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Chapter 110: Wealth at My Fingertips

"How do you feel? I think you slept quite well last night!" Wu Facai enthusiastically shook Zhang Jiefang's hand.

Zhang Jiefang looked at his son's devious smile then gave a hollow laugh. "Still good, still good!"

"The weather here was neither hot nor cold. I'm afraid that you're not used to it." Wu Facai said with a smile, "You look remarkably good! How about tonight we find someplace to get happy?"

"Uh… eh, hem. The kids are still here. Don't talk about it!" Zhang Jiefang got what he feared.

"Let the kids enjoy themselves. We'll go for some massages!" Wu Facai ignored Zhang Jiefang.

Zhang Jiefang winked vigorously at Wu Facai and only then did this fellow realize it. He said lightly to Zhang Jiefang, "Are you a henpecked husband?"

"Hehe, hehe!" Zhang Jiefang gave another hollow laugh.

"Let's go and choose stones first!" Wu Facai knew that this was a forbidden topic, so he immediately proceeded to talk about business.

"Let's go. Boss Wu, can you be lenient with me for such a price?" Zhang Jiefang walked as he talked, "Five hundred yuan is a little high, isn't it?

"It's not high at all!" Wu Facai smiled bitterly after he heard that. "Now, Tengchong rough jadeite are transported directly from Myanmar's mine through a private relationship. It's considered smuggling in Myanmar. It will only be declared to customs when it reaches China, and that is when it legally becomes imported goods. Therefore, the price of transportation is high. The transportation fees for one kilogram of raw stone was only a few yuan, but now it has risen up to two hundred yuan. Adding the transportation fee with 33% tariff, do you still think that five hundred yuan is expensive?"

"The cost isn't more than three hundred yuan. Isn't your profit too high?" Zhang Jiefang laughed and said, "How about four hundred yuan?"

"Four hundred yuan is no good. Since we have such a long-standing relationship, how about a final price of four hundred fifty yuan?" Wu Facai was feeling some difficulties.

"Okay! Four hundred fifty yuan then. Let's go choose the items!" Zhang Jiefang nodded his head.

"You want to gamble on stones too?" Lan Ling didn't say anything on the road, just like clever children. Zhang Jiefang even thought that Yang Ming was married to an underage partner. However, only after Zhang Bing explained repeatedly, did he believe that Lan Ling was an adult.

Yang Ming had the same thoughts too. Lan Ling was too cute. At first glance, any person wouldn't consider her as a sixteen-year-old female.

It was not until Zhang Jiefang walked further that Lan Ling asked with a lowered voice.

"Why do you ask that?" Yang Ming was curious about Lan Ling's thoughts.

"You were asking so much in the car. Aren't you curious about it?" Lan Ling smiled, "I heard you can get rich from this!"

"I still don't understand it. Let's observe first." Yang Ming didn't need to hide from Lan Ling.

"I can help you to try, but it can't be too much. It will be inaccurate if it's too much." Lan Ling said lightly.

"You?" Yang Ming suddenly thought of Lan Ling's gift - a strange six sense! Although it couldn't compare against his extraordinary abilities, it was still much stronger than normal people.

"En." Lan Ling nodded her head complacently. It was like she was showing off something!

"Right, I nearly forgot about your ability." Yang Ming nodded too, but he seemed to think of something else. He lowered his voice and said, "Lan Ling, don't tell others about your ability. It's better if fewer people know about it!"

"Aside from my father, only you know about it." Lan Ling rolled her eyes at Yang Ming, "Do you think I'm stupid to simply tell this thing to other people?"

"En, I'm afraid that others will take advantage of you." Yang Ming said with worry.

"So, you're worried about me?" Lan Ling was delighted after she heard Yang Ming's words.

"Yeah, I'm certainly worried about you. If you're dead, what happens to the heart voodoo? Will I have to be a single dog?" Yang Ming laughed. 

"Stupid!" Lan Ling looked at Yang Ming and said it in a flirty manner.

"Stupid? Why am I stupid?" Yang Ming was dumbfounded.

"I'm not telling you!" Lan Ling smiled naughtily.

Yang Ming didn't know what Lan Ling meant, but since she wasn't willing to say, Yang Ming didn't ask further either. Yang Ming's feelings toward Lan Ling were indeed convoluted. One could say that sex came first before love, though, of course, sympathy played a larger role.

Lan Ling was undeniably cute. Anyone who saw her would feel pity for her!

