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Chapter 179: Looting a Burning House
That rider only sneered coldly and did not answer Qin Wushuang’s question. Instead, he said with an emotionless tone: "I will count to three, if you don’t let go, I promise you will die a horrifying death."
"How horrifying?" Qin Wushuang asked with a cold smile.
"I will kill all nine generations of your family." As soon as the rider’s words ended, he initiated all the power from his entire body. He pulled back the whip and wanted to throw Qin Wushuang out of here.
However, when he urged the whip, it did not reveal a trace of reaction as if a stone had dropped into the deep ocean.
The expression on the rider’s face changed slightly. He urged his power three times. Each time, he increased his power. In the last attempt, he almost used all of his strength. However, nothing moved and he could only pulled the long whip into a straightened spear.
"I will also count to three. Get down from the horse and apologize to the city guards."
"Kid, you are bold!"
Before Qin Wushuang had finished his sentence, the two riders behind him charged towards him together. From left to right, each of them held the same long whip and whipped it at Qin Wushuang.
Apparently, the strength of these three were not ordinary. The two charging from the left and right were all Stage Seven of the Genuine Force. And the person whose whip was caught by Qin Wushuang was a Stage Eight of the Genuine Force.
These three had made such moves as they had not intended to make a simple collision. Qin Wushuang watched for a moment with a pair of cold eyes and knew immediately that a layer of deeper meaning lay behind these three troublemakers.
Thus, he only sneered when he saw the two approaching from his left and right as they slashed with their long whips. He rolled his body lightly and pulled with both of his palms. Instantly, he had gotten ahold their long whips.
He raised the right hand and grabbed the three whips in his hand. Next, he said with a cold smile: "Since you guys are not willing to get down from the horse, then I have no choice but to do it myself."
Then, he urged the power in his arm and yelled: "Up!"
He raised his hands and threw towards the outside. The power of this throw had lifted up the bodies of all three people as he prepared to smash them onto the wall.
Fortunately, these three reacted quickly. They immediately let go the hand that held the whips. With their bodies loose of the whips, they rolled in the air continuously and stepped on the city wall with the tip of their feet. At least, they had reduced this strong momentum. However, despite doing this, they could not stand on two feet. When they dropped on the ground heavily, the bones in legs of the three people were all broken.
Combined with their attempt to reduce the power, Qin Wushuang’s throwing power still shocked their leg bones into breaking. It was apparent the tyrannical power of Qin Wushuang’s earlier move.
For this throw, Qin Wushuang had only used the power from the Pre-Sky Realm. He did not use the power from the Upper Sky Realm at all. If he did, most likely these three people would not have any time to react and would face death directly on the city wall and splash onto the ground as a mass of bloody meat.
Qin Wushuang did not stop here. He took one step closer and grabbed the reins of those three tall horses. He used his power and threw three times. For each time, the speed was rapid as if he had finished it in one movement.
One only heard the miserable crashing sound from the three people.
Accompanied by the muffled crash sounds and the miserable cry of the horses, all three horses collide with the thick city wall and created three large bloody marks. After coming in contact with the city wall, they were badly mangled as all their internal organs broke out with blood flowing out.

Qin Wushuang only sneered and looked at those three: "Remember, this is the Bai Yue Country, not your West Chu. When you are at the Bai Yue, you must act according to the rules of our country. Put away all your unreasonable West Chu behaviour."
Surrounding the city wall, waves of cheers emerged. Including all the audiences, they were extremely dissatisfied with the tyrannical actions from the three representatives of the West Chu. Now, seeing them suffering, of course they cheered. All of them stuck up their big thumbs.
That captain of the city wall came over and bowed again: "Thank you very much for doing this."

"I gave you the choice. Since you did not apologize, this is called refusing to toast and to eat a deficit," Qin Wushuang said with a ruthless tone, "Tie them up!"
Although those city guards did not know Qin Wushuang’s exact identity, they knew this person must be a strong warrior with a high social status in the Bai Yue Country. At the moment, they did not hesitate and tied those three together like a glutinous rice wrapped in leaves.
Qin Wushuang nodded: "You guys clean it up. I will bring these three into the city and let their owner take them away. I want to see what kind of tyrannical master would have nurtured such arrogant dogs."
While he spoke, he pulled these three people into the city gate.
That captain watched the back of Qin Wushuang as he entered the city. Suddenly, he remembered that he did not check his identity.
However, he would not do such disappointing things to check the identity of a strong warrior from his own country. For someone who had punished the evil guest from the West Chu, was it necessary to check his identity?
"Boss, who is this elite warrior from our Bai Yue? Such strong temperament and movements!" One of the guard went up and asked curiously.
That captain also had some lingering fears as he sighed: "It would be good if I had known who he was. Regardless who he is, for sure, he is the super elite warrior in our Bai Yue Country!"
"From his appearance, it seems he is very young."
"For true super warriors, there is no way you could classify their ages. Anyways, stop guessing. For sure, something is going to happen after this matter. Wait a bit longer if you wanted to know his identity!" That captain ordered, "Everyone, clean it up quickly. We must clean these bloody meats quickly!"
All those guards answered and started to move. When they looked at the horse corpses on the ground, they could not help but exclaim in admiration. That person had single-handedly pulled the horses to fly and smashed them onto the city wall. Moreover, he was so powerful that he broke them into pieces. How much strength would one needed to have to do this?
While Qin Wushuang dragged those three people as if he was pulling dead dogs. He had intentionally created a lot of commotion. His intention was clear and that was to force their owner to come out.
Apparently, the West Chu would not have just sent these few servants. These three were obviously troublemakers and could not shoulder the responsibility of being the representative for one country.
Qin Wushuang predicted that for sure, the West Chu had sent some people in relation with the conflict between the Great Wu and the Bai Yue Country. If he had guessed correctly, the people from the West Chu had come with the intention to loot a burning house.
When Tong Yan had received his family’s covert intelligence, he had already known that the Great Wu and the other three Upper Subordinate countries formed close relationships.
Initially, this West Chu was one of the three Upper Subordinate Countries. They had surpassed the Bai Yue in all aspects. For sure, they did not come with good intentions.

