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That Zhou Fu smiled without revealing her teeth. Her limpid autumn waters like pupils looked towards the outside and smiled: "Even if he had just advanced here, he shouldn’t have not known our number one among the younger generation, Big Brother Wei!"

Wei Yi waved his hand: "Stop teasing me, Little Sister Zhou. I am not some number one among the young generation. I am still not good enough."

"How come? Right now, among the ninety-six Core Disciples in the Stargaze Palace, aren’t you the only that has entered the Middle Stage Spiritual Martial Force? If you don’t call yourself number one, who can?"

This Zhou Fu did not speak with a flattering tone. Instead, she said it seriously.

Wei Yi said humbly: "That was only because I had an early start and natural luck. After ten or twenty years, for sure we would have Little Brothers catching up. With your talent, maybe after twenty years, you would surpass me."

Zhou Fu slightly raised her elegant brows and shook her head: "You should stop making jokes about me. I know how much strength I have. I would be more than content not to shame my teacher's face. To catch up to you, the one that possesses the Spiritual Roots, I have never thought about it."

Although Zhou Fu said it this way, after all, she still refused to admit defeat inwardly. She thought that she had enough talent and hard work, only she did not have as much luck as Wei Yi who had the Spiritual Roots.

If she had the Spiritual Roots, she believed that she would not be any less than Wei Yi. However, the path of training was cruel. As someone born with a golden spoon, people could only chase after his back for the rest of their life. And there were no other possibility to catch up.

Wei Yi smiled: "The end of the year is coming. Maybe this time, your teacher would have a few more Core Disciples. I heard that your teacher had taken in a winner of the martial arts student exam with good talent. Perhaps, your teacher's line will shine."

Zhou Fu also spoke with a longing tone: "I also heard that. Only, I never had the chance to go down the mountain. I will wait until the Laba Rice Porridge festival; I will surely meet with this new Little Brother."

"He would not be bad for sure. Even my teacher is impressed with the ability of your teaching in judging people."

Unconditionally, Zhou Fu admired Tan Zhongchi as she nodded: "Of course. For my teacher, in the Stargaze Palace, only the Head Master was slightly better than him. As for the other…"

When she said here, she stopped continuing. Instead, she laughed jokingly and made funny jokes: "Let's not talk about this. If I speak more, they will object, haha."

The "they" from her words meant other disciples at the scene. All of them were the prized disciples of each Palace Masters. Including Wei Yi and Zhou Fu, there were five in total. All of them were the five most prized disciples of each of the Five Palace Masters.

It was a mutual understanding between the best disciples.

As soon as Qin Wushuang had walked out of the camp, a group of wandering Stargaze disciples encircled him. Each of them asked with a caring tone: "Little Brother, how was it, was it Big Brother Wei Yi in charge of signing up?"

Qin Wushuang smiled: "If you want to know, why not sign up?"

Naturally, he could not answer this question since he did not know who Big Brother Wei Yi was. After leaving the camp, Qin Wushuang returned to the second level trading zone.

Yan Feng had waited for a while at that place. He immediately asked when he saw Qin Wushuang walking out: "Brother Qin, how did it go?"

"I am waiting for the announcement, I have already signed up."

Lights of admiration immediately flowed out of the eyes of Yan Feng. He sighed: "Indeed, Brother Qin had shown much promise at such a young age. I wonder when I will have the chance to watch this gambling competition. I believe it will be fun."

While Qin Wushuang smiled lightly, suddenly he glanced at a booth on the side where an ancient shaped blade emitting purple light stood there.

Regardless of the body, or the handle, the sword did not appear extravagant. However, looking from afar, it gave a one a straightforward and ancient . As if like an old man that had gone through the world's tremendous changes, its implicit charm in rhyme and would not make one look over it lightly.

Qin Wushaung walked over as he looked at his sword. He asked after a moment: "Is this sword for exchange?"

Showing tanned skin and an honest face, the owner of this sword was a young man in his twenties. He nodded: "It’s for exchange."

He glanced at Qin Wushuang and added cautiously: "However, if the exchange condition has not been reached, I would not trade it with you."

"Tell me your price." Qin Wushuang also did not overly show his interest.

"Are you able to afford it?" That honest young man looked at Qin Wushuang and asked somewhat doubtfully. Of course, seeing Qin Wushuang’s young age, he couldn't help but feel suspicious since he felt that he was not as old as he was.

Yan Feng laughed: "If this Brother could not pay for it, then no one could."

"Really? How come I don't think so?" That honest young man said boldly. Next, he thought for a bit and said: "I want a blade! And it should have complementary blade technique."

He paused for a moment as if he felt that it was not enough and added: "I also wanted a folk medicine formula. I don’t want the Initial Stage, but Middle Stage!"

