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(Tl: the chap title is actually a reference to the aoe attacks in super robot war that doesn’t use coventional Robo to robo aim but AoE mode or somethign like that. Waiting for clarification by those familiar with the matter, in the comments section.)

Ikaros walked in front of them as Wu Yan & company looked on. At the same time her body released a dazzling light.

“Transformative wing system restriction, release!”

It’s not a soft and mellow voice anymore, rather it’s a mechanical tone.

Still shining, her homely dress slowly receded…

A white armor slowly materialized, covering her body. Spreading her pink wings, everyone’s field of vision are instantly blurred by the sheer amount of feathers.

Her pink wings started turning a faint blue sheen and as they folded upon themselves they turned into sleek wings of light fluttering ever so softly behind her back.

“Sky queen mode! On!”

Her indigo eyes turned into deep red and a light halo floated above her head. And her hair, it started to expand and dance around.

This series of transformation took place in a mere second and yet right now Hinagiku, Mikoto and Lirin and him has become entranced.

Now if one were to say Ikaros is a simple, pretty god sent saintess angel then right now one would describe her as an enraged goddess descending to give judgement upon foolish mortals.

Voila, this be the true form of the versatile, strategic angeloid crowned as Uranus, queen of sky.

They could feel it, the pressure that keeps coming off of her.

That’s the aura of a strong one!

Mikoto felt tiny as an ant in front of her.

Such is the gap between tier 7 and 8.

It didn’t matter what they felt, Ikaros can’t read them anyway. What she does know is that her master told her….

To demolish this place!

Her wings didn’t move at all but she flew up into the air and came to the center of this place.


The sound looked like they came from somewhere far far away, but as it fell countless missiles appeared around her wings of light. Under her control, her light wings swung and the missiles flew!

boom ba da boom…

The omnidirection salvo wrecked everywhere leaving a series of booms. The poor wall didn’t even have a wreckage to bury as none of it survived the onslaught.


Shouted the 3 girls when the resulting tremor shook them left and right throwing them constantly off their balance.

Tensing up his face he grabbed the 3 slender figure into his chest. Sure, his face looked serious enough but inside…

As if I will let this chance past lol.

They didn’t know why her salvo didn’t reach them in the slightest but this didn’t stop the demolition of the place at all.

When the affair is done every wall in the place got turned into bits smaller than even a marble. Where they stood, the ground has already shattered in the aftermath.

“My kidney!”

He stepped on a wrong footing and as the ground parted he slipped and saw the big black hole that opened up and fell down but not before nearly getting heart attack.


Yelled the 3 girls + Wu Yan as they fell.


Ikaros moved her wings and shot down to their aid. In an instant he appeared behind and grabbed him. Looks like they have managed to escape a tragic demise.

“Fuck me!”

cussed the cunt as he looked down. Oh no, don’t misunderstand, he’s still cussing deep inside, cursing from mother to grandmother.

“I was thinking why this god forsaken place hiding a treasure would be so kind as to remind people, it’s a trap! And a big one at that, if not for Ikaros we might really have died there!”

Tightening up his hold on Hinagiku and Mikoto to prevent any accidents he gulped while feeling glad for having dodged a close one.

Just a reminder but this is a place where someone hid their treasures, why would it show them the direction, it’s only natural for there to be a trap.

“This.. is too high isn’t it…”

The bold railgun said while feeling chill run up her back with Lirin in her arms.

Little ol Lirin on the other hand isn’t so scared anymore aside form the few yelps before. In fact, the girl is mumbling incessantly at the their situation with much zest.

Hinagiku? She passsed out with upturned eyes.

Let it be known once more that Kaichou-sama is acrophobic, she’s acrophobic!

Because it’s very important, it has to be emphasized twice.

“Thanks Ikaros!”

He thanked her while trying to calm down his thumping heart.

“Thanks Ikaros (Sis Ikaros)!”

Ikaros didn’t seem like she regained her senses. He knows however, that she’s just now sure what to do when someone else thanks her.

This kind of common situation is a first for the engineered weapon.

He resolved once again to make sure he protects this angelic girl.

Maa, at this point it’s up to debate who’s protecting who. As for the future, he can’t say for sure that he can surpass her, even if he is the MC (Author: self proclaimed), within her world she’s the main heroine is she not?

Against their gratitude, she can do nothing but look at a loss of what to do. But, her eyes had a imperceptible glint to them as she muttered ‘yes’ and then stayed silent.

“Hinagiku you alright?…”

Mikoto blushed when she realized she’s currently within his arms, but when she saw Hinagiku over at her side showing the white of her eyes she didn’t feel like it anymore.

“I think she’s alright…probably…”

Said a lip twitching and speechless Wu Yan.

“So what do we do now?”

Mikoto asked when she looked down at the black pit below them.

“What else, we can’t go up and we can’t give up after just a little stumble, then we can only go down!”

When he recalled the result of following the smuck bait he felt very irritated and butthurt. He felt like skinning the mastermind behind this trap alive.

Let it be known that he has very little patience for jokes especially with him receiving the short end of it…

“Let’s go with that then…”

Sighing she glanced at Lirin who’s still brimming with energy as she elatedly looked down. She admired her guts at being able to stare down from such a height.

“Let’s make our descent quickly then, otherwise if Hinagiku wakes up I’m afraid she might faint again.”

Retorted him with Mikoto wryly laughing and LIrin giggling.

“Let’s go down, Ikaros!”

“Yes! master!”

Ikaros’ eyes already turne dback to their indigo colour with her wings a beautiful pink and halo gone. Her hair also softened up again, what’s left of her previous appearance is the white armor from before. By the way, he’s silently enjoying the feeling of having two buns pressing against his back.

It’s a waste to stay in her sky queen mode when she can perfectly fly in her normal mode.

And so under Ikaros’ aid they descended.

Glancing at Mikoto who is constantly gulping and lil ol’ Lirin who didn’t mind the situation at all. He peeked at the swirly eyed Hinagiku on the other side. Suddenly he had a bright idea.

Why not take advantage of Kaichou-sama in her present state and score some touch down points?

Hmm… this is a very serious question to deliberate over…

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