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Chapter 581: 581
Chapter 581: The Calm That Comes With A Thought(14)

…You’re so rich .

“Well…never mind, apples cannot fill the stomach . ”

Although it’s delicious, it’s not enough to be full .

“Just take it as an after-meal fruit . ” Jing Zhi took it for granted .

This would not be a problem before this . But now, we are in the apocalypse . Food is so precious and you even take it as an after-meal fruit?

I will give full marks to such a brother!

In the end, Shi Sheng did not agree with Jing Zhi to trade for more apples . She was not picky as long as it was not instant noodles everyday .

The others in the team were very curious about Shi Sheng, but Jing Zhi did not allow them to approach Shi Sheng .

They stayed in the square for a night and set off the next day .

Shi Sheng and Ye An took the recreational vehicle . Jing Zhi had always taken the SUV, but now he changed to the recreational vehicle .

“Miss, miss…” Ye An carried Ye Ran, avoided Jing Zhi and approached Shi Sheng from another side, “Miss, are we still going to Yao Guang Base?”

“Yes . ”

“Oh . ”

“Why hasn’t she woken up yet?” Shi Sheng looked at Ye Ran . This baby usually wakes up at this time .

Ye An touched Ye Ran’s face and raised his head with a confused look, “Miss . . can you check whether Xiao Ran has a fever?”

Shi Sheng touched Ye Ran’s face .

“Maybe she has a fever…” Shi Sheng was not sure . After all, she had never looked after any children .

She did adopt children with Feng Ci before, but those children were looked after by servants .

“Let me have a look . ” Jing Zhi was sitting next to Shi Sheng and could not help asking .

Shi Sheng passed Ye Ran over . Jing Zhi frowned slightly and it took a while before he spoke, “She may be awakening a superpower . ”

“Young Master Jing…what do you mean?” Zhu Feng who was sitting in front turned his head around, his expression showed shock .

She’s a baby .

How could she awaken a superpower?

Xia Shu glanced at Ye Ran and agreed, “She’s indeed awakening a superpower . ”

Gosh, she’s a baby, not a child!

Shi Sheng thought, I didn’t know when Ye An awakened his superpower, but he should have no superpower before he followed me . .

Now, even Ye Ran can awaken a superpower .

Why is it so unusual!

“You look after her . ” Jing Zhi passed Ye Ran to Zhu Feng .

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Ye Ran was in a critical period, it was very likely that something would go wrong if they left her with Ye An .

“Huh?” Zhu Feng was speechless . Why should I take care of a child? I’m not a babysitter .

Zhu Feng wanted to reject, but he was frightened as he looked at Jing Zhi . He took Ye Ran over reluctantly . Such a small baby, I could easily pinch her to death .

Ye An climbed to Zhu Feng’s side and stared at Ye Ran .

Zhu Feng was depressed Damn, I not only have to look after a baby, but also a kid .

Young Master Jing, are you sure you’re not doing this on purpose to prevent this kid from pestering your beloved sister?

“Babies can also awaken superpowers?” Shi Sheng was stunned .

“By right, it’s impossible . ” Xia Shu explained seriously, “She wasn’t scratched by zombies . The second batch of people should have fully awakened their superpowers one month ago . So, there is only one possibility . She must have eaten something that caused her to awaken a superpower . ”

The first batch of people had awakened their superpowers when the apocalypse began, They were the most powerful individuals .

Jing Zhi and Zhu Feng belonged to the first batch .

One month ago, the second batch of people awakened their superpowers and these people were apparently not as powerful as the first batch .

Other than that, if you want to awaken a superpower, you can only be scratched by zombies, or…

Found some mutant plants and mutant nuclei .

But both of these were hard to find, so there were only several people who awakened their superpowers through the two methods . Many people did not even know about this method .

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Shi Sheng thought for a while . We fed Ye Ran milk powder all the way and the only strange thing that she had eaten is the fruit .

That fruit can even make people awaken their superpower?

Shi Sheng decided to observe Ye Ran after she woke up .

The convoy was moving slowly as they had to settle the zombies along the way . Jing Zhi did not allow Shi Sheng to get down the car and the zombies were all settled by the others .

Shi Sheng had not seen Jing Zhi fight against the zombies . But she noticed the other teams were quite afraid of Jing Zhi, he should be quite powerful .

According to the plot, Jing Zhi’s powers were the thunder and ice elements . Both which were extremely powerful .

Xia Shu’s powers were fire and spatial elements . There were two people with dual superpowers in this team, which should be impossible .

Zhu Feng, the babysitter, could only carry Ye Ran all day long . Fortunately, he only had to carry her but not to handle her . At the end of the day, Zhu Feng had gained the title of babysitter in the team .

Zhu Feng’s power was the water element .

So the routine of the team was…

“Dad, give me some milk . ”

“Dad, I’m out of milk . ”

Who’s your dad! I’m not your dad!

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“Brother Zhu, when will my sister wake up?” Ye An looked at Ye Ran in worry . She has been sleeping for so many days .

“It takes a long time to awaken a superpower, and…” She’s still a baby, I don’t know if she can survive .

But Zhu Feng did not speak the words out . He was not like Shi Sheng, who would speak easily no matter if the sentence was good or bad .

“But…why is my situation different when I awoke my superpower?” Ye An was puzzled .

Zhu Feng looked at Ye Ran strangely, “You mean you have a superpower? What power?”

Xia Shu also looked over, staring at Ye An for a moment .

Ye An was a little nervous, “…Miss said…she said I’m partially strengthened…I don’t understand . ”

“Partially strengthened? Which part of you has been strengthened?” Zhu Feng asked curiously . They had survived in the apocalypse for so long and they had never seen any children with superpowers .

Children and women were normally the first to die during the apocalypse .

Ye An was a little anxious, so he glanced at Shi Sheng . Shi Sheng was leaning her head on the car window and her eyes were closed . Jing Zhi sat beside her and was deshelling melon seeds .

“…My eyes . ” Ye An whispered, “I can see things that are far away . ”

Ye An had been exploring his power whenever he was free . Although he was not very proficient yet, he can now control when to use the power .

“Far-sighted?” Xia Shu said, “Your power is very useful . ”

Ye An blinked his eyes, he was naive and innocent, “But miss said that this is a useless power . ”

How can she speak to a child like that…

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