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To Kaichou-sama the short journey might as well have been a year long journey. Meanwhile, others could chat the time away.

Although one must marvel at how fast the airship could move, it is really astounding. It’s not as fast as an airplane though otherwise the people on board would have been blown away to god knows where. It is still a ship in the end.

Now what does one mean by it being fast then? That’s because form time to time it becomes enveloped by some magic formation.

Going into it, from the perspectives of onlooker they will only feel slightly disorientated and then poof, a complete change of scenery!

Yes you guessed it those magic formations are space displacement magic formation more commonly known as teleportation circles!

How fucking big is Silvaria? Well, no one knows for sure, no one has seen the edge of this world, so how would they know how wide it is?!

Wu Yan has only been here for no more than a few months, but he has heard from the System on how big this world is. According to it, it’s 10 times bigger than earth! (Tl: now some of you might be wondering how big, the raw does not specify whether it’s 10x earth’s diameter or mass, for the purpose of the story let’s just it’s slightly smaller than yo momma!)

In this huge ass world the airship is the fastest transportation vehicle not because of its speed per se but because of this teleporation circles!

Fixed in the sky, these formations goes way back in time on the pages of Silvaria’s history, it was built by the gargantuan spending of resources by big ass faactions all for the purpose of making travelling to places that much more expedient.

Normally, the formations are hidden away, even if someone were to fly past it they wouldn’t react at all.

Built on the airships are tiny activation formations, once the airships make contact with the teleportation circles the activation circle will trigger the hidden circles and summon it out for the purpose of sending people far far away!

Thus only airships are able to use these teleporation formations!

Suppose Wu Yan’s is going to their destination by his own world’s airplane, from their departure point to the arrival destination it would still take it 3 days and 3 nights even on its fastest speed!

With the help of airships and teleportation circles, these long distances can be traversed in mere 2 or 3 hours.

When the airhsip passed through another formation the old dude appeared and told everyone, they have arrived.

What appeared before them is a normal mountain range. It’s not that tall, not that short, not that long or short, it’s truly average in every sense of the word.

When they saw the mountain range everyone on board were thinking the same thing. Does this place really have any treasure hidden within it? Wu Yan & company thought the same thing.

“Everyone, we are now making the descent please make your preparations!”

The airship slowed down and slowly desceded upon a mountain top…..

People poured out from the airship. They didn’t go out in any orderly fashion, the various organizations mobilized as they see fit. It’s fortunate that the place could still pass as being called wide otherwise it would be hard to imagine these people squeezing against each other in a tight space…

“Are you feeling better?”

Ikaros ‘carried’ down a certain object, she then dumped the lump of stardust in her hands down in an inconspicuous spot.

Hinagiku is still feeling weak in her knees and barely could stand up. When she got dumped she plopped down on the floor with Lirin in her arms. Heaving and panting, Mikoto got close to her to alleviate her discomfort.

Wu Yan? He’s busy enjoying some good old schadenfreude while feeling helpless alongside an expressionless Ikaros.

“I’m fine, there’s nothing wrong with me now, please don’t worry…”

She forced herself when she saw Lirin and Mikoto being all worried for her. Forcing a few laugh while being pale, at least this place is much better than being on the airship.

About the same time as the last of the search party got down from the airship, she managed to recover her vitality somewhat.

“Those who have the map jotted down must know the journey I presume? Those without one please follow us. Let’s go, everyone!

Maybe it’s because they’re finally down to business since they’re at the treasure’s hideout, the old dude didn’t bother dilly dallying. Once he sees that everyone has made their way down from the ship, he commenced the search after everyone has got into position.

And so, big and small, a variety of groups started moving towards the location of the treasure.

“It’s about time we move as well!”

Patting her on the back he turned to everyone after she nodded.


“This is the place?…”

Looking at the barren place, Mikoto felt depressed and at the same time a bit puzzled.

They saw the treasure map, ignoring the rule breaker with ‘Impeccable Memory’, Kaichou-sama could remember bits of the map, what’s more to say for Mikoto who’s no.3 in Academy City.

This is the place, she is sure of it.

Problem is, there’s nothing here, not a treasure, not even a tree…

Seeing this, anyone would feel gloomy and if their temper isn’t that good to begin with they might be snapping at this moment.

In an instant the big party made an uproar. One could hear questioning and furious shouts here and there. Some have even made their way towards the auction firm personnel to deal out some justice.

This group of people have already started bickering with the auction firm. The old dude leading them seemed to have explained something to the crowd and went on ahead, continuing on their journey.

Bewildered and dejected as they are they can only carry on in a half suspecting half believing fashion as they followed the auction people.

This went on until a stone plaque appeared before them.

“This is the place?…”

The same line but without the gloom, all one could sense from her tone is doubtfulness.

“It seems so.”

Nodding he curled his lip in the direction of the old dude.

“See that old fart seems to be making some new movements.”

They looked at the old dude who walked to the front of the stone plaque and then his group surrounded the stone plaque.

Placing his hands on the stone plaque, the people behind him did the same thing with his back as well. They got into a tight formation covering each other’s shoulders and backs.

At that moment, everyone saw it. The moment he touched the stone plaque a light emerged from the point of contact and engulfed him turning him into what appears to be a shining man. Along with the people in contact with him, the group got engulfed in light.

And in a blink of an eye the auction group disappeared while still shining.

“They disappeared!”

Said a stunned Hinagiku. Everyone else had the same expression as well except the people who fought with the auction firm before, they looked like they expected this to happen and mimicked the auction firm’s action and so disappeared as well.

“Unquestionably the stone plaque serves as an entry point of sorts to send people towards the location of the treasure.”

The three exchanged glance and they understood each other’s intention.

More and more people got sent towards the place and the place started to become more and more spacious. As time moved along, only those timid and highly suspicious remained, most of the other guys are just about gone.

“We going? yan…”

Hinagiku, Mikoto and Lirin looked at him. Ikaros didn’t move her gaze from start to finish so go figure.

He thought for awhile under the questioning sights before finally nodding and making their way over to the plaque.

Before they are sent away, he took a sneaky peek at a certain direction.

The 3 dangerous lifeforms referred to by Ikaros…

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