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Tong Yao had been extremely busy recently due to the request from Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang had given her a list, on it were eighteen different materials. They were nine species of poisonous insects and nine different species of poisonous flowers.

Qin Wushuang requested that Tong Yao prepare these things in a week and deliver them to the Qin manor.

Tong Yao took a look at this list and saw that these dangerous insects and flowers were not difficult to find. With the Tong family's excellent network and methods, she wouldn't need a week to collect these materials.

However, Qin Wushuang's request was to collect these materials separately. And she must keep this matter confidential as it would be best not to involve the Tong family.

Tong Yao knew that Qin Wushuang would not speak without thinking. He must have his reasons since he had requested it done this way.

At that moment, she agreed and would do the work herself to collect these eighteen different poisonous materials for Qin Wushuang.

After Qin Wushuang had left the Redwood Royal City, he rushed the horse and caught up with Qin Xiu. When she saw her little brother had come, her emotions were stirred up, she had thrown aside all the fear and worry inside her beyond the topmost clouds.

"Sister, it's alright now. Tell me, that demon who have bothered you all this time, is he the one that went to capture you?"

Qin Xiu nodded and sobbed and revealed a tear-stained beautiful face: "It was him, it was that demon. He hit big Brother Da Xi off the cliff."

"Sister, don't worry. The Heavens help the worthy. Big Brother Da Xi was lucky; he got caught by a pine tree growing out of cliff face and did not die. He will most likely recover in about ten or fifteen days."

"Big Brother Da Xi is not dead?" Qin Xiu brimmed with joy, and the depressed expression on her face suddenly went away.

"As your little brother, when have I ever lied to you?"

Beaming with happiness, Qin Xiu pointed that He Yufei who was tied on horseback: "Who is this?"

"Sister, this person was one of the demons and one of the guys in charge. He is He Yufei, the second son of the current Redwood King!"

"Redwood King?" Qin Xiu opened her eyes widely.

"That's him. He does not deserve to be the ruler of the Territory. He dared to harm his own people."

"So we don't know why had he caught so many girls?"

Qin Wushuang shook his head: "I also could not come to a conclusion after a lot of thought. But from my estimation, it should not be something good."

From his former world, Qin Wushuang had also heard about some evil mighty martial artists that practiced some so-called "Plucking the Yin and Yang" technique. That technique was incredibly shameful and hateful. Indeed, everyone hated that type of method.

"So how do you plan to take care of him?"

"Haha, he is a valuable commodity to be kept for holding. I heard that earlier; the Redwood King had already turned hostile towards me because I took the victor's place from his third son, He Yuchong. And now, because of my sister, I disturbed his plans again. Both sides have become fire and water. With this human shield in hand, it could help me to save a lot of trouble."

The two siblings rode quickly on the way, and they soon returned to the Qin manor.

Of course, Qin Lianshan was euphoric when he saw that both of his children had returned safely.

At the same time when the imperial edict arrived at the Redwood Royal Territory, the Bai Yue Emperor announced to the entire country: "On July 18th, I will bestow the title of King to the Eastwood Qin as the new Royal family! With the Great Cang Mountains as the center, the Southcloud and the Green Tree State will be their territories. The main Royal family will compensate the land given away. The remaining rewards will be delivered by the representatives of the Royal family!"

July 18th, it was an ecliptic and lucky day. It was a day suitable for the crowning ceremony.

Another imperial edict arrived at Eastwood Town and ordered the Qin family to prepare the ceremony on July 18th. At that time, a representative from the leading Royal family would come to their homes with other powerhouses in the country to congratulate them.

To the Eastwood Qin, it was two simultaneous happy events at the same time. In that moment, they became the hot topic in the entire country.

Initially, Qin Lianshan was suspicious whether the Royal family could keep their promise about the rewards. He only felt relieved of his doubts when the imperial edict arrived.

Of course, Qin Wushuang knew his father's mind as he smiled: "Father, facts speak louder than words, right?"

Qin Lianshan sighed: "If it was a few years ago, I could never have imagined this scene even in my dreams. Us Eastwood Qin have actually risen to become a Royal family! Wushuang, this is all because of your contributions!"

"Father, there are not many days left until July 18th. Everyone must get busy at this time. For this crowning ceremony, I guess that all the powerhouse aristocrats will come to congratulate us from all around the country. Although we do not want to deliberately show off, at least, we must prepare for a style that would match a Royals."

Qin Lianshan approved sincerely: "I've also planned it this way. Fortunately, we have enough helpers at the manor. I've already asked Sixi to call back one hundred strong men from the fields and wait for orders."

"Yes, I estimated that about two hundred table worth of guests will arrive at this time. In our manor, we've got two or three hundred servants and maids. Take about a hundred of the strong men and ask their spouses to come help, I think we will have enough supporting hands."

"Right, Father, are you satisfied with our feudal fiefdom?" Qin Wushuang asked with a smile.

Qin Lianshan complimented: "I am thrilled with it. The Emperor was good at understanding others. He knew that the Qin had lived here for generation and apparently, he had considered this situation."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "It's not because our Emperor was understanding. This land, I had chosen it myself."

"You chose it?" Qin Lianshan was stunned.

"Yes, at the Martial Saint Mountain, the Great Martial Saint opened the map himself and gave me a pencil to draw a circle. Wherever I drew, that would be our feudal fiefdom."

