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The book threaded together the entire training process of the Spiritual Martial Force.

To put it bluntly, this book answered some of the most critical question in regards to how to absorb the natural power. Although it may be a beginner’s book, it explained complicated matters in simple terms clearly.

When one reached the Upper Sky Spiritual Force, the core problem was about how to absorb the natural power through the body and turn it into a strong power.

Thus, after entering the Upper Sky, the strength and weakness of a warrior depended entirely on how he would absorb and use the natural power.

On this critical problem, Qin Wushuang had basically mastered it after receiving some advice from the Martial Saint.

Only, despite understanding this critical problem, there were still a lot of learning to many different aspects. Absorbing the natural Qi was a long and huge learning process.

It was about how to absorb it and where.

The process of absorbing the natural power was in fact, a process to refine your Spiritual Qi.

For the most part, to absorb the natural power, one depended on training. One could initiate the natural power during the training process, merge it with the body and turn it to their own power. It was the slower process.

Of course, there were exceptions. This minority exception depended on directly absorbing Spiritual goods from the natural world in a faster way. It was the accelerated process.

This direct absorption was equivalent to a shortcut. Of course, it posed great attraction.

Only, one must possess two important aspects in order to absorb directly.

Firstly, one must have a strong enough body with the capability to bear the stress. Or else, this direct absorption process would bring extreme danger since it carried oppressive and forceful Qi.

Most importantly, one needed specialized techniques, and Spiritual goods to help absorb it directly. Everyone knew about the rarity of Spiritual goods in the Great Luo Empire. Regardless of Spiritual medicine, demon core, they were all extreme precious.

Once acquired, it would all turn into raw materials for making pellets in most cases. One would never dream of extracting it directly. Although it may be a quick shortcut to withdraw it directly, it did hold a significant amount of risks. Additionally, there would also have a portion loss via leakage and create a rather low exploitation.

All these pros and cons need the trainer to grasp it themselves. They needed to make the appropriate decision per the situation.

Qin Wushuang read through the and grasped a general understanding. Indeed, there were much knowledge within the Upper Sky Realm.

Between each of the Initial, Middle, Upper and the Perfect Spiritual Martial Force, there were vastly different conceptions within.

Within these four big Stages, there were many little stages and means of advancement. It classified the countless Upper Sky warriors in the entire Spiritual Martial Force and formed a strong and weak level.

Basically, the natural power possessed the five elements such as the wind, rain, thunder and electric. All form and beings living in the universe had natural power.

It all depended on how the trainer absorbed, stored and used it.

Currently, Qin Wushuang was practicing on the fifth level—the Seeded Sword from the .

If he were to classify it precisely, it would have different attributes.

Only, the attribute were not clear in the entire fifth stage. Only until the fourth stage—the Gang Sword, it would show the attributes clearly.

Now at the current fifth stage, it was only at an embryonic level.

However, it would not affect the power of the Seeded Sword. In fact, the battle technique of the contained a profound mystery.

The fifth stage was already in the Upper Sky Realm. And if one kept practicing it, the power would also rise steadily with each advancing level. When reached the first stage, it would be indescribable.

Now, Qin Wushuang would not aim too high. Instead, he would practice the Seeded Sword diligently.

Since his current strength only resided in the Initial Stage, to him, the Seeded Sword was more than enough. If he insisted on practicing a higher-level sword technique, most likely it would not turn out satisfyingly.

With the rich Spiritual Qi in this main Virtuous Heaven Mountain Range, it would be a perfect place to practice the Seeded Sword. Thus, he decided to consolidate this combat technique and aim to use it with much more roundness and maturity in the combat.

Combined with the , this was a rare combat technique. Qin Wushuang also understood the principle of biting off more than one can chew.

For a month, he only focused on practicing the combination of these two techniques. If he had a month of time to practice these two techniques well, he would not have dragged out that battle with Li Wuji and turn it into a complicated situation.

Unfortunately, the situation was an emergency and happened in a rush. Li Wuji came without any warning. As a result, it forced Qin Wushuang into corner.

After a full month, Qin Wushuang walked out from the dark corner.

After a month of intense training, Qin Wushuang not only consolidated himself over the stage of the Spiritual Martial Force, his greatest harvest was that he was able to master the perfect combination in the use of the Seeded Sword with the . He had practiced these two to a flawless extent.

After gaining this confidence, Qin Wushuang firmly believed that he would have much more freedom and gained an easier victory if he were to fight with Li Wuji again.

Qin Wushuang decided to walk around. The training process was not only about meditation, he must also have an abundant travelling experience.

Reading ten thousand books was not good as travelling ten thousand miles.

The same principle applied to the training process. Sometimes meditating for three month may not be as efficient as half a month of travelling. During the travels, a moment of realization could be equivalent to half a year of hard training.