"Do you want Eyes [1]?" Yang Ming and the rest just reached the distribution center of the warehouse where a few local people surrounded them.

"Eyes?" Yang Ming was baffled. "Want what Eyes?"

"Hehe, it is jargon!" Not far away, Wu Facai explained, "The so-called Eyes were people who can identify jadestone. They have more experience in this and can earn commission!"

Zhang Jiefang hired a person to be his Eyes, but it was only for psychological comfort. The Eyes used his instinct to feel it. If it was accurate, they would do it on their own. Why would they be someone else eyes?

Wu Facai's company had a few warehouses that were each the size of a classroom. Typically, the raw stones that people broke open were randomly in piles on the floor. Each heap had a tub of water and a table lamp beside it.

According to Zhang Jiefang, these were there for the customers to inspect stones. Along the warehouse's wall, there was a row of steel file cabinets. The cabinets stored stones as well, only better ones.

Aside from Zhang Jiefang, there was another group who was choosing stones too. They brought their Eyes too. They had picked out about seventy to eighty rough pieces.

Zhang Jiefang didn't hold back too and started to work with the Eyes he hired.

Lan Ling wanted to do something, but Yang Ming stopped her. He slightly shook his head toward her. Lan Ling understood immediately. Yang Ming was worried that she would be showing off too much.

"Later, when we grab one or two pieces when we leave, don't let others notice." Yang Ming didn't mind doing the dirty work, but he was scared that his woman would get in trouble.

Lan Ling nodded her head and looked at Yang Ming full of love. Finally, there was someone concerned about her in this world. Lan Ling was very happy. It looked like she was already in Yang Ming's heart and this made Lan Ling delighted. She had the impulse to tell him the truth, but she was afraid that Yang Ming wouldn't love her anymore if she said that... Ai, this was truly a dilemma!

"Ah! Imperial jade! It's the heart of an imperial jade!" Another person who gambled stone shouted suddenly. "This time I'm certainly getting rich!"

Zhang Jiefang immediately looked at him with envy. Gambling stone was like this. If you were lucky, then you would get a few million yuan. However, it's not useful to be envious because you can't rob others!

Wu Facai certainly had seen these situations many times, so he wasn't bothered at all. His earnings were stable, and he wasn't envious of gambling jade! If he were jealous, why didn't he bet and sell rough jadeite now?

"Is imperial jade truly that valuable?" Yang Ming looked at the other's joyful face, therefore he asked such a stupid question!  

"Yeah, of course, it is valuable!" Zhang Jiefang said with an envious tone, "They can sell a piece like that for more than two million yuan! With this stone, not only they can earn back their capital, they can earn more than that! This is just the non-polished price. If the imperial jade is processed and then polished into at least a pair of bracelets and two jade pendants, the price can go up to five million yuan!"

Yang Ming inhaled a cold breath after he heard that! A broken stone can be worth five million! What logic is this! Marx had a famous remark: If the capitalist had 50% profit, he would take the risk; If there was 100% profit, the person would dare to trample on all the laws of the world; if there was 300% profit, the person would dare to risk the gallows!

However, comparing between five hundred yuan and five million yuan, this was a 100% profit! No wonder there were so many people keen on gambling stones!

"Then, isn't this business very lucrative?" said Yang Ming, surprised.

"Yeah! But it would still be okay if there was one imperial jade among these stones!" Wu Facai laughed and said, "If imperial jade was so easy to get, I would open all the stones and keep them for myself!"

Yang Ming nodded his head. He remembered roughly the appearance of imperial jade and the difference between other jades. He started to scan the mountain of stones!  

Wu Facai was right. Imperial jade was extremely rare. As for these raw pieces, there were very little pure jades. However, Yang Ming didn't know much about this business. At that moment, he decided to buy some related books later and crammed it during the night!

All of sudden, Yang Ming saw an imperial jade among the discarded stones! I shouldn't be wrong. It was indeed imperial jade!

It was just that the imperial jade wasn't relatively big. It was only one-third the size of the big imperial jade. Besides, the purity wasn't that good either! However, Yang Ming would be satisfied even if it was like this.

Such a small piece - even if it was not as valuable as the big piece, according to Zhang Jiefang, it could still be polished into two jade pendants that were worth a few hundred thousand yuan!

Yang Ming was excited when he thought about it! Ever since he was born, this was the first time he felt that wealth was within his reach! Everything seemed easy to obtain!

Yang Ming acted calm and came to the rocks that were rejected by the others.

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