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When the two Upper Sky gathered together, it immediately lightened up the entire atmosphere of the Martial Saint Mountain.

Including the Four Great Honored Warriors, they felt much reassured. They had all witnessed the legendary journey of Qin Wushuang. Even more so, they knew what it meant to the Bai Yue Country.

Qin Wushuang used his Upper Sky power and contained the injuries of the Martial Saint.

With the use of Spiritual Qi, an Upper Sky user would heal much faster. Initially, their body possessed strong recovery. Naturally, it would be very effective with the help of the natural power

After two hours, the Martial Saint’s wounds had been healed by about sixty percent. In less than half a month, his health would be completely restored after some care.

As the Martial Saint slowly opened his eyes, he complimented: "Wushuang, your strength has increased again. It seems us old guys are being left behind by you youngsters."

The Four Great Honored Warriors looked at each other in dismay and felt distressed. They knew that Qin Wushuang was strong. However, they did not expect that even the Martial Saint felt inferior. No wonder he was a disciple to the Stargaze Palace. In such time since he’d left, he had impressed them again.

Qin Wushuang said: "Senior Brother Qiu, just what is happening exactly with today’s situation? Could you explain it to me?"

Martial Saint sighed: "Not to conceal it from you, right now, the Bai Yue has enemies on both sides and is in a very bad position. Now, seeing the West Chu’s attitude, they will surely stick their hands in and wallow in the mire with the Great Wu. And for the other two Upper Subordinate countries, although their attitudes are unknown, they have also made contact with the Great Wu with enthusiasm. They want to form a four country alliance and invade the Bai Yue together. Now, I am just hoping they do not reach an agreement. Or else, the future of the Bai Yue is a bleak one."

Qin Wushuang listened silently. He knew that the Great Wu and the Bai Yue had always been lifelong enemies. For the West Chu and the other Upper Subordinate Countries, they never interacted much with the Bai Yue. The only country that had their land connected with the Bai Yue was the West Chu.

The other two Upper Subordinate Countries were not connected to the Bai Yue. Thus, regarding cutting the benefits, it would have a degree of severity.

It would not be easy for the Great Wu in wanting to persuade the other three countries to form an alliance.

"Senior Brother Qiu, I heard that there were three Martial Saints in the West Chu? For the other two, the Ba Shu and the Great Jin Upper Subordinate Country, how many Upper Sky Martial Saints do they have?" Until now, Qin Wushuang did not have much information regarding this.

However, the Martial Saint had all this information. Immediately, he explained as if they were his family matters: "Initially, among the three Subordinate Countries, the West Chu has the strongest power, the largest territory and the most talent in the Great Luo Empire. Of course, they used to only have two Upper Sky users. However, a while ago, another Pre-Sky warrior broke through and become an Upper Sky. Now, they possess an unsurpassable advantage. For the Ba Shu and the Great Jin Country, they are also Upper Subordinate Country but with only two Martial Saints each! And since the Bai Yue and the Great Wu are only a newly risen country, each of us only have one Upper Sky Martial Saint!"

"Ok, then among these Martial Saints, which country has the strongest one?" Regarding this question, Qin Wushuang also cared about it. It was the so-called saying of know your enemy and know yourself, and you would never get defeated.

After a moment of thinking, Martial Saint said: "Regarding the strength, one of them is undoubtedly the strongest. That is the First Martial Saint from the West Chu. He had entered the Upper Sky over hundred of years ago and his strength is the closest to the Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force!"

"The closest to the Middle Stage Spiritual Martial Force?" Qin Wushuang laughed, "This means he has not reached it yet, right?"

Martial Saint sighed: "Historically, few are able to enter the Middle Stage Spiritual Martial Force through training at the Subordinate Countries. Although he is powerful, but in the end, it would not be easy for him to break into the Middle Stage during his lifetime! After all, he is not young anymore. The years would not show mercy!"

Qin Wushuang nodded and inwardly, he had already came up with some plans. Since he was not in the Middle Stage of Spiritual Martial Force, then it would be easier.

"Senior Brother Qiu, in our Bai Yue Country, in your opinion, who has the most potential and the closest to breaking through to the Upper Sky now?"

After a moment of thinking, the Martial Saint answered: "In the younger generation of the Bai Yue, we do have a lot of talents. However, currently, they have not reached the Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. Thus, I cannot see through whether they have the potential as an Upper Sky. Of course, right now, it would be the Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior."

As he spoke, he looked at the Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior and sighed: "Purple Robe, you have followed me for many years. In the end, you only need that one last step. If you had been an Upper Sky, most likely that Second Martial Saint of the West Chu would not have left here so easily. And the Great Wu would not have provoked us this much."

In fear and trepidation, the Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior said: "It’s my lack of talent."

"You already have a lot of potential. However, you need a fortuitous opportunity to enter the Upper Sky. What you need, is not knowledge, but a chance. Continue to work hard. Maybe one day, the drop of water will penetrate the stone. By then, you will succeed."


Qin Wushuang smiled and said with a teasing tone: "Fortuitous opportunity… Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior, currently, I possess such fortuitous opportunity. But it would depend on you to grasp it."

As he spoke, he took out an elite Upper Sky pill. He held the pill in his palm and dazzling lights shined from it. The extreme shimmering light of this would not allow one to look at it directly.

