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Dia Wu… Dia Wu… (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Just like this… is everything over…

My life is about to end in this way… in the place where I was born…

That’s fine, though. The sooner I die, the sooner I can be with Ruo Ruo, so she won’t be lonely. Ruo Ruo, wait for me- I’ll be there soon. How can I live in a world without you… and how can you be in a world without me… no matter where you go, I’ll be there by your side. I’ll never, ever leave you…

It’s just that I can’t accept it… I was so close to getting revenge for you and revenge for myself… so, so close…

But I don’t have any strength left at all…

I’ve lived for 22 years. In these 22 years, I’ve experienced pain countless times, come close to death countless times, experienced despair countless times, as well as warmth and happiness countless times. No matter how I think about it, 22 years is so short- I didn’t get to marry Ruo Ruo or have children with her, or meet Dia Wu again. I wish I could let her know that I was alive all these years…

Dia Wu… Dia Wu… ………………………… “Big brother Tian Ya, you’re a man, so you can’t… you can’t cry… we all can’t cry… nothing’s going to happen to you… no matter what happens, I’ll stay with you… my everything belongs to my Tian Ya. If big brother Tian Ya really died… I… I will also die… no one will ever see my eyes again, no one will ever hear my voice…”

“This piece of red string is a symbol that the God of marriage has bound us together. One end is attached to you, and the other end is attached to me. Big brother Tian Ya, do you know what this means? Hehe… it means that from now on, I, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, has become big brother Tian Ya’s wife, from now till forever. Big brother Tian Ya is my husband, and we’ll always be together. No matter what happens, we’ll never be separated.”

“I, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, am willing to become big brother Tian Ya’s wife. We were born on the same date in the same month and year, and I’m willing to die with him on the same date in the same month and year. This entire life, I’ll only belong to big brother Tian Ya. Heavens, please be the witness of everything I’ve said. If I go back on any of my words, let me suffer eternal punishment. Please bless big brother Tian Ya and myself so that no matter what happens, we can always be together.”

Dia Wu, you gave up so much and endured so much for me. You were the Xuanyuan family’s princess, and could have enjoyed a life of fame and riches. However, because of me, your life was turned upside down.

It’s just that what I owe you can never be repaid in this lifetime…

Dia Wu, if there’s a next life, then I hope I’ll be able to meet you and Ruo Ruo again…

Ruo Ruo, I’m coming to be with you…

Dia Wu… Dia Wu…

If there’s a next life, I want to… watch the stars with you…

Feng Xie Yu stood in front of Ling Chen, and slashed down towards him. She had severed her emotions a long time ago, and the only reason she continued to live was to repay her family. After so many years, she did not find any meaning in living, and her feelings and emotions were all nearly dead. Life, death, happiness, sadness… were all meaningless and worthless to her. Xuanyuan Dao and Long Zheng Yang both wanted her to kill this person, so she would kill him, like a robot carrying out its orders.

The long sword swung in a beautiful arc, slicing towards Ling Chen’s neck. Although the speed of the sword seemed quite slow, but it contained formless sword intent that could pierce through mountains and split the earth. This slash was entirely capable of cutting Ling Chen’s head off instantly. The sword descended, coming closer and closer to Ling Chen’s neck… however, just when it was millimetres away, it suddenly stopped.

... What’s going on…

If I can just swing my sword down, then I’ll be able to complete my orders… but why did my hand stop… why can’t I finish him off…

What is this pain I feel in my heart…

I definitely cut off all of my emotions… but why is my heart beating so fast… why can’t I kill this person… what is happening to me… this feeling that makes me want to shed tears… why… why…

Every person was looking at Feng Xie Yu’s sword. When her sword stopped in place, it was as if time had stopped as well. The entire central hall went deathly silent.

Feng Xie Yu was calm and distant from everything. She would never show compassion or hesitate. She was simply a cold-blooded killing machine. This scene before them caused everyone to stare in shock. Long Zheng Yang frowned as he said, “Xie Yu? What are you waiting for? This is an extremely dangerous person - finish him off immediately!”

Feng Xie Yu: “……”

She had closed herself off from all emotions, but that door to her emotions was suddenly wrenched open. Countless memories flooded into her mind, causing her to feel many emotions. Despite hearing Long Zheng Yang’s command, she did not move. The sword in her hand remained millimetres away from Ling Chen’s neck, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t close this distance.

Within her chaotic world, she heard the man beneath her mutter in an incredibly weak voice, which she could barely hear.

“Dia Wu… Dia Wu…”

“If there’s a next life, I want to… watch the stars with you…”


Feng Xie Yu’s entire body trembled, and her sword fell to the ground.

At this moment, a deafening explosion rang out from outside.


