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Chapter 15

With a flash of light in Yan Chu’s mind, he already knew what to write on stone tablet .

  He opened the input box and typed quickly . The stone tablet flashed with golden light, and the powerful characters were chiseled on the stone tablet !

  Li Zeyang and Mu Qingqian and others woke up about ten minutes later .

  Before I had time to be happy, everyone discovered that there were many more words on stone tablet .

   sect leader used eight characters before to shape the two future emperors and sages . Now there are hundreds of characters on stone tablet . Everyone is excited to read them, trying to comprehend Yan Chu’s words again what .

  Yan Chu stood beside stone tablet with satisfaction .

  Although this large paragraph that I just wrote is not as good as “strive for self-improvement and be virtuous”, it still fits their Jing Lei Sect theme!

  ” Sect leader , this…this word on stone tablet , did you just come up with it?” Li Zeyang asked with a weird expression .

  ”Yeah, what’s wrong, is there any problem?” Yan Chu said .

  Li Zeyang hurriedly shook his head: ” disciple I have never seen… such a powerful rhyme, such a powerful phrase, such a powerful mood!!”

  Li Yuanfang was deeply moved, and even read the words on stone tablet :

  ”Thunder, this cultivation strength heaven collapses and the earth sinks into the purple gold hammer, purple electricity, this mysterious flame nine-day hanging sword is shaking the sky!”

  ”Dark clouds, I galloped on the battlefield, whistling and misty rain, saying that passionate love has been emptied of hatred since ancient times . I held the crescent blade, the world fell into the air and swallowed the mountains and rivers .

  ”Kill immortals and kill Buddhas and cultivate them into demons . When the sword is out of its sheath, I will be full of blood, set Tai Chi and Ba Gua and everything, I will smash! I hear the millions of soldiers, and the millions of soldiers will eliminate the smoke of gunpowder . The nine palaces and gossip are all in my hand, and all things are in my hands . Tremble!

  ”Stop reading!!”

   Johnson stood up suddenly, his muscles bulged and his face flushed:

  ”The words of sect leader are really exciting . Let Yuanfang elder sect brother read on, I’m afraid I can’t help but bring the knife to the battlefield!”

  Not only Johnson , but the boys in disciple are so passionate that they can’t wait to roll up their sleeves and do it!

  Even girls, women are not allowed to bear eyebrows, they are heroic!

  Yan Chu never thought that the words he wrote in a spoof would have such a great charm!

  Mu Qingqian seemed calmer, but she couldn’t help asking: ” sect leader , are you writing poems or inspirational words?”

  Yan Chu answered calmly: “It’s a song . ”


  ”Yes, this song “Jing Lei Sect” will be our Jing Lei Sect door song from now on, everyone sing along with me! Thunder, this cultivation strength cultivation strength the sky collapses and the earth collapses…”

  Everyone sang along with Yan Chu, but they were full of meaning and endless aftertaste .

  Only Yan Chu shook his head secretly .

  That’s it? ?

  That’s it? ?

  The level of music development in this fantasy world is too low!

  A shocking thunder that can’t even be called a song will sing you with passion . If Yan Chu brings out a few more military songs, wouldn’t he be able to sing the dead?

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  But Yan Chu didn’t plan to sing now, otherwise he was afraid that his group of disciple would not be able to withstand the huge impact and would go crazy .

  In the future, arrange slowly!

   The words on stone tablet are finally settled .

  Yan Chu estimated that the time outside should also be eight or nine in the evening .

  It’s also time to take the disciple up the white jade stairs and take a look inside the immortal mountain!

  With an order from Yan Chu, many disciple freed the horses under the mountain, and then followed Yan Chu mightily and stepped onto the white jade stairs .

  There are some disciple from poor family backgrounds . They saw such a beautiful jade for the first time . When they first walked up, they were very cautious, for fear of breaking the stairs .

  Later, they found that the white jade staircase was extremely strong, let alone stepped on it, even if it was chopped with a knife on it, it would not leave any traces, so they were relieved .