Indeed, the twenty-thousand miles wide Virtuous Heaven Mountain Range was as abstruse as the sea. Qin Wushuang had not met a single person after walking for half a month.

Although he had prepared himself mentally before, he still felt rueful.

Yet, he also felt relieved after a moment.

Although this mountain range appeared vast, there were only a few hundred Advanced Students. Most likely, most of the people were training hard in some corner.

It would not be an easy thing if someone were to travel around and meet within this twenty-thousand miles’ area.

When dusk approached, Qin Wushuang raised his head and looked at the sky. He knew that he would not gain anything else today. He was about to find a place to pass the night and start again after sunrise.

Suddenly, the startling sound of birds emerged from the forest behind him. A group of night birds flew out of the forest in a panic.

Qin Wushuang stopped his footsteps as he knew something was going on behind him.

Looking backwards, he saw a bird with a flaming red body. With an appearance like an eagle, it had two large wings and its body was much bigger than an ordinary bird. It orbited in a circle arrogantly over the top of the forest.

Apparently, this flaming red bird also wanted to intimidate and to show off when it saw Qin Wushuang. Giving a long whistle, it kept flapping its wings and kept hitting the trees.

Wherever it went, as if made by clay and like a hot knife through butter, those trees easily turned into two pieces by its pair of massive wings.

The corner of this evil creature was revealed to be a bending hook that exhibited eeriness and sharpness. Showing off its powerful hostility, it flapped its wings and circled thirty or forty metres before Qin Wushuang. One man and one creature stood in confrontation.

It would be impossible for normal flying creature to have such exaggerated hostility. Most likely, this was an Upper Sky bird.

Inwardly, Qin Wuhsuang was in awe and thought that he had extraordinary luck. He had heard from his teacher that the probability of encountering a Spiritual Being was slim. The chance would be higher at the Virtuous Cloud Summit.

Unexpectedly, he had genuinely met an Upper Sky Beast without entering the summit!

Qin Wushuang did not dare to neglect since it was his first time meeting the legendary Spiritual Beast.

This Spiritual Beast appeared somewhat irritable and in a hurry. When it saw Qin Wushuang still did not retreat after it’s intimidation attempt, it directly shook his wings and flew toward him.

Both of its claws grabbed the air and many powerful wind shot down like sharp arrows.

This attack was not any weaker than Li Wuji’s . It felt even more stronger over the temperament.

However, Spiritual Beasts had no techniques to practice as they could not attack to form a formation circle like Li Wuji. Or else, with such speed, it’s attack would be tougher to deal with if it formed into a circle.

Qin Wushuang moved his feet continuously with the use of the and ignored the attack from this evil creature. Instead, he walked and observed the attacks from this beast.

Most of its attack power concentrated on the claws and the mouth. However, it had yet to release any attacks from its wings. To any flying Spiritual Beasts, wings were the invisible parts in which you could never underestimate.

Of course, Qin Wushuang would never act sluggish. He had gradually grasped some pattern after defending for a while. Thus, he walked slower intentionally to let that evil creature fly lower. Then, he would use the to counterattack.

To Spiritual Beasts, each part of their body were treasures. When the body was a treasure, that vermillion pellet inside the body was even more priceless. Regardless of using it for alchemy or absorbing its Spiritual Qi, the vermillion pellet was the most precious thing.

Naturally, Qin Wushuang felt entranced.

It was his first time meeting a Spiritual Beast. If he could not destroy it and take it as spoils of war, it would be like a fly in the ointment!

Indeed, after showing weakness, he had made this Spiritual Beast become wild, throwing off wilder attacks. Usually, the Spiritual Beasts should not be as intelligent as humans. However, they could also be cunning and cautious. They would never attack recklessly.

However, this Spiritual Beast appeared as if it wanted to pass through Qin Wushuang’s blockade as each of its attack had become more vicious.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang thought: "Could it be, that someone had chased this Spiritual Beast to here? It wanted to pass through here to escape the chaser?"

With this thought, he carefully felt his surroundings. Indeed, he heard sounds of moving grass behind him. Although it sounded far away, it had not escaped from Qin Wushuang’s ears.

"Yo…" Qin Wushuang let go of a low chant, moved his body and let that beast passed through. After letting it go, he followed up tightly with light steps.

He knew that most likely it would be a group of people chased this Upper Sky Spiritual Beast. Or else, this beast would not have been wanting to escape desperately.

Although Qin Wushuang may be able to defeat this beast by himself, it was inevitable for him to spend some energy. In the case of using all of his Spiritual Qi, that group of people would pick up the free rewards. Qin Wushuang would never be willing to do such non-profitable business.

Thus, he let this Spiritual Beast pass and he would chase it from behind. He would only make a move once they had gotten rid of the people chasing them. Or else, he would keep running like a competition for endurance!

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