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Published at 7th of June 2020 03:08:00 PM
Chapter 558

The expedition team continues to fight against the Longarm apes . Chaotic yells, explosions, and howls littered the battlefield . Mikoto can hear it .

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Looking at the other side of the forest where humanoid and beast figures can vaguely be seen, Mikoto grinned after listening for a short while .


“Sister Fei Fei’s side looks like it’s doing fine…”


She turned her attention back towards the Longarm ape standing not far away from her . She restrained her smile and she focused harder on her current target .


She brushed her bangs and static flickered between her fingers, the flickering electrical light dazzled her countenance, making her shine with an impossible sheen .


The Longarm ape in front of her wailed with savage flashes in its eyes . The brutal aura coming from it gave indubitable clues that it’s starting to get anxious because it can also hear the dying sounds of it’s comrades .


The Longarm ape is absolutely livid and it showed this by drumming its chest at Mikoto .


“A monkey through and through, drumming its chest whenever it turns aggressive…”


Mikoto glanced at the Longarm Ape and she raised her arms . Clapping it and subsequently parting her palms, bluish-white lightning danced between her palms in a radiant display of power .


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“I think it’s high time you return to a zoo!”


The electrical current between her palms expanded in less than a few seconds to become a big mess of electrical discharge .


The corner her lips curled into a smile after she finished channeling her power . She lobbed the orb of lightning at the ape, it flew while carrying the condensed power of a storm .


The orb of lightning churned the environment, dust shirked away, the soil got disintegrated, and boulders got thrown around by the sheer force of her attack . Even the sound it emitted will intimidate anyone!




The terrifying attack caused the fur on the ape to stand on its ends, like an attacked porcupine . It released a low growl and it charged at the attack after winding itself up . It left afterimages before the two met in a glorious collision .




The lightning attack got shattered but the blur appeared from inside the explosion, she could see the ape swinging its arm, relatively unharmed from the attack .


“What a tough arm…”


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The beast retrieved its arms and Mikoto can’t help expressing her shock . The creature actually used its own body to block and the attack did little to harm the monster . The arms on this creature are probably very durable judging from the results .


A flash of light and Mikoto covered herself in lightning . She stomped the ground and she conducted the lightning she had mustered up into the ground . Like a wide-spread net, the lightning traveled towards the Longarm Ape .


The lightning ravaged the lands . Shrieking, the beast pounded its arms on the ground and it swiftly disappeared . Appearing in the air, a metallic shine appeared on its arms before it disappeared again .


The next time it showed itself, it was already at Mikoto’s side .


It flailed its arm at Mikoto’s waist, splitting the air as it made its way towards her . If this attack connected then it’s game over for Mikoto .


Flinching slightly, she stomped one more time but it’s not a lightning attack this time . It’s a tidal wave of iron sand .


Like minuscule bees, the tidal wave of iron sand formed a solid fortress wall beside her, blocking the attack from the Longarm Ape .




The arm hammered the fortress-like iron wall, dispersing part of the iron wall in a shocking display of strength . The arm even managed to split the iron wall in half as the attack came before Mikoto .


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Her pupils shrunk, she backed off with two steps . This action saved her because the Longarm ape attack missed by a few centimeters . It stopped because the Longarm ape’s arms weren’t long enough, not because it ran out of momentum .


Its arm was stuck in the compromised iron wall, the ape can’t barge past the iron wall since the wall is not completely destroyed . It’s a hilarious scene but that was a close call for Mikoto .


If the Longarm ape had enough intelligence, it would probably cry because it failed to live up to its name, its arms weren’t long enough…


Mikoto felt a cold drop of sweat rolling down the side of her head . With a stiff look, she felt the arm brush past her face and that sent a chill down her spine .


The attack almost hit her, in the face…


When she returned to her senses, anger climbed up her face .


“You aimed for the face!”


Her smile is one of utter anger . She grabbed a coin and lightning started crackling and flickering all around her . A sense of dread appeared in the ape, it hurriedly retreated after breaking free from the iron wall .


It was too late, it withdrew its arm and an orange laser came incinerated a bigger hole through the iron wall and it landed squarely on the ape . With no time to evade, it raised its arms to shield itself .




The ape howled in pain after the accelerated projectile made contact with its arms . With its tough defense, the ape got sent into the sky but its arms are only slightly burned from the attack . Adjusting itself in midair, the ape was thinking about sending a counterattack when it saw a very scary scene that caused it to whimper .


Standing there, a bigger lightning orb is currently spinning in high velocity, the surrounding air got sucked into the ensuing vortex . A dreadful amount of heat is being generated by the lightning orb .


In an instant, with a brilliant blue explosion of light, Mikoto threw the lightning bolt at the ape who couldn’t dodge in time .




The lightning electrocuted the beast while the heat burned the ape, there was nothing the ape could do when confronted with such an attack .


Already heavily wounded, the high heat started showing its effects . Within a short period, the ape got clad in dazzling light as it continued wailing in pain .


In about 30 seconds, bordering on almost complete disintegration, the charred remains of the Longarm ape fell from the air .


Mikoto vs Longarm ape, Mikoto wins!

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