As Qin Lianshan heard it, the more he became dumbfounded as his throat tightened: "The Martial Saint was being this generous? And if you had drawn a bigger circle, could it be…"

Then, he could not help but laugh: "Wushuang, you drew a good circle. This land is not more and not less. To a Royal family with a different surname, it is enough. If we had sought for more, most likely those Kings with the surname will object."

"Those Kings would object? I believe that now, some of them are pissed. The Redwood King as an example. Look, Father, this time, our feudal fiefdom were mainly taken from the Redwood Royal Territory. Being the ambitious and ruthless type, asking that Redwood King to cut away his own land was due to the respect owed to the Martial Saint. He would not dare not to disobey the order. However, as of now, he must see the Eastwood Qin as a mortal enemy."

Qin Lianshan would have felt alright if he had not heard this, he also felt angry once he heard these words.

Before, the Royal family was an awe-inspiring mountain to Qin Lianshan. However, this time, his daughter's missing case was due to the Redwood King!

It had completely enraged Qin Lianshan's bottom line. To him, children were his taboo. Regardless of who you were, if someone had touched his taboo, even in death, Qin Lianshan would quarrel with you till the end.

"Wushuang, since the Martial Saint had promised this feudal fiefdom, what could the Redwood King do? Now, the Qin is also a Royal; we sit on equal footing with the Redwood King! Only…"

Qin Lianshan raised his head and fixed his gaze on Qin Wushuang, and he asked: "Wushuang since the Martial Saint has invited you, I feel that you should follow the trend and take his offer. After all, if you accept the offer, your identity would be unique. From that point, you are the heir to the Martial Saint. This way, everyone would know that sooner or later, you will enter the Upper Sky Realm. Regarding voicing your opinion, even the Redwood King would have less to say!"

Qin Lianshan's consideration was reasonable. From his point of view, it was the best way for the Qin to survive.

Once Qin Wushuang received the position as the heir to the Martial Saint, surely the entire country would revere and worship him. Just by looking at the influence, he would indeed achieve the effect of putting the whole country in awe.

By that time, the Royal Qin would have the courage of their conviction to stand tall among the Five Great Royal families in the country.

However, Qin Wushuang's consideration was much further than Qin Lianshan.

If he agreed to take over the Martial Saint Mountain, it meant that, whether he was willing or not, his entire destiny would be tied to the Mountain.

To someone who wanted to focus on the practice of martial arts, it was indeed not a good thing.

It was not because he did not have any compassion for Bai Yue Country. However, he felt that taking over the Martial Saint Mountain was not the key to protecting the safety of Bai Yue Country.

What was important was how much could his strength achieve in the end.

If his power could suppress all the Martial Saints in the surrounding countries, then he could also intimidate those countries even without taking over the Martial Saint Mountain.

On the path to practicing martial arts, he valued freedom with great importance.

"Father, the crucial part is not whether I could be the heir to the Martial Saint, but when I could enter into the Upper Sky Realm!" Qin Wushuang sighed, "My biggest goal is to aim for the Upper Sky! In three month, I have to go to the Mother Country. At that time, perhaps it would be an ideal time to broaden my horizon and push for the Upper Sky Realm!"

Nobody understood his son better than Qin Lianshan. From these few years, Qin Lianshan had completely understood his son's personality. He knew that regarding practicing the martial arts, his son always held a strong determination.

Looking back on these years, each of the decision made by his son had brought limitless profits. Like the blazing sun rising slowly, the entire Eastwood Qin had arrived at the center of the stage.

Thus, he must have had his reasons for making such decisions.

When he thought there, Qin Lianshan encouraged: "Ok, Wushuang. Since this is your choice. I will support you unconditionally!"

As July 18th approached, the busier the people at the Qin manor became. Everything was going smoothly.

On this day, Tong Yao arrived at the Qin manor and brought the eighteen different poisonous materials requested by Qin Wushuang.

She also came here as the representative of the Venerable Tong family to congratulate him.

After the crowning ceremony, the Green Tree State would become part of the Royal Qin's feudal fiefdom. It was essential to build a good relationship with the King of the land.

Qin Wushuang chatted with Tong Yao briefly and arranged a place for her before he left with the eighteen poisonous materials.

Naturally, he had his reasons for requesting these eighteen poisonous materials. He was going to make one of the most tyrannical poison from his former ancient martial arts world. Its name was the Seven Insects and Seven Flowers Ointment.

The Seven Insects and Seven Flowers Ointment was made from the smashing and suffering of seven types of insects and flowers. Those who got poisoned would first feel the tingling from the internal organs as if the seven bugs were biting him. Then, bright colors would appear before their eyes. Singularly beautiful like the flying of the seven flowers.

It was known as one of the three most terrifying poison among the ancient martial world.

Qin Wushuang had the prescription and knew the methods of making it. Thus, within three days, he had made six different types of the Seven Insects and Seven Flowers Ointment quickly.

"Nine different poisonous insects, and nine different flowers, I could make at least a dozen types of the ointment. However, these six are more than enough. If the anyone wants to detoxify the poison, he must know which seven poisonous insects and flowers I had used, or else, haha…"

Of course, Qin Wushuang refined this Seven Insects and Seven Flowers Ointment to deal with He Yufei. He knew too well that with the Redwood King's formidable personality; he would not let this matter go quietly. The poisons were Qin Wushuang's trump cards. At the crucial moment, he would use it to win against the enemy!

There was the so-called no poison, no great man. To a dangerous person like the Redwood King, Qin Wushuang must pay an extra amount of attention!

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