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Published at 7th of June 2020 03:08:00 PM
Chapter 559

Take this!”

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Astrea flapped her wings and she swooped down at the Longarm ape from high up in the sky . Her blue lightsaber extended from the hilt, turning her into a beautiful falling meteor . She was so fast that she shook the space she traveled .


Astrea had the highest mobility and agility among the Angeloids . She also has the fastest speed among her angeloid sisters . Her perks made her almost peerless when it comes to close-quarter combat .


U u ah ah


The ape spread its arm wide as if telling Astrea to come at it while bellowing like a beast . Raising its arms overhead, the Longarm ape chose a frontal charge against Astrea .


A sword of light infused with so much power it pierced the space around it . Astrea fell in an indomitable streak from 330 meters in the air, smiting the ape from above .




The Longarm ape jumped into the air before it swung its arm, the creature left a streaking gray afterimage in the air, stirring the air with just the force of its swing . It is planning on taking this hit head-on .




A collision happened in the air, the ape who leaped up in defiance of Astrea’s strike got swatted into the ground in a very heavy fall . The ground immediately gave way as the brute force attacks between two level 77 tier 8 individuals tore the land apart, making a gigantic hole in the process .

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In the epicenter, an area spanning 10 meters in diameter got reduced to complete rubble . The shockwave generated from this exchange of attack absolutely demolished everything in its way, towering trees fell just as easily as the flimsy flowers around it . The ground immediately lowered by 1 meter compared to the area around it . Dust and stones are still falling from the sky, the ground is still slightly trembling from the impact .


Astrea’s attack against the Longarm ape immediately shuddered the expedition members not far away, both apes and men covered the ears to protect themselves from this earth-sundering sound, they are flabbergasted by the loud noise they are generating .




Astrea got thrown back into the sky from the reaction force between the two . Her thick well-endowed body flipped a few times in the sky before she finally managed to stop herself . With a flap of her wings, she steadied herself .


“That hurts…”


Astrea used her shield hand to massage her sword hand . She was the victor of that bout, however, her hand is still numb from the impact between them . Gravity helped her, otherwise, she would have been dealing with a swelling wrist .


The Longarm ape’s strength could be gauged from this .




Astrea puffed her cheeks as if somebody wronged her .


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“I knew I shouldn’t have chosen an opponent with the same level as me, that really hurt…”


In the trashed location where the ape fell, the creature burst out of the ground with a roar . It yelled angrily at Astrea, that blow probably enraged it to no ends .


“Ah, you’re okay…”


The Longarm ape is dusty but that’s about it . No visible harm could be observed much to Astrea’s shock . She might be airheaded but she can still piece together ideas and the fact that this creature came out unharmed is nothing less than incredible .


“Fine, let’s do that again!”


Astrea yelled in dissatisfaction . Transforming into a blurry figure, Astrea was about to attack the Longarm ape one more time when it turned around and started running .


Astrea gasped in bewilderment at this sight . When she recovered, flames started seething in her .


“Don’t run! You cheeky monkey!”


Flapping her wings, she charged at the retreating Longarm ape .


Two tier 8 individuals are now involved in a cat-and-mouse game . This scene would cause a lot of jaws to drop if anyone’s looking .

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The ape did a u-turn and it stopped right in front of Astrea . Astrea swung her blade but this sudden change of momentum caused her blade to miss as the ape flailed its fist at Astrea fist by taking advantage of the gap in her attack . This attack was swung at full force .




She didn’t expect this but she couldn’t cancel out her attack even if she noticed this, she raised her shield arm and she blocked the attack which sent her flying into the distance .


Astrea flipped once in the air and she stopped . Her deep red eyes couldn’t hide the rising anger inside herself, she’s about to blow her tops off!


“You despicable monkey, I am fine with being called a dumbo by Master but to think I would be led around the nose by a monkey…”


Astrea’s body couldn’t stop trembling from fury . She’s outraged that a monkey would dare to compete in a contest of wits with her! Her anger points immediately hit the max value .


The ape isn’t aware that it fired up a volcano that could use a few more intelligence points .


Turning itself into a rocket, the ape jumped at Astrea with fist mirages around it, this is its way of confusing the enemy .


This was considered a sign that the ape isn’t planning on challenging her IQ by Astrea .


Her golden locks flared up and anger is written all over her face . Releasing a shout, her photon blade danced a full 360 degrees around her . Using all her skills, she turned into a storm of slashes, In no time at all, she conjured up a constant stream of sword slashes .


When the storm receded and Astrea appeared, the afterimages had already disappeared with a dull thud .


A flash of light appeared in her eyes, the blue light on her lightsaber brightened as her blade vibrated rapidly . The sword’s increased frequency corresponded with her speed as she sped up .


The sword enlarged at least a dozen times, forming a gigantic sword of light . She raised it up high as if she wanted to split the sky and the clouds .


“Die for me! You idiot!”


Huffing and puffing she yelled out loud as she swung the heaven-splitting blade down, the force would make anyone experience an illusion like she split reality into two parts . The blade fell upon the Longarm ape .




The ground beneath the ape immediately crumbled away forming a 100-meter wide chasm . Boulders were thrown into she ky as a loud sound echoed in this area .


The Longarm ape lost its momentum and its arms fell . Not just that, a line appeared in the ape, this line fitted the abyss that was opened by her . Then, the ape fell in two halves as blood and organs rained down from the sky .


Astrea vs Longarm ape, Astrea wins!

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