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"Marquis Wushuang, could it be that these promises are still not enough? It doesn’t matter, you can tell me whatever you’re thinking of. As long as the conditions are suitable, I can promise it to you on behalf of my Emperor," The stout man said with a face full of eagerness.

Qin Wushuang shook his head determinedly: "Sorry, I am not too interested in your offers and do not plan to negotiate over this matter. My Qin was born below the feet of the Great Cang Mountains, and our burial place is deep inside the Great Cang Mountains. The other places might be good, but they are not my Qin’s land."

That stout man had never expected that Qin Wushuang would be this stubborn. A young teenager, while facing such an enticing offer, he did not become swayed, how sophisticated is he?

That stout man showed an indeterminable expression and his mood also became complicated. Before he had departed for the Bai Yue Country, he had received orders that he must use every means possible to pull such talent to the Heavenly Lake Empire’s side.

If they managed to get ahold of such talent, it would serve two purposes; the first, to replenish the country’s talent; the second, it would be a strike to the Great Luo Empire!

Once they failed in grabbing ahold of such talent, they must seize the opportunity to get rid of this potential figure and kill him while he was still in the cradle. Only this way, they could prevent him from becoming the greatest threat to the Heavenly Lake Empire!

Only, with his strength, it would be a pipe dream to get rid of an Upper Sky warrior. Thus, there was no way this assassination plan was possible.

If that was the case, they could only continue on the path of enticing him.

Since the Heavenly Lake and the Great Luo Empire were in a hostile relationship, both of them had concealed many spies and information agents in the other countries to collect information.

This stout man was indeed, one of the concealed spies from the Heavenly Lake Empire.

The matter of him stepping out from the shadows was a desperate choice from the Heavenly Lake Empire. If they could get Qin Wushuang to come to the Heavenly Lake Empire, it would worth even if they had to lose this agent.

"Marquis Wushuang, unexpectedly, at such a young age, you hold such a strong passionate feeling for your hometown. I am utterly impressed. We did bring up this matter somewhat in a hurry. How about this, let me put this matter on hold for now. If you’ve changed your mind, or even if you experience some injustice in the Great Luo Empire, you can come to the Heavenly Lake Empire. All the promises will still be delivered! To make it easier for communication, please accept this honorific plate of the Empire. With this plate, you are eligible to enjoy the treatment of a national scholar."

After he had finished, he took out a sophisticated and ancient looking jade plate and put it on top of the table.

Suddenly, he said again: "I heard that an Upper Sky Realm warrior came to cause trouble last time. It seems that he was a disciple from the Ji Yin Sect of the Great Luo Empire. That Old Man Ji Yin has such a strange personality and is known for his overprotectiveness of his disciples. Now, since his head disciple died in the Bai Yue Country, I believe that in less than half of a month, he will come to the Bai Yue Country for sure. And he is not easy to deal with. Thus, please consider wisely!"

Qin Wushuang knew that whatever he said, he still wanted him to come to the Heavenly Lake Empire.

This was the so-called acting with concern while hiding his evil intentions.

Of course, they must have admired Qin Wushuang. However, the great Middle Ranking Empire would not fall to an extent where they could not survive without Qin Wushuang.

Surely, while promising such benefits to invite him to the Heavenly Lake Empire, it was not as simple as appreciating his potential.

Qin Wushuang did not have much interest in fame or power of the secular world. It was one of his reason for rejecting the offer, and another was he could not abandon the Great Cang Mountain, such a miraculous place.

Most importantly, he was not an impulsive person. He knew that behind the alluring promises, there were surely difficulties. The world did not exist with benefits and free lunches alone.

Even if he were tempted by the thought by the huge rewards, and went to the Heavenly Empire, in a strange place, without any foundation, how could he survive in that big country? What did he have to establish his reputation?

Just by using the fact he was an Upper Sky Realm warrior?

In a Middle Ranking great Empire, not only would they have many Upper Sky Warriors, but surely they would be rather common.

And abandoning the Bai Yue Country was equivalent to betraying the Great Luo Empire and all the history and traditions the Qin had. He would lose all that the Qin had built from generations ago.

Although these foundations were not rich, it was deep and had taken its root deep below the Great Cang Mountains. Moving even the slightest could make them suffer, not to mention moving everyone.

In the Tian Xuan Land, betraying the country was known as the most severe and the most shameful crime. Whoever dared to try win reputation through betraying their country, of course, they would not have a good reputation. In the end, wherever you walked, people would judge you with ill-intentions.

With all things considered, although the benefits promised by the Heavenly Empire may sound tempting, but just like a flower with poisonous thorns, the more beautiful it was, the more dangerous!

Qin Wushuang clearly knew that at this moment, he was not going after this material wealth and power, but to concentrate on pursuing martial arts in which he could not afford to relax.

Of course, part of what the guest had said did require some processing.

For instance, the Ji Yin Sect, and Old Man Ji Yin. Both the negotiator from the Heavenly Lake Empire and the Martial Saint had mentioned that Old Man Ji Yin was known for being overprotective of his disciples.

