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Chapter 14
Volume 07 Chapter 14

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「Elder Sergei」

A green-tinted, blonde elf somewhere in his mid-twenties to early-thirties, dressed in robes befitting of a Shinto priest, was making his way towards us with an indescribable expression on his face.

I knew how he was…… Ariane’s father, Dylan had appeared.

Ariane, who’d just been tightening her vice on the two gatekeepers, shrunk back like a misbehaving child when she saw her father.

“What’s going on here? Why are you causing such an uproar in another village?”

Though Dylan had let out a sigh, the quiet anger that in his voice was clearly transferred to any listener.

I tried to offer Ariane a lifesaver, but just as I was about to speak up, someone else called out to Dylan.

“Please wait! She is not the only one in the wrong!”

A slightly clean-cut and fearless elven warrior ran into the danger zone…… he seemed to be an important person.

The worn leather armor, short hair, stubbly beard and the sword at his hip went against the image of elves I had in my head.

Dylan looked towards him before his eyes returned to Ariane.

“She came to deliver an important message, yet those two laughed it off after listening to it! While I can not agree with her show of force, as a member of the same village, I find their behavior shameful.”

Those that had gathered in the area nodded in agreement with the man’s appeal.

Ariane had to blink a few time to clear the surprised twinkle from her eyes.

I wasn’t all that skilled in distinguishing an elf’s age, but the stubby-bearded warrior and the other villagers looked relatively younger than the gatekeeper duo.

I’d heard Doranto village was an isolated place with a strong dislike for other races, and while that might be true…… it seemed that not everyone thought the same way.

“For now I’ll believe what he said, but why have you returned to this village?”

The tension drained from the area after Dylan cleared his throat and asked Ariane about our intentions.

So she told him about the giant army that was overwhelming Salma Kingdom and was primed to invade Nozan and this very village.

After she’d finished her tale, Dylan remained silent for a while before casting a glance over the surrounding people.

Ariane hadn’t exactly been shouting when she explained everything, but elves had good hearing.

Among the crowd that formed the circle around us, some people clearly couldn’t believe what they heard.

It couldn’t be helped. Unless you had actually been there to see the capital’s walls surrounded by a hundred-thousand undead, the sheer scale of it all would seem like an exaggeration.

Dylan looked towards Ariane once more before he directed his gaze towards me, who’d been sidelined ever since the bearded man handled the incident with the gatekeepers.

“This could have been a major issue if we hadn’t had time to prepare countermeasures. Ariane, Arc-kun, come with me. I need you to speak with my elder acquaintance…… hopefully, he can call a meeting to order.”

After saying that, Dylan turned around and headed back into the village.

Ariane and I stood there frozen for a moment before following after him.

We headed towards a house slightly larger than those around it on the outskirts of the village.

An elven man who looked to be in his thirties greeted Dylan at the house’s door.

Supple muscles filled out a simple set of clothing and he had slightly masculine features, but his left ear was only half the length of his right ear.

He looked like a veteran soldier with a long military rec


Dylan introduced the man as Sergei Ful Doranto.

After inviting us into his home and leading us to a spacious living room, a long conversation began after we took a seat.

Ponta chose a spot near a window and wagged her tail as she watched the scenery outside.

Doranto seemed to have three elders, and this was one of them.

Apparently, since he was an acquaintance with Dylan, Raratoria’s elder, Sergei had asked for him to be appointed Canada’s representative when the request for aid had been sent.

“There are a lot of bigots in my village, and they won’t pass up the opportunity to cause trouble.”

Seeing Sergei laugh at him, Dylan  remembered what Glenys had looked like when he had told her about the decision to come here and lamented, saying, “My wife got in a bad mood because of that.”.

However, the reprieve was short-lived and the conversation returned to the matter at hand.

“Well, that’s good. Dealing with the future should be our top priority.”

Sergei nodded along with Dylan’s statement.

“Certainly. I’ll gather the other elders so we can conduct an emergency meeting. You two will have to attend as well, but please avoid making another outburst like the one at the gate.”

Ariane tried to defend herself, but Sergei just said “Stay here for a while” before he let out a sigh and left.

Dylan watched as Sergei left the living room before sitting up straight and turning a serious look on Ariane.

“Before he returns, tell me about what’s going on in as much detail as possible. There aren’t many avenues for this village to take. They can abandon this place and immigrate to Canada, or seek reinforcements from us and fight.”

Although he had been making an angry expression a moment ago, a smile returned to his face when Dylan raised his head.

“The best option would be to unite with the humans. In fact, the beastmen in Rhoden and Rinburuto……  a discussion has already begun to prohibit the wrongful enslavement of the People of the Planes and Mountains”

Though Ariane and I were surprised by Dylan’s statement, we asked him to verify what he said.

“Is that true?”

“Hou, that’s quite the coincidence.”

“That’s so. I never imagined that a human country would be placed in a situation where they’d be forced to accept that condition……”

I lowered my head at Dylan’s wry smile.

“No, the situation has accelerated beyond expectations. Once things are settled here, I’ll take this to the council of elders in Canada. Originally, our efforts were an attempt stem the tide of the homogeneous exclusion on this continent by supporting the human countries that were willing to accept other races.

Speaking of which, Dylan had been staying in Rhoden Kingdom until recently to take care of various things, but I never expected him to be working on such a project.

I unintentionally nodded my head repeatedly as I thought of a potential future, Ariane gave me a strange look in response to my behavior.

“What are you smirking for……”

I tried to touch my face when she said that, but I only felt the usual cold metal of my helmet. How could she know what kind of expression I had?

“Arc, it’s easy to read most of your emotions. So, what were you thinking about?”

I could only shrug my shoulders in defeat as she proudly boasted about being able to read me.

“It wasn’t anything major? I was simply imagining a city where humans, beastmen, and elves could live together. It’s a nice dream to have.”

The fantasy world I had imagined.

A world in which the various races used their various strengths to live, it would be a fun story if such a future came to pass…… it was a simple dream.

Ariane and Dylan shared a look with one another when they heard what I said and smiled.

“It certainly is a nice dream. It won’t be possible immediately, but the conditions Arc-kun imposed on that country are a good first step.”

Dylan followed his words with a gentle smile while Ariane let out a small sigh.

“In that case Nozan Kingdom and the Branier territory need to be there in the future.”

“Yeah, but first we need to persuade Doranto, right?”

After agreeing with Ariane, I returned to the topic of the upcoming meeting.

Dylan seemed optimistic when he answered my question.

“Though it might be a little difficult, Sergei and his supporters should be a great help. Rhoden and the Branier territory will be the same, but now is the time for change.”

After saying that Dylan looked at Ponta’s sleeping face as she basked in the sunlight from the window.

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