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"Li Wuji, you claimed to have entered the Upper Sky for many years, is that all you've got? Then on this day, next year, will be your Memorial Day!" Qin Wushuang stepped forward with a strong temperament.

On the surface, Li Wuji smiled creepily. Yet inwardly, his shock could not be described by words.

Indeed, he had inherited that Upper Sky technique, the "Thunder Palm Of The Sky" from his teacher. It had extraordinary power.

The so-called Upper Sky techniques were not easily found anywhere. Even the Ji Yin sect had very little of these techniques.

Sometimes, a good Upper Sky technique could even decide the life and death of two Upper Sky warriors at the same level. With a stronger Upper Sky technique, even if you had a weaker talent in absorbing natural power, it was possible to use a superior technique to overcome your enemy!

To absorb natural power was one matter but utilizing the Spiritual Qi was another. And how one utilizes it relied on the quality of the technique.

Although Li Wuji was the head disciple to Old Man Ji Yin, he had only inherited two Upper Sky techniques. One was that "Thunder Palm Of the Sky", and the other was the unused "Thunder Wind Blade." As per the name, it was a blade technique.

Naturally, a blade technique would need a blade.

Li Wuji concentrated for a bit and rubbed his hands. No one knew what type of tricks he had played when a pure white curved blade appeared in his hand.

This blade shot out immense flashes of light. Especially at the edge of the blade where waves of coldness emerged that would have made one stay away just by looking at it. One look at it and you would know how much blood this blade had drunk to achieve such a terrifying stage.

Once the Martial Saint saw Li Wuji's weapon, while inwardly shocked, he shouted: "Be careful Wushuang!"

After fighting with Li Wuji for some time, he had approximately understood at what stage Li Wuji was at in the Upper Sky Realm.

Regarding the Upper Sky Qi, his own stage would not lose to Li Wuji at all. He might even have a richer Qi than him.

Although he did not know the specific reason to this richness in his Qi, he was certain he had a far richer power in absorbing the natural power than Li Wuji.

To put it bluntly, Qin Wushuang had a much more solid foundation in the Upper Sky Realm than Li Wuji.

With his foundation, and combined with the , regardless of how much tricks Li Wuji brought out, even if he were to use ten different Upper Sky techniques, the result would be the same. It was because he could only use a variety of techniques, and he could not increase his Qi in such a short time.

Thus, many superficial changes but no departure from the original stand. As long as he did not make a mistake in the , regardless of how much tricks Li Wuji wanted to bring out, he would still remain undefeated. It was due to the fact that his enemy did not have a complete upper advantage where he did not even have a solid foundation!

Earlier, Qin Wushuang had decided to choose defense mainly because he did not have a thorough understanding to the battle between Upper Sky Realm warriors. Thus, he wanted to use this opportunity to become familiar with the crucial points of the battle.

It seemed that from today's situation, regardless of being an Upper or Pre-Sky Realm warriors, strength was the absolute deciding factor in a fight. It all depended on one's motion, techniques and quick-thinking on the scene.

After all, paths of both Pre and Upper Realm warriors came from the same origin. Thus, the principle beneath it was transferable.

Since he understood this point, suddenly, it was as if Qin Wushuang had experienced hundreds of Upper Sky battles and many insights emerged in his head.

He freely took a step forward and ignored the curve blade in Li Wuji's hand as he sneered: "Li Wuji, you cannot harm me with your hands, of course, you will not with a blade!"

Li Wuji smiled coldly and said: "Whether or not it works, you will learn!"

With a ruthless and bloodthirsty personality, once Li Wuji initiated his battle mode, for sure it would be extremely violent. Next, he rolled his curve blade and slashed toward Qin Wushuang's skull.

Per the name, this "Thunder Wind Blade" technique moved like the wind and thunder. With each slash, it contained the sound of thunder that triggered the movements of the sky and unleashing enormous force.

To this blade technique, it emphasized the extremely tyrannical temperament. Because of its compelling power along with Li Wuji's personality, Old Man Ji Yin had chosen to pass this blade technique to him and bestowed him with an Upper Sky battle blade!

Only, Li Wuji's earlier strategy was to kill Qin Wushuang as quick as possible. Thus, he had used "Thunder Palm Of the Sky" and not the "Thunder Wind Blade."

It had led him in not using this blade technique during his peak state. And naturally, when he used it now after having exhausted himself, its power could not achieve its highest output.

Although the enemy still imposed vigorous temperament, Qin Wushuang still moved as if he was taking a walk in the yard. One step to the left and right, where he moved using the and completely ignored Li Wuji's "Thunder Wind Blade" slashes.

Currently, Li Wuji felt as if was using the blade to slash water. Each slash had required enormous effort but had failed. Regardless of his power in the blade, he could not stop the gentle power of the water.

He was truly in doubt, had this Qin Wushuang truly just entered the Upper Sky Realm? On the surface, his set of movement techniques did not appear strange, or weird. Yet his swaying to the left and right had actually left Li Wuji slashing the empty air.

It was as if the two had already acting out a practiced routine, and not a life and death battle.

This powerless feeling!

Li Wuji was feeling waves of powerlessness fill his body.

He was confident that as long as the other party made one mistake in his movements, even if he only managed to scrape him with the point of his blade, he would make him suffer heavily and die.

