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The Fallen White Tiger (1)


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Ling Chen unhesitatingly charged up to the White Tiger and sent out 2 [Ling Tian Slashes] towards its front paws.

Bang! Bang!!

-58,800, -117,790!

The damage these 2 attacks caused far surpassed anything the Tyrant Demon Beast or Ice Demon Beast expected. Based on the aura that Ling Chen gave off, the Tyrant Demon Beast thought that he would not be able to even break through the White Tiger’s Defence. Even if he could break through the Defence, the damage would be extremely pitiful, and it would be impossible for this human to kill the White Tiger before it finished possessing it. However, when 2 explosions sounded out and waves of unimaginable pain rolled through it, the Tyrant Demon Beast madly roared, “No!! This is impossible!! The White Tiger’s Defence is lower only to that of the Black Turtle; how could this weak human break through the White Tiger’s Defence… and what’s with this terrifying pain?!”

“It’s the Cancer Orb that allows him to ignore all Defence, as well as the Scorpio Orb that increases pain! This human has already collected those orbs as well!” The Ice Demon Beast yelled in shock.


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