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The White Tiger’s Request


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Escape? Haha…” The White Tiger lightly laughed, “My divine soul has already been half-destroyed by you, and it’ll never recover. However, your divine soul has also been half-destroyed by me. Right now, your soul can only remain within my body. Once it leaves, even if you’re the Tyrant Demon Beast who possesses the strongest soul power out of the 10 ancient demon beasts, your damaged soul will quickly disperse. However, if my body dies, your soul will be forced to leave… resulting in it perishing.”

Within the White Tiger’s body, the Tyrant Demon Beast felt extremely uncomfortable as it asked in a low voice, “White Tiger, what are you planning?!”

The White Tiger ignored the Tyrant Demon Beast. The White Tiger’s gentle voice sounded out from above Ling Chen’s head, “Young human, although I don’t know who you are, nor can I understand how you can possess the Lunar Scourge which should have been destroyed, but you evidently came here for me. I believe that it was the Holy Qilin who guided you here. Your arrival has caused my despair to turn into hope."

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