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After all, Qin Wushuang had just entered the Upper Sky. He was still learning many things gradually regarding the Upper Sky realm. Hearing the words of Tan Zhongchi and Shakyamuni Li Huo, he felt their words made sense after some thought.

More skills would not act as a burden on the body. These words had hit the target in Qin Wushuang’s heart.

In his former world, he also carried such ideal and searched for ancient technique books. He did not use many of the secret books, but he still enjoyed the process.

However, the facts had proven that his initial choice was right. Now in this world, with the hard work from his former world that he carried within his memory and experience, the technique books had allow him to pass the obstacles and enter the Upper Sky easily. He had almost surpassed all the people of his age.

Thinking here, without acting ostentatious, Qin Wushuang nodded: "Since teacher has agreed and Shakyamuni Li Huo offered the invitation with passion, it seems that I am in no place to refuse."

Immediately, the aged face of Shakyamuni Li Huo brimmed with happiness as if an iron tree had blossomed. He smiled: "Smart choice! Qin Wushuang, I will make you understand that the practice of alchemy is limitless. It is the same as the practice of martial arts and filled with profound mystery.

On the other hand, Tan Zhongchi had another set of plans. He knew better than anyone that the fact where Qin Wushuang go study alchemy would only bring benefits.

Of course, Shakyamuni Li Huo understood this point. He came to discuss it with Tan Zhongchi as he was worried that Tan Zhongchi would be restricted by the sect and unwilling to approve.

Now, when he saw Tan Zhongchi was approving with reluctance, he finally knew that this old sly fox did not intend to refuse from the beginning.

Who would refuse such a good thing?

"Wushuang, aren’t you going to make pills? Go with the Shakyamuni to broaden your horizon." Tan Zhongchi said with a smiling face.

"Ok, please, Shakyamuni." Qin Wushuang understood it clearly. He knew that his teacher’s move was a deftly executed maneuver. Along the way, he had gained a favor from the Shakyamuni.

In the future, if the Stargaze Palace was going to vote for some important matters, Shakyamuni Li Huo would have no reason to comply to Tan Zhongchi.

"By the way, Li Huo, you should keep it confidential regarding Wushuang learning alchemy. We should not show off too much. Or else when the people of the other factions learn about it, they would start talk endlessly. It would not be a good thing for me or you." Tan Zhongchi reminded him.

Shakyamuni Li Huo smiled: "Do I need your reminder?"

When they returned to the Li Huo Palace, Shakyamuni Li Huo took Qin Wushuang directly to the alchemy room. He could not wait to show him his exceptional talent over the practice of alchemy.

As they walked to the door of the alchemy room, a few of the Herbalist disciples all welcomed Shakyamuni Li Huo respectfully.

Shakyamuni Li Huo waved his hand: "No need."

He took Qin Wushuang and walked in. Then, he passed out his order: "I will not see any guests. Just tell them that I am going to refine pills in isolation. I will only see them after I have finished."


He closed the alchemy room and the Shakyamuni walked up to the pill cauldron and smiled: "Show me your original materials."

Without hesitation, Qin Wushuang pulled all of it out. Each time he took out a piece of the material, the Shakyamuni twitched the corner of his mouth. Apparently, he did not put these things in his eyes.

Finally, when Qin Wushuang took out the Beast Cores of eight Initial Stage Spiritual Beasts, Shakyamuni Li Huo moved his eyelids slightly. However, it was only slightly.

"Ok, you’ve got a lot of goods but not many quality ones. These eight Beast Cores are nice. Since it has all the basic five primary elements, it would be worth a bit of money." Shakyamuni Li Huo commented carelessly. Apparently, pills at this level was of no interest to him.

"Shakyamuni, how many Upper Sky Initial Stage Pills can we make from these?"

Shakyamuni Li Huo smiled: "That depends what level of pills you are going to make. If you are looking to make ordinary level Initial Stage Beast Cores, at least thirty or forty could be made from these eight Beast Cores. However, the Upper Sky Spiritual Pill should not focus on numbers. It would be a waste of natural resources to make ordinary Spiritual pills. The five among these should be used to refine exceptional Spiritual Pills. At least, with the five primary attributes from the Beast Cores, the level would be ten times the ordinary ones. The one consuming it would enter the Upper Sky for sure! And they would have unlimited potential!"

"If you were to make ordinary Upper Sky pills, maybe one of it could cultivate one Upper Sky. However, most likely his entire life would be in the Initial Stage. When one uses a poor quality Upper Sky pills, not only would they have limited potential, but also limited strength. Honestly, our Stargaze Palace do not encourage disciples to consume Upper Sky Initial Spiritual Pills. At least for the ones with exceptional talent, they are forbidden to consume it. It would be best to go through the Dashing Stage to greatly maximize the potential of the body and uncover Upper Sky potential. Through consuming pills, one lacks the chance of discovering their potential. Naturally, they would have limited potential."

Suddenly, Shakyamuni Li Huo changed his tone after talking with assurance: "Of course, if it was the most outrageous quality of the Spiritual Pills, it would be another matter. The effects would not be less than when one broke through the Dashing Stage themself. In fact, it might be even better."

Qin Wushuang nodded and asked in a low voice: "If we were to make the best quality pills, how many is possible?"

"Five to seven!" Shakyamuni Li Huo answered without hesitation, "I am going to take one as commission fee. This is the rule and not negotiable. Haha."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Then let’s make the best quality Spiritual Pills. The other three would be made separately, how about it?"

"Ok, you should get twelve ordinary Initial Stage Pills when making with the other three Beast Cores. However, it seems you don’t have enough secondary materials. Anyways, let me help you and give you some." After he had finished, he turned around and pulled out materials from each of the medicine drawers. In a few moves, he had collected them all.

