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“It’s so big!”

Hinagiku’s mouth widened when she saw the

building. She’s very impressed.

Almost as big as a  football stadium, the smooth white wall is dotted with magic lamps of a variety of colour giving the wall a sheen all its own. It made the whole building look like some sort of performance stage.

If it’s just big then Kaichou-sama won’t be impressed, she’s seen bigger, but a building so big and shiny, now this is a first.

Lirin’s cute little yapper agape as well, she’s astonished by sheer magnitude of the building as well. But if one were to look at her slightly beaming eyes one could see that there’s more excitement in her than astonishment.

Wu Yan didn’t give the building much thought in stark contrast to the two.

Buildings, meh. Chicks, me gusta….

“Return, I say!”

He felt speechless at the two girls who were still gawking at the building so he squeezed their cheeks to drag their consciousness back to reality.

“Don’t pinch my face!”

Although his affectionate action tinged her face red in multiple meanings, the tsundere Kaichou-sama did her best to act like she’s mad, she glared at the guy while caressing her jowl.

“What a pretty place! Brother brother, are we going inside?”

Lirin ran to his side while hopping up and down like a bunny, it’s like she’s trying to compete for his attention seeing as he’s focused on Hinagiku.

Awestruck by the moe that is Hinagiku rubbing her sore cheeks, he finally noticed the blonde hair waving around in his field of vision, he moved his gaze down only to see a puffy cheeked little loli, Lirin.

Acting like nothing happened and because he didn’t properly listen to her he tried diverting the subject with guilty feelings.

“Er… oh look it’s about time for the auction to start, let’s head inside!”

When she heard they are going inside, she didn’t try to use her glib tongue on him. Rather, she beamed and hurrah on the spot.

He held her tiny hand and walked towards the auction hall.

Combing her hair with her hand Hinagiku laughed as she stepped forward to catch up. She however, soon stopped.

She’s looked at Mikoto in a very strange way, can’t help it, Mikoto’s very suspicious at the moment, her expression is very very suspicious!

Flushed, unfocused eyes, she looked like she’s stuck inside a fantasy or something, a bit blank. She thought maybe it’s because of the stage like auction place but on close examination that’s not the case.

Lovestruck face, if she’s really like that because of a building then she wouldn’t be Mikoto!

This face, it totally looks like… a maiden in love!

Too fishy.

She had a bad feeling about this, it made her feel strange but seeing as Wu Yan and Lirin is about to enter the auction hall, she had to ignore this strange feeling of hers as she walked over to Mikoto and pulled at her.



The sudden voice hitting her eardrum made her jump and backpedal 2 steps, she saw a very doubtful Hinagiku looking back at her. Glowing red she quickly hid her hands behind her back like she’s got something to hide.

“Wha… what’s up…”

A laugh so wry her tone when she answered her…

something’s going on!

Kaichou-sama’ shoujo (Tl: maiden if you’d like) heart is telling, there’s something off about Mikoto here, Kaichou-sama intercepted her from the front while toughening her face she teased her.

“Mikoto~~ you’re really suspicious you know~~~”

Maybe it’s because of her intonation but Mikoto’s face became distorted and she drew a distance between the two instantly.

“Wh…what… there’s nothing off at all… nothing see…”

She ain’t fooling anyone, in fact she just increased other’s doubt.

She’s not restraining her ‘who you tryin to fool’ face and Mikoto saw it.

Her eyes started to dart around, a sign that she’s panicking, Mikoto looked around hoping to find something to distract and move away from this subject.

Picking up Wu Yan and Lirin near the auction hall her eyes brightened and she forcibly smiled at Hinagiku.

“Ne, Yan and the gang is about to disappear from our sight, we best catch up to them…”

Hinagiku stared at her. She stared at her so hard, Mikoto started having goosebumps inside, she didn’t dare to look her in the eyes.

She mumbled at her reaction and reluctantly killed her curiosity before nodding and moving along with Mikoto who can’t stop dry laughing towards Wu Yan.

With a hand movement so fast it became imperceptible she put on the necklace, and with the same speed she managed to hide it within her clothes. Feeling her chest and confirming the necklace’s existence, she’s satisfied. She made her way towards Wu Yan & co as well.

He flashed his VIP card at the guard and a female usher came out to bring them inside through a big door.

Contrary to their expectations, behind the big door is not the humongous auction hall. Rather, it’s a spiral staircase made of jade and stone going upwards. Under her guidance the four made their way up while surveying the surrounding and gasping from time to time at the sight.

They didn’t take note of the duration or length of the stair, soon, another big door appeared before their eyes and the four walked in after the usher opened it for them.

Noisy, is the word that came to mind when they entered. It momentarily stopped them.

When they walked in what appeared is a circular jade balcony with rails at the edge, there’s a stair to either one of their sides.

Lirin led the group with her energetic steps to the rail, they gazed downwards.

Rows and rows of seats and aisle formed a cascade of circles, the seats in the front were half a man shorter than the ones behind them. From their pov the seats were like circles within circles with the bigger ones engulfing the smalle rones.

Easily able to fit a thousand people, it is now quite close to being full, they were chatting away with glee. This is the source of the noise they heard coming in.

At the lowest and most center point of the hall is a stone platform. On it, there’s a red table glistening under the lights with mallet and block as well as a giant crystal ball on it.

That’s the place where the auctioneer is going to execute his duties obviously.

Taking in this scenery, it really widened their horizon, the trio only saw auctions on screens never in real time at the scene. Even so, this place is so much grander than anything they have seen before, to be able to witness another world’s auction hall, even if they walked away with nothing it can’t be said that they didn’t experience anything worthwhile.

What’s the little loli, Lirin doing? Well, from her incessant cheering since coming here, it’s safe to assume she’s never been here often as well…

Even if Lirin wanted to go down and sit at one of the seats the usher led them to the stairs going up again.

Vip rooms connected to each other to form a circular array, that’s where they’re going.

Compared to the simple seats beneath, the room is well furbished and filled with luxury goods like sofa, fruits of various sizes. He can’t help feeling impressed, it seems no matter the place, there’s always special place and special rights.

The attendant excused herself. Wu Yan & co sat their ass down on the sofa and looked down..

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