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The Martial Saint inwardly thought: "If it were a Martial Saint from one of the surrounding Subordinate Countries, surely they would send an invitation request or something. Same level Subordinate Countries would not disregard courtesy like this. Except for war times between the two countries… Right now, there are no countries at war with the Bai Yue, then…"

When he thought about some possibilities, the Martial Saint suddenly had an idea. Could he be the elite Upper Sky Realm Warrior from the Mother Country? Maybe he could be the Upper Sky Realm Warrior from an enemy empire of the Great Luo?

His instincts as an elite Upper Sky warrior made him realize that this person was not friendly. Obviously, he had entered the country with hostile intentions. Who was he targeting? Could he be planning to assassinate the Emperor of the Bai Yue Country?

Or was it to deal with him, the Martial Saint?

Regardless of either situation, he was the Martial Saint, he had unshirkable responsibilities and could not watch with folded arms.

Since the enemy had sent an Upper Sky Realm Warrior, then surely the situation must be dealt with by Upper Sky Warriors. If he, the Martial Saint, did not do something, no one else in the Bai Yue could suppress him. How could he let the invader do whatever he wanted?

Only, after that person had left a trace Upper Sky Qi traces at the Martial Saint Mountain, he had completely restrained his presence afterward. He had suppressed it to the extent where no one could sense him.

In other words, that person was very sly. After sending out his provocation, he did not leave any trace or evidence for the Martial Saint to track him down.

Inside the Redwood Mansion, the Redwood King had already prepared a secret chamber ahead of time for Li Wuji to rest.

When Li Wuji took his out master's, Old Man Ji Yin, commanding plate, he was also furious. Firstly, he had deep respect for his teacher. The fact that someone had dared to ruin his teacher's plan, as the head disciple, he had also lost face. Secondly, him going to a low Subordinate Country was also a waste of his time that he could have spent training. Thus, he had accumulated a stomach full of anger. He only wanted to wait to go to the Qin family and slaughter them all. Then, he would return to the Ji Yin sect with victory in his hands.

As the Redwood King felt the powerful presence of the elite Upper Sky warrior, he carefully and fawningly served him.

Not to mention that this person came from the Ji Yin Sect in the Mother Country, before this person's Upper Sky identity and presence, a mere King of a Subordinate Country had no qualification to flaunt his attitude.

There was a line between the Upper Sky and the Pre-Sky Realm. However, this line had ended the possibility of millions of martial artists from advancing forward. It was the line between the sky and the ground.

Among the secular powerhouses, there were many elite warriors that had entered Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. However, only one among a few hundred could truly enter the Upper Sky Realm.

With a face full of grimness, Li Wuji asked with a cold voice: "Redwood King, when do you plan to move out?"

"Young Master Li, I plan to go tomorrow."

"Ok, you will lead the way. I will follow your presence along the way. That Qin is planning a wedding, right? Haha, good, there will be many people that I can kill to my heart's content!"

"That's right. Only…"

"Only what?" A trace of unhappiness emerged from the tone of Li Wuji.

"Only that I still need to reside at the Bai Yue Country for a permanent time. When Young Master Li kills, please don't expose me." The Redwood King said carefully.

Li Wuji sneered lightly: "I will just kill, and not talk nonsense."

When the Redwood King heard him say it, he had become slightly relieved. This way, he could put aside his worry and watch the show. When he thought about the scene of an Upper Sky Realm warrior slaughtering everyone at the Qin manor, a wave of strange adrenaline emerged from the inside of the Redwood King's body. His blood almost felt like it was boiling up.

At night, the Martial Saint was not in a calm mood. He could not calm down. Instead, he used his full strength to channel the Upper Sky Realm Qi and felt the subtle changes.

He must discover the direction of that elite Upper Sky warrior. Then, he would make a decision of his movements.

Suddenly, the Martial Saint felt a nudge in his heart as he vividly felt a trace of movement.

It was from—

East of Bai Yue Country—The Redwood Royal Territory!

Redwood Royal Territory?

The Martial Saint thought fast in his head and then, he immediately remembered something! A name popped into his head—Qin Wushuang!

Could Qin Wushuang be his target?

When he thought there, the Martial Saint could no longer sit still. Whether he was targeting Qin Wushuang, or out to head hunt Qin Wushuang, he would never allow these two situations to happen.

The martial arts student exam had already concluded. If something went wrong at this moment, it would be a disaster for the Bai Yue Country.

It would not matter if they lost the opportunity to become an Upper Ranking Subordinate Country. However, not being able to answer to the higher powers would be akin to a bottomless abyss opening up under the Bai Yue Country.

He must stop the other party!

When he thought here, the Martial Saint summoned all of his disciples and gave his orders: "At this time, all disciples of the Martial Saint will remain in seclusion. If some outside Upper Sky warrior invades, you all must retreat and do not fight head on."

All of his disciples agreed.

After he had finished passing out the orders, the Martial Saint headed down the mountain. Along the way, he suppressed the presence of his Upper Sky Realm Qi, otherwise, the other party might make other moves if he sensed him approaching.

Before the cave on the sheer cliff of the Great Cang Mountains, Qin Wushuang was here every day as promised. To him, this was a fulfilling time.

