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Chapter 295: Transcendent Artifact

Lei Luo hadn’t expected that the other party would actually make such a move.

He hadn’t expected that this was also an intermediate-rank artifact.

When such a domain was entangled, the most taboo thing was to be disturbed.

If others were to encounter such a situation, they would be doomed.

But Lei Luo was different.

The artifact Lei Luo had created was a transcendent artifact.

A divine artifact created by a sovereign was an upper-grade divine artifact. A grade-one divine artifact was an intermediate-grade divine artifact, while a grade-two divine artifact was different one. Any god below grade two didn’t have the ability to create a divine artifact.

Lei Luo’s hands flashed with silver light, and a silvery-white ‘hand of time’ appeared in his hands.

“Time freeze!”

The space around the ice dragon immediately turned grayish-white, and the ice dragon was pushed into the air.

“A transcendent artifact!”

The snow goddess looked at Lei Luo’s hand in surprise. This deity world had been searching for a transcendent artifact for several months.

A few months ago, the godly monarch discovered that two transcendent artifacts had appeared in the world.

According to the “Divine weapon treasured record,” these two artifacts belonged to a transcendent artifact.

The godly monarch immediately determined that.

This was a transcendent artifact left behind by the god of creation.

For this reason, he had searched all over the divine realm.

However, he had yet to discover anything about the strongest.

It was a power so powerful that it was suffocating, and it pulled the snow goddess back.

The snow goddess was also surprised to find that the temperament of her opponent had clearly changed.

That feeling, which she had not been able to understand before, had now become high and mighty.

What made the snow goddess even more surprised was that the wings on the back of that man began to emit a silver light.

The originally soft feathers began to give off a metallic luster as well.

All of this indicated that the opponent was a sovereign.

However, the subsequent shock had already numbed the snow goddess.

The pair of wings on the man’s back once more spread out, and there were actually more than twelve of them facing off against each other.

“God’s domain—my world!”

After completely transforming, Lei Luo immediately used his most powerful domain.

Everything within this domain would change according to Lei Luo’s will.

Lei Luo waved his hand, and the domain that was originally entangled together immediately disappeared without a trace.

“The snow goddess pays her respects to the lord god of creation!”

After the snow goddess was momentarily absent-minded, she immediately reacted. The other party was the god of creation. She knelt down and paid her respects with incomparable respect.

Her heart was also in a mess. She had been in a very bad mood because of some things recently.

Thus, after receiving the elemental elf’s report, she immediately came over to take a look.

She wanted to capture the god who had violated her authority.

But she never expected to meet the god of creation.

Moreover, she had just overestimated herself by attacking the god of creation. What punishment would she receive next?

Lei Luo looked at the ice goddess, who was feeling uneasy, and he smiled helplessly.

He then said in a low voice, “Let’s forget about this matter. Other than the king of the six elemental sovereigns, you are not allowed to tell the other gods that I have awakened. Otherwise, I will personally destroy all of you!”

“Yes! Lord god of creation!”

The ice goddess finally calmed down. The lord god of creation did not blame her.

“All right, if there is nothing else, I will leave now.”

Lei Luo’s body swayed and disappeared into the air. The powerful pressure immediately disappeared as well.

The goddess of ice and snow stood up and muttered to herself, “Hurry up and tell the other elemental gods! Otherwise, such a situation will happen again!”

Lei Luo had just returned from the elemental space when Bing went up to ask Reylo about it.

“Is everything all right?”

Naili looked at Lei Luo with concern.

Little Yue’er threw herself into Lei Luo’s arms and cried.

“I thought brother Lei Luo didn’t want me anymore…”

“Look, I’m back, right? Oh right, Little Yue’er, how many tests have you passed?”

Lei Luo comforted Little Yue’er.

Hearing Lei Luo’s question, Little Yue’er said happily, “Other than the one in the middle, Little Yue’er has passed all of them!”

Upon hearing this, Lei Luo was slightly surprised.

He gave Little Yue’er a tender kiss on the cheek.

Little Yue’er immediately lowered her head in embarrassment.

Upon seeing this scene, Naili jokingly said, “Little Yue’er, do you also want to be Master’s woman?”

Upon hearing this, Little Yue’er did not seem very happy. Instead, her eyes turned red and she said with some sadness, “I am not worthy of Big Brother Lei Luo.”

Yue’er felt a deep sense of inferiority when she thought of her slave background.

Although she liked Big Brother Lei Luo and was willing to do anything for him, Yue’er felt that she was not good enough for Lei Luo.

Hence, she did not dare to have such extravagant hopes.

Yue’er could not help but cry when she thought of this.

Lei Luo did not expect Yue’er to think this way.

But it was time to enlighten her.

Lei Luo reached out to touch Little Yue’er’s tears and said with a smile, “Little Yue’er, do you know what the conditions are for you to become Big Brother’s wife?”

“Of course it’s…It’s…”

Little Yue’er did not know how to express it.

“It’s what?”

“It’s that you have to be very beautiful, then you have to be very good, and you have to be very smart. Also, you have to be very obedient,” Little Yue’er said hurriedly.

“Then how many items can Little Yue’er achieve now?”

Little Yue’er’s face darkened, and she sobbed as she said, “Little Yue’er has not achieved any of them.”

“Who said that? Little Yue’er is so cute now, and she will be even cuter in the future,” Naili continued.

“And Little Yue’er is also very smart,” Bing said from the side.

“Will Little Yue’er not listen to me?” Lei Luo asked.

“Yes!” Little Yue’er said hurriedly, “Little Yue’er is the most obedient!”

“That’s good enough. As long as she is powerful, there is nothing that she is not worthy of,” Lei Luo said with a smile.

“Yes!”Little Yue’er nodded heavily and said firmly, “I will definitely become even more powerful!”

“All right, then Little Yue’er will continue to practice her martial arts after obtaining the approval of the lightning element.”

Lei Luo turned around and hugged Naili and Bing in his arms, giving them a kiss each.

He saw that Yanni was also at the side. He stretched out his hand and pulled Yanni into his embrace, giving her a heavy kiss. At that moment, Yanni was so embarrassed that she could not raise her head.

“All right, everyone should not go out for the time being, because there will be trouble soon.”

Lei Luo sighed slightly.

But he was a little happy in his heart, because there should be something fun to do recently.

The next day, Lei Luo went to school for class, because it was already halfway through the semester.

He seemed to have heard that there was another exam.

Lei Luo planned to go over and listen. Once in class, everyone looked at Lei Luo as if he was a monster.

Lei Luo glanced at them disdainfully, and his fierce gaze made them lower their heads.

What’s so good about this? Isn’t he just a little more handsome than you guys?

A young female teacher walked into the class and said, “Eh? Why is it so quiet today?”

As everyone’s gazes hinted, the female teacher saw the rumored top beauty in school.

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