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Chapter 165: True Opponent
Qin Wushuang had gained the upper hand in his show of strength. Immediately, he had won over the audience.
After winning, Qin Wushuang walked down the stadium and waited for the result of the other three battles.
According to the rules, his next competitor would be decided between number two and number seven. Thus, after walking down the arena, Qin Wushuang started to observe the battle between these two competitors.
Know yourself and know your enemy, and you would never be defeated.
Between these two, they seemed evenly matched. They were in the midst of an unrestrained battle as they sent moves at each other. After a moment of observation, Qin Wushuang inwardly became a little more assured.
Regarding individual battle skills, these two were close to Li Wuji. However, they lacked the viciousness of Li Wuji and fought with a rather conservative style during the fight.
Although such fight in the arena did not involve life and death, if one made a misstep, they would lose most of their momentum. To such opponents, Qin Wushuang felt it would not be a problem to take them down.
Thus, he did not watch any further.
Just when he was about to look at the fight between the others, another match had concluded with a winner. It was number eight, and the loser was number one.
From the relaxed posture of number eight, apparently, he had also had an easy win. Although he was wearing a mask, this figure eight also looked over when Qin Wushuang looked over.
Apparently, number eight had also paid attention to Qin Wushuang, as a potential opponent.
While obtaining his first win, number eight also felt somewhat cautious of Qin Wushuang. He couldn't help but look at him much more closely. On the other hand, Qin Wushuang did not fear his cold gaze and stared at him for a moment. Then, he turned away casually.
When the competition had just started, a few of the most exceptional disciples was also watching the fights from the camp outside. Especially Wei Yi who, despite being known as the strongest among the young generation, had watched the fight without moving his gaze.
His eyes also lit up when he saw Qin Wushuang throwing his opponent out of the arena in one move.
That Zhou Fu also could not help but exclaim in praise: "Big Brother Wei, this number six was flawless. He was that Little Brother previously who had handed in the Flame Cloud Vulture’s core, right?"
Wei Yi nodded: "From the appearance of his body and presence, it should be him. This Little Brother appeared young, I wonder which line he belongs to."
Zhou Fu smiled: "Big Brother Wei, I do feel nervous when I watched his excellent performance. It seems we cannot act sloppy as talents come out from each line of generations. If we’re not careful enough, most likely these late blooming Little Brothers and Sisters will surpass us."
On the surface, her words sounded like an encouragement to herself, but it was directed toward a particular direction.
Wei Yi knows that the words from Little Sister Zhou Fu were intended for him. Being the only one with the Spiritual Roots among the young generation, in the entire sect, he had been indulging in a myriad of luxury.
On the other hand, the personality of Zhou Fu was soft on the outside and masculine on the inside. Thus, she had wanted to borrow the name of the young Little Brother to remind Wei Yi.
However, Wei Yi remained calm and collected as he said with a smile: "You are right. On the path of training, only practicing hard each day would one have a good sleep at night. It is like rowing a boat upstream, and you would fall back if did not keep going upwards!"
While he was speaking, number eight from the arena had also beat his opponent down the stage cleanly.
When number eight and Qin Wushuang fixed their gazes on each other, Wei Yi laughed: "These tw

o are interesting. If I didn’t guess wrong, these two should be the final two to fight for the seat of the final winner."
Zhou Fu twitched her mouth and said: "I do feel that this number eight might not be the opponent of that number six."
"Oh? Why do you say so?" Wei Yi said with a smile.
"No particular reason, just my gut feeling." Zhou Fu laughed lightly.
"Ha, I think number eight has a better chance." Wei Yi said lightly.
Zhou Fu did not answer that. After a moment of silence, she said suddenly: "Big Brother Wei, this number eight belongs to your line, right?"
Earlier, during the selection process, Zhou Fu was one of the personnel in charge. Besides Qin Wushuang who was new, a few of the slightly outstanding Core disciples all knew each other well.
With an astute mind, of course, Zhou Fu realized this detail. Hearing Wei Yi speaking with confidence, she could not help but feel somewhat uncomfortable and spurt out those words.
Wei Yi did not expect Little Sister Zhou would ask him so straightforwardly. Since Zhou Fu had asked, he would appear lacking in dignity if he denied it. At the moment, he smiled: "I am not entirely sure since he is wearing a mask. However, from his body and movements, he should be Little Brother Nine who shares the same teacher as myself."
From the line of the Head Master, there were sixteen spots for the Core disciples. He had four more spots than other four Palace Masters. And the ranking inside the Stargaze Palace had always followed the result of the end of the year exam.
Currently, Wei Yi was the head. If he ranked number two during the end of the year exam, then he would have to let go of his position and become the second person.
Of course, under normal circumstances, the strength of Core disciples would rise steadily. Thus, there would not be any major changes to the ranking.
The possibility of changes in the ranks was slight.
Particularly among the top-tier, they had overpowered the remaining ones. Among the Core disciples, they were the most outstanding and adamant to shake up their positions.
Hearing his words, Zhou Fu smiled and did not speak anymore. Inwardly, she thought that of course, he would hope that his Little Brother from the same teacher would win.
"I wonder which line does that number six belong to. He sure had the bad luck to meet someone from the line of the Head Master. He would only act as a side kick. It would be extremely difficult to win! It is alright fighting in the arena, I am more worried about some sneaky outside attacks…"
Zhou Fu had several experiences of hosting such arena competition. Of course, she knew some inside stories. On the surface, this stage game was fair. In fact, some people would ally and use some offensive tactics to gain wins.
Although Zhou Fu did not bother to do such thing, it did not mean others would not. She knew that with Wei Yi’s status, most likely he would also feel it was beneath his dignity to do it. However, on the line of the Head Master, there were sixteen elite Core disciples. They were famous for forming alliances and would never allow other disciples to surpass them.
After all, the absolute ruler in the Stargaze Palace was the Head Palace Master!
Regarding any little details, they must emphasize the power and status of the Head Palace Master.

