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Chapter 5
Volume 06 Chapter 05

Translator: Silver Editor: Namorax

「Chat with Danka」

“Well, let’s enjoy our next four days at sea.”

After placing my baggage beside the bed I was assigned, I took a seat.

Ponta immediately climbed on my knee and began vigorously wagging her tail.

She must be after the yakitori.

“We just set sail, didn’t we? Wait just a little bit longer. How about we take a stroll around the ship?”

“Ky〜un……, Kyun!”

Ponta made a sad face and her tail drooped when I refused to give her what she wanted, but she perked up at the proposal of exploration.

Picking up Ponta by the scruff of her neck, I was almost out the door when Ariane demanded my attention.

“Arc, be sure to knock before you enter! Got it!?”

“I understand, no need to raise a commotion.”

After reassuring Ariane, Ponta and I set about exploring the ship.

“Hmm, not even living under the same roof in Raratoia brought about this kind of change.”

I couldn’t get Ariane’s strange behavior out of my head as I walked down a corridor.

Nowadays, the only people that try to create the lucky pervert situation from manga were elementary school dropouts.

While i was thinking about this no-win situation, I finally reached the deck .

The harbor had already vanished from sight and the ship was heading straight into the vast western sea.

“Kyun! Kyun!”

After leaping onto the ship’s railing, Ponta began to smile as the sea breeze blew through her green fur.

As I was watching Ponta, I suddenly heard a voice from behind me.

“Is it true that you’ve joined Raratoia?”

Looking back to see who’d begun a conversation without a greeting, I saw an elf I recognized standing behind me.

“It’s been a while, Danka-dono.”


Danka paid Ponta no mind and silently stared at me.

“Hmm, you seem to have already heard about my circumstances. With Dylan’s permission I’ve been allowed to take up the name Raratoia.

Danka raised an eyebrow after I said that.

“You said you were a human before. However, from the story I heard, you’ve been accepted by the village elder as representative of a new elven tribe. What does that mean?”

I did remember introducing myself as a human when we first met.

Back then, I hadn’t been trying to lie. After all, and how was I to know that my skeletal body would turn into one of the in-game dark elves.

“At the time, I believed myself to be human. My memory is a bit faulty and I didn’t remember who I was.”

The wrinkles on Danka’s face deepened and suspicion could be seen creeping into his eyes.

“Stop speaking nonsense. Even if you lost your memories your race should have been obvious. What in the world are you hiding?”

Danks’s cross-examination was heading into dangerous territory.

Regarding my special appearance, Dylan said it would be premature to reveal it to the others members of the village and suggested I gradually built up their familiarity with me before I show it to them.

Ariane and a few others had been able to see my skeletal form and be convinced that I was person afterward, but every additional piece of elven society I learned made me doubtful of others having a similar reaction.

Even if they were all elves, clear divides and strife existed between their groups.

My first impression of the elves was that they united due to their small numbers, but I realized that they weren’t all that different from humans.


omeone who’d I helped rescue kidnapped elves with now looked upon me with suspicion in his eyes.

As a warrior tasked with protecting his people we were wary of someone’s whose abilities and identity was unknown.

However, I hadn’t expected this type of situation.

“My body is under a certain curse…… and my normal appearance is vastly different from other races. Dylan, my village elder, has forbidden these from being discussed in public, so you’ll have to ask him about it.”

I looked Danka in the eye and told him what Dylan said I should if questioned about my body.

Ponta had been watching our exchange jumped on my shoulder from the railing and began wagging her puffy tail in front of my face, blocking my vision.

“Hey, Ponta. I can’t see.”


She’d probably done it as a way to ease the tension because as soon as I complained Ponta stopped and wrapped herself around my neck.

A slight smirk appeared on Danka’s face as he watched the scene unfold before turning on his heel.

“……Don’t betray her trust, Arc”

Dylan returned below deck after saying that.

With ‘her’, he must have meant Ariane.

Aside from anything involving me, he should be seeing Ariane as a friend he was on good terms with, so this whole affair must have been his way of warning me.

Once I saw Danka’s back disappear, I let out a relieved sigh and looked towards the sea.

For a while, I watched the sea for a bit, but I eventually got bored of it and started to watch the sailors work while enjoying the sea breeze flowing over my body.

Eventually, Ponta let out a yawn and scratched the back of her ears with her hind legs.

“Let’s head back inside.”


Ponta was delighted by the suggestion of returning to the cabin.

When I reached our cabin, I opened the door…… without knocking first.

Ariane was in the middle of removing her usual leather armor and was relaxing on her bed, while Chiome had removed her greaves and her upper chest was exposed.

Though her figure didn’t imply that she needed it, Chiome wore some type of undergarment under her regular outfit.

All of us were silent for a moment before I closed the door as the pillow Ariane throw came flying at me.

However, I could still hear Ariane scolding me from inside the room.

…… I’d completely forgotten about room etiquette after speaking with Danka.

Being criticized by Ariane about this wasn’t something I found all that lucky in the slightest.

This was a bad impression to set on the first day out at sea.

I’ll need to be on my best behavior to prevent this from happening again.

Besides that nothing else noteworthy occurred today.

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