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The Great Luo Empire resided on the east side of the Tian Xuan Land. It was a middle ranking Empire that governed a dozen subordinate countries. Thus, it held a supreme social status in this land.

Among the Great Luo Empire, there were many mountains rich in Spiritual Qi. Inside it, many secret powerful Upper Sky Realm warriors resided and formed large and small sects.

Old Man Ji Yin of the Ji Yin Mountain was one of the famous elite Upper Sky Realm warriors in the Great Luo Empire. He occupied the Ji Yin Mountain, established a sect and prospered.

Old Man Ji Yin had a treacherous and malicious personality. In the Great Luo Empire, nobody was willing to offend him.

Although this old man was powerful, the most terrifying aspect of him was his vicious conduct. He excelled in using cunning methods, and he would use every means possible once he made you the enemy. Like the maggot chewing to the bone, he would only let go if he had bitten that person to death. Or else, he would persist.

Such personality where he would take revenge regardless of anything, many heads of the sects in the Great Luo Empire tried to avoid him. They were not willing to make his acquaintance.

However, not willing to make contact with him did not mean you could ignore his existence.

Deep inside the Ji Yin Mountain, and outside of the ascetic cave dwelling of Old Man Ji Yin, a young man approximately thirty years old was pacing back and forth with an anxious expression. From time to time, he glanced toward the inside of the cave. From his expression, he seemed to be waiting for someone.

Indeed, this young man was the eldest son of the Redwood King, He Yutian. From a young age, he had been sent to the sect led by Old Man Ji Yin. The Redwood King had placed the hope that he to enter the Upper Sky Realm upon his shoulders.

Without a doubt, through becoming a disciple to Old Man Ji Yin, it served as a great assurance to his entry into the Upper Sky Realm.

Although, until now, He Yutian had not entered the Upper Sky Realm. However, Old Man Ji Yin had once promised that as long as the Redwood King Mansion prepared three hundred and sixty virgins born in the second solar month and in between 5 to 7 AM, he would surely treat He Yutian's entry into the Upper Sky Realm as a priority.

Of course, He Yutian would not dare to act sloppy when he received such promise. In these years, he had always urged the Redwood King Mansion to work hard in collecting the girls needed by Old Man Ji Yin.

Throughout these years, the Redwood King had also sent out many elite people like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. However, it was not an easy task to collect three hundred and sixty virgins.

Just as they were watching the business proceeding smoothly, they had never expected Qin Wushuang would jump out from nowhere and destroy the recent plan of the Redwood King.

With old and new hatred added on top of each other, the Redwood King wrote a letter and sent it to the Ji Yin Mountain.

He Yutian also became extremely anxious when he saw the letter from home. However, his father had clearly stated to ask him to please invite his teacher. Only Old Man Ji Yin, an elite warrior in the Upper Sky Realm could resolve this great problem for the Redwood Mansion.

He Yutian had always paid attention to the situation in the Bai Yue Country. Naturally, he knew that Martial Saint Mountain was in charge of protecting the victor of this exam. Although the Redwood Mansion was royalty, they still did not have enough power to become enemy with the Martial Saint Mountain.

However, it would be a completely different story if the Ji Yin sect stepped forward.

Firstly, the Great Luo Empire was the mother country to the Bai Yue country. And although in the Empire, the Ji Yin sect was not the number one powerhouse, they were, at least, one of the top.

If the big sect from the mother country wanted to kill a teenager from a Subordinate Country, most likely nobody could do anything even if they had acted first without telling anyone.

Although the Great Luo Empire valued this exam with great importance, it was unlikely they would stand with the opposite side of the Ji Yin sect.

After all, at most, a victor from the middle ranking Subordinate Country was only a teenager with the potential to reach the Upper Sky Realm. On the other hand, the Ji Yin sect was a powerhouse that had many elite Upper Sky Realm warriors.

Naturally, anyone could differentiate the importance of each side.

From the letter, He Yutian could clearly understand how much of the anger his father had inside. In fact, there was no need for his father to make a move. After he had finished reading the letter, his anger was no less than his father's!

When this Qin Wushuang destroyed the things done by the Redwood Mansion, it was equivalent in destroying his plan in reaching the Upper Sky Realm. Ever since he could remember, entering the Upper Sky Realm had been his dream. Through all these twenty and thirty years, he had worked for this dream and had used every means. Even in his dreams, he dwelled on how to achieve it.

It had completely become a knot in his heart, maybe even a heart devil!

Now, someone had dared to interrupt his plans, how could he not hate him to the bone?

If he, He Yutian, had enough assurance to deal with Qin Wushuang, he would most likely have returned to Bai Yue and straight to the Heavenly Royal Territory to kill him himself.

Even if the Redwood King could not deal with the Heaven Territory, it did not mean he could not. Right now, he held the identity of a disciple of the Ji Yin sect. Equivalently, when he returned to the Bai Yue Country, he would be representing both the Great Luo and the Ji Yin Sect.

However, he had not reached the Upper Sky Realm, how could he have the eligibility to deal with Qin Wushuang?

And for that Qin Wushuang, his father had said clearly in the letter of how this kid had reached Stage Nine of Genuine Force through some fluke. He would not lose to any elite Stage Nine warriors from the mansion.

With this strength, no wonder he could achieve number one in the exam and took the exam championship from his third little brother, He Yuchong, who had yearned for that spot.

Now, He Yutian was extremely anxious. Just when he was considering whether he should return in the afternoon, an aged voice came from inside the cave.