Each day, he went to that cave at the sheer cliff to meditate. Vividly, Qin Wushuang felt a subtle presence of natural energy.

That was an undescribed, unknown wonderful feeling. It was a realization of the natural sky and land.

"Maybe, this was the Upper Sky Realm mentioned by the Martial Saint?" Still, Qin Wushuang felt somewhat disbelief. He had known from the Martial Saint that to enter the Upper Sky Realm, he must go through the Dashing stage.

However, he had never experienced the Dashing stage!

Upper Sky Realm?

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang dwelled on these words and moved his palm to face upwards. Five of his fingers slightly pointed up to feel this strange situation.

Currently, inside Qin Wushuang's body, he had already finished a few cycles of operations. It was if a wave of extremely miraculous power inside the body was eager to surge out.

This wave of power, different from internal force, and any other form of inner strength in the past. It was not the Sun Force Qi nor it was any other techniques.

It was a power that was born naturally as if a demon that had been sleeping inside his body suddenly woke up at this time. It was jumping up and desperately, like a wild horse, it fought and struggled to break free from the restraints on it.

Instinctively, Qin Wushaung pointed forward with the middle finger of his right hand.


A sharp noise slashed across the sky as like a mournful cry from a night owl. Accompanied by a visible red light, it shot forward.


This wave of red light shot out and coincidentally, a group of bats was flying energetically ahead of him. Traversing the twenty or thirty-meter distance, this wave of red light shot through the sky and along the way, the dozens of bats it passed through suddenly exploded with destructive force and turned into bloody rain!

Surprised, Qin Wushuang could not even close his mouth.

He eyed the distance and estimated that it was about twenty meters away from him. In this casual shot from his finger, although it had included the Middle Pungent sword intention from the , it should not be this powerful, right?

Before he had discovered this cave, Qin Wushuang had started to work from the sixth ranking, the Void Sword and he could accomplish attacking through the air.

However, the penetrating distance would not exceed five meters and the power was not this forceful. Even more so, it would not exhibit a visible red light and materialize a shape!

This vivid sword made of red light was apparently the fifth stage of -- The Seeded Sword!

How come suddenly, he was able to use the Seeded Sword technique?

Qin Wushuang still remembered that this was the most exceptional technique in the world. In his former world, not one of those ancient grandmasters of martial arts had achieved the fifth stage—The Seeded Sword!

It was rumored that only if you break through the limit of the Pre-Sky Realm and entered into the Upper Sky were you able to hold the hope of accomplishing the Seeded Sword.

Could it be?

Euphoria emerged from Qin Wushuang's eyes. He thought back on the fortuitous opportunities he had encountered during this time where although he did not dare to be overly enthusiastic about, subconsciously, he had an idea—

Unconsciously, he had truly broken into the Upper Sky Realm!

If it weren't Upper Sky Realm, how could his temperament have experienced such a drastic change?

If it weren't Upper Sky Realm, how could he have felt a change as if he had been reborn?

If it weren't Upper Sky Realm, how could he have sent out the Seeded Sword from the technique?

If it weren't Upper Sky, how could he attack targets twenty meters away and without severely losing attack power?

He remembered when he was at the Martial Saint Mountain where the Martian Saint had revealed that Upper Sky Realm technique. Of how he had casually shot out an attack and destroyed a stone bench!

Apparently, his attack a moment ago had a different power but had achieved the same effect!

Upper Sky Realm?

Qin Wushuang dwelled on these two words carefully and suddenly, the concept of the Upper Sky Realm became crystal clear. As if the realization should have been like this abruptly surged into his head.

Indeed, it was the Upper Sky Realm.

All the evidence proved this point.

In fact, he did not go through the so-called Dashing stage. However, Qin Wushuang knew that he should never have been confused by the Dashing stage. Earlier, he was on the wrong path of thinking, he had thought that it was impossible to enter the Upper Sky Realm without Dashing Stage.

Apparently, everything should be related to that fortuitous opportunity that he had encountered on the first day at the cave. That five different colored rays of light had never appeared again! However, Qin Wushuang was almost sure that the wonderful dream like baptism should have been the device that enabled his entry into the Upper Sky Realm!


Qin Wushuang slowly stood up and a joyous light emerged from his eyes. For two of his lifetimes, he had desired to reach this stage, the Upper Sky Realm.

Unexpectedly and unconsciously, he had broken through.

What was funnier was that after he had entered the Upper Sky Realm, he was still unaware. Only until now, had he truly realized and noticed.

Of course, he knew it was not because he was insensitive nor was he careless.

That first day of that strange experience should have been a form of baptism. The effects of the Upper Sky Realm ascension was not obvious. After these many days of meditation and consolidation, finally, the Upper Sky Qi had gradually formed and reached a mature stage.

Upper Sky Realm!

When Qin Wushuang thought here, suddenly, rich and grand feelings emerged from his heart! Once he entered the Upper Sky, it was as if the dragon had entered the ocean, as if the vicious tiger had rushed into the mountain. From now on, he would be like the carp that leaped over the dragon's gate.

From now, his world would expand and everything he saw would become even more exciting!

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