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Qin Wushuang carefully put away the Violet Sun Sword and walked forward. Along the way, Yan Feng still felt that they had suffered a loss as he mumbled: "That guy appeared honest, how come he still thought it was not enough?"

Qin Wushuang smiled: "That is because you think we suffered a loss with three items exchanging for one."

"Was it not?" Yan Feng could not understand, "With your Upper Sky identity, if you displayed a little bit of your presence, you could most likely trade this sword with only one folk remedy."

Qin Wushuang sighed: "If I were trading with an outsider, perhaps I would have done that. Between us, it's more like keeping the goods within the family."

Stunned, Yan Feng thought about his words and could help but become even more impressed with Qin Wushuang. In these years, it was rare for one not to use their strength to bully the weak. This Senor Brother Qin was one of the rare that had both integrity and talent.

Just after they had taken a few steps, suddenly a call came from above: "Disciples who have signed up earlier for the gambling competition, please hurry and gather at the arena. The first round of competition has eight competitors gathered. Please assemble immediately!"

"Senior Brother Qin, you…"

Qin Wushuang smiled: "Since I have paid the stake, won’t I suffer a loss if I don’t go?"

After he had finished saying that, he walked towards the arena quickly.

The arena was positioned between the high ground of the second and the first level trading centers. It was a place big enough for all disciples here at the Nature Manifestation Valley.

This gambling arena competition had always been the climax show for the Nature Manifestation Valley. Because of this show, it attracted even more disciples to watch and was the deciding factor that this gathering would be more popular as each year passed.

Qin Wushuang arrived at the side of the arena and put on his mask and gambling robe. However, he saw that all other seven competitors had arrived in their positions on the edge of the arena.

Appearing magnanimous, when those seven stood there, each of them were revealed to be Upper Sky disciples. All of them initiated their Upper Sky presence without restraint to suppress their opponents and make themselves stand out.

The battle between the Upper Sky was fought over each second and each piece of ground. Before these seven had even gone on the stage, they were already showing off their strength. Inwardly, Qin Wushuang found it quite funny and he would not do something as boring as that.

Now, they had not even drawn the lots to decide the matchups yet and was unclear on their opponents. The act of rushing to show off, wasn’t it similar to flirting with a blind person?

When the host saw Qin Wushuang walking up, the host announced loudly: "All eight competitors have arrived! Next, the first step is to draw lots, from number one to number eight! Each person will get a corresponding number. In the first round, number one will fight number eight, number two against number seven, number three against six, number four against five! The winner of the first rounds will draw again in the next round. There will be three total rounds to decide the winner of this first round of competition. All stakes from the other seven competitors will belong to the winner!"

Surrounding the arena, thunderous whistles emerged from all around the mountains and valley. Apparently, many people had come here not for the trade, but for this climax show.

In the world of the strong, nothing would be more attracting and captivating than a performance of martial arts!

The host waved his hand with a smile to motion everyone to quiet down. Finally, he continued his announcement: "The first eight competitors have put up extraordinary items. After our organization went through careful selection, we picked eight bets at similar levels and formed a group. Today, there will be three different series of competitions, and this is the first! Does everyone want to know what rewards are for this series?"


The almost united answer had shocked the sky with its powerful momentum. The competitors could not help but become hot-blooded by this sound.

They cared the most about the stakes. All eight competitors only knew their stakes and did not know what the others had put up.

Each of them fixed their gazes on that host and waited for his announcement.

After building up enough suspense, that host said with a smile: "I believe that everyone and all the competitors would become excited about this stake. They are five pellets corresponding to five different attributes! From the primary metal, wood, water, fire and earth qualities, there are one to two Initial Stage inner pellets! In other words, all eight competitors have put up the inner pellet of Initial Stage Spiritual Beasts! Although three of the attributes are duplicates, they belonged to different Spiritual Beasts! When these eight-inner pellets are gathered, regarding their functions, I believe everyone would have an idea?"

Even one inner pellet of the Spiritual Beast would be exceedingly rare, not to mention eight. And eight internal pellets comprised of the five basic attributes?

They may be Initial Stage inner pellet, but the value of these eight pellets with the five basic attributes would not lose to a Middle Ranking inner pellet!

After all, its value as a complete set was quite high. If used to refine an Upper Sky inner pellet with all the five primary attributes, the finished pill would surely nurture an Upper Sky sprout with unlimited potential. In the future, they would not have any difficulty to enter the Middle Ranking.

During the Upper Sky training, the more balanced the five attributes, the higher the potential.

It was equivalent to a trial of training.

Thus, these people had all become intensely envious when they heard that the pellets of five attributes were gathered. Each of them became fascinated and wished they were one of the competitors.

Unfortunately, this game was meant for the elite disciples. For normal disciples, not to mention competing, they most likely did not even qualify for it.

