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In an Upper Sky battle, not to mention getting injured, even the suppression of the temperament would be unfavorable to the situation. Not to mention the body getting hit by the sword intent directly.

Qin Wushuang’s powerful sword intent had directly bore a giant hole on the body of Number Eight. Bleeding profusely, the color on the face of Number Eight changed drastically as he took a few steps back.

In a battle between fellow disciples, only a winner and loser would be determined. The life and death of one would not get judged. After Qin Wushuang had succeeded in this attack, he did not chase to kill. Instead, he withheld his swords and looked at Number Eight lightly.

Once the other party showed signs of struggling, he would greet him with attacks continuously until he had completely got rid his battle strength.

Now, the initial arrogant attitude visible in the eyes of Number Eight had disappeared without a trace. Doubts and fear had replaced it as he had never thought that he would be defeated so completely!

This failure was his complete loss. The opponent had suppressed him, and there wasn't a trace of hope. If it weren't an arena competition, most likely he would have already become a ghost under the opponent's sword!

"So?" Qin Wushuang suppressed his momentum and asked lightly.

Although Number Eight was wearing a mask, you could still see the desolate expression flowing out of his eyes. Smiling bitterly, he said: "Legitimacy belongs to the victor, losers are always in the wrong, I have nothing else to say!"

Qin Wushuang nodded and turned to look at the host.

That host also knew the situation as he walked up and shouted: "The winner of this arena competition belongs to Number Six! All eight items are his!"

Immediately after this announcement, waves of cheering emerged from beneath the stage. All those Advanced disciples who were in favor of Number Six all cheered excitedly.

Those who were in favor of Number Eight also shouted out deep sighs.

Especially that Yan Feng who was beaming with happiness as if he was the one that had won this competition. He clenched his fists: "He won. Indeed, Brother Qin is so awesome! He had won!"

Wei Yi, who was watching from afar frowned slightly and did not say anything. Only, he glanced at Qin Wushuang again and felt a little uncomfortable inwardly.

With a face full of smiles, Zhou Fu called out: "Wei, this time, I had the better judgment, right?"

Wei Yi knew that Zhou Fu was deliberately shaming him. Yet, there was nothing he could do. This time, it was his faction that had lost and lost completely.

Immediately, he smiled: "Usually, you always have good judgment. Of course, it was natural to win over me. Haha, everyone go make some preparation. After this Number Six takes the prizes, we need to start the second round of competitions. There are three groups in total. It was only the first one; we should not relax either for the following events."

Accompanied by a multifarious crowd, Qin Wushuang arrived before the camp. The winner of the competition always received the embrace from everyone and would gain a tremendous amount of popularity.

"This Brother, could you tell us which faction are you from?"

"Yes, tell us. Maybe there are disciples from the same line as you, we all admire you very much."

"Brother, tell us!"

A crowd of people kept talking and calling out to Qin Wushuang.

At this time, the curtain of the camp was opened. One person walked out, and it was Zhou Fu. Under the sunshine, her exceptional looks appeared even more beautiful. Her appearance made the bunch of disciples outside the camp being dumbfounded, and no one dared to speak a word.

"What are you guys doing?" Zhou Fu berated lightly, "All identities of the participants are confidential. If you all had the skills, go on the stage yourself and do not harass him."

All of these disciples appeared shameful and embarrassed after Zhou Fu’s scolding. However, they all felt happy of being able to endure the punishment as if taking the scolding from a beautiful Older Sister was a great honor.

So much so that a few of those came up with their little ideas to sneak a look at the beautiful Older Sister. Seeing Zhou Fu walking out, of course, they were thrilled. Even after the scolding, each of them was brimming with smiles from ear to ear and walked away with satisfaction.

Qin Wushuang shook his head with a bitter smile. Inwardly, he thought that this Older Sister Zhou was certainly popular. Even a scolding from her made people joyful.

If it was any other Older Brothers who had came out to speak these words, these people would for sure complain a lot even if they did not dare to speak out loud. However, after getting scolded by this Older Sister, the expression of them appeared as if they had found some treasure…

"Please come in." Apparently, Zhou Fu knew the mindsets of those guys, and she was not discontent. Besides feeling dissatisfied with the tyrannical actions from the faction of a disciple studying under the Head Palace Master, she was rather lenient towards other fellow disciples.

Qin Wushuang nodded and followed Zhou Fu to the camp.

All the rewards were displayed over there. Zhou Fu pointed to that jaded box with the eight inner cores: "Junior Brother, these eight cores can only be placed in this jaded box to prevent the leakage of Spiritual Qi. I don’t know if you have any tool to conserve the inner coress. If you don’t, then you must find a way to prevent the leakage of the Spiritual Qi."

Qin Wushuang smiled: "Thank you for your reminders. Coincidentally, I have a little storage knapsack. Or else I could not have used the inner core as the stake."

"That’s right, how come I didn’t think of it?" Zhou Fu smiled sweetly, "Ok, no need to show courtesy, these are all yours."

Of course, Qin Wushuang would not restrain himself. He pulled together the eight inner cores from the jaded box and already, they went inside his sleeve. The large sleeve had blocked his actions, and no one was able to see how had he put the cores into the storage knapsack.

