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Chapter 4 Ding Muchen’s Girlfriend

"The game ID This Evening What Evening is confirmed"

The elf guider speaks with a smile like flowers on her face. At the same time, above my head, four fuzzy words "This Evening What Evening" appear. The elf continues:"Master, would you like to change your face in the game?"

At the centre of the temple, the young man is standing with a neat figure and full of spirit. He is just like an identical twin of mine.

“I'd like to improve the looking of my face with a percentage of 20% more handsome!" I speak loudly.

The elf guider apologies: “sorry, but according to the evaluation of our system, the score of the looking of your face is already too high to be improved by 20%. You are recommended to improve it by 0.05%!”

I speak reluctantly: “then just change my face by 20% but with a same score so people would not recognize me.”


The face of my role begins to change slowly. Although he is different, he is still very handsome and something inside him remains the same. Indeed, no wonder they have an almost same score. In a short time, a game character whose face is nothing like mine, but is still extreme handsome shows up in front of me. And his game ID This Evening What Evening is confirmed again.

After the confirmation of my role figure, I notice the flowing light and color all round me. 12 characters standing side by side appear in the holy temple. There are the ones holding a sword, the ones riding horses, the ones with staves, and the ones with bow and arrow in hand. There are total 12 professions in Skyroad. They are all displayed in front of me. The elf smiles: "Master, please choose your profession!"

” Heavy cavalry.” I speak without hesitation.

Soon, my consciousness enters into the game role. And as if I just started to awaken all over my body, I could see my palms for the first time. And I can walk in the holy temple. I can mount on the great horse with cyan hair. The war horse is equipped by a complete set of battle armor, and thus looks mighty and powerful. The elf guider speaks: “Master, the account will be created only one last step left. The system gives each player a chance to trigger a hidden race. Do you want to have the chance?”

Why there is such a good chance? I feel excited. Before I could make a reply. The data sheet shows right in front of me–

Terran: strength, agility, physical strength, spiritualism, endurance, all +8%

Moon elf: agility +15%, strength +15%, total stats +10% under moonlight

Wild giant: average height of 3 m, strength +20%, physical +10%, agility reduced by 10%

Orcs: strength +20%, physical +5%, endurance +5%

The above is the conventional four big races that every player has the right to choose from.  Terran is the default race. In general, the data for human is more comprehensive. The elves have their advantages in night. Wild giants have more strength. The orcs are enhanced both in physic and endurance besides the obvious strength. As for my profession, Terran is the one fits most since all the five aspects of attribute are very important to a knight.

Subsequently, the data of several hidden races appears in the following list —

Half-dragon/hidden race: spiritualism +30%

Demigod/hidden race: strength +15%, agility +15%, physical +10%

Ents/hidden race: physical +20%, endurance +20%

Nuwa ethnic/hidden race: Nuwa descendants, ability unknown

Fly terran/hidden race: agility +15%, strength +10%, flying for 7 seconds

Fire elf/hidden race: +40% fire attack

The powerful attribute bonus is stunning. If I trigger the hidden race, wouldn't I be invincible during earlier stage of the game? In particular, the half dragon has 30% bonus in spiritualism. if you choose your profession as an Sorcerer, then won't you only need a spell to end all the battles? The attribute for Ents is also quite violent. If I can trigger the hidden race, I will choose Ents. A knight with 20% bonus both in physic and endurance, is simply the invincible King Kong!

“Yes I do!"

I nod my head, and secretly pray from the bottom of my heart. I do need a hidden race. Do trigger one for me. A demigod family would be nice too. The attribute bonus is suitable for my profession of Heavy Cavalry!

“Shua ~ ~ ~”

A flash of green light passes above my head. The elf guider looks at me in disappointment: “Master, I’m sorry you didn’t trigger the hidden race option, please confirm your race again.”

“Terran…” I make a deep exhalation. “then I'll be a mortal with my peaceful heart..”


“The account is created successfully!"

The genie guider is smiling and she asks: “Master, please choose the option whether to quit the game now and wait for the official release of severs, or stay here with me?”

“I'll Quit."


There is darkness again in front of me. I'm disconnected from the server.


When I take off the helmet, Lin Che and Wang Jinhai are doing the same.

“Well? How was it?"I ask.

“It was all right.”Lin Che replies.

Wang Jinhai nods. “well, everything is going well.”

“Did any of you trigger the hidden race?” I ask.

“No.” They both shake their heads.

At that moment, Zhang Wei lying among us is still wearing the game helmet. His legs are suddenly in spasm. Lin Che is worried: “Viagra, how are you?, is the polio attacking you again?”