"Yutian, come in!"

It was his teacher, Old Man Ji Yin's voice. Overjoyed, He Yutian immediately went in.

"It is a pleasure to meet with you, Teacher."

"No need." Old Man Ji Yin hid among the darkness and his real appearance was unseen. It was as if only a wave of sound was talking to him through the darkness, instead of a living being.

Next, Old Man Ji Yin asked lightly: "Has the new batch of virgins arrived?"

Sweats emerged from He Yutian's forehead as he immediately kneeled: "Teacher, I am guilty."

Old Man Ji Yin sneered and suddenly, he changed his tone: "What? Can you not even do this little task? You still want to enter the Upper Sky Realm?"

He Yutian immediately explained: "Teacher, please allow me to explain."

Old Man Ji Yin said coldly: "Don't use those childish excuses to fool me, or else you will be even more guilty."

"I would never dare to fool you." He Yutian worked hard to control his emotions. Then, he started to reveal everything, "Teacher, initially, my father had a harvest this month as he found seven or eight suitable virgins. However, a demonic teenager had disrupted his plan out of the blue and stopped the plans. He had also released those virgins."

"A demonic young teenager?" Old Man Ji Yin sneered coldly, "Since when did the Redwood King Mansion become unable to even deal with a teenager? Could some demonic being have emerged from the tiny Bai Yue Country?"

"Teacher, you see, in the Bai Yue Country, in the past few years, an offspring from the Humble Class had surged up to become the number one of the martial arts student exam and acquired the Royal title. His strength had reached Stage Nine of the Genuine Force… All of it, could he not be demonic?"

"Stage Nine?" A trace of disbelief showed from the tone of Old Man Ji Yin, "Are you sure your intelligence is correct?"

"I vow with my life, that this is absolutely right! That kid, with a reckless personality, dared to disturb your plan. It was a huge offense to our Ji Yin Sect. Teacher, for such offender, how should we deal with him, please give your orders. That kid had just risen to become a Royal and is already so arrogant. Additionally, he got that powerful Upper Sky Realm warrior from the Martial Saint Mountain to protect him. Indeed, he did not put you in his eyes."

On the surface, He Yutian spoke with a tone that refused to comply. Beneath it, he was planning to antagonize Old Man Ji Yin into action. He knew his teacher's personality and how he hated others offending the reputation of the sect.

He had deliberately mentioned that Upper Sky Realm warrior from the Martial Saint Mountain to provoke Old Man Ji Yin. Only because his teacher was an extremely arrogant person who had never put other Upper Sky Realm warriors in his eyes.

Indeed, Old Man Ji Yin only sneered coldly after he heard this. As a sly old man, how could he not understand the meaning behind He Yutian's words?

Only, it was one matter since he understood his words. It would be another matter whether he would tolerate it.

Right now, he was practicing an Upper Sky nefarious technique. He was currently at a crucial stage. These virgins from all around were an essential resource for him to practice this technique.

Once the supply was disturbed, surely his progress would be slowed down. It was something he would not tolerate regardless of his disciple's obvious manipulation.

After he thought for a moment, Old Man Ji Yin had an idea.

He waved his hand and threw out a symbolic plate inscribed with the Ji Yin name: "Bring this plate to your Elder Brother, head of all disciples. Just tell him it was my order and go look at the Bai Yue Country. Whoever dares to stop the business done by the Ji Yin Sect, he would need to die!"

Brimming with joy, He Yutian took that Ji Yin plate. Just as he was about to leave the cave, suddenly, he remembered something and asked respectfully: "What if that person from the Martial Saint Mountain tries to interfere?"

"Your Elder Brother's strength is not weaker than that person's. Just tell him, if that guy from the Martial Saint Mountain wants to step forward, after three months, I will personally go take his head at the Martial Saint Mountain!"


He Yutian was one hundred percent satisfied with the results. He had received his teacher's promise, how could he not be euphoric?

Sneering coldly, he walked out of the cave and could not help but want to laugh to the sky and release the anger within him.

After he weighed the Ji Yin plate in his hand, he walked towards the cave where his Elder Brother resided with happiness.

Almost at the same time, the Emperor of the Great Luo Country was flipping through the martial arts student exam results from each Subordinate Countries.

Among these, there were some disappointing ones, some he had expected. Of course, there were some that he had not expected.

For example, the Bai Yue Country.

Among the few dozen Subordinate countries, this middle ranking country neither stood out nor did it lag. However, throughout the past few hundred years, it had always remained unnoticed and not once had it shown any outstanding performance.

However, this time, this Bai Yue Country had surprised him!

From the ten-great middle ranking Subordinate Countries, the usually lowly ranked Bai Yue Country had acquired the top score. Its grade would not lose to those upper ranking Subordinate Countries.

"This is unexpected news." The Emperor of the Great Luo Empire said to the head of the imperial guards who was next to him with a smile.

"Bai Yue?"

"That's right. Since when had this Bai Yue Country achieved such outstanding performance? Especially this martial arts student who had won first place. He got the highest result in this exam. Including all our offspring from the Empire and those from the other Subordinate Countries, no one had a score that matched up to his when they had gone through the same exam material! Six hundred points! I am truly surprised by this result. How could have come from a martial arts student from a middle ranked Subordinate Country?"

The Great Emperor of the Great Luo Empire had seen a lot of geniuses. What kind of martial arts student would one have to be in order to have moved the Emperor this deeply? The head guard could not help but feel curious.

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