However, this move had surprised those leaders of the Core disciples. Again, they were impressed.

Zhou Fu complimented: "Nicely done, no wonder you could win. Indeed, you deserve the reputation!"

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and cupped his hand: "Thank you all, I will take my leave."

Qin Wushuang did not act sluggish. He knew that the longer he lingered here, the more trouble would come. Although he wasn't sure who had threatened him, most likely it was related with these leaders.

If he had not guessed wrong, these leaders should be the prized disciples from each five Palace Masters?

Just as Qin Wushuang was about to walk out of the camp, a person from behind suddenly said: "Hold on for a second."

Qin Wushuang slowly stopped and turned to ask: "I don't know if there is anything else for you to say to me."

The one who had called him to stop was Zhao Muzhi, the one with the most exceptional talent studying under the third Palace Master Zhong Wuyin.

Dressed in a scholar clothing, that Zhao Muzhi smiled and ask: "I am troubled by a question. Allow me to ask, which disciple are you of the five Palace Masters?"

The rest of the others and Wei Yi were in fact, extremely curious. They all wanted to know which Palace Master did this disciple who had appeared out of nowhere studied.

Earlier, these five people all saw Qin Wushuang's appearance when he came to sign up. However, they were all confident that he did not belong to their factions and thought he must belong to one of the other four.

After a pause, Qin Wushuang smiled leisurely and suddenly said: "Didn’t this competition require everyone to keep their identities confidential?"

Stunned, Zhao Muzhi smiled involuntarily: "To keep it a secret on stage was to prevent unnecessary troubles and the unity of disciples from the same sect. Us few do not participate in that level of stage competition, it's okay for you to say."

His words had implied that they were not interested in that level of dispute. However, it had made Qin Wushuang even more unwilling to get involved when he heard such superiority.

He smiled lightly: "I am afraid that my level of existence could not enter your eyes as well. Regarding who I study under, without my teacher’s permission, I would not dare to expose it. Goodbye."

After he had finished, he stepped on his feet and scrambled out without waiting for Zhao Muzhi to answer.

Zhou Fu could not help but find Zhao Muzhi’s stunned face: "Little Brother Zhao, you courted that rebuff, right?"

A trace of haze flashed across the handsome face of Zhao Muzhi. He mocked himself: "This kid, don’t let me find out who you are."

"Yo yo yo, it seems that you are planning to bully the little ones." Zhou Fu laughed.

After leaving the camp ground, Qin Wushuang found a remote place and pulled off his mask and competition clothing. He restored his original looks, and finally, he walked out from the dark after ensuring he did not leave any traces.

Swaggering to the side of the stage where now the second round of competition had already started. However, Qin Wushuang did not have much interest to watch it.

The participation in the arena competition had given him a rough estimate. He knew where he stood in the Stargaze Palace. Besides those Core leaders, Qin Wushuang felt that he would not lose to anyone.

Just when he was about to leave, suddenly, he saw that Yan Feng was looking around from afar. Revealing an anxious expression, apparently, he was also looking for him.

Qin Wushuang walked over and said in a whisper: "Don’t make a sound. Go out of the valley first by yourself. I will follow you."

Stunned, Yan Feng immediately understood something. He walked two circles around the stage. Then, he walked outside casually.

Qin Wushuang was not an in a hurry to follow him. Instead, he also walked towards the exit in a neither fast nor slow speed. When he arrived at the entrance, he took back the two Upper Sky deposit and tailed after him.

In a moment, these two had left the Nature Manifestation Valley.

Qin Wushuang had stayed careful along the way. He finally let go of his worry when he made sure that no one was after him. Initially, he was concerned that those people who had threatened him before would not give up and create trouble.

It seemed that now the other party had given in. At least, they did not plan to make a move right now.

After putting a dozen of miles behind the Nature Manifestation Valley, Qin Wushuang caught up to Yan Feng quickly. Right now, Yan Feng's eyes were full of admiration and envy.

"Brother Qin, that was so cool! If you hadn't revealed that Violet Sun sword, I did not even recognize you. I was worried about nothing."

"Ha, indeed, this Violet Sun sword is extraordinary." QIn Wushuang sighed, "Yan Feng, I plan to go down the mountain. If you trust me, then give me all the materials you have."

How could Yan Feng not trust him right now? Without thinking, he gave all the collected materials including that Green Wintry stone to QIn Wushuang.

"Ok, after the end of the year exam, go find me at the Green Cloud Palace. I will give you an answer for sure. Regarding the body sculpting or the Upper Sky Initial Stage core as long as they could be made, you will have one!"

Yan Feng nodded: "Ok, please!" When he said here, Yan Feng's voice could not help but become choked with emotion. This time, many years of hard work and suffering would be achieved as if he were in a dream.

If he hadn’t met such a noble person, even after ten years of hard work, most likely he would not have collected the primary materials of these two Upper Sky folk remedies!

This time, he had indeed met a great person! From the bottom of his heart, Yan Feng already saw Qin Wushuang as his great benefactor.

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