However, he could not get him to make that one mistake after having slashed hundreds of times.

It was as if he had completely ignored this set of Upper Sky blade that could slash the hair. He seemed to have ignored his blade technique that moved like the Thunder.

All his steps appeared preordained. He walked each of his steps casually to the point it drove Li Wuji crazy!

Perhaps, one could not have demonstrated such mastery over the steps even if he had practiced from the womb.

However, Li Wuji could not find any flaws in Qin Wushuang's movements no matter what.

In the current situation, it was impossible for Li Wuji to stop halfway. At such a critical stage, if he retreated from the battle, surely his temperament would decrease. At that point, he would not be able to defend against the counterattack.

He must resist it! If he could force his will in maintaining his attacks, he would see how long this kid could last!

Viciously, Li Wuji gave two long whistles and changed his blade direction in moving more swiftly.

Still, neither slow nor fast, Qin Wushuang gave others the feeling that he was taking a walk and not fighting a life and death battle with Li Wuji.

When the Martial Saint watched until this point, he could not help but feel impressed by Qin Wushuang's patience. To someone who had just entered the Upper Sky Realm, it was extraordinary to perform to such extent. For your information, normally when someone had just entered the Upper Sky, they were extremely confident about themselves and maintained a strong battle discipline. In order to defend single-handedly, one could not have done it without strong self-discipline.

With Qin Wushuang's personality, amongst maturity, he did not lack passion. He was never someone that would defend to the death. On the contrary, Qin Wushuang had a wave of extreme stubbornness in his personality. It was a form of hostile power that would explode during a specific stage.

"For sure, Qin Wushuang had other moves. His movements and stages of the Spiritual Qi had made it seem as if he had practiced on the path of the Upper Sky Realm for a very long time. Being this experienced, how could he lack an attack technique? Now, he could grind Li Wuji's strength down some more since it had not yet fully depleted. He could grind Li Wuji down until he his attacks started to weaken and then finish him in one lethal move. Then, killing him would not just be empty talk…"

To the Martial Saint, after having watched everything from the beginning, he could already predict the many steps to come after. He also saw that Li Wuji's blade technique was indeed, extraordinary. Fortunately, Qin Wushuang's set of movement techniques were like a bane to him since it did not care about that blade technique.

Thus, regardless of how much tricks Li Wuji brought to the battle, he could still counter it with changelessness.

"Perhaps, after this battle, the world will know Qin Wushuang's name! Haha, it seems that being a little pond, the Bai Yue Country cannot contain this dragon." The Martial Saint was having indescribable feelings.

He thought that previously he had wanted to take Qin Wushuang on as a disciple and let him inherit the position of the Martial Saint. Thinking now, it was fortunate that Qin Wushuang had refused.

How could he even be Qin Wushuang's teacher with his little skills? To put it bluntly, if he were in Li Wuji's position, he would most likely not be in a more favorable situation than him!

However, after witnessing Qin Wushuang's brave performance, the Martial Saint also felt gratified. At least, the Bai Yue Country now had two Upper Sky Realm Warriors.

Just this fact alone was enough to suppress all the middle ranking Subordinate Countries around them. Especially their formidable enemy, the Great Wu which from now would not pose a threat to the Bai Yue Country!

And apparently, Qin Wushuang's future was far greater than today's level. Most likely, the Upper Sky Realm and the initial Spiritual Martial Force was his starting point.

As far as the Martial Saint knew, he could only see a glimpse of how far Qin Wushuang could rise!

If one must use a sentence to describe Qin Wushuang's future, it would be limitless! His future was completely unpredictable and limitless.

He was a young teenager that had attracted the Martial Saint's attention and was incapable of evaluating.

Born from the Humble Class, he had truly broken through each level at such young age. Each step he took had stunned people. Any of the steps he had walked such as walking up to the Martial Saint Mountain and to the Upper Sky Realm was enough for others to work for their entire life. And he, at a dozen years of age had completely achieved it!

"Li Wuji!" Suddenly, Qin Wushuang's voice came from the center of the ground.

All people of the Qin were overjoyed. They had heard that Wushuang still speaking with a tone of ease. This indicated that he was still resisting and the situation was not too bad!

"I told you that if that's all you've got, then this time next year will be your Memorial Day!"

As soon as Qin Wushuang had spoken, Spiritual Qi from his entire body suddenly spread out as he initiated his Qi. Instantly, it moved to strike Li Wuji.

The fight over the temperament was a field unavoidable in the Upper Sky Realm battles.

With the initiation of this force, it was equivalent to two tigers meeting with each other. Of course, the stronger party would march forward and the weaker side retreat!

Qin Wushuang had sent out a strong Upper Sky Qi beneath his spoken words. It had penetrated through the mist and even the Martial Saint felt a ripple in his heart.

Each of those Pre=Sky Realm martial artists appeared even sicker as they felt an extreme moodiness filled their chest to the extent of vomiting!

Shocked by this sound infused with Upper Sky Qi, Li Wuji could not maintain his absolute focus and his blade technique became sluggish.

Qin Wushuang saw what happened clearly and took a step forward with his left-hand thumb pushing forward.

As if it were a vicious beast that had been confined too long in a cage, a ray of red light gushed out toward Li Wuji, advancing courageously!

No stronghold could overcome the invincible !

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