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“Yan…” Hinagiku clinged to Wu Yan with teary eyes. She then closed her eyes and proceeded to try and connect her lips with his.

Gulping incessantly he moved his lips towards her as well.


At the same time, another pair of hands encircled his waist, turning his attention over he saw a teary eyed Mikoto licking her lips while curling her cherry lips in a manner no less provocative than Hinagiku’s, the intent is clear as day.

Hugging the them left and right he’s practically oozing happiness, switching between the two ladies, he really didn’t know who to choose at the moment and is in a peace blossom colored conundrum.


Another sound came, soft and mellow like a pleasant bell it rang slightly by the side of his ear. Simultaneously he felt some extremely divine and soft sensation pressing against his back making him waver like no instance before.

Turning back, what entered his eyes is the delicate and somewhat airheaded looking Ikaros who’s clinging to his waist as well. Because his point of view is like this, he could naturally see the hallowed twin mountain of the saintess.

Taking in her alluring action that is practically begging someone to push her down his breathing became rough.


Right when he’s about to go full feral on Ikaros, two low growls worse than the vilest demons from the pits of hell made him dismiss the thought without much deliberation.

Like a poorly oiled machine he rigidly turned only to see a scene he would never forget at least not in this lifetime.

Hinagiku’s holding Shirosakura and is in alter mode, hell even the background faded away into darkness, what’s more noteworthy is that the blade itself has become blackened!

Meanwhile, Mikoto is standing there with clothes and hair fluttering in the air without assistance from any kind of wind whatsoever, the electricity flowing around her has an unprecedented speed, he knew he done fucked up when he sees that the electricity has also turned into a colour that of the deepest night.

“Blackened… they’ve gone alter…”

He’s terrified to his very core while backpedaling away.

With black nata and black electricity they are out for a piece of that ass, not the intimate kind of course.

“You double crossing big carrot playboy!”


He got his head cut off and his body electrolyzed into god knows what matter.


Inside one of the room, he quickly opened his eye and shot up from his bed throwing the blanket that was on him flying with a kick as well.

His shirt so soaking wet one could wring liquid out of it, sweaty faced and heaving he surveyed his surrounding. Finding it to be safe, he sighed a breath of relief.

“It was just a dream..”

Wiping his forehead he adjusted his pulse and breathing rate while being happy and grateful inside.

It’s just a dream… nothing more than a dream…

“Haha… hahaha, as if it could go any other way, the two girls are very kind why would they cut me, everything’s a dream…”

The pathetic guy tried to console himself as he got more and more shaky towards the end of his sentence.

“This dream… it’s not a portent of something right….”

Recalling the scene of him meeting his yandere end, he felt his throat burning up with immense thirst.

“No it’s not… it’s a mere dream.. that’s right a mere dream…”

Dryly laughing he shook his head and repeatedly chant the sentence as if trying to hypnotize himself.


“Arghhh mother fucker! Here the blade comes!”

A voice out of no where made him jump out of fright, he hurriedly covered his head with the blanket and started trembling on the spot.

“Sniffles, I won’t do it anymore, please don’t give me the nata, I beg of….”

His begging echoed within the blanket and his body trembled even harder.

“Don’t cut me please, I’m not your master, so please don’t sha…”

He stopped suddenly, flinching it seems he has regained some sort of sense.

“Hmm? master?”

He popped out his head from the blanket like a turtle and looked towards the origin of the sound only to be surprised at what he sees.


Seeing that Ikaros is sitting by at the bed he cried out to her.

“Yes, master…”

Ikaros got up, her motions jiggled her jigglypuffs, gawking as per usual he got even more thirsty.

“Do you have any orders? master…”

Seemingly unaware of just how flirtatious she looks, the vacant expressioned her answered him.

Turned on, he looked at her juicy boday, spurred by her words his blood rushed to a certain extremity on him.

It’s morning, and guess what’s the time males tend to be the excited, given that he’s a male…

Presented with such a fine rocking girl before him, and she’s asking ‘any orders?’, you tell me why shouldn’t he have lewd thoughts now?

Feeling so hard it hurts, he set his gaze on Ikaros while preparing to give his order. All of a sudden the previous dream flashed in his mind.

Shivering, all the evil lewd thoughts disappeared with nary a trace, his lower half also calmed down, the impossible request in his mind shelved away, the frustration almost killed him.

“Cough cough cough….”

He’s not going to die from it, but fuck damn his chest hurts, he simply can’t stop coughing, if this keeps up it might just be the death ofhim.


Seeing that he’s coughing nonstop, Ikaros’ ears twitched and while tilting her head she can feel that her master seems to be in a troubled state. But she didn’t know what to do to relieve him and make him happy. Hence, she could only remain motionless and observe him as he coughed on.

She may look vacant but he can guess more or less what she’s thinking so he motioned to her.

“It’s nothing much, it’s just a cough nothing big…”

“Yes, master…”

Since he said so, Ikaros chose to listen to him.

Patting his chest he heaved a big breath before turning to her with a hint of helplessness.

“Ikaros, what’s the matter?”

Tilting her head again she stared at him with her indigo eyes. She looks like she’s trying to figure out how to answer him, some half a day later, she managed to squeeze out a word.



Obviously stupefied by her response he mirrored her words before responding a bit speechless.

“If it’s nothing then why are you in my room?”

He got wrecked by Hinagiku and Mikoto last night. Bruised black and blue on the nose and face he managed to persuade them somehow. During another round of flogging-a-dick, the two’s brutality almost made Ikaros bring out Apollon.

He frantically explained to her how the two girls are just ‘playing around’ with nothing but ‘good intentions’, god he almost died from exhaustion from that one.

After a long and lengthy discussiond eep into the night, the two figured out Ikaros’ innocence and dragged her back to their room. He didn’t know what’s their intention and what happened afterwards that’s why he’s questioning her.

Too bad he won’t be getting his answer anytime soon though. She blanked out for a second before briefly answering him.

“Ikaros, came to see master sleep..”

“Watch me sleep…”

Startled he rubbed his cheeks before throwing away his blanket and sitting in front of her. He asked her with much curiosity.

“Why watch me sleep?”


Putting on a pensive face, in other words not changing much of her usual expression.

“To watch master sleep…”

Jerking his lips he sighed. He understands Ikaros to a certain extent but pass that extent sometime one just can’t understand what’s going through that mind of hers.

“What’s so fun about watching me sleep, if you watch me sleep then how are you going to sleep?”


Lowering her head she lightly muttered.

“Ikaros… has no need for sleep…”

Don’t need sleep? Don’t need to sleep?!

As an angeloid she didn’t need nor can she sleep…

Looking at her who’s also vacantly staring back at him, he reached out to rub her head. While doing so he had some thoughts going around his mind.

He’s got to think of something to solve this inability to sleep of hers.

Otherwise it’s just too pitiful for her during the nights where she’s the only one awake…

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