  As for who was the first to chop the white jade stairs with a knife…

   apart from Yan Chu this sect leader , who else has the guts? ?

  The white jade staircase has a total of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine floors, leading directly to the center of the Xumi world, which is the main peak of the tenfold spirit qi !

  After Yan Chu had climbed more than a hundred layers, he decided to let Li Zeyang and the others take the horse back and climb the stairs on horseback .

  What’s more, there are more than nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine steps . I am afraid that Yan Chu will be exhausted on the road before he reaches the main peak .

  Fortunately, there were horses on the way . After half an hour, they finally climbed to the main peak!

  Along the way, the white jade stairs split off many branches, thought to be leading to other immortal peaks, but there is always only one main road with the widest and largest .

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  At the entrance of the main peak, there is also a stone tablet .

  Yan Chu thought about it for a while, and named it Miao Mifeng .

  Fortunately, stone tablet is not big, so there is no need for Yan Chu to plagiarize university training .

  The spirit qi in the misty peak is really ten times richer than the outside world . There are almost everywhere in the immortal grass spirit fruit . The horse’s hoof stepping into the grass can also start a group of small flying insects emitting blue light, even if it is At night, under the shining of these little flying insects, the misty peak will not be sad .

  What made Yan Chu even more pleasantly surprised was that on the Misty Peak, there was even an established square, a huge palace, and a mansion in the depths .

  God-level treasure chests are not just the small world of Xumi .

  On every immortal peak, even the infrastructure has been established, and the roads extend in all directions, which can fully satisfy the start of faction .

  Behind the stone tablet on the Mengmen Peak, there is a giant sand table, which shrinks and simulates the entire Sumeru world .

  The other immortal peaks all have definite names .

  Looking at the entire sand table, Yan Chu discovered that the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine immortal peaks in the Xumi world actually have their own characteristics .

  For example, the northernmost immortal peak is all covered by ice and snow, and there is even a glacier on top of the immortal peak!

  The southernmost immortal peaks are very hot, and many immortal peaks even spew hot lava, which are clearly active volcanoes!

  The Xianfeng in the east is more humid, and there are rivers and rivers under the Xianfeng .

  The Xianfeng in the west is deserted, and the terrain of the Gobi Desert even appears under the Xianfeng .

  All in all, the Xumi world contains almost all the topography and climatic characteristics of the outside world .

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  This is also to meet more disciple needs for the environment .

  ”It’s not too early!”

  Yan Chu said to the disciple : “Since you are the first batch of disciple in this school, you can enjoy some privileges, such as…you can choose your own immortal peak at will!”

  ”Pick the immortal peak at will?” Li Yuanfang asked incredulously, ” sect leader , do you mean that every disciple can have a immortal peak?”

  ”Yes!” Yan Chu said with a smile, “but if you think it’s too lonely to live alone in a immortal summit, you can freely choose your partners and share a immortal peak . ”

  Yan Chu’s words have entered everyone’s hearts .

  Although one person owns a immortal peak, it is something most people dream of .

  But those present were all young people who had just left their parents . If they were allowed to live on a mountain alone, they would be scared to go to the toilet at night .

  Therefore, the disciple immediately started looking for partners and chose Xianfeng .

  And Yan Chu took this opportunity to wander around in and out of Miao Miao Peak, and also checked the immortal peaks around Miao Miao Peak .

  After all, he is the sect leader , if he gets lost in the world of Xumi, how shameful would it be?

  Inside the Misty Peak, the square can be used to hold a faction conference, and the Great Hall can be used to discuss faction events . As for the secluded mansion behind the Great Hall , it naturally belongs to the sect leader of Yan Chu .

  And around the Misty Peak, Yan Chu also discovered some special immortal mountains .

  For example, the planting area is divided, and many dan medicine peaks of alchemy pavilions are set up .

  Many tall pagodas have been built, and there are still unopened forbidden peaks around them .

  Even Yan Chu was still on a immortal peak and found a huge sword mound . There are countless flying sword in the sword mound . Their grade…well…the lousiest swords are the high grade magic swords !

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