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The martial arts student exam was in June, and July was when the Qin would ascend to Royal status. Then, Qin Xiu's wedding ceremony would be held in August. For these few months, the Qin family was having a continuous stream of happy events.

Before the date of the wedding ceremony, Qin Wushuang trained hard each day. All the great and little matters in the family had also started to come together smoothly and he did not need to spend too much time on them.

Additionally, the original three security guard teams in the Qin manor had also become Qin Lianshan's personal guards.

The Royal army had also started to recruit across the territory. The two states that belonged to the Heavenly Royal Territory had always been wealthy areas. The population was dense and in total, there were about six or seven hundred millions of people.

Qin Wushuang would prefer to go without than accept shoddy options as he only recruited about one hundred thousand.

At the same time, the Royal Qin also sent out a "Request for Intelligence" nationally. They wanted to seek elite people to apply for the various military and political positions.

When building a new Royal Territory, although those County official positions would remain unchanged, they had to start the army from the scratch. All great and small positions in the military were available.

And within the Royal Mansion, naturally, they needed more elite warriors to fill the gap. After all, a Royal mansion was vastly different from the Qin manor in the past.

When Qin Wushuang recruited the heads of the Mansion, his primary requirement was loyalty, then strength.

This time, the Request For Intelligence had broken the common practice in the Bai Yue Country. Not sticking to one pattern, not looking at social status, family positions, as long as one could vow to be loyal, even the weaker ones could enter the Mansion and train.

With the recent reputation of the Royal Qin, they were definitely in the spotlight. Of course, applicants flooded in.

Since there was no restriction on social status, this way, even many Humble Class and civilian born martial artists became hugely interested and came to apply.

Apparently, those people born of the civilian class had too little opportunities to shine. Now, with such great opportunity ahead, a lot of them came over from a far distance to try out.

Da Xi Ming was responsible for the first round of selections.

Only in the second round would Qin Wushuang come to make his decisions.

As a person of two lifetimes, Qin Wushuang had his own experience in judging people based on appearance and their eyes. Through his selection, there were almost no mistakes.

Next, Qin Wushuang would refer to their potential based on these selected people and divide them into different levels based on potential, and loyalty.

This way, it helped to build a well-established talent stair and form a perfect talent system.

Currently, the Royal Qin lacked the most in talents!

In the blink of an eye, the date of Qin Xiu and Da Xi Ming's wedding ceremony soon arrived.

Apparently, the Zhen Wu Holy Place also viewed this event with great importance. Although this time, only the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior had come. He had come as a wedding witness.

His arrival had demonstrated how much the Zhen Wu Holy Place valued the new Royal King.

On the other hand, the Emperor of the Bai Yue Country also showed his gratitude. He had bestowed Da Xi Ming the title of a Count of River County, where his title was only one level lower than Qin Wushuang.

This way, Da Xi Ming's social status also developed according to social status.

As the wedding ceremony drew near, the great families in the Heavenly Royal Territory also could not help but use this opportunity to show their loyalty to the Royal Qin again.

Although the Xi Men Feudal Lords felt a complex feeling, before the tides of change, they could only feel lucky inwardly. They thought of how smart a choice they had made when they had broken off the marriage engagement with the Venerable Da Xi family.

Or else, would the Xi Men Feudal Lords be able to safely attend the ceremony? Certainly, that would be an unknown factor.

When he remembered Qin Wushuang's methods, even now, Xi Men Yu still felt fear.

On the other end, inside the Redwood King Mansion, the Redwood King sat there solemnly with a face full of joyful smiles.

It was because he had received news from the Ji Yin Mountain from the Mother Country. Old Man Ji Yin had already sent out the Ji Yin plate along with his head disciple, Li Wuji. Soon, he would arrive in Bai Yue Country.

The Redwood King counted with his fingers. He figured that Li Wuji should arrive before Qin Xiu's wedding ceremony. If that was the case, when the Royal Qin was celebrating, a murderer would suddenly jump out and kill his entire family, how refreshing would that be?

Because of this thought, the Redwood King thought that regardless, he should attend this ceremony. He wanted to see with his own eyes when the entire family of the Qin was slaughtered.

This way, he would feel the adrenaline of vengeance. He could beat the person who was down and beat the drowning dog!

"Fei'Er, this time, you will come with me." The Redwood King said.

He Yufei had been feeling depressed for some days after Qin Wushuang had set him free. During this time, he had finally regained his senses. However, inwardly, a wave of haze still hung over his heart.

He did not understand what this wave of haze meant. However, he was certain that surely it would not be something good. Thus, he felt quite worried inwardly.

When he heard the orders from the Redwood King, He Yufei immediately said: "Of course, I will go with you. That Qin Wushuang had tortured me, and this time, I will surely watch with my eyes as the Ji Yin sect slaughters his whole family. Or else, how could I feel relieved?"

"Haha, the Qin… They are destined to be a shooting star. Although they may shine for some moments, in the end, they will not last." The Redwood King stood up leisurely, "Pass my orders and prepare a generous gift. Let's prepare to go to the Qin to congratulate them on their wedding ceremony and funeral!"

"Yes, Father." He Yufei also smiled evilly.