"Go read through some Alchemy books and I will make it for you at the scene. Right now, you won’t be able to understand anything by watching me because you cannot do the practical things yet." Shakyamuni started to create fire.

After he had finished, he threw the materials for the body sculpting materials into the pill cauldron. Next, he started to simmer on slow fire.

Qin Wushuang only saw that Shakyamuni Li Huo kept changing his hand gestures. From time to time, he would fan, or urge the fire. The two hands of his showed adept skills in which his movements was smooth as if he was eating.

In a moment, a light sound emerged from the pill cauldron.


Suddenly, wave of fire light shot out. Shakyamuni Li Huo ceased his gestures and said: "Done."

He opened the pill cauldron and four Golden Body Sculpting Pills lay on the jade plate. Without any effort, the Body Sculpting Pills composed of that Green Wintry stone material had been created.

Qin Wushuang felt disbelief: "It’s done like this?"

"The Golden Body Sculpting Pill is the easiest among all Upper Sky medicinal pills. How difficult did you think it would be? Even my disciples did not like to make such materials."

Shakyamuni Li Huo laughed: "Next, we will make the Upper Sky Spiritual Pills and this type would take some effort. Besides the five with the five primary materials, the other three would need to be made separately since they have different attributes."

As he spoke, he cleaned the pill cauldron and started making the Upper Sky Initial Spiritual Pills.

This time, he used completely different hand signs. From the method of making the fire, the tempo and the frequency of adding the fire, plus the handling of the fire, he showcased a completely different process.

When Qin Wushuang watched Shakyamuni Li Huo’s gestures, the ease at which he performed the gestures made it appear as easy as a normal person holding the pencil to write. Like a superlative art, his movements was smooth as the flowing cloud and did not seem unnatural. Instead, he had completed the procedure in one go without any effort.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang could not help but feel gratified: "Indeed, the practice of Alchemy is vast and extensive. If Shakyamuni Li Huo had not been proficient at this field for many years, how could he have become so experienced? He had shown what it’s like to be a grandmaster."

While he dwelled on the thought, the first batch of three Upper Sky Spiritual Pills had been made.

Next, following a set pattering sounds, the second and the third batch also followed. Dumbfounded, Qin Wushuang could not believe his eyes.

Each of these yellow colored pills had meant Upper Sky warriors. Since Shakyamuni Li Huo had made these with such ease, the Stargaze Palace should have an abundant number of elite warriors. Why were there only ninety-six Core disciples?

From the looks of it, it seemed that Shakyamuni could produce such Upper Sky Spiritual pills in batches.

Shakyamuni looked at Qin Wushuang with a smile: "I know what you are thinking. Almost every Herbalist disciple who had watched me making pills, they had this doubt. The only exception was that you were more tolerable and did not ask it out loud."

"I do feel confused."

"It’s simple. The number one restriction to become a Core in the Stargaze Palace was not to use Upper Sky Initial Stage Spiritual pill to enter the Upper Sky. All those who had used the pills, they lose the eligibility in becoming a Core. Do you understand this reason?"

"Those who used the outside power to enter the Upper Sky would not have enough potential." Earlier, Qin Wushuang had heard Shakyamuni Li Huo talking about it.

"That was one of the reason. The second reason to that was despite the easiness to acquire the Upper Sky Spiritual pills, not everyone was suited to consume it. After consuming it, not everyone would have the chance to enter the Upper Sky. Even if someone had used both body sculpting and the Spiritual pill, some who were destined to not have the Spiritual Roots would not initiate the Upper Sky presence. They appeared to have entered the Upper Sky, but their presence was extremely weak. It was also equivalent of having ended their own path. Thus, except for the case in which when one found out that they had no possibility of entering the Upper Sky, we would never encourage to consume the Initial Stage Spiritual pills."

"The third reason was that although the assisting materials for the Spiritual pill was easy to acquire, the Beast Cores of the Spiritual Beasts were not everywhere. If you hadn’t participated on the arena competition, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have gotten these many Beast Cores, right? Usually, it was impossible for a Post Realm martial artists to acquire a Beast Core. The Palace emphasized on surviving the fittest. With limited resource, of course no one would give you the herbs for free. Besides of acquiring it with your own power, you would only have the choice to break through the bottleneck and enter the Upper Sky."

Finally, Qin Wushuang came to the realization.

He thought that indeed, not many people was able to break through the Dashing Stage and their own bottlenecks. At least in the Bai Yue Country, the strong existence of those four great Honored Warriors failed.

On the other hand, the Stargaze Palace had hundreds of such young disciples who had broke the bottleneck with their own strength. It was the gap. The differences between the environment had caused the huge gap to the process of training!

When Shakyamuni saw Qin Wushuang had nothing to say, he smiled: "What I just said only limit to those Upper Sky Spiritual pill with a single attribute. It was those pills we had made before. Now, these best quality Initial Stage Spiritual pills were not within the boundary. These pills were extremely rare goods. Even for us at such level, it would be extremely difficult to collect all five attributes Beast Cores. Thus, these are rare goods!"

As soon as he had finished speaking, the fire from the stove had suddenly shimmered down and emerged cries of dragon and tiger.

The pill cauldron opened by itself. From there, seven shining Upper Sky Initial Stage Spiritual pills appeared before Qin Wushuang.

The most outrageous quality of Spiritual pills had succeed!

The success rate was one hundred percent!

Overjoyed, Qin Wushuang’s long time load on his mind had finally finished with perfection!

While he saw these Spiritual pills, Qin Wushuang’s mind had immediately float back to the Bai Yue, and back to the Qin family.

Over there, he had a worry.

Now, he could finally resolve this worry!

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