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Outside of the Ji Yin Mountain, several agents of the Star Gauze Palace had been monitoring the mountain for many days. When they received the message from the Second Palace Master, one of the closest agents appeared from the dark.

"It’s my honor to meet with you, Second Palace Master, Emissary Liu," That agent said respectfully.

"No need for courtesy. Any movements from the Ji Yin sect?’

"Second Palace Master, a few days ago, Old Man Ji Yin had rushed back to the mountain and for now, he did not make much movements. We were worried about Old Man Ji Yin discovering us, so we did not get too close. As for the exact schemes they were planning in the sect, we had not yet discovered anything."

Tan Zhongchi waved his hand: "No need to investigate, call all the people out. Come with me into the mountain."

Monitoring the Ji Yin sect was not some easy task. Everyone knew that the Old Devil Ji Yin had a ferocious personality. Most likely, disciples from the Star Gauze Palace would not escape without some injuries if they happened to offended him.

Six agents all appeared. They were all curious when they saw Qin Wushuang who was standing next to Tan Zhongchi, yet no one dared to ask.

Tan Zhongchi said: "This is my new disciple, Qin Wushuang."

"It’s a pleasure meeting all the brothers from the same sect." Qin Wushuang knew his manners and said unpretentiously.

"Haha, no need to be so formal. With Second Palace Master teaching you personally, your future is unlimited. For us, we can see only the rider’s dust and have no hope of catching up."

Bluntly, Tan Zhongchi also snickered and motioned with his hand. A group of people directly charged into the visible detection range of the Ji Yin Mountain.

To someone as experienced as Tan Zhongchi, of course, he would not know the location of the visible detection range. Yet, within the territory of the Great Luo Empire, there was no place that he would not dare to go. Of course, a mere Ji Yin Mountain was no exception.

"Who’s there, stop this instant!"

"Stop, this is the private territory of the Ji Yin sect. Those who dare to charge in, die!"

A group of disciples of the Ji Yin Sect continuously emerged from the dark corners. Yet, all these disciples were Pre-Sky Realm martial artists. Although each one of them had the strength at Stage Eight or Nine of the Genuine Force, in the eyes of Tan Zhongchi, they were no different from mole crickets and ants.

"Death?" When Tan Zhongchi heard this word, his expression darkened.

Then, he asked: "Wushuang, how many people did the Old Man Ji Yin killed when he went to the Eastwood?"

Qin Wushuang said: "No less than hundreds of people."

"What kind of people?"

"Most of them were workers for the Qin, and some business people and guests." Whenever Qin Wushuang talked about this matter, anger emerged from his heart.

Tan Zhongchi nodded: "Ok, a gentleman would not be a true one if he did not seek vengeance. I cannot allow this matter become a knot on your heart and affect your training. This way, today on our trip to the Ji Yin Mountain, you can kill a person whenever you see one, until you feel it is enough. For the Ji Yin Sect, although they did not have a relatively large group of people, they still have a few hundred. It would be more than enough to repay the one hundred lives."

The Second Palace Master said with a relatively calm tone as if killing people of the Ji Yin sect was an insignificant matter and as normal as eating and sleeping.

Yet, Qin Wushuang did not make a move and spoke: "Teacher, if I killed people of the Ji Yin sect today, surely that Old Devil Ji Yin would feel that I was using the your name to intimidate people. I will come back to here when my strength is on the same level as that Old Devil. As for today’s matter, please make the decision."

Emissary Liu and those six agents all looked at Qin Wushuang admiringly. Originally, they thought that Qin Wushuang only got to study under the Second Palace Master due to luck.

From today’s situation, it seemed he did not want to use the name of the Second Palace Master to act however he wanted.

If it was a narrow-minded person, for sure he would gladly choose to kill using an opportunity like this. How could he hold back? With a great supporter like the Second Palace Master, even if he had slaughtered the entire Ji Yin sect, Old Man Ji Yin would also not dare to object.

If there was the slightest clamor, it would be no more difficult than lifting one’s own hand if the Second Palace Master were to destroy Old Man Ji Yin.

Tan Zhongchi also did not expect that his new student had such a unique personality. Although he did not reveal anything on the surface, he was inwardly happy.

Qin Wushuang’s choice had left an even better impression on Tan Zhongchi.

However, although Qin Wushuang did not make any moves, it did not mean that Tan Zhongchi would be willing to let this matter go. Sneering, he watched those disciples of the Ji Yin that emerged from all around.

They had came from seven directions and in total, there were twenty-one people.

Since he had made the trip, how could he achieve the purpose in intimidating someone ferocious like the Old Devil Ji Yin if he did not kill a few?

Eyes narrowing into a line, he glanced around. Suddenly, he said lightly: "Twenty-one, good, I will use you guys as an example."

Before his words had finished, it was almost impossible to see how he had made the move, the Second Pal ace Master had already drawn a circle with his fingers.

It formed semicircle after he had drawn it.

Shua shua shua, in the next moment, twenty-one shattering sounds had sounded. Like twenty one wooden blocks, those twenty-one people all got hit.

Next, they were blow into pieces and shattered into a cloud of blood.

The attack of Tan Zhongchi appeared seeming to be and not to be. Even Qin Wushuang could not completely describe his speed. It was because with his eyesight, he had genuinely not seen through how he had made the move.