The face of the Martial Saint froze as he said with astonishment: "Upper Sky Initial pill?"

On the other hand, the Purple-Robed Great Honored Warrior showed a fanatical expression. Joy and expectation filled his eyes as he looked at this pill. Then, he looked at Qin Wushuang as he already understood his intention.

"Purple Robe, it’s your good luck, good luck." The Martial Saint laughed, "When you swallow this Upper Sky Initial pill, in less than a month, you will become an Upper Sky! Ha ha ha!"

Still shocked by disbelief, the Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior looked at Qin Wushuang as if he was afraid of personal loss and gains.

"Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior, ever since I started on the path of martial arts, you have guided and supported me. Regardless of my own personal wish or public interest, this Initial Stage Pill will be my gift to you. This is not a normal Initial Stage pill but one that was made using theinner cores from five Spiritual Beasts of different elements. One of the Alchemy grandmasters of the Stargaze Palace made it. Even if you were a mortal bone, you would turn over a new leaf. Since you’ve already grasped the Dao of the Upper Sky Realm, you won’t need any effort to become an Upper Sky with this pill!"

Chocking with sobs, the Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior was almost weeping.

The dream of the Upper Sky that had been buried deep inside his heart for many years, was it finally going to be realized?

"Purple Robe, don’t hesitate. Since Junior Brother Wushuang has spoken, then it’s your luck and all the kindness you have accumulated from before. Now, since you are receiving it back, it’s karma!"

Under the admonishment from the Martial Saint, the Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior finally realized and took that Upper Sky Initial Pill respectfully.

Qin Wushuang explained solemnly: "Purple Robe Great Honored Warrior, please treasure this rare pill. After consuming it, your Upper Sky potential will be much higher than ordinary Upper Sky martial artists. I am giving it to you for in consideration of the fate of the Bai Yue Country in the next one hundred years. And it is also to pay back for the support I’ve received from the Martial Saint Mountain."

"Purple Robe, do you understand Marquis Wushuang’s intention?"

"Yes, I understand. Marquis Wushuang wants me to take over the Martial Saint Mountain and protect the Bai Yue’s future. I will do my utmost best and not be afraid of any difficulty !"

"Consume it!"

Under the surveillance of two Upper Sky, the Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior did not dare to act sloppy as he consumed that Upper Sky Initial pellet. Immediately, he only felt a rich wave of Spiritual Qi rushing into the Mud Ball Palace and merging with his diaphragm.

Once this Spiritual Qi had merged, it started to travel through his entire body.

Qin Wushuang said: "Usually, normal martial artists need the assistance from the body sculpting pill to break into the Upper Sky. They would need to strengthen their body to endure the spiritual baptism from the Initial Stage Pill. However, you already have a strong body and will be able to endure the impact without the body sculpting pill."

The Martial Saint could not help but nod and sighed: "This time, the Purple Robe Great Honored Warrior has met with such a fortunate chance. I heard that the best Initial Stage Spiritual Pill is one that is comprised of the five basic attributes. I didn’t expect you that would have one. Indeed, the Stargaze Palace is rich in resources."

Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly: "I don’t know whether the Stargaze Palace is rich or not. Anyways, I did not receive any advancement pills as a reward. I have gotten this golden pill by luck. I am afraid I won’t have it in the future."

"I see."

In a moment, within the Martial Saint Palace, a wave of Upper Sky presence kept emerging from the entire body of the Purple Robe Great Honored Warrior.

Instantly, the other three Great Honored Warriors felt a wave of strong pressure blowing over.

Both Qin Wushuang and the Martial Saint smiled at each other for they knew it was a good sign! The Spiritual Power from the Initial Stage Pill had already taken effect in his body and was resonating with the natural power.

Only this type of resonance would enforce tremendous pressure of the Upper Sky and made the other three Honored Warriors embrace this pressure.

Within their eyes, there was shock and envy. However, they had more fanatical feelings.

"Upper Sky… The Purple Robed Great Honored Warrior has finally achieved success and entered the Upper Sky!"

"I wonder, if we will ever encounter such fortuitous opportunity in our lifetime?"

Without looking around, Qin Wushuang could feel the change of the mentality from the other three Honored Warriors. However, he did not plan to give out anymore pills.

Although he did have the other ten regular quality Initial Stage pills besides the outrageous ones. Any of them could greatly increase their hope of breaking into the Upper Sky.

However, Qin Wushuang did not plan to give it away. After all, it would not be a good thing to give away too much pills. And even more, it would be a bad idea to give out pills of different qualities

Most importantly, these three had far less knowledge and sensibility towards the Dao of the Upper Sky than the Purple Robed Great Honored Warriors. They did not experience that bitterness that the Purple Robe had gone through in search of the Upper Sky.

Even if he did give away the pills, it would not guarantee them entering into the Upper Sky.

Finally, the expression from the Purple Robe Great Honored Warrior calmed down. He slowly breathed in and out, and opened his eyes.

"Congratulations!" The other three Great Honored Warriors all went up to congratulate him.

Feeling as if he was still in a dream, the Purple Robe finally knew that he had already entered the Upper Sky. Although he was still in a shaky state, he had already arrived at the Upper Sky.

It was because his Spiritual Qi could already connect with the natural power! This was the biggest sign that one had entered the Upper Sky!

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