Yan Feng glanced at him and smiled: "Brother, I feel that you are also not in the Upper Sky. You don't want an Initial Stage, but a Middle one? Aren't you aiming too high?"

That young man mumbled in a small voice: "What do you know? I already have that Initial Stage folk remedy. Yes, if you want to exchange, then bring me what I wanted. Or else! I would never let go of this Violet Sun Sword!"

Qin Wushuang asked suddenly: "Violent Sun Sword? If I dare to ask, this sword does not belong to you, right? And should not have belonged to your teacher."

That young man waved his hand impatiently: "Don’t worry about this. Anyways, it’s mine since I have it! I have the absolute trading authority. If you can trade for it, then don't worry about someone coming after it. If you don't have the goods, please make way!"

Qin Wushuang nodded and did not care about what he had said. He spoke: "Wrap the sword, I am going to take it!"

"You will exchange for it?" Apparently, that honest looking young man never expected Qin Wushuang to agree to this price and did not think the trade would succeed. Unexpectedly, Qin Wushuang was going to exchange it, and quickly too!

"Yes!" Qin Wushuang said, "But my blade and the technique book are all at the entrance. I can only trade it with you after going out."

"That won’t do, who knows if you are tricking me? Without the physical goods here, I will not trade it with you." That honest looking young man hugged that Violet Sun Sword and appeared as if it was a rare commodity worth holding.

Yan Feng was not content: "I say, you are so stubborn. Trading it early or later is still trading. If you want to see the objects, then you can check at the entrance."

"Then you guys must accompany me. Or else even if the goods are there, how could I know if it’s yours?"

Qin Wushuang smiled: "Put away your booth, let’s go now."

After a moment of hesitation, that honest looking young man’s desire for that blade and the technique book won out. He stressed: "Let’s make it clear, it must be a trade between Upper Sky goods. If you are trying to trick me with a Pre-Sky Realm weapon and blade technique, then this deal is off."

Qin Wushuang sighed: "Don’t worry, I won’t trick you!"

When they arrived at the entrance, Qin Wushuang explained the situation. That disciple in charge of the deposit was cooperative as he took out that blade and the technique book after verifying his entrance slip. He put it on the counter and said: "These two right?"

"Yes." Qin Wushuang waved toward that honest looking young man, "This is the blade and the blade technique book. Check it for yourself whether they are real or not."

Immediately, that young man’s eyes lit up when he saw that Upper Sky blade. That blade emitted an evident Upper Sky presence. And with its grand and vicious appearance, it attracted his attention immediately. Not to mention that the name of the blade was not ordinary either—Wind Thunder Blade!

Good name and a good blade, all were good!

That honest looking young man nodded with satisfaction: "Good, I will take this blade and the technique book. But the deal is finished; you must give me the folk remedy or else I won't trade it!"

This guy was following his principle. Despite liking this blade, he did not forget his profits. Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly: "You won’t suffer a loss."

Immediately he spoke to that disciple in charge: "I would like to exchange two of my deposits, is that okay?"

"It would not matter if they belonged to the Upper Sky."

Qin Wushuang nodded and did not touch the goods he had acquired from the man in black. Instead, he took out that along with that Dragon and Tiger body sculpting pill.

When he took out that body sculpting pill, he said that young man: "This is the folk remedy for you. You can make a copy now, or remember it."

That guy was unpretentious as he grabbed pens and ink to copy.

Qin Wushuang put away the folk remedy when he saw he had finished copying. Then, he handed it over along with that : "These are two of my new deposits. Two pieces for two people in an exchange with this blade and the technique book."

"Ok." After verification, that disciple exchanged the goods.

Qin Wushuang weighed the Upper Sky blade and the on his hand and said: "Now can we exchange?"

Finally, appearing reluctantly to part, that honest looking young man handed over the Violet Sun Sword and muttered: "How come I still feel like I’ve suffered a loss?"

Yan Feng felt as if his lung as about to explode: "You suffered a loss? What do you have to lose exchanging one item for three? Don't be so greedy."

"You don't understand anything and just like to yell." That honest looking young man showed a face full of disdain, "Although this sword is suitable for me, I am sure that it is not something ordinary. If I didn’t like the battle blade so much, I would not have exchanged it!"

"Since it’s already done, it’s useless to feel regretful." Yan Feng was feeling indignant to himself.

Qin Wushuang immediately loved this sword when he held it. Regardless of the touch, or the feel, or the first impression, Qin Wushuang was extremely satisfied with it.

He did not care about those two’s arguments. On the other hand, he did feel that he had gained very much this time!

To him, that blade and the technique book was useless. Then, he only let him made a copy of the folk remedy. It was not a loss when he used these items to trade for such a mysterious and ancient sword!

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