Thus, it would be tough in regards to how to deal with this Old Man Ji Yin.

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang opened his mouth to say: "Sir, it seems that you are well-informed about what happens in the Great Luo Empire. If that’s so, I will not keep you three today. Starting from now, my Royal Qin mansion will implement a full security alert to prevent the invasion of Old Man Ji Yin!"

Determined with his decisions, Qin Wushuang issued a notice for them to leave.

That stout man shook his head with a bitter smile: "Marquis Wushuang, you are obstinately clinging to your own course, the foundation of the Qin acquired by hard work would most likely be destroyed. How would you defend against that Old Man Ji Yin just by imposing emergency measures? The strength of a Middle Ranking Spiritual Martial Force is not something an Initial Stage Warrior could resist. Even if you were to join hands with the Martial Saint, I promise that you guys will not even be able to exchange three moves with him!"

Although he spoke the truth, to Qin Wushuang, it sounded extremely uncomfortable as he said coldly: "That is none of your business."

The stout man sighed: "Too bad, such a shame!"

Just as Qin Wushuang was about to respond, a voice suddenly came from outside the door: "Nothing to regret about, what is too bad?"

When these words were spoken, Qin Wushuang was also a little startled.

An Upper Sky?

The presence of an Upper Sky user! He could truly feel traces of a rich Upper Sky presence from the tone and the sound wave.

Although this presence at the Upper Sky Realm was also at the Initial Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force, he appeared extremely rich and powerful and exhibit strong life force.

A trace of coldness like a viper flashed across that stout man’s eyes as he looked towards the door in alarm.

A person around thirty years old that wore a clean robe without a trace of dust had appeared. Although his appearance looked travel-worn, his clean and tidy clothes did not make him seem like a traveler.

Like a deep natural pond, he stood there and exhibited a form of depth. Even Qin Wushuang could not help but be impressed by such a man.

He could see that regardless of the stages in the Upper Sky Realm or strength, he was at least two or three levels higher than Li Wuji who was also at the Initial Stage.

There were four stages in the Spiritual Martial Force—Initial, Middle, Highest and the Perfect Spiritual Martial Force!

However, when classifying these specifically, each stage had many little differences. Each of these little stages had some little levels in it and it was hard to classify them precisely.

Although he could only do some simple and straightforward comparison, it was reliable when an Upper Sky Realm observed such details. Thus, Qin Wushuang judged that this person must be more powerful than Li Wuji and it was not a random thought.

Apparently, the stout man also felt somewhat suppressed when he saw this man. Putting on a fake smile, he said: "Since an important guest had arrived, I shall not linger any longer. I will take my leave now."

After he had finished, he turned around and was about to leave with the two guards.

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang said: "Hold on!"

That stout man immediately turned around to look as he thought that Qin Wushuang had had a change of mind.

Qin Wushuang flicked his sleeves and a strong wind carried that Heavenly Empire’s national jade and in a beautiful curve direction, it shot over.

"Also, take this with you!"

That stout man revealed a somewhat embarrassed expression and he took it back. However, his entire body was shocked by that remaining power in the wave and he almost could not move due to numbness.

He put up on a forced smile: "Ok, bye."

Just as he walked to the door, that guests were still standing at the gate and remained unmoving like a statue while staring at this stout man.

"Please, let me through." How could that stout man not see that this man had deliberately blocked his path? Inwardly, he was in a perturbed state of mind since he just wanted to get away.

"You are the negotiator from the Heavenly Lake Empire?" That guest lightly asked.

"Eh, not exactly as a negotiator, I just happened to admire Marquis Wushuang a lot."

"Yes? How about me?" Some strange smile emerged from the corner of that guests’ mouth.


"Yes, if possible, why not introduce me. With such beneficial conditions, although Marquis Wushuang is not interested, I am."

That stout man looked at these unexpected guests apparently dumbfounded, he could not figure out what he intended. However, he did clearly know of his full presence of the Upper Sky.

"What, is it difficult?" That guest twisted his brow.

"Haha, please don’t make fun of me. With your strength, you should already be famous, why take the trouble to play with me?"

"An amusement?" Suddenly, that person changed his tone into a serious mode and a sharp light shoot out from his eyes, "So you know it’s an amusement, then do you know on whose land you are walking on?"

"You…" Finally, that stout man realized that the other party came unfriendly!

"A spy from the Heavenly Lake Empire boldly dares to try and poach a citizen from a Subordinate Country of the Great Luo Empire. Do you think that you could simply leave?"

Startled, that stout man glanced that his two guards. Yet, like a bouncing ball, his body had shot out towards the door.

That guest only sneered and did not stop him. Instead, he allowed his body to shoot out like a meatball. After a moment, he stomped with his feet and as if disappearing from the ground, he went out to chase him.

"Marquis Wushuang, I came as a guest from a far away place and do not want to kill people in your home. Allow me to kill this guy, and I will pay a visit in return!"

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was dumbfounded and a suspicion emerged, he thought: "Another Upper Sky warrior, who is he? Could he have come from the higher ups of the Great Luo Empire?"

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