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It's important to win or lose.


What was more important was the matter of the brothers participating in the inner sect examination.

If there was no standard for completing the third stage of the mission, it would also mean that Long Fei did not complete the mission, which meant he had no task reward!

If one did not have the task reward for the third stage, then all the people beside Long Fei would not be able to participate!

This was the most fatal thing to Long Fei.

"Fuck his mother!" Long Fei cursed in his heart, "Who the hell gave such a mission? Is there something wrong with his head?"

Extremely displeased.

Dong Tiankui was also frightened by Long Fei's brain, and said: "Since you've guessed it, then I'll just say it directly, there's no reward in this third stage of the mission!"

"At the same time, this mission doesn't have any completion criteria. In other words, even if you kill an Empyrean God, it would be useless."

"Kid, just obediently admit defeat."

Dong Tiankui was determined to eat Long Fei.

Long Fei secretly tightened between his brows, and secretly clenched his fists.

Zhong Qi walked in front of Dong Tiankui and said: "Elder, before you accept him, can you let him fulfill my bet first?"

Dong Tiankui laughed, "No problem!"

Zhong Qi's heart relaxed, his face revealed an excited smile, and he stared straight at Long Fei: "Brat, kneel down and kowtow, and call me grandpa!"

"Hahaha …"

Zhong Qi rose to his feet.

He was initially worried that Dong Tiankui would manage Long Fei, but now it seemed to be different from what he had expected.

Phoenix stepped forward and said angrily, "Do you want to die?"

Baili Tianhai and Zhao Dahan also rushed to Long Fei's side, ready to fight at any time.

brothers of five elements also stood apart, forming a five elemental formation.

Zhong Qi pretended to be very afraid, and said: "Oh, there's so many people here, I'm really scared."

"Kid, you can't afford to lose?"

"More than others?"


Hu Liehuo who was beside him whistled in the air.

In an instant.

Over a hundred disciples ran out from the surroundings, surrounding Long Fei and the others tightly.

Zhong Qi had a look of despise on his face as he said: "You're still too inexperienced to compare yourself with this father!"


"Today, you will either obediently kneel in front of me and kowtow and call me grandpa, or I will step on you and kowtow and call you grandpa."

"Choose for yourself."

Very arrogant, very powerful.

Dong Tiankui stood at the side and watched the show. He also wanted to see how Long Fei was going to suffer, but he didn't have any intentions of paying attention to it.

Long Fei's face was extremely ugly, and his heart was filled with displeasure.

It was not because of Zhong Qi, but was because of the mission's publisher.

In regards to Zhong Qi, he really did not put him in his eyes.

Facing Zhong Qi's arrogance, Long Fei lightly said: "This mission wasn't completed by the standard, but I did."

Zhong Qi contemptuously said: "You're still being stubborn?"

"Since you've completed it, then hand over your completed goal. Can you even take it out?"

"If you can't take it out, that means you didn't finish the mission."

"If you dare not admit it today, I will beat you until you admit it!" Zhong Qi's gaze tensed up, revealing a fierce look.

Dong Tiankui also let out a faint sound and said: "Long Fei, I think it's better if you admit defeat. With so many people watching, if you don't admit defeat, you probably won't be fighting against one or two outer court disciples, but rather the entire outer sect."

His words caused all the surrounding outer sect disciples to be stunned. They all stepped forward at the same time and shouted, "You have to admit your defeat!"




The sound echoed out through the temple hall.

Dong Tiankui looked at Long Fei with a complacent sneer.

Long Fei cursed all eighteen generations of his ancestors. Looking at the surrounding outer sect disciples, his gaze grew cold and he said, "I didn't lose to the first place!"

"Number two!"

"I, Long Fei, do not kneel, do not bow to the heavens, and want me to kneel for you? Hehe... You really don't have the qualifications! "

Zhong Qi smiled slightly, and said: "So you're saying, you're not admitting defeat?"

Long Fei said: I have not lost, why should I admit it?

Zhong Qi said: "Brat, you refused a toast and refused a forfeit?"


"What should we do with people who break their promise?"

"Kill him!"

"Cripple him!"

"If he doesn't admit defeat, then we'll beat him until he admits defeat!"

"Brat, people like you have no right to stay in the ancient antiquity."

"Immediately kick him out of ancient antiquity."

"First cripple him, then chase him out!"

… ….

Long Fei suddenly became the target of public criticism.

Zhong Qi laughed proudly, "Fight with me? Have you ever fought against me? I advise you to kneel down obediently in front of me right now. Otherwise, you won't be able to leave this place today! "

Zhao Dahan was furious, and said: "If you have the guts, then come! Today, let's see who will cripple who!"

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With a shake of his arm, a powerful aura burst forth. His arms formed a deep frost profound stone beneath his robe, and the hardness of his body surpassed that of steel. He said in a low voice, "Big Brother, I'll cover your backs, you guys go first!"

He was facing the entire outer sect.

There are not only outer sect disciples, there are also outer door presbyter s!

Moreover, there are two King Swordsman Rank s here.

How could he possibly block it?

Baili Tianhai swept his gaze across the crowd and said faintly, "There are about one thousand and three hundred people in the great hall. About three hundred of them will actually make a move."

As long as we can knock Zhong Qi down to the ground, these disciples would not dare to move. I am worried about the two powerhouse s at the King Swordsman Realm right now. "

"They are the ones who have the most trouble."

There was no way to deal with it.

Phoenix placed her hands on her hips and said, "I'll deal with the two of them!"

Yun Xi looked at the Phoenix, and inwardly shivered.

Long Fei said, "Little girl, stop messing around!"

Phoenix immediately pouted. "Oh!"

Long Fei swept his gaze across the entire audience, and frowned slightly.

Zhong Qi said complacently: "Brat, are you going to kneel?"

Long Fei raised his eyes, and said: "Kneel your head, if you have the guts, come!"

He did not want to take this step!


He had no other choice now.

He wanted to bring Baili Tianhai and climb up from ancient antiquity to enter the divine space.


Now it seemed that he wouldn't be able to do as he had planned.

Making him kneel?

Unless he was dead!

Otherwise, he wouldn't kneel to anyone.

A battle?

Then let's fight!

Long Fei's character was so, if not, then he will be tough!

Zhong Qi laughed sinisterly: "You asked for this yourself. Brothers, attack!"

An elder beside Dong Tiankui said: "Clan Master, do we have to stop him?"

Dong Tiankui sneered, and said: "No need, let him kneel on the ground first. I also do not intend to let him live."

Save Long Fei?


If Long Fei didn't have the Highest Grade Fire Soul he wanted, he would have made his move on Long Fei a long time ago.

Right now, he only wanted Long Fei to live.

The battle was about to begin.

Zhong Qi forced his way in with hundreds of outer court disciples.

Long Fei clenched his fists and said: "Fight!"

The aura on his body suddenly changed. However... Just as the battle was about to erupt, a voice suddenly came from the mission window, "I, I made a mistake. Mission, mission completed!"

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