Ling Chen’s attack had put the entire Long family on highest alert, and they concentrated all of their forces on him. Currently, all of the Long family’s main defences were gathered around the central hall, and no one noticed the new enemies. None of them had the time to wonder why Feng Xie Yu’s sword had suddenly fallen to the ground before they all reacted to the explosion.

“Enemy attack!!”

“Who is it??”

“Protect the leader and young master!!”

“Go and see what’s going on!!”

The explosion was followed by screams of terror and pain, then a hoarse voice which was yelled with all of that person’s might, “MASTER!! Master, where are you?! Hurry up and reply!! Master!! You can’t die!! Master!!!”

This yell was filled with many emotions… fear, anger, determination and ferociousness... the remaining Long Yu espers and the Xuanyuan family’s people all rushed outside.

The Long family’s gates had been tightly closed, but within the residence, there were 20 or so figures. All of these men and women were under 30 years of age, and around 10 or so of them were covered in a multitude of injuries. However, all of their eyes looked more savage than those of wild wolves’, and their murderous aura shot to the sky.

All of the Reapers had finally come together. When they arrived, they hadn’t heard any sounds of fighting, and their hearts were struck with worry. All of them were filled with hatred and despair. This was because the lack of fighting sounds meant that everything had come to an end… their master could already… already…

“Who are you all?!” The Long family had just suffered a massive blow, and although there were not many of these intruders, and many of them looked badly injured, their eyes and auras caused everyone to shudder.

Gui Ya stood at the front of the group. The bandages on his arms and legs and become completely tattered, and his body was covered with wounds. However, the savage light in his eyes shone viciously. He opened his mouth, and all of his words were filled with coldness and savageness, “You pieces of trash… if something happened to our master, then all of you… including the Long family… will have to pay with your lives!!”

The cold voice covered the entire Long family residence, and was heard by Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yun. They instantly thought of the 10 or so people who had protected Ling Tian’s family and destroyed the 75 Steel Dragon Corps…

The ‘master’ who they referred to was the fallen Ling Tian!!

Ling Tian was an absolute madman, a madman who caused them to taste absolute terror. His subordinates were also crazy as well! Ling Tian definitely couldn’t be allowed to live, otherwise they would never be able to have peace of mind. These subordinates couldn’t be allowed to live either, otherwise their revenge in future would be terrifying.

Long Tian Yun had more or less recovered from the shock, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “Father, since they’ve come to our doorstep… we’ll finish them all off. We can’t let a single one of them go. We’ll use the entire Xuanyuan family’s forces to finish off all of them!”

Long Zheng Yang nodded. What Long Tian Yun had just said was exactly what he was thinking as well. He immediately gave the order, “Kill all of the intruders!!”

This order caused the Long family’s residence, which had just settled down, to once again erupt into chaos. The sounds of fighting and screaming immediately sounded out, adding to the chaotic atmosphere. At this moment, Xuanyuan Dao walked in, holding a bloodied Azure Edge Sword in his hand. The massive wound in his chest had already stopped bleeding. Although he was the “Sword God”, but the Azure Edge Sword had pierced through his body, so he was still in a terrible condition. He limped in with two people from the Xuanyuan family supporting him. Long Zheng Yang hurriedly went over and asked, “Xuanyuan, are you sure you’re fine?”

Xuanyuan Dao shook his head, “This sort of injury isn’t enough to kill me… cough, cough. Leader, these people are all a bunch of savages like Ling Chen who don’t care about their own lives… you can’t… spare any of them.”

As he spoke, he suddenly saw Ling Chen on the ground. His extremely sharp senses determined that Ling Chen still had a bit of life in him, and he yelled, “Why isn’t he dead yet… immediately kill him!! This person is extremely hard to kill… if… if he’s saved by those savages, then we’ll all be finished. Quickly finish him!! Forget it, I’ll do it myself. His body is special, so even if he’s not moving, it’ll be hard to deal a fatal blow to him.”

Xuanyuan Dao swept out with his right hand, and gathered his sword intent into the Azure Edge Sword. Although he was severely injured, but he was still the Sword God, who was unmatched in the way of the sword. He then sent the Azure Edge Sword flying towards Ling Chen’s neck… they were all terrified- completely terrified of Ling Chen. Even Xuanyuan Dao was unwilling to let Ling Chen live for an extra second.

All of the onlookers expected Ling Chen to be beheaded in the next second. However, just as the Azure Edge Sword was about to slash into Ling Chen, a hand wrapped with black cloth stretched out like lightning. It pressed against the blade of the Azure Edge Sword as it sped  past, and released boundless sword intent into it. Xuanyuan Dao’s sword intent was dispelled, and the hand casually flipped the Azure Edge Sword and caught it by the hilt. Of course, this hand belonged to Feng Xie Yu.

This completely unexpected scene caused all of the people to stare in shock and disbelief.

While holding the Azure Edge Sword, Feng Xie Yu suddenly picked up Ling Chen, rushed outside, and disappeared…

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