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They decided to keep the treasures and even treated the treasure hunters as their stepping stones, what a bunch of sinister individuals…

In all likelihood, they are going to claim the whole thing was a scam after they get their hands on the treasures. Probably going to spout some bullshit like it’s only the nest of a tier 9 demonic beats and then deny the shit out of any other allegations.

Everybody is dead except for them, they can say whatever the hell they want without being afraid of getting called out for it, who’s going to testify against them!

They just need to exit this place, destroy the transfer stone and then claim it is an act out of desperation to escape the pursuit of the tier 9 demonic beast.

No loose end and everybody gets to laugh their ass off at home counting their haul.

One must say, the auction’s ruse is pretty damn ruthless! Savage!

When Wu Yan told Hinagiku and Mikoto about this the two girl covered their mouths and disbelief could be seen in their eyes.

Maybe they think this kind of plan is just too unforgivable and so they can’t accept it…

When he saw Kalas & co being all happy and cocksure of their victory, he coldly laughed inside.

It’s a pretty good plan, but too bad you guys didn’t think someone would survive that big wave of spider under the leadership of the spider queen did you? You guys also didn’t consider the possibility of outliers like us huh?

What can one say but that this is heaven’s will.

That’s not fair, how can they possibly be expected to consider the scenario that someone like Wu Yan and his magic cape could perfectly conceal themselves at the side and watch the whole show with them?

How would they know that while they are gleefully waiting to take all the prizes someone would be doing the same thing in close vicinity?

If this is not the will of heavens then the auction firm praying mantis would not have been able to detain Wu Yan & company that is like the sparrow, when they were about to flee after being spotted by the giant spider. Is this not heaven’s will?

That’s why it has to be heaven’s will…

“Yan, what are we going to do?”

Ignoring the issue of what he is thinking about, Mikoto for one could not stand it, with lightning flashing about, she looked at the field with anger filled eyes.

Looking at her condition, it’s clear that she’s utterly pissed off at the auction firm’s action.

As a kind girl and having a disciplinary committee kouhai as a kouhai, with a heart filled with justice how can she not get mad at what is happening before her?

Although her mental fortitude has increased since being summoned by Wu Yan but there are still principles that would absolutely not changed. She might be a bit naive before but she doesn’t have that naivete anymore, her kindness on the other hand still remains, as do the everyday life that she kept inside her. It’s one of the few points Wu Yan is glad about her.

Kaichou-sama is more or less the same, if not for the lack of strength to do so.  How she wish she could rush up those 3 slimeballs and beat the crap out of them!

“Do I even need to say it?…”

Rubbing the back of his palm, the corner of his lip lifted into a sneer.

“Since they took the trouble to make a good show, if we don’t inherit their zest wouldn’t it be a shame for them?”

“You’re saying?…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto could guess his intentions, the guy is thinking…

“Let them taste what they did to others!” (Tl: 以其人之道还治其人之身, use their way/means to give them a taste by returning it unto their body/themselves, in other words a taste of their own medicine.)

Ignoring whether or not they knew the meaning of this chinese saying he laughed and continued.

“Let them bite at each other like dogs, they already did us a favour by dealing with the spider queen and we got a good taste of what it’s like to be the fisherman!” (Tl: a reference to this )

The two girls are rendered speechless at the sight of Wu Yan sneering. They recalled just a few moments ago, a Wu Yan who’s saying ‘Let’s run’ in a panicky way. They are so close to actually giving a facial readjustment to that nasty grinning countenance of his.

“But, if they settled the spider queen, how are we going to deal with the 3 tier 8?”

Said a frowning Mikoto. Suppose the tier 9 got done in, the 3 tier 8 would be the next biggest foes they have to go up against!

Their lineup: 1 tier 5, 1 tier 6, 1 tier 7, 1 tier 8. (Tl: Plus a mascot, her parents can wait. We need Lirin here.) Against 3 tier 8s, it’s not a very favorable matchup is it?


Wu Yan understand her qualms. He’s not that dumb, he doesn’t reckon he could pull it off himself for sure.

“If it was the spider queen, we might have needed to bring out some trump cards from the system and even then there are limited means but…”

Glancing over at Kalas & co, he light heartedly pointed out.

“If it’s just the 3 tier 8s, with Ikaros on our side we are not out of the game yet!”


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at the expressionless Ikaros astonished.


Hinagiku hesitatingly continued.

“She might be  higher in level that any one of the 3 in Kalas & co, she’s just one persosn, going up against 3 persons, that would be…”

“That’s because you girls don’t understand Ikaros!”

When he said this, his tone is full of confidence as he rubbed Ikaros’ head while chuckling.

“Ikaros is the king of group fights!” (Tl: Is there perhaps a better translation for "群战之王 instead of a literal translation?)

“King of group fights?”

It’s clear that the two girls dind’t understand what he meant by that. More like, when they are looking at Ikaros and the hand rubbing her head, a hint of displeasure and jelly could be seen.

“Let’s take an illustrative case, Mikoto!”

Mikoto flinched when he looked in her directions.

“If you are of the same tier as Ikaros, disregarding equipments and other such factors and just basing it on pure ability, then you might be able to win by virtue of your special abilities. But if you team up with another person then your victory might not be so sure…”

At this point, he could see the inevitable puzzlement on her face so he just waved his hands and continued.

“Takeit like this, if Ikaros goes one on one with any one of the same tier then she can use about 100% of her ability. but if she enters a group fight against multiple enemies then she would be able to perform outstandingly at something like 200% abilities!”

Mikoto caught the drift but Hinagiku is still not convinced as she placed her hand on one of her cheek.

“According to what you say, Ikaros becomes stronger in a group fight?”


He laid it down.”Ikaros was engineered to become the multi purpose war machine, every setting on her is made in consideration of group fights. That’s why she shines in one versus many conditions!”

They nodded in understanding but soon Hinagiku frowned again.

“But even if she gets stronger there’s a cap to it right? I would guess that going up against 2 of the same tier is the limit not to mention 3 people!”

“Didn’t I say it? That’s only factoring in pure abilities! The most important point is that Ikaros also has equipments at her disposal, 2 Rare Armaments with 1 more that is infinitely close to Gold Armament plus an actual Gold Armament. You think Ikaros can still lose given this set up?”

The two girls winced. That’s right, armaments!

He grinned when he saw their reaction.

“Gold Armament, that’s something only a tier 9 would be swinging around. I for one do no tbelieve that those 3 douchebags out there have Gold Armaments!”

“Therefore, given the group fight affinity she has and the Gold Armament and Rare Armament that is close to being a gold armament, she definitely has a chance against the 3 tier 8s!” (Tl: the author likes using double negatives for no apparent reason, using positives because it’s easier to process that way.)

His words made Hinagiku and Mikoto lower their hearts and rethink about the feasibility of said fight. He’s still confident in his stand while grinning, thinking about the fight between the tier 8s and Ikaros. He licked his lips in excitement.

“That’s why, let them fight mobs, we just have to sit at the sidelines and wait for the loots to drop, that will do…”

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