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Chapter 9

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「What, These Aren’t Medicinal Herbs? It’s a Monster!」 Part 2

Whether in reaction to Marca’s movement or my yell, the creature shook its massive body, before standing up.

I was able to grasp its structure from here. From head to tail, its lizard-like body exceeded well over 6 meters. It has six strong looking legs, and spotted greyish-green scales. On its head was a green cockscomb, on its back were color changing scales, and on it’s tail was an array of spiny protrusions. The centerpiece of it all were the eyeballs bigger then its head, giving the thing a chameleon like appearance.

It opened its wide mouth, revealing that it’s jaw was pack full of fangs, and let out a weird cry.


I remembered such a creature from the game.

Giant Basilisk.

A monster in the level range of 150-170, it can be said that it isn’t an enemy with high attack power. However, for beginner and intermediate players, the combination of petrifying eyes, poison mist, and paralyzing claws made for a deadly combo of abnormality effects.

It really was a dangerous forest, for it would be nearly impossible for a ordinary villager to deal with it. Wait, why is this monster here?

Upon seeing the figure, Marca started to run away from the Kobumi trees, back to my side.

However, it gave chase. The Giant Basilisk raised its six legs and chased after her, only for it to suddenly stop following for some reason, and began to shake its head up and down. This strange movement allowed me to see that its cockscomb had turned red.

Was the tell the same as the game?!

It looked like it was about to use its petrifying gaze attack, the gaze was usually released in a fan-shaped arc for wide-spread damage.

Throwing down the sack, and reached for the shied on my back. I run to Marca and picked her up, before placing her behind the shield in my right hand.

The mythical grade equipment 『Heavenly shield of Titus』. It can prevent most abnormal status effects depending on the level difference, and it raised all abnormal resistances. With this shield, I take a defensive posture.

The next moment, the “paan” sound of a sonic boom is heard through the whole area as dull shock waves run though the shield. I see Marca, in the shadow on the shield, covering her ears and closing her eyes. From were I stand everything is normal. The petrification seems to have been negated.

In the game there was a cool-down time for the attack, but I can’t depend on that here. In addition, it is impossible to take advantage of enemy attack patterns.

I step forward quickly, and hide Marca behind my back. I place my hand on the sword at my waist. Due to Marca’s presence, this has to end with a long-range attack.

Holy Knight’s skill【Sword of judgment】!!

My sword began to shine with light, as I unsheathed it and swung it down on the spot. Instantly, a magic circle formed under the giant basilisk’s feet, and a sword of light appeared above its head.


The 5 meter long sword pierced the bulky body of the giant basilisk. Afterwards, a sound like shattering metal rings in the area, as the light sword started to crumble.

As calmness returned to the area, the bulky body of the giant basilisk hits the ground with a thud. I did not move an inch, as I observed the surroundings still in the downward swing position. The power of the blow seems to have killed it……

Did the【Sword of judgment】always create such a massive light sword? Did the strain of the situation cause me to apply more power to the skill then normal? Or was it the same as before, just with the power increased in reality…… Either of those could be a good explanation; I just don’t know which was right.

While clinging to my back, Marca could only look at the fallen monster and reply with a “Wow!”

“Marca, was that the monster that recently appeared around the village?”

“No. It wasn’t so big when I saw it. I think the one that’s around the village is called a Fanged Boar?”

Macra’s pigtails shook when she shakes her head no. Noticing something, she pointed a finger to the slope and spoke up.

“Ah! There’s another one over there!!”

I looked over to were her finger was pointing, and sure enough, there was another giant basilisk on the other side of the slope. When I made eye contact, the monster made a hasty retreat.

“Hmm, it went off somewhere.”

It might be cautious because its friend was defeated. Since there is no sign of anything else, the herb collection can continue.

“Marca. Are the kobumi plants still good?”

When I ask so , she goes running to the kubumi trees. When she reached the base of one, she started to pluck the branches of the white flowers.

After seeing such a sight, I return my gaze to the defeated giant basilisk. Its 6 meter long body was laying on the ground. While I don’t know the location of the heart, since it was a monster it should have a magic stone. Finding it in this large body will be a challenge. Will it be in a position similar to a crocodile’s or a lizard’s heart?