While the leaders in the camp dwelled in their own thoughts, the outcome from the remaining two pairs had also been determined.
At last, number two used his final move and won over number seven to enter the second round. He was to be Qin Wushuang’s opponent.
On the other side, number four had barely won over number five and entered into the next round to fight against number eight.
According to the rules, each round would have a break time of two hours. After all, they were battling against Upper Sky users. After a fierce battle, a break of two hours was short.

Qin Wushuang had mostly understood all his opponents. He quietly arrived at a corner and sat down to meditate.
He knew that his next round opponent was only a warm up. He would not pose much of a threat. The right opponent would be someone that he would fight during the final round.
Basically, if there weren’t any accidents, the final competitor would be that number eight. He also showed off exception skills.
Currently, Qin Wushuang was preparing for the final round.
"That number eight has high strength and is on par with me. I must have some trump cards. In the next round, I will still use the snake shaped whip. If I must, I could try the Violet Sun sword and get used to such ancient sword filled with vibrant Upper Sky presence.
Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was feeling like a calm well. Before a major battle, he could always remain exceptionally calm and would never overthink about the losses and wins. He considered mostly about how to deal with enemies and how to take them down.
The two hours of break time soon ended.
Qin Wushuang lightly dropped above the arena.
After entering the second round, only two series of competitions were left. Thus, the area had expanded again, allowing them more space to perform.
Despite having two hours of break, number two had not recovered one hundred percent. Even if he had been in perfect condition, Qin Wushuang had never viewed him as a rival, not to mention when he was in suboptimal condition
Qin Wushuang glanced at him and smiled lightly: "If I were you, I would not have chosen to come up. Winning and losing might be important, but fists have no eyes…"
Number Two growled: "Put away your mental tactics! If you want to win against me, show me what you have first!"
Qin Wushuang knew he was putting up an appearance as he smiled: "Three moves! If I allowed you to go past three moves, then it’s my lost in this round!"
Qin Wushuang had deliberately used his Upper Sky Qi to reinforce his voice and spread this sound all around. It turned into a sound wave and kept rolling, surging out like great billows.
His move was a deliberate show of strength and as a warning. On the surface, he aimed it towards number two. In fact, he was provoking number eight over presence and left a psychological hint that he would be the final victor.
Indeed, thunderous clapping sounded all around as soon as he sent out this wave of challenge. Apparently, Qin Wushuang’s move had shown style!
People remembered his previous one move of throwing down the enemy and this time, he had promised again to forfeit if he could not beat his opponent in three moves. Such temperament and dauntlessness was something that most disciples in the Stargaze Palace admired.
Of course, rather than speaking a thousand words, it would be best to make one move.
Before the sound of Qin Wushuang’s words had dropped, he already whipped open the snake shaped soft whip. Under the initiation of his Spiritual Qi, the entire long whip flew out like a giant boa.
It formed waves of whirlpool rolling power and whipped towards Number Two.
That number two knew the strength of Qin Wushuang so how could he act sloppy? He waved the broad sword in his hand and swept it over to the long whip. The slash from this sword also showed tremendous strength.
Qin Wushuang yelled: "Good!"
Suddenly, he shook out the soft whip and poured in his Spiritual Qi again. The entire whip had straightened up and turned into a long straight stick. Switching from rolling to sweeping attacking position, it charged over to the opponent.
In fact, he had changed the move to use the whip to compete for Spiritual Qi with the broad sword wielded by Number Two!

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