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In fact, Old Man Ji Yin had obviously realized from the voice that the person who had just arrived, was the second Palace Master, Tan Zhongchi!

Tan Zhongchi was undoubtedly among one of the three most powerful authoritative figure in the massive Luo Empire. Inside the empire, the identity of the Second Palace Master was enough for him to do whatever he wanted.

Now, of course he need not show any courtesy when charging into the Ji Yin Mountain. Inwardly, Old Man Ji Yin was feeling doubtful as to why the Palace Master of the Star Gauze had come here personally. Indeed, he had made a lot of enemies. Yet, he did show sufficient respect to the Star Gauze Palace. What reason would he have to come here to kill my disciples?

At the moment, he gave a light whistle, and said in a high-pitched voice: "Could you be the Second Palace Master, Master Tan from the Star Gauze Palace? I am very sorry for not welcoming you myself."

On the surface, he spoke with a polite tone, yet his heart hung on a tightened string and he did not dare to make any careless movements.

With the strength of the Second Palace Master, if he truly wanted to slaughter the people of the Ji Yin Sect, his strength alone was enough. Thus, he must act with caution.

"Ji Yin, stop with the rubbish," Tan Zhongchi spoke with a tyrannical tone. In a flash, he had already jumped on top of the high position and glared at Ji Yin and his disciples with a bold and superior look.

If anyone else had looked at the Old Devil Ji Yin with such expression, he would most likely have already reported at the gates of hell in the next moment. However, Tan Zhongchi, the Second Palace Master was more than qualified to do so.

Although his gazes was not forceful, none of the six disciples dared to look him in the eye. Under his forceful gaze, each of them were either looking at their feet, or evaded him. Apparently, they could not resist against that formidable temperament from Tan Zhongchi.

Feeling nervous, Ji Yin immediately saluted as he moved forward: "Mr. Tan, you have come to the Ji Yin Mountain yourself, is there anything I could do for you?"

Before the Palace Master of the Star Gauze, regardless of how strong he may be, Ji Yin must lower his head.

It was the so-called saying of a tough punch would set the reason. If your strength was inferior, then you had no say.

"Seven Upper Sky disciples, still, six remains after Li Wuji died. All of you are here, excellent! Not one missing," Tan Zhongchi said lightly.

The scalp on the head of Ji Yin went numb as he looked at Tan Zhongchi in alarm: "Mr. Tan, you…"

Expressionless, Tan Zhongchi said: "Ji Yin, if I make a move now, do you think there is any chance for you seven to survive?"

Trembling inwardly, Old Man Ji Yin unconsciously took a step backward : "Master Tan, me and the Ji Yin sect had always respected the Star Gauze Palace. Each year, we were never late nor gave less in each year’s offerings. I just don’t understand how we had offended you that you had to come here yourself? Is there a misunderstanding?"

In fact, he already knew that this matter was related to the Qin family. Only, he had never expected that a martial arts student from a Middle Ranking Subordinate Country would genuinely cause a Palace Master to step out!

Could that son of the Qin be that famous?

Tan Zhongchi shook his head: "There were no misunderstanding. Ji Yin, let me ask you. A while ago, is it true that you have went to the Bai Yue Country to intimidate people, right?"

Indeed, he came here for this business. Although Ji Yin felt somewhat nervous, he couldn't refuse.

He said carefully: "Yes it happened. However, that son of the Qin killed my disciple. I only went there for revenge. And I listened to your Emissary’s mediation and I restrained myself during the trip and never had I went overboard."

"But you had killed people, that is correct?" Tan Zhongchi said with an unfriendly tone.

"Yes." Without a choice, Old Devil Ji Yin had to admit.

"Then you would not object if I kill some of your disciples, right?"

"I would not dare. The Star Gauze Palace is the ruler of the Great Luo Empire and controls life and death. No one could object over anyone they want to kill. I may be bold, but I would not dare to object." Ji Yin answered with humiliation.

"If I had killed you today, it would rather appear that the Star Gauze Palace had no sympathy." Tan Zhonchi said lightly, "Ji Yin, I know your personality. This time, when you returned from the Bai Yue, surely you were planning an escape path and ____. Yet, your little scheme could not be concealed before me."

Inwardly shocked, Ji Yin revealed a terrified look. This time, he did return to make plans for his great six disciples for them to get away. Then, he would be ready to use every means to destroy the Qin, before making the trip to the other country.

"Please, Mr. Tan, you must be joking. I had created the Ji Yin Sect myself and value my students greatly."

"I do wish these were your sincere words. After all, with your strength, you are one of the skilled people in the empire. This is also one of the reason where I am not going to kill you today."

Finally, Old Man Ji Yin felt less pressured for he had heard some important points. It seemed that the Second Palace Master did not intend to destroy his sect.

"I deeply appreciate your kindness, Mr. Tan."

Tan Zhongchi waved his hand impatiently: "No need for words of courtesy . Although I am not going to kill you today, it does not mean that I will not kill you in the future. I only came here to inform you that, if you value your power, your foundation you built from scratch, then, regardless of how many disciples the Qin from the Bai Yue had killed, you shall never seek revenge or cause trouble. Or else, you can use every means to do whatever you want, but I promise this, before your disciples have the chance to leave the empire, the Star Gauze will kill everyone of you. If one escapes, then it would be our fault for being incapable!"