Inside the imperial study room of the Bai Yue Royal Palace, Emperor He was meeting with the special representative from the West Chu. The national surname of the West Chu was Mi. This gentleman was Mi Zhongye, brother to the Emperor and one of the most important figures in the West Chu. Their emperor valued him highly.
"Your majesty, I already spoke to you about the details regarding my brother’s intention. We already considered the fact in which our two countries had always interacted peacefully and did not get involved in much conflict. When the Great Wu had invited us, we intended to evade their offer. If your majesty is willing to let go of half of the ownership of those mines in the Lotus Flower Mountain, we will for sure, refuse the invitation extended from the Great Wu! If you are willing to let go all of the authority power of the Lotus Flower Mountain, then the West Chu is willing to persuade the other two Upper Subordinate Countries…"
Inwardly, Emperor He of the Bai Yue was frustrated. It was obvious that he had come to rob the Bai Yue. The Lotus Flower Mountain had always been Bai Yue’s territory. Although the place was close to the West Chu, this resource had always belonged to the Purple Flame Royal Territory. Now, the West Chu not only lusted after the rich mineral resources of the Lotus Flower Mountain, they even had the ambition to take it over.

How could he not be furious?
This time, the Great Wu invited the other three major Upper Subordinate countries and formed an alliance. They were going to send out a punitive expedition to the Bai Yue.
With such good opportunity, the West Chu would not let go of this chance to loot. They had sent out a special representative and came to negotiate with the Bai Yue. They were riding on both sides and intended to get all the benefits.
If the Bai Yue had agreed to such shameful conditions, it was a little matter when they lost the claim and embarrassed the country. However, it would set an example for the others. In the future, everyone would view the Bai Yue Country as a juicy meat and would want to come and take a bite.
Thus, he would never allow this precedent.
Seeing Emperor He fall in silent, that Mi Zhongye was not in a hurry as he said with a smile: "The second Martial Saint of the West Chu also came this time. Now, he is having a friendly fight with your Martial Saint. I wonder if they are having a good conversation?"
It was another threat.
They not only sent the Emperor’s brother, they even sent their Martial Saint. Although the one that had come was the number two Martial Saint, everyone knew that he must be in the Upper Sky Realm
This West Chu country was strong because they had three Martial Saints. Although the one that came was the number two, his power would not lose to the Martial Saint in the Bai Yue Country.
After all, Emperor He was the ruler of an entire country. At this crucial moment, of course, he would not get intimidated by a few words. He said lightly: "Marquis Mi, the Lotus Flower Mountain had always been part of the Bai Yue. It is one of the mineral mines in which we rely on for survival and we have no reason to let it go. Once we lose it, at least, the Bai Yue would lose one fifth of its income. For this matter, I cannot say yes."
Mi Zhongye smiled: "Your majesty, it’s difficult for me to go back with such answer. My brother has sent me because he did not intend to create unnecessary commotions. This time, the Great Wu showcased great ambition, I am sure your majesty had sensed it?"
"Since ancient times, the Bai Yue was never in a friendly situation with the Great Wu. They’ve never given up on destroying us and it is not an uncommon matter. However, we have always maintained a friendly relationship with your country and was never hostile. If the West Chu was willing to persuade others for us, we for sure would not forget this favor. However, it’s difficult for me to agree to giving up our territory. Firstly, I could not explain it to my people. Secondly, I would have no face to face my ancestors after my death."
"Your majesty, all things have an order of priority. If us Upper Subordinate countries reached an agreement and decided to send in armies. In a flash of wind, I am afraid your Bai Yue Country would not have anything left. At that time, lives would be lost and people would suffer. You would not even protect your land, how could you talk about protecting your people and your ancestors?"
His words were less civilized, but he did speak the truth. Although Mi Zhongye had spoken these threatening words, he also revealed the difficult situation of the current Bai Yue!

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