal Brother is not without strength, and the Second Martial Saint even trained his two Left and Right Protectors. How could he have gotten captured?"

"First Martial Saint, I heard from those servants who escaped that the person who had captured my brother was an Upper Sky user!"

"Upper Sky warrior?" First Martial Saint frowned slightly, "In the Bai Yue Country, when did another Upper Sky appeared?"

"This is the part which I could not understand. I already made the decision and agreed with the Great Wu to send out troops to move down south on November 9th. Humph, if they wanted to use my brother as a hostage, their plan will be in vain."

The First Martial Saint nodded: "Since the Bai Yue had made such move, it means they want to fight. Thus, we can not fail to live up to their expectation. After this battle, we will make sure the Bai Yue will fall to its death. We must also take the resources from the Lotus Flower Mountain!"

Mi Zhongheng continued to speak: "For this matter, we still need you to guard and encourage the soldiers. With three armies, we will sweep across all the defense of the Bai Yue in one breath. First, we will take down the Purple Flame Royal Territory. Then, we would go to the imperial capital and take all the Royals of the He family. Not one of them will be spared."

First Martial Saint said deeply: "The Bai Yue has another Upper Sky? This is crucial, it seems I must make the trip myself."

Hearing the words of the First Martial Saint, Mi Zhongheng was brimming with joy.

With the First Martial Saint stepping out, this thing will succeed! Even if the Bai Yue had impenetrable defense, he would destroy it! Within all the Subordinate Countries of the Great Luo Empire, the strength of the First Martial Saint was known to be the strongest among all Martial Saints!

If he was going to make a move, what else could he not solve?

This time, like a hot knife through butter, their invasion from the south would go extremely smooth.

"Go back to the Palace immediately and order the three armies to assemble. They will march towards the border. On November 9th, I will arrive before the Purple Flame Territory and make way for you!"

From the tone of the First Martial Saint, there was a trace of coldness.

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