I roll the hulking beast on its backside. Incredibly, it was an easy feat to accomplish.
Was the position of a crocodile’s heart near abdomen or the forepaw? Since it seemed a little hard to do with the dagger in my sack, I have to use my sword to cut out the heart. When I sliced open the basilisk’s abdomen , a stone the size of a baby’s fist came out. I held the stone in the sunlight, and it reflected a purple light in my eyes. With this stone I should be alright for a while.

Since you probably can’t eat the basilisk like the orcs, its body will become the nourishment of the forest. After all, the pig-like orcs are a hundred steps above this grotesque chameleon. By all odds it doesn’t seem like it would be delicious anyway. It also seems like it would be hard to carry back……

“Knight-sama, could you reach the flowers on the top?”

While I was pondering the treatment of the giant basilisk, Marca asked for assistance. Putting the magic stone in my bag, I walk toward the kobumi tree next to Marca.

The flowers of the kubumi tree extended out on every branch. They were an arrangement of five small white petals, and released an indescribably sweet aroma.

Marca had started to gathering the flowers of the lower branches already.

“What effect do these have?”

“Umm〜 father didn’t teach me. Once they are dried and turned into powder, he would only sell it to adults for a high price. Since it can cure illness, it has to be a medical herb right? Knight-sama, do you know any disease that only adults suffer from?”

Without stopping, Marca asked such a question.

A disease only adults get……, like a geriatric disease? However, that was the generic name of a disease and it was changed when a child died from it. I couldn’t come up with anything.

“No, I don’t know the name of any disease like that ”

“I see〜. Next time, I will ask a expert. If I don’t know the effects of the merchandise, I can be taken advantage of.”

She laughs saying so.

The two of us worked fast to pick the flowers, and in no time the basket was full. I also put some of the flowers into my game sack. When the sack was full, I hoist it over my shoulder and prepare to head back.

On the way back, I still followed behind Marca. She seemed to use topography to find her way around the forest, but to me it all just looked the same. If not for her, the expedition would have ended up a disaster.

As the density of the trees faded away, the field around the village came back into view.
There, a large black boar was digging up the land.

“Ah, the fanged boar! That’s the one that attacked the village before. It came so close to the village.”

Noticing either Marca’s voice or our presence, the fanged boar raised its head and let out a roar. It and the burba radically differed in terms of size. Its body was 2 meters long and it stood at around Marca’s height. There were also four tusks protruding from its lower jaw.

After building some power in its hind legs, the boar charged at us. I quickly lowered my sack and stared down the approaching fanged boar.

However the mad dash didn’t seem all that fast to me. Taking the rush head on, I grab the set of tusk with my hands, and slam the boar against the ground. The fanged boars head hit the ground at high speed, and after that it fall silent.

In a rage, I started to stab at its abdomen with my sword, when I remember something. While the boar could act wild with its powerful limbs, if I hold down its head, there would be no problem.

“Marca, I will deliver the final blow. Ask a hunter of the village or somebody else if there is something in the village that this thing can be loaded on?”

“Y-Yes. Understood! Please wait!!”

Marca responded in a hurry, before running towards the village. Seeing her off, I hope that she doesn’t fall down on her way there.

After a few minutes, a couple villagers arrive while pulling a trolley cart.
When they arrived, the boar was covered in its own blood and had lost the ability to move. It could only let out small breaths now.

The villagers stared at the dying fanged boar in a state of shock, before letting out a unanimous cheer of admiration. Under the instructions of a hunter, I placed the now dead beast onto the cart.

“How should we handle the disposal of this fellow, Knight-sama? The fur is usable, and the tusk can sell for a good price. The meat should also be delicious. You can have it carried into town if you hire a few villagers.”

While the the hunter inspects the game, I ask about its treatment.

“Hmm, I heard this fellow was a monster. Could you tan the pelt of this guy, and accept the tusks and magic stone as a reward? Also give the tanned pelt to Marca when it’s ready.”

“Huh? Would that be alright?”

“Eh, I get the pelt?! Knight-sama!”

The two of them were utterly shocked at my request. Though they say the pelt had great value, I had no use for it. So I gifted it to Marca, satisfied with the pleasure of her receiving it. A 40 year old uncle that is generous to small children (setting).

