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“How can a grown person disappear under your watch! Not even knowing where he went, how do you want me to deal with this?”

“Find him! Go find him right now!”

“Brother… don’t be so anxious…”

“Contact Rong Yu immediately!”

The sound of the chaotic footsteps gradually dissipated from a far. Luo Yang tried to open his eyes but was exhausted and started panting. he started to become conscious, only to became aware of pains all over his body. It felt like he had been crushed.

from his childhood till now, Luo Yang has never felt so much pain. He was so sore that he could barely lift a finger. When he was a child, he accidentally cut his finge and even screamed for three days.

The last memory in his mind was of the lightning that fell from the sky and he remembered that he had been stuck in the middle of that calamity.

Suddenly, a round thing was stuck in his throat.

He once saw a dog struck by lightning, his body scorched and burned.

He didn't know what he looked like right now. A pile of carbon, burnt and black?

He wanted to cry out, but he could only hear himself make a low whine.

hearing this, Luo Yang immediately stopped.

What was that sound?

He forced himself to open his eyes and his was met with the sight of a strange environment. He lowered his head and saw two small, white, fluffy, tender paws.

Luo Yang saw this little paw and thought of that cat that Rhubarb likes, Jenny. It had claws similarly like this.

He didn't know where it came from. Luo Yangqi got up and stood up to verity. He looked around the place and looked then down at the large mirror not far from him.

This place was not actually unfamiliar to him but actually his room and it turned out that he has not disintegrated into carbon.

Merely, he seems to have become a…

Luo Yang took in the four small short legs as he stood in front of the full-length mirror. A small, unidentified creature appeared in front of the mirror.

Fearing the unknown, Luo Yang was anxiously afraid.

What is this thing?

It had two pointed little ears on it's head, and it's big round eyes were bright and nimble.

Is it a cat?

Luo Yang turned around and to look at his butt in the mirror.

But why was there no tail?

There should be a long bushy tail stuck to his butt.

Could it be a dog?

But the how did he look better than Rhubarb?

Looking at it in the mirror, the cat is not a cat nor a dog. Luo Yang was immersed deep in contemplation.

When he first discovered that he could understand Rhubarb, he had a strong suspicion that he was not an ordinary human being. He always thought that one day he would be noticed by the world’s most elite, and be rid of his mortal shell, becoming omnipotent.

Sure enough, after being hit by thunder, he was changed into his true origin.

He has always envied those powerful demons that could  do whatever they wanted, and now it has come true.

He really was not an ordinary human!

It's just… Luo Yang looks at himself in the mirror, and was somewhat not very happy.

Why did he turn into this thing? Why didn't he have a tail?

Could it be… Last night, his brother's feather duster, beat his tail into nonexistent?

That's right! His brother! Elder brother must surely know what happened to me!

He seemed to have heard his brother’s voice when he was sleeping.

Luo Yang took his four small short legs and ran to the door.

It was just a door that can be opened easily but it was a huge problem for Luoyang, who was now palm sized.

He remembers that at this time, there should be someone at home.

He scarred the door with his two claws,, trying to make as much noise as possible.

His nails have not yet grown on the claws, so the pink and tender paw was actually only slapping on the door. It didn't have much strength so there was no sound at all.

Luo Yang slapped on the door for a while, but no one came. Persevering until he could not anymore, he finally allowed himself to pant. He sank onto the floor, stretched out his red tongue, and licked his two painfully red claws to soothe it while whimpering.

Forget it, he'll just wait for his brother to come back.

His elder brother was very knowledgeable and his younger one was omnipotent. They must know what to do.

Luo Yang no longer slapped on the door, and sat at the corner of the door to rest, waiting for someone to come.

Yesterday evening, although he was struck by lightning, there was no mark left. He remembered that his brother had once said that only if one committed heinous deed and had a guilty conscience would he be thundered during broad daylight.

Luo Yang began to selfreflect. Could it be that he had committed too many misdeeds before so he was hit by thunder?

was he being punished by God?

Luo Yang sighed heavily, curling his small head into his arms, causing his whole body to seem as if it shrank.

Brother, come back soon, I am so scared.

He doesn't know how long it took, but footsteps suddenly sounded outside the door together with the sound of people talking.

Luo Yang’s two ears perked up and he stood up and looked at the door, in excitement.

He knows that this is the housekeeper that had taken care of him for several years.

Suddenly, the door opened, the old housekeeper stood outside the door, and there was a cleaning tool in his hand. The moment he opened the door, Luo Yang caught his attention.

The lively Luoyang jumped up and down in the same place, very happy. He was about to start making some noise when the housekeeper started waving the broom around.

“How did a cat get into the young master's room? Someone come and drive it out!”

Luo Yang looked at the broom held by the housekeeper, reminiscent of the feather duster lifted by Luo Chen last night, and he was shocked and traumatised. He reflexively fled out on his four legs and ran out.

The old housekeeper chased after him, making the people in the villa, who heard the old housekeepers words, put down their work to catch the ‘cat’. Luoyang's legs was now short, making escaping more difficult, but his body was smaLlb, so he lead the people of the villa on a chase.  