Zhang Wei speaks with hesitation from his helmet : “It seems…Have I just triggered the hidden race?”

“Really?"I exulted: “which race was triggered?”

“The Demigods, well yes the Demigods, with bonus in strength, agility, physic." Zhang Wei is so excited that he gasps for breath:” Chen, will I choose this hidden race or not?”

‘Yes for sure!" I cheer him up: “your profession is Martial Monk. You will need these three aspects of the attribute! Please confirm Immediately !”


Shortly after that, Zhang Wei also takes off his helmet. He has a face full of exultation: “what hidden race have you chosen?”

Lin Che is full of disappointment: “No hidden race! We all ordinary human race. Only Viagra you got lucky. You triggered the Demigods hidden race.”

Wang Jinhai: “the dumbest newbie triggers the hidden race. It is too much for us to bear!”

I speak, “it doesn’t matter. Viagra will be one of our human shields in our studio. It’s best to be a hidden race for him. But he is lucky indeed. The chance is only 0.1%. Viagra is indeed an one in a million prodigy for martial arts."

Zhang Wei is happy and excited.

Wang Jinhai asks, “next what should we do? Still three days left for the official servers open to the players. “

“We should visit game forums, and check all the relevant strategies. And also check whether officials said anything useful. Those are very important for the very beginning of the game."


We all start to searching on the Internet. Soon we have gone through all the official materials. There is little data can be about the game Skyroad except the information like the attributes concerning about races etc which we already knew. There is nothing concerning the setting inside the game. And there are only chaos of arguments on the forums. Most of them are the consultation about hidden races and the players in the Hall of Fame. Not useful at all.


Dinner time. We have only got steamed corn bread with hot pickled tuber mustard. We have no money. There are only a few hundred left for all the people in the studio.

Wang Jinhai comes in carrying two boxes of instant noodles. This would be our food on the following days. We all worried as we will be bankrupted before the game actual starts. And we feel exhausted too.

After dinner, I have nothing to do. So I log online.

“Shua ~ ~ ~”

When I show myself in the temple, the elf guider immediately fly out. Above her head are the words “Ding Muchen’s Girlfriend”. She is excited: “Master, my Master, finally you are here again, with me Elf.”

“Elf…Is your name Elf?"I asked.

She dances in the air from up and down: “I feel too shy to speak out the name you gave me. And I'm an elf guider in this system. So I call myself Elf. Am I doing anything wrong ?”

I was a little ashamed. I was sloppy to give her such a game. But I was just being frank.

“Elf, are you lonely here all day?”I ask.

“Of course."

Elf blinks her big eyes and speaks, “every elf guider is kept in this mirror space, and waiting for the arrival of the master alone. Master, how does your world look like? Can you tell me?”


I feel awkward chatting with an elf guider. But soon I sit in the temple and tell her all about the world out there. She drops on my shoulders and sits on it, kicking her gentle snow white legs in the air: "it's a wonderful world out there. While I have to be caged here. So looking forward the opening of the world! So I can go adventure with Master!"

I ask her, “Elf, have you ever been in the out world?”

“I used to dream about what was out there when I was asleep.”

“Oh?”I get interested: “tell me, what's it like outside in the Skyroad?”

“There are many ferocious monsters. Some soldiers are guarding the village. The chief of the village is very kind.”

The fairy maiden leans on my head, and her arms folds, lifting up a pair of exquisite mountains. She asks, “Master, are you also a warrior for the future conquest of this world?”


I ask again, “what else do you know? For example……Can you tell me in advance who needs help outside the village and who is Posting a recruitment mission?”

“I don’t know.” She shakes her head. “Elf has forgotten so many things,” she said. "I can only remember the blacksmith in the village, and the cat named little flower at the entrance of the village, they are all very nice."

“Uncle Smith…..” I'm amazed and ask, “Do you know any secrets of the blacksmith?”

“Yes…”The elf smiles: “Uncle Smith has a poor memory. Although his craft is very good, his arithmetic is not good at all. He always miscalculate. He won't know the number if you do more than three transactions!”

“Three transactions? " I sense there is something “and then?”

“But he holds a grudge,” speaks Elf, “if anyone buys something cheap from him, he will always remember you and he will curse you constantly. It is terrifying if Uncle Smith is angry."

“Got it….”

I nod my head and continue to have a chat with Elf. There is really little information Elf knows. Not to mention the confidential data about the game. We talk until it's midnight. I have to give it up and wait when the game actual starts.

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