It was indeed, a promising threat.

Inwardly, Ji Yin cried out painfully. He knew that since the Second Palace Master had spoke these words, surely he had expected his little intentions of to act with great risks. Regardless of him denying the words or not, he would be cautious of his move. This way, many agents from the Star Gauze Palace would wander near the Ji Yin Mountain.

As long as the Ji Yin sect made any movements, most likely punishments from the Star Gauze Palace would follow after. And a catastrophe would await the sect.

The most cruel choice was lying right before the Old Devin Ji Yin.

He could either compromise, or take the risk to act.

Old Man Ji Yin drew a deep breath, he already made up his mind. The Star Gauze may be powerful, however, were you capable of monitoring the Ji Yin sect forever? I would lower my head temporarily, and I refuse to believe you would watch my sect without a break.

"Hmph, once I find the slightest of chances…"

When he thought here, Old Man Ji Yin had already made his decision inwardly. Yet, he still needed to put on a show on the surface as he asked with false intention: "Second Palace Master, I have a question. I dare to ask, what is the relationship between that Qin from the Bai Yue with the Star Gauze Palace?"

Tan Zhongchi said coldly: "Qin Wushuang, offspring from the Qin has already become my disciple and will inherit my legacy. Would this reason be enough for you to take a step back?"

The color on Old Man Ji Yin’s face changed and his chest went up and down. After a while, he said with a gloomy face: "I understand. The Ji Yin sect and I will give up at this moment!"

When he said these words, Ji Yin felt extremely unyielding, frustrated and unwilling. However, he had no choice, Before the formidable Star Gauze Palace, even if he was unwilling to compromise inwardly, he must admit defeat.

Or else, with the means of Tan Zhongchi, he could have destroyed his sect today.

Glancing around with an unfriendly look at those Ji Yin disciples, Tan Zhongchi suddenly smiled and said: "Ji Yin, to show your sincerity, your second, and third disciple will come with me to the Star Gauze Palace. In ten years, if the Ji Yin sect remains obedient. I will let them go back." Immediately, the defense line inside Ji Yin’s heart had collapsed.

Tan Zhongchi’s drastic measures had completely destroyed any of his little hope.

However, he could not resist either. Once he did, it would be the end of the Ji Yin sect.

"Wuxie, Wujiu, you guys go with the Palace Master and broaden your horizon at the Star Gauze Palace." Old Man Ji Yin said meaningfully.

Both the second and third disciple moved out of the formation. They would not dare to defy orders from their teacher. At the same time, they also understood that they were bearing a heavy responsibility. It was equivalent to becoming hostages to the Star Gauze Palace.

If they were unwilling to become the hostages, it would be the end for the Ji Yin sect. Thus, they had no choice. They would go for sake of the sect and to pay back their teacher.

"Master, please rest assured. We will surely act within boundary when we go to the Star Gauze Palace. We will work hard to return to the sect and reunite with you."

These two revealed their position whole-heartedly. Although they did not dare to overly speak exaggerated and reckless words, yet their tone was obvious in telling Old Man Ji Yin that they would never betray him.

Revealing a grieving expression, Old Man Ji Yin waved his hand as if he had aged a dozen of years instantly: "Go, go, the door of the Ji Yin sect will remain open for you forever."

Of course, feeling disdained, Tan Zhongchi would not bother to expose the parting show between the teacher and the students. He drew a circle with his hand and two skinny threads, almost invisible for the naked eye to see twined out and twisted the two from a far distance. He pulled along and those two came to his hand. Laughing, Tan Zhongchi said: "Ji Yin, this is it for today. You know what to do!"

After he had finished, he stomped with his feet and jumped down from the high place. In a flash, his figure had disappeared from the sights of Ji Yin.

Revealing an ashen face, Old Man Ji Yin could not utter a sound for a while.

"He Yutian, He Yutian, isn’t this all your fault? Today, if I don’t torture you to death, how could I relieve my hatred?"

Furious, Old Man Ji Yin had nowhere to let go of it. Of course, he blamed He Yutian.

This time, indeed, he had lost completely. Not only had he lost the life of his head disciple, Li Wuji, he had also lost the second and the third disciples.

This time, even if they did not die while hostage, they would suffer enough. Ten years…

In other words, within ten years, he better not think of playing any tricks. Or else, it would be equivalent to giving up his two disciples.

Old Man Ji Yin had great hopes for his seven disciples. Abandoning anyone of them would be like cutting his own flesh. Or else, he would not have went to the Bai Yue Country to revenge for just one Li Wuji. He did it despite the great risks of giving up his foundation in the Great Luo Empire.

However, now, with the so-called refraining from shooting at the rat in fear of breaking the vase, regardless of his schemes, he could only watch the other party act freely. To an old demon who would always seek revenge immediately, the fact where he could not get revenge was deeply depressing.

Gone like the wind, in a moment, Tan Zhongchi brought both of Ji Yin’s disciples outside. Both Qin Wushuang and Emissary Liu had waited for a while.

"Wushuang, Emissary Liu, were you wondering why I had not slaughtered the entire Ji Yin sect today, right?"

Qin Wushuang did not feel strange. On the contrary, Emissary Liu who knew the style of the Second Palace Master did have some questions. With the Second Palace Master’s thunder like methods, it was a rare thing since he had not cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.

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