It was as if he had only slightly moved his arm. Yet, in this movement, he had attacked twenty-one times with the tip of his finger.

Such speed could no longer be described as "Shocking".

When Emissary Liu and that group of agents watched this scene, they all looked stunned and impressed. They also had not seen exactly how the Second Palace Master moved.

"I am deeply impressed by your power, Second Palace Master," Emissary Liu complimented wholeheartedly.

"Haha, it was only a warm up. Let’s keep going. Whoever dares to stop us, they will face this consequence!" The tone of Tan Zhongchi appeared extremely tyrannical. In between his movements, it was filled with the prestige of a Palace Master.

Indeed, on their way in, secret sentries kept jumping out. Yet, they all faced the same fate as the Second Palace Master destroyed them into dusts without any effort.

Currently, Old Man Ji Yin was scheming on how to escape from the Great Luo Empire and how to destroy the Qin to avenge Li Wuji. Suddenly, six of his trusted disciples arrived altogether outside the door.

"Master, a powerful foe has charged in and is destroying the secret sentries. They are almost at the inner gate of the sect!"

Old Man Ji Yin opened his eyes widely as he thought, an enemy was invading?

Although his Ji Yin Mountain was not a dragon’s pond or the tiger’s den, no one would dare to act recklessly within the hundreds of years and killing to the door! Who had such great ambition?

Old Man Ji Yin was not some kind person that would swallow his suffering. On the contrary, he was someone that would always seek out revenge immediately.

Normally, people would feel blessed if he did not go out to cause trouble. Now, someone had dared to act like a bully in his home. With his personality, plus his recently foul mood, one could imagine the consequence.

He mused to himself with an eerie smile: "Let’s go and look to see which bastard has no eyes. I am going to make sure that he will regret being born into this world!"

With a flash of white light, his body had directly flown out of the cave. Behind him, six of his Upper Sky disciples followed. In total, seven figures suddenly jumped up and blocked the most crucial pathway for one to pass the inner Ji Yin gate.

Of course, the strength of Tan Zhongchi was also much higher than the Old Man Ji Yin. Naturally, he sensed firsthand that Old Man Ji Yin had scrambled out of the cave with anger.

He smiled: "So Old Devil Ji Yin is here, here comes the good show!"

Immediately, he did not restrain himself and rushed forward in big steps. On the surface, his steps were not big and the frequencies in between was low.

However, in between the jumping up and down, he had arrived about hundred meters away. Despite using their full strength, both Qin Wushuang and Emissary Liu could barely follow him.

With a face full of fury, Old Man Ji Yin towered up and stood on the highest ground of the gate. He spread his strong Qi recklessly and send out his voice faraway: "Which strong foe has dared to cause trouble at my mountain?"

Rolling, as if the disposition of the thunder kept rolling out, as if ten thousand horses running accompanied by the beating of the battle drum, his voiced shocked the sky and earth.

Anyone with a slightly weaker strength would feel their internal organs surging up and down from this shockwave.

Tan Zhongchi knew that Old Man Ji Yin was bluffing and showing off. Yet, in his eyes, his strength was a big joke.

Without revealing too much, he only lightly "snorted" from his nose. Yet, like a sharp arrow penetrating through the cloud, this light snort from the nose shot forward boldly.

It directly penetrated through the sound wave defense as if it was piercing a white paper. Instantly, it arrived before Old Man Ji Yin.

Only feeling a "buzz", the entire body of the Old Man Ji Yin turned numb. The initial savage looking expression suddenly turned extremely pale.

He looked forward surprisingly. Inwardly, he already felt edgy.

One would know the strength behind the attack of a powerful person. Apparently, the light snort from the other party had not used his full strength. And it seemed to be only a casual movement in which its movement had completely suppressed his sound wave attack.

The difference between their strength made the arrogant Old Man Ji Yin feel somewhat surprised. Inwardly, he knew that a powerful person had come!

"You six, pay attention. It seemed that this person intends to stir up trouble. When I fight with him, you must use all means to escape. Remember, you all must escape through different routes!"

Old Man Ji Yin explained cautiously. The situation was much more important than himself. He may be arrogant, but he would not dare to act boldly before people who were stronger than him. On the contrary, he started to plan for escape routes with a clear head.

In a world of powerful warriors, a higher mountain always exists. Before a strong foe, if one did not know how to retreat, it would be equivalent to asking for his own death without any chance of redemption.

Before absolute strength, courage, blood and vital breath were completely useless.

"Master, a tough one?"

Revealing a solemn expression, the muscle on the face of Old Man Ji Yin could not help but tremble. He said coldly: "Very tough! Remember, use different escape routes. Every single one counts. Do not consider concealing or revenge. Escape to the Heavenly Lake Empire immediately. Unless you all have a sudden increase of strength, never return to the Great Luo Empire!"

"Master…" Although Old Man Ji Yin had a dislikable personality, all his disciples were extremely loyal. Apparently, they were not willing to escape without their teacher.

"Nonsense, act according to the situation. Once you see it is not going well, run away immediately! No hesitation!"


At this time, a light voice sounded: "Ji Yin, get out!"

Inwardly, Old Man Ji Yin was shocked. How could it be him?

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