“Quickly, drive him out! The young master emphasises cleanliness, so we can’t let this little cat run around at home.”

The poor Luoyang who couldn't speak, was chased by the five people with a broom. He dodged and bumped into a lot of things in the villa which alarmed everyone. Finally, he was caught by the old housekeeper and thrown out of the villa.

This, Luo Yang pitifully squatted down at the corner of the villa outside. aggrieved, he licked his own hair with his tongue to tidy himself up and watched the sky getting dim. he was cold and hungry, and did not know what to do it.

brother should be coming back soon. When brother returns, I must ask him to get back at those people…

Luo Yang whimpered, pillowing his small round head on his paws.

Forget it, they also can't be blamed. He'll forgive them just this once.

The wind was harsh, making Luo Yang, who was curled up into a ball, tremble from the cold.

Brother, come back soon, I miss you.

The small ball curled up in the corner, leaving only a small shadow under the afterglow of the setting sun.

The sun was beginning to set, and it was getting quieter.

Luo Yang straightened his head and looked at the road towards his home.

He remembers that around this time, his brother would  usually have returned. So why wasn't he back yet today?

Could it be that he was searching for him?

There are many houses around but the traffic was scarce, and the surroundings were quiet.

The sound of barking came from far away. Luo Yang listened, and the tip of his ear moved, his eyes brightened. The sound was very familiar to him. It was Rhubarb!

The sudden influx of emotions surged, and Luo Yang rose up and rushed toward the sound.

But he forgot one thing, right now, he could not speak.

Standing a meter outside, Rhubarb glared fiercely, looking at the small animal who he could crush beneath him, and shouted at him.

 “Who are you?”

Luo Yang cried out two times, so anxious that his hair stood up as he howled like a cat, trying to communicate with Rhubarb.

“What are you, no tail! Compared to Jenny, you sound so unpleasant. I'm warning you, you best get lost from your grandpa Huang's territory!”

(TN: Rhubarb's name in Chinese is DaHuang)

Huang your ancestor! I am your boss!

Luo Yang's anger could not be vented, thus he gritted his teeth in anger which showed small fangs that had not yet fully grown.

However, this appearance, in the eyes of Rhubarb, in his territory, appeared as provocation. He stepped closer to Luoyang. “Get out of here, or I, granpa Huang, will bite your neck.”

Rhubarb stepped into the light, and his fangs were exposed to Luoyang, as he approached him step by step. It was a fierce animal nature that Luo Yang had never seen before from the past docile Rhubarb in the past.

Luo Yang unconsciously stepped back a few steps. he really believed that if he does not leave here, Rhubarb will really bite his neck.

You're dead Rhubarb! You better remember this!

A tiger, when leaving the hill and descending to the flatlands, will be insulted by dogs.

Luo Yang was at a disvantage here but he knew how to pick his battles

A gentlemen's revenge, is never too late.

Luo Yang turned, took his small short legs and ran.

He could hear Rhubarb's saying. “Don’t let me see you here again, otherwise I will turn you into mince!”

He doesn't know for how long he ran. On the streets of the busy city, Luo Yang panted and stopped, dodging from the congested traffic and flowing crowd, provoking people's anger.

Luo Yang hid in the corner near the trash can.

The sky was getting darker and the whole city was shrouded in a dim light. Luoyang curled up under a street lamp and shivered.

It's so cold and he was hungry.

He thought, if anyone could save him, keep him from the cold, and not let him go hungry, he would surely repay them.

The temperature was getting lower and even though his hair now covered his whole body, he still felt the cold intruding. He sobbed feeling wronged and drawled open his wet eyes, tears glimmering through his eyes as they fell on the floor with a splash.

After a long time, the pedestrians of the road gradually began to return home, and the whistle of the vehicles gradually drifted away. Everything seemed to be silenced.

Luo Yang’s consciousness became more and more blurry. In his blurry vision, he seemed to see a car park on the side of the road. Someone got off the car and strode over to him.

He did not have the strength to look up to see who the person was. He could only make a weak whimpering sound through his throat. He wanted to plead for a saviour.

Just then, he was picked up, held within two hands. The hot temperature of the palm of the hands passed through his soft hair. Under the ministration of the palm of the man stroking his hair, his frozen body and blood seemed to warm up, and Luoyang’s tense body gradually relaxed. So warm and comfortable.

extremely fatigued, Luo Yang relaxed under the warmth, easily lowering his guards and then fell asleep, feeling content.

Rong Yu gazed at the little brat in his arms, seemingly dependent on him. The previously cold mouth unconsciously raised into a gentle smile, his fingertips lightly petted the pointy ears and caressed the round head.

He looked up.

“Tell Luo Chen that he doesn't need to keep searching.” Rong Yu's eyes fell on Luoyang again. “I picked him up, so he is mine.”

Mushroom: Finally the action starts xD Just in time since I'm ganna be starting SSCM's world building from c3 onwards. C3 should be done in a day or two.

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