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The two girls felt a tiny bit of jealousy when they see how Wu Yan has complete trust in Ikaros’ abilities. Mikoto turned her head away unamused but she is still a bit concerned.

“Are you that sure Ikaros could go up against 3 same tier opponents? Strong as she is, isn’t it pushing the boundary by asking her to go against 3 at the same time?”

“That’s right Yan, this could be dangerous…”

Hinagiku looked a bit worryingly at Ikaros before continuing.

“Are you certain that they don’t possess a Gold Armament? If they did, what if Ikaros gets hurt?”

“The thing about her group fight affinity and Gold Armament are just your hypothesis isn’t it? If they’re wrong and they do indeed have Gold Armaments then the Ikaros with power up and Gold Armaments can’t fight against 3 same tier, what do we do then?”

Ikaros who was silent until now finally raised her head and spoke in a soft but resolute tone.

“Ikaros, can fight!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto instantly turned in her direction and saw Ikaros with her expressionless face. They turned back to Wu Yan while feeling helpless.

A bit stunned for words, under the two girls’ eyes, it feels likehe did something terrible and he shrugged his shoulders.

“You girls are right, there’s always a possibility something might go wrong. That just now are but conjectures but don’t forget even if she can’t overcome them, once she drinks Resplendent Breath, with a 3 hour invulnerable (Tl: are there any better terms that means immune to harm but not status ailments? physical and magical immunity is too wordy for the word 无敌, invul or invincible), then there really shoudn’t be anymore troubles right?”

“Oh right, there’s still that thing!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged look and felt a bit of shame. Clearly, they hae forgotten Resplendent Breath.

Noticing this, he amusedly shaked his head before laughing.

“With Resplendent Breath and its 3 hours invulnerable status, even if Ikaros resorts to scratching and grinding away their health it would still be enough so relax!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto nodded. Mikoto sighed a bit rueful.

“Sometimes, I feel like this System is fundamentally against the rules, against such an arsenal of ridiculous items, whoever is the enemy sure is going to be so sorry…”

Hearing her mumblings, he can’t help laughing, the system is a cheat in the first place!

Uuu… and a bit of a troll as well…


When the bodies on the ground has turned as skinny as a matchstick and every fluid inside them has been sucked dry, the magic formation finally showed its true power!

The red sheen like that of a sunset disappeared gradually after the last drop of blood has flowed into the magic formation. The magic formation also returned to normal like everything before this is only a decoration.

Kalas, Momiri and Jared aren’t surprised by this, they are practically filled with joy at this. At the same time, they let down all guards. Their lips twitching ever so slightly and a smile widened on their face before finally they laughed out loud.

This behaviour, it seems they have achieved their aim! Their plan has come to fruition!

And in fact, it did!

The magic formation lost all its brilliance but this caused the feeling of impending crisis in the spider queen. Every bit of frustation it had has now turned into a foreboding of death, the spider queen went into berserk.

Taking advantage of the apparent downtime of the magic formation the spider queen roared and stomped its many legs on the ground. The ground shattered under the force , the space around it reverberated and the spider jumped up into the air making some distance between it and the magic formation on the ground.

However, before it could get delighted a shapeless force smashed down upon its body. That force is something not even a tier 9 could resist with ease and like a paper the spider queen got smacked down hard on the floor, right back in the magic formation it tried so hard to get away from…

Kalas and the gang displayed contempt at the spider queen’s struggle. Compared to their alertness and intimidated appearances before this is a completely new  face. Their slimy character is now on full display making Wu Yan curl his lips sarcastically.

When the magic formation has not yet taken effect, they were going to turn tail and run at the slightest sound of wind but now that they are hiding behind their magic formation, they are assured that victory is within their hands and so they began to act all smug like the dirty snakes they are.

The spider queen kept struggling, its hiss could be heard echoing throughout this place but no matter how it struggled to break free it couldn’t hoist itself back up like a whole mountain is pressing down upon its body, the weight it feels robbed it of all its mobility. Regarding the two escorts, they are already down on the floor.

Kalas & co laughed even more loudly. One can’t be sure if their laughs are a kind of signal or not but while they are laughing on the other side of the stone path came a bunch of footsteps sound.

The auction firm people appeared in front of Wu Yan & co but what’s surprising is not the auction firm people alone but two other factions that are with them as well.

Thinking about it, it hit him.

I was thinking why there would be three tier 8s here, they can’t all be from the auction firm, otherwise the auction firm would have showed no restrain throughout the supply town. Turns out, two of them belong to other factions…

Can’t blame Wu Yan for not noticing. Even if he has ‘Impeccable Memory’, he was preoccupied with the auction firm people, he didn’t particularly mind the other factions only noticing those tier 6 and above. That’s why he didn’t notice that there are 2 other factions hiding together with the auction firm people.

“Villains collude together! ”

Said an angry Kaichou-sama after seeing their appearances.

Wu Yan looked at her a bit startled.

“Your chinese set expressions are coming along quite well!”

The old auctioneer walked out from the crowd and to the Kalas & co’s side before bowing down and asking politely.

“3 esteemed ones, have you guys succeeded?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

Kalas waved his hands in a dismissive way unbecoming of one of his status. It looked like he’s the king of the world acting in that manner. Although he sounded really poise but one could hear the narcissistic tone just fine.

“After expending so much effort if we didn’t achieve anything then that would have been absurd!”

Well, too bad, it’s preordained that you guys won’t get the last laugh…

The old dude glanced at the spider queen. Feeling the intense aura of death and the pressure it exerts as well as hearing that roar that creates sound shockwaves as it struggles, he got scared and trembled.

“Kalas, end it!”

Momiri could see the group frozen in place from the pressure, raising his eyebrows, Jared also agreed with his suggestion.


Kalas shot a glare at the two for not giving him a chance to show off in front of his subordinates, he still took out a small red stone from his chest.

The 3 got closer to the spider queen. They could see that while it’s still roaring, its face had hostility written all over it with eyes filled with killing inteion and malice, quite frankly they are a bit intimidated by them.

Kalas threw a hmph and felt his pride got hurt because even though the monster is about to die he still got scared. He nastily rubbed salt in the wound.

“Hmph, tier 9 and so what, still got defeated by me and is now about to die under me. Remember my name, Kalas!”

That poser, he’s pratically making Wu Yan & company cringe with that little show of his…

They threw the small blood colored stone into the magic formation and withdrew. The stones evaporated under the watching eyes of the spider queen after rolling to the front of the spider queen.

When the stone evaporated, the magic formation turned like it has received some kind of command.

An ineffably complicated incantation danced into the air, a moving stream of object transformed from blood qi revolved around the spider queen and its two escorts. A blood red barrier rised from the ground and covered the entire area including the magic formation along with the spider queen and its escorts completely covering them…

The spider seemed like it could tell the outcome and wailed in anguish with such intensity that it shuddered people’s heart.


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