“I don’t mind. I think you should also distribute the meat within the village.”

The villagers pulling the cart heard what I just said, and unanimously voice their gratitude. Due to the monster appearing in the field frequently, the village appeared to have been experiencing problems. They even thought of forming a hunting party, or placing a request to the adventurer’s guild.

It’s likely that this fanged boar appeared near the village because it was driven out by the giant basilisks from earlier.

Once in the village, the fanged boar was dismantled by the side of the hunters house. When the news of the catch spread, everyone in the village became peeping toms, as they came to watch. The village chief even came out to personally thank me.
In the meantime, the day started to give way to night.

Since I could not do it, I leave the meat distribution and pelt removal to the hunter and volunteers. While, I return to Marca’s house. I needed to deliver the harvested Kobumi plants that were still in my game sack anyway.

Marca was in a good mood because she would be able to eat meat for a while.

“I’m home , mother! Guess what! Knight-sama was able to defeat the monster that was attacking the village!!”

When Marca got in, the first thing she mentioned was not the results of the harvest, but the monster subjugation.

“Huh!? You encountered the monster!? Is anyone hurt!? Are you hurt?!”

Her mother panicked, and grabbed hold of her to check for injury. She only lets out a sigh of relief, once she knew everything was alright. When she noticed her mother was crying, Marca became misty-eyed and repeatedly apologized to her. The youngest, Helena came and started to hug her sister from behind.

“Thank you very much for watching after my daughter. I don’t know how to express my gratitude……”

“According to the request, I was to serve as Marca’s escort. Marca, since the quest is complete, could you give me the completion plaque?”

“Ah, yes!”

Upon my request, she took out a wooden block, the size of a business card, from her clothes pocket. The request serial number was written on the wooden block.

“Thank you for everything.”

After an exaggerated nod, the cute Marca lowed her head and thanked me. I approached her and gently whispered,

“Marca, keep it a secret that we came across that large monster. I don’t want to worry your mother anymore than this.”

When I said so, she laughed in agreement. I place the wooden block in my luggage bag before leaving the house, while waving back at her.

After leaving the house, I could still hear the villagers chatting over at the hunter’s house. They were probably still dismantling the fanged boar. As sunset dyed the sly orange, a flock of birds was spotted entering the forest.

I have to get back to Rubierute before the gates closes. With the use of 【Dimensional step】, I could simply transfer into the center of the city from outside the walls, but that will be a last resort.

I backtrack my way to the path from the village’s gate, while passing by returning fieldworkers. When I make it past the field, the presence of other people disappeared, and only the sound of rustling leaves and plants could be heard.

I will try to return to the city with 【Transfer gate】this time. Last time I tried it, I only traveled 7 meters from where I was. It is still possible that this magic only works if you can visualize the location you wish to travel to.

I set the hall overlooking Rubierute as the transfer location. It was a location with little pedestrian traffic and I can clearly envision it in my mind. If I can get this work, then I would have a convenient way to travel to places I’ve already been. Locations with similar landscapes will probably be impossible though.

Firstly, I try to firmly place Rata village into my memory. Looking back, I see smoke from multiple stoves rising from the village. That reminded me, I still had the bread left from this morning.

Turning away from the village, I bring the Rubierute city set point to the forefront of my mind.

“【Transfer gate】!”

The 3 diameter pale magic formation appears as I active the spell. My vision goes dark for a moment, and I’m left with a floating sensation. Before I realized it, the scenery had completely changed.

I was standing on the hill overlooking Rubierute. It seemed that【Transfer gate】was a success. Now if I increase the number of destinations, I should be able to wander around with ease. It is a truly great magic.

I entered the city from the east gate, and made my way to the adventurers guild’s building. I hear the gate closing bell shorty after my arrival, it seems I have just barely made it.

Entering the guild building, I’m greeted by the evil smile of the caged-bear uncle. I’m a little impressed that Marca was able to come to place, where such a brutal person resided, and make her request.

“The request is completed. Can I get the proof of completion?”

I open my luggage bag, and place the request and completion plagues on the counter. After confirming it, the bear uncle hands over a silver coin. With this my first request is complete.

Today I will also stay at the cheap inn again, but what should I do from tomorrow onward?

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