After all, you could only find something like the inner pellet. Although some of the Initial Stage Spiritual Beast existed in the Virtuous Cloud Mountain Range, most of them still moved around the Virtuous Cloud Summit. For these outside disciples, their chance of encountering an Initial Stage Spiritual Beast was a tenth of the possibility of the Virtuous Cloud Summit!

To Qin Wushuang, he only met those three Flame Cloud Vultures used by the man in black for fishing in two months. For those naturally nurtured Spiritual Beasts, he didn't even discover a single footprint.

Five primary attributes!

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang had only treated this gambling competition as a learning experience. However, hearing about the reward, his competitiveness was lit aflame.

The first thought that flashed across his mind was to take everything!

Apparently, the reaction of other competitors was similar. From their brows, they did not bother to hide their eagerness. Each of them rubbed their fists and readied themselves to fight.

When that host saw the expression of each competitor had become excited, he did not delay any longer and smiled: "Each of you come up and grab your number! Remember, in this competition, we only judge wins and losses, and not life and death! Whoever can not withstand it, do not force yourself. Or else, don't blame the cruelty of the other for losing your life!"

Despite the allure of the goods, lives were much more important. Reaching the Upper Sky Realm was difficult. It would be a great loss to lose one's life in this gambling competition. Thus, everyone did not need the reminder and knew their positions inwardly.

As each of them went up, Qin Wushuang found he and the number six were brought together by fate. This time, he also got a number six. He remembered that last time in the martial arts disciple exam, he also picked number six.

The opponent of number six was number three.

After attaching the number plate onto their clothes, each one was aware of their opponents.

Qin Wushuang observed that number three was a robust guy with a massive body. When he stood there, he was a crane above the flock of chicken.

Qin Wushuang estimated it inwardly and still had some confidence. Although this strong guy appeared to have a vicious appearance, among the Upper Sky users, the style of masculinity was tough to advance further.

Most likely, such opponent would be even weaker than Li Wuji. To the current Qin Wushuang, of course, he had no fear.

The area was huge with two or three miles of ground. It was divided into four areas.

That host said: "The eight competitors will be split into four pairs. Each pair enters their own field. In the first round, each of you must fight within your area. Whoever takes even half a step out of the area will lose. If both steps out at the same time, then both will be declared out! The competitors of next round would get to pick another draw!"

With the clear rules, of course, no one would be an idiot to break the rules. Besides, these four areas were big enough. It was unnecessary to worry about the space and inability to use full strength.

When Qin Wushuang jumped onto the third area, that huge guy with the number three plate was waiting for him. Right now, he was clenching his fists and crispy sound of "gurgling" came from the bones of his entire body. Like fried beans, it seemed he was showing off his presence to Qin Wushuang.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt it was funny. In an Upper Sky battle, it was such a joke if he was relying on such street tricks to intimidate others.

Qin Wushuang carried the Violet Sun sword on his back and stood still ten metres away. Since he did not use the weapon, he folded his arms across his chest and smiled: "Big guy, don’t be so cocky. Be careful of misplacing your joints."

Number Three grabbed his messy grass-like hair and crossed his fists. With a sudden yell, he punched his chest three times and then launched it toward the earth.

"Ground Demon fist!"

After this roar, both his fists hit the ground. Immediately, the earth trembled violently and a spider like crack quickly spread to Qin Wushuang’s feet.

Light as a swallow, Qin Wushuang stomped with his feet and floated into the air. He rolled in the air and suddenly, he waved his hand, and that soft whip flew out of his sleeve. Emitting a sharp white light in the air, like a twisting python, it wrapped toward that number three.

The speed and the technique of this wrap attack were incomparable to the strength of that number three. It did not allow any time for him to react and immediately, he became entangled like glutinous rice.

Qin Wushuang yelled lightly: "Up!"

He channeled his Spiritual Qi abruptly and tugged that mountain sized guy into the sky. Then, he threw him back down onto the stage.

The power of this tug and wrap had seized Number Three with the right amount of power. He used the trembling of the whip and threw him down.

With a huge sound of boom, that giant body of Number Three had already touched the ground and fallen out of bounds embarrassingly!

And currently, the fight of the other three areas have not even started!

However, the battle from arena three had already concluded with a winner and loser!

It was Qin Wushuang’s strategy. He wanted to gain the upper hand by intimidating the others. After doing this in the arena, he would get enough momentum to intimidate the next competitor and even the one after!

He had succeeded.

This move was equivalent to an instant kill. Although he did not kill him, his opponent had indeed lost beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Instantly, cheers and clapping rang out through the entire Nature Manifestation Valley!

It was quite the fascinating fight. In the initial battle, everyone had gotten to see such an exciting scene. How could they not clap to their heart’s content and get stirred up?

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