On the Martial Saint Mountain, the Great Martial Saint was sitting straight on the highest magnetite stone on top of the mountain. He was absorbing the natural power. The Martial Saint had entered the Upper Sky Realm close to a hundred years ago. Yet, he could never break through the Initial Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force. Although his body had been trained to hold up to twenty percent of the natural power, he could not properly wield these twenty percent.

Thus, he stopped at this step and could never step into the middle ranking Spiritual Martial Force.

However, even though he was the Martial Saint, the protector of the Bai Yue Country, this fact did not affect his authority. In this country, the Upper Sky Realm was the absolute.

He, being the Martial Saint, was the only peak existence.

However, in these few days, his Upper Sky Realm Qi had shown some strange movement. It was a strong excitement as if it were in synchronization.

"Could it be? Another Upper Sky Realm had appeared in the Bai Yue Country?" Inwardly, the Martial Saint dwelled on this possibility. However, from his intelligence, currently, it was impossible for anyone in the country to qualify to enter the Upper Sky Realm. It was because he did not discover anyone who had already finished all the preparation steps before the Upper Sky Realm and had everything prepared.

Beneath him, the purple robed Warrior of the Four Great Honored Warriors had the most hope. However, because of his old age, his life force and other functions could not reach the peak when he was a young man.

Thus, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior needed more luck to break into the Upper Sky Realm. And the possibility of this luck appearing was very slight.

As for others, they had even less hope than the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior.

Regarding Qin Wushuang, the victor of this exam, he did have a lot of hope and potential. But he lacked the knowledge and a thorough understanding of the Upper Sky Realm.

In such a short time, it was almost impossible for him to break into the Upper Sky Realm. Except for some miracle where some outside mystical power had aided him, he could only have a chance to be reborn and jump into the Upper Sky Realm.

However, the chance of such good luck appearing in the Bai Yue Country that had nearly no Spiritual Qi was almost impossible. In the Bai Yue Country, the place that had the richest Qi and to cultivate Upper Sky Realm was the Martial Saint Mountain he controlled!

This was also the reason of why the Martial Saint very much hoped to keep Qin Wushuang at the Martial Saint Mountain. He did not want Qin Wushuang to walk the wrong paths toward the path to the Upper Sky Realm.

"Haha, everything has its pros and cons. Since Qin Wushuang has not agreed to enter the Martial Saint Mountain, it may be a bad thing or a good thing. Most likely, maybe some better fortuitous opportunity awaited him? With his potential and talents, it was fully possible if some great sects from the Mother Country had set their eyes on him!"

Just when he was lost in thoughts, suddenly, he raised his brow.

Without a mistake, his Upper Sky Realm Qi moved again. And this time, it had moved much more obvious and straightforwardly.

"An elite warrior in the Upper Sky Realm has invaded the Bai Yue Country!" Immediately, the Great Martial Saint arrived at this conclusion! He could clearly feel that this was a wave of Upper Sky Qi. Although it felt like it had come from a far distance, he could feel that this wave of Qi did not use any form of disguise. As if it had tried to provoke him deliberately, the invader had prompted this wave of Qi!

Inwardly, the Martial Saint was shocked: "Could it be that the Martial Saint from the Great Wu had come to provoke a fight?"

Just when he thought about it, he immediately rejected this idea. He had seen the Martial Saint of the Great Wu, and they had also exchanged Qi with each other. It was not like this.

Besides, the Qi from the Martial Saint of the Great Wu was never this arrogant.

It was a wave of undisguised provocation. Apparently, it was telling the Martial Saint that he was also an Upper Sky Realm and that he had come to his country!

The Martial Saint frowned tightly and mused to himself: "An elite warrior of the Upper Sky Realm has come, most likely the Bai Yue Country will not remain at peace! No, I must quickly investigate this person's origins!"

Just when he was about to go down the mountain, the Martial Saint suddenly froze again. This time, his feeling was much more apparent! That wave of Genuine Qi was clearly circling the foot of his Martial Saint Mountain!

It was definitely a provocation!

The Martial Saint became furious! Regardless of where you had come from, in the Bai Yue Country, since you dare to act brashly around the Martial Saint Mountain, then you were not putting me in your eyes!

As he walked out of the Martial Saint Palace in a few steps, he saw his disciples crowded around and the three Great Honored Warriors that stayed in the Mountain before him. All of them looked dumbfounded. Apparently, they had also felt that strong wave of Upper Sky Realm Qi.

This wave of Qi gave off a strong sense of invasion. It made each of these elite warriors who had not yet entered the Upper Sky Realm feel enormous pressure where each second felt like torture.

The Martial Saint howled to the sky. As if this howl could cleanse the air, all the depression, concern and anxiety vanished.

Before his disciples had a chance to react, the Martial Saint had already marched down the mountain and ran towards that Upper Sky warrior.

When he appeared at the foot of the mountain, the Martial Saint suddenly stopped his footsteps. He could feel the powerful Upper Sky Qi at the scene, but it was Qi that had been left behind.

Apparently, the person had also felt the presence of the Martial Saint and he did not want to meet him now. Instead, he left behind traces of his Qi as a provocation and disappeared beforehand.

The Martial Saint looked forward with a pair of puzzled eyes. He inwardly felt a bad feeling suddenly emerge. Since this Upper Sky Realm Warrior dared to act with such imprudence, apparently, he was not passing by